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I had an investigation last Friday under General anaesthetic which confirmed the presence of an anal fissure which had failed to respond to 5 weeks of rectogesic .

I had 2 botox injections and am crossing my fingers the fissure will heal .

In the meantime my usual high fibre plant based diet is causing problems as I'm having a bowel movement 5/ 6 times a day and each time ( and for hours afterwards ) it's hell.

This frequency has only been since the fissure ....previously approx 3 times a day

How do I reduce the number of times I have a bm ?

Not sure how best to reduce my fibre ....should I switch from wholegrains to white versions ? Cut out carbs ? Just have juices and smoothies ?

Would love to hear from anyone who's had this problem and found a way forward

Many thanks in advance 👍?

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    i just had my botox injection and after drinking fiber drink my colorectal surgeon prescribed to me post injection, i started having 2-4 bowel movements per day.. and it seriously caused my fissure to tear up..

    hence i now alternate my fiber drink to every alternate day.. and i try to have 1 bowel movement per day, 2 max..

    this is so hard to manage, fiber causes my stool to be soft but it increases my bowel movements which leads to a tear up

    i guess not only u must hv soft stool, u mustnt' have too many bowel movements per day to minimize aggravation to the fissure..

    i am just into day 7 of my botox injection..

    i am scehduled to meet my colorectal surgeon tomorrow, i will be asking him all these questions.. i will revert to u tomorrow after my appointment..

    when the fissure tears up, its like the opening of hell gates... that pain, that stinging & crask-ish pain drives me to tears.. and makes me just want to end of life.... T.T

    the nurse told me to take painkillers, nah it doesnt work @@ painkillers are not made for fissures i guess..

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      How are you doing ?

      I had my botox injections just after you ( December 29th ) and the pain after a bm these last 3 days has been doesn't seem to start immediately but its lasting for hours and reducing me to tears

      I have reduced my usual high fibre levels slightly to try to limit the number of times I'm using the toilet but it's all a balancing act as I don't want to get constipated

      My GP has said she will prescribe amitriptyline to see of that helps the nerve pain

      Feeling very despondent as I can't see an end to this pain

      3 episodes of faecal incontinence haven't helped matters either

      Really hope you're having a better time than I am 😊

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      Jennifer, lets hang in there together, i really feel your pain i know it, trust me.. *holds jennifer's hand*

      For the pain that i felt, i went back to my surgeon and allowed him to inspect my anus, apparently the fiber drink that he prescribed me to take is giving me too many bowel movements and stools that are too soft, causing external hemorrhoids to form, hence im cutting down the fiber drink and alternating the fiber drink with lactulose every alternate day.

      nerve pain.. my surgeon did mention that after botox there is nerve reaction causing the pain.. but honestly, how do you differentiate nerve pain vs. actual fissure pain? hmm.. im not so sure..

      i feel your pain.. i was extremely down too.. i contemplated going to be with Jesus a few times.. but i heard that this phrase in the radio "before you give up, think whether you have tried everything."

      for pain management, paracetamol celebrex n those regular painkillers doesnt work much for me and i plunge into depression when i feel the pain (i have very low pain tolerance level) i told my surgeon and he prescribed me Acroxia 90mg, which works wonders for me, why don't you try a stronger painkiller that wouldn't cause constipation?

      I was taking Acroxia after deep wisdom tooth surgery few years ago too, Acroxia works wonders, but i bet it comes with adverse effects if used for prolong periods too.

      I really hope to hear that you are getting better.

      I heard that fissures take time to heal, lets hang in there.

      *holds jennifer's hands* <3

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      Pleased to hear the pain relief is working for you ...I'm seeing my GP tomorrow so will speak to her about prescribing that drug

      Are you in the UK ??

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      Jennifer hola smile

      okie wokie, things will work out for us, hang in there..

      i still have four days of Acroxia before i see my surgeon again this coming Friday, im trying to lay off the painkiller today and see how is my progress so far..

      do you have a good doctor? its important to get a good doctor and one that you can run to whenever you encounter problems..

      ohya, i read online that heat therapy helps a lot, fissure or hemorrhoids, i have hot packs and electric heating pads to seat on.. i do sitz bath everyday with potassium permanganat too..

      nope, im in Malaysia, where are you at?

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      I'm in the UK

      I find heat good too and have Epsom salt baths and warm blankets and water bottles

      Hope you find some relief over the next few days 😊🌻

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      Just wondering how you're doing and whether you have now had some relief ???

      I am still experiencing a huge amount of pain after a bowel movement although it has changed in nature and somehow feels like it is more on the surface and is a very intense burning/stinging sensation rather than spasms

      On top of this since the botox I am incontinent so am hardly leaving the house

      All in all a very challenging time

      Really hope things are better for you 🌷

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      jennifer hello!

      i am into day 26 post botox.. i dun really hv problems with bowel movements so far..

      but i had been dealing with a separate issue, an external hemorrhoid that burst, the past few weeks.. getting better i hope

      i never had fecal incontinence before, im not sure why.. mayb my surgeon didnt inject a lot of botox? im not sure actually, according to my surgeon my anal fissures are not that bad, ive never seen blood so far..  my surgeon are withholding certain information from me, according to him i think too much and this can affect the healing process..

      omg icic.. pls hang in there.. do u visit ur surgeon often? pls do so..

      i visit my surgeon every one week / when i feel that my condition worsen, to let him inspect my anus..

      last week my surgeon said that my wounds improved hence he said i cud see him in two weeks time.. but i am still undergoing the recovery process and some pain is inevitable..

      pls visit ur surgeon.. i realise that we must partner with a good surgeon to overcome this.. good medical attention and advise is very important..

      hang in there pls? i know its hard..i find it extremely hard too..

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