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claire36483 claire36483

Advice after both Ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed

Hi. I just turned 38 years old. 9 days ago I had an operation to remove both my ovaries and fallopian tubes. This was due to cysts that caused damage to both Ovaries. Unfortunately I have not had children and now won't be able to.

Its been 9 days now since the operation. I am felling alot better and the pain has calmed down.

I have been put on HRT and have a Mirena coil. I wondered if anyone who has had this operation done can tell me how they have been on HRT?

Many thanks


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  • wendy12420 claire36483

    Hi I had the same op a year ago I didnt go straight on Hrt but after a few month I was so bad I did . I started on tablets but have now changed to the mirena coil plus patches, I feel great now really seems to suit me. My consultant assures me this is the safest way to take HRT.

    Take care and hope this method of Hrt works for you but don't get disheartened if it needs tweaking a bit as I think that's pretty normal.

    • claire36483 wendy12420

      I think I am just confused. Someone told me that although my ovaries have been removed I can still have a monthly bleed from my womb.

      I had alot of pain from my periods so I certianly would rather not have them.

      Sorry for the question's. I have just heard different things from people.

      Did the menopause have any inpact on your skin? Like agung quicker? I am 38 so I worry. Reading stuff over the internet is confusing.

      Claire x

    • wendy12420 claire36483

      Hi yes it's very confusing I done alot of research after my op and my consultant was great although my GP didn't have a clue.

      When your ovaries are removed you are post menopausal straight away you need progesterone as you still have a womb and you will get that from the coil then your estrogen is separate from a patch or gel.If you go into menopause natrually and not surgically as we have you can have a Hrt that you have monthly periods until you are a year past your last period but as we have no ovaries we can have a continuous Hrt so we shouldn't have periods but sometimes you bleed until you get your Hrt dose right.

      My skin was very dry after my op but since I've gone on Hrt it's back to the way it was before.

      Happy to answer any questions as I know I was very confused to start with


  • sarah38062 claire36483

    Hello! I'm going into hospital on 25th May to have both my ovaries removed because I also have a large cyst, Iv never been into hospital before and I'm so scared can you tell me about the surgery please!😩

    • claire36483 sarah38062

      Hi Sarah.

      I had both ovaries removed 12 days ago. The operation is straight forward. You will have three small cuts on your tummy. After the operation you will be quite sore for about 8 days. Bending, getting up and down and showering is quite painful. Make sure you rest in bed and get some pain relief. The pain eased after 10 days. I made the mistake of doing too much after 10 days and have strained my stomach. The outside heals quickly but the inside takes longer. I would give yourself 3 weeks rest.

      You will have a bleed after the operation so make sure you have some sanitary towels.

      I had the mirena coil fitted aswell. I have also been put on HRT tablets. We still need osetrogen for our bones so you will need HRT.

      Make sure you take a dressing gown and some slippers to hospital.

      I really hope your operation goes well. Happy to answer any questions.

      Claire x

    • claire36483 sarah38062

      I had my op at 9am. I was home by 2.30pm. The anesthic wore off quickly. It was more the pain was difficult. You will heal fairly quickly but just take plently of rest for a few weeks. I would recommend at least 3 weeks rest. I took ibuprofen and paracetamol.

    • claire36483

      The operation was not a problem and was over quickly. I had no problems with the anesthetic. It was just moving about was quite sore. You may get constipated for 3 or 4 days. I found this made me more uncomfortable. I would recommend you get some laxatives. I had to take a few so I could go to the toilet.

  • joanna18885 claire36483

    Hi I'm 41 had loads of surgery for cyst removal. But finally had my last ovary & tube removed 2 weeks ago & coil fitted. Found your post & was just curious seen as it was 9mths ago how long did you bleed for after op & coil I'm now 2weeks with no let up. X

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