Advice anyone?on 8th day and now constipated for two days :-(

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 Morning everyone x x x

I am now on my 8th day and wondered has anyone had any problems with consitpation on these? 

I have been drinking 2 litres of water each day, I fill up two big bottles and am sure to drink it all throughout the day. I have a long history of constipation (Too much infomation!) But when I first started taking Orlistat it was fine and only had one bout of "orange thingy" because I was trying to get used to the fat allowance. I am wondering if I am now not having enough fat or fiber?

Gosh this is all trial and error, I am sure I will get it right in the end. There have been days when I have felt so bloated, but having said that, my size 18 skirt feels a tiny bit loser this morning! x   


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    I had  the same thing with the constipation, a light laxative got things moving, now normal service has resumed 😃 I use psyllium husk. 

    your doing really week with your water intake, I need to step mine up a bit more. I'm on day 12 and a cheeky peek at the scales showed 4 pound off, really pleased as I have quite a lot to lose. 

    Having no "orange oil" shows your doing things right. I use my fitness pal to assess my fat content, really useful tool. 

    Keep up the good work, we will be skinny Minnie's lol xx

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      Drinking so much water had been a real task for me, as I am really just a tea and coffee drinker.

      I have some fibergel somewhere, I will take some of that, think its the same as psyllium husk.

      Yes, the lovely Britney told me about My Fitness pall, I have already downloaded it to my phone, its great.

      Thanks for your help x x x

      Skinny Minnie's! .....ROFL


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    Hi :@Precipitusdaisy

    If you have contipation i would up your water to 4ltrs a day it does work. Also try adding pears plums and other high fibre fruit into your diet. You could take a laxative. Sometimes totm can cause contipation too. Ooh just realised your on day 8 they will cause constipation in the first couple of weeks sor so but firslty would up your water. Well done on the looser skirt! x

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      Hello lovely Britney ;-)

      4 Litres of water? think I might be able to go to 3 and thats about it!

      Its good to have you in this forum, you have been there done that and I expect you also have a T Shirt ststing how lovely you look after loosing sooooo much weight. :-)

      I am wondering if I should just take a normal laxitive instead of psyllium husk? actually I have to go shopping, I might buy a tin of prunes in juice, that should do the trick! But at least I know know that consitpation an be usual around this time.

      Just over three weeks to go and I can find out how I have done on these little blue fellows!

      Thanks Britney x


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    Hi Daisy smile

    believe me i couldn't drink 6 plus ltrs at the start just increase it every couple of weeks if you can i find it helps with constipation i suffer from shall we say 'issues' lol.

    I did buy Fybogel at the start and never took it because it said do not take with tablets that cause constipation?! so i never did

    i find water, pears and plums do help sorry tmi.

    Never taken a laxative with these as i have found the extra water to help me. Have you tried the glycerin suppositories? you can get them at boots i know barf lol but at least your not taking any other 'tablets'

    I did try prunes before but i can't remember if they helped i think the dried ones are meant to be better i ate 2 bags of them not all at once LOL then i bought another bag and they were vile and put me off.

    Aww thankyou for your kind words redface ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page. i just wouldn't like to think of anyone being stuck as the GP tells you nothing it's easier for them just to write out the prescription and cheerio they don't realise that people are struggling.

    Lol it's weird sometimes i still see myself as a size 24 i know some people don't understand that but once you have been big (size 24) sometime it's hard now to see the new me i guess it's a confidence issue!

    Another thing is now that people treat me differently to when i was big people are actually nice to me and want to speak and i think that it is so wrong it's like people who are bigger are invisible i can't get my head around it i don't care who anyone is as long as they are polite i will talk to them. smile

    Oh no t shirt yet! haha but i have been buying a lot more clothes these days and of course my dresses look a lot better i mainly wear 50s and heels and it's nice to be able to walk in heels properly.

    I am currently doing a blog on the tablets although some people might think why? but there must be some people on the tablets that don't visit this site and i hope it helps them i may even put before and after pictures EEK

    Your going to do great and i want to hear all about it when you get your first weigh in under your belt.

    If you ever need advice or anything please post back or message me

    hope your having a great weekend xx

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      Hi Collette yes 6 and 8 on a good day. I would advise to do it slowly as sometimes too much water can cause stomachache and any amount of water is doing you good i just like water lucky i suppose as you need plenty with these tabs lol x
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      I know exactly what you mean about people treating you nicer when you are not overweight! I am amlost invisable at the moment, which helps when I go swimming! I have not always been overweight, I put on the stones after I lost my husband to cancer, guess it was comfort eating.

      I love 40's & 50's dresses, I have a couple of nice pairs of 50's style shoes, but since I gained weight they have become tight on me and I seem to only be able to wear flats, I feel like Cinderellas ugly sister! ROFL.

      I have the most glorious wardrobe of classic clothes, none of which fit! Ioh how I long to be able to wear them again. Thankfully I dont carry too much fat on my face, although I do have a bit of a double chin at the moment ha! ha! 

      I must confess I am a little concerend about having loose skin when the weight comes off, so I have purchased slendertone abs and arms, but need to dicipline myself to putting the darn things on.

      Gosh! before and after pictures would be great Britney, think that would be a great inspiration to many of us.;-)

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend Britney x x x


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      Hi Daisy sorry to hear that i can fully understand on the comfort eating then at times i would literally eat nothing when i was early 20;s i would survive for days on 1 bag of crisps and coffee seems just crazy now yep i lost a ton of weight although i wasn't really fat then but obviously stuck the whole lot back on and some more LOL

      I put on all my weight in say the last 5ish years then from 2011 to 2012 and ton more that's how i ended up at 19 stone do you know i never though i was that probably about 17 stone when the DR told me i nearly died lol

      Swmming gosh you have more confidence than me well for a start i can't swim anyway pmsl good on you and believe me everyone has hang ups even the thin ones and more likley worrying about themselves

      Your Classic clothes WILL fit you again i will suggest if your weight loss goes fast please don't buy a lot of clothes as by the time you get around to wearing them they will be too big i had to Ebay all mine Every month i had to buy something new (any excuse :D)

      Ooh love 50's shoes i have a room full of Irregular Choice (i collect and wear them) at least i can walk in them these days and my feet have shrunk lol normally a 6 but feet a 5 in some shoes now it's weird.

      My treat from my husband this time is a pair of Vivienne Westwood heart shoes and it spurns you on knowing there is a reward at the end of the month or a big loss i will always say treat yourself doen't have to cost much even getting your nails done.

      I will put some old pics up on my blog but you know even the thought of it fills me with dread i found an old video of me the other day and my OH said who is that i aid it's me in 2012 he said i don't even recognise that person my face was huge seriously lol

      I know what you mean about loose skin but to be honest anything is better than being a size 24 to me personally maybe i should get one of these slendertones do they have one that covers your whole body LOL

      Aw thankyou i hope i can inspire someone even if i just help one person that would be great i have been there bought the t shirt just stick with it and you will see results

      have a wonderful day

      Britney x


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