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I need help!!

I have been having a bit of a blip lately in that a lot of my original symptoms have worsened following a period where I was able to function relatively well. My Bank Holiday was a wash-out cos I had no energy whatsoever :wah:

I cannot really pinpoint any over activity although I have been around a lot of people with colds. :shock:

In your experiences will my levels of energy return to my pre blip levels or have I hit a new low? :yikes:

My gut instinct this weekend was to fight the feelings and do things. but I didn't I rested, much to my daughters disgust, cos we usually go out at Bank Holiday.

Also, is it normal to need to analyse everything and need answers? :doh:

I am finding this so hard. Is that cos I am new to it? There I go again with the questions! :oops:

Please tell me how it really is....


Dale xxx

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    Hi Dale,

    Well I'm afraid i don't have the answer as I'm fairly new to this too, but i can empathize with you as i am the same this weekend.

    Just got over a horrendous urine infection, now i have a sore throat and my body aches again, especially my knees which were a bit swollen.

    I have not been without the joint pain since it started but it seems worse.

    There's only one consolation, the sun is shining and we can relax in it. smile

    Unfortunately we are going to have these blips. Its a drag, i know! sad

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Teedie x

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    Hi girls smile

    Try not to despair - we all get 'blips' for some reason or other, but luckily good days do appear again. I usually get warning signs when I need to slow down - blurred vision and feeling wonky, and pain of course - but not always. I can just suddenly feel really awful for no reason - it can last for hours or days. Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason - and this is what is so difficult for family members to understand. :? If we can't understand, it how can they?

    I have been feeling really quite good for the last few days - the weather here in the South has been beautiful, and of course, family and friends automatically assume my improvement is due to the sunshine - which REALLY annoys me. :steam: I actually find in good weather I have to be xtra careful as the temptation to overdo things is always there. When I think of a couple of years ago my typical day would consist of working, gardening, dog walking, gym classes plus all household chores - I just didn't stop - it's all so frustrating.

    Phew, don't know why I am rambling on so ........... :roll:

    But don't despair - a good spell is quite often around the corner.

    Take care

    Katie smile

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    its so mad this illness isnt it!oh hi everyone btw....i just cant get to grips with whats going on with my body!i just attempted to wash my car but got so mad that i couldnt that i took it out on my 4 year old niece!

    just intrested in what people think are problem is?i mean do you think its some sort of virus or bacteria thats making us ill?

    theres gotta be a real reason! :?

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    Hi Everyone

    I can imagine you might be anxious as to your recent setback. Dont worry because its normal to feel like that. This is just your body saying "Whoooooh slow down I cant keep up!" It is also VERY common to feel sensitive as per previous postings here on this site.

    I have no miracle cure or answer but keep your chin up

    Donna x

    P.S heres a group hug :hug: :hug:

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    Hi everyone again

    Thanks for the group hug Donna smile

    I know exactly how frustrated you feel trying to clean your car Matt - I had a go today with mine. By the time I had lugged a bucket of water from tap to car I felt too exhausted to actually do anything with it. I couldn't be bothered to get the hose out either. So instead, I sat in the sun snipping at the edge of my lawn with a pair of scissors - which various neighbours thought was hilarious - yea, really made me laugh that ..... NOT! :evil: If they don't watch out I shall be snipping the heads off their prize petunias!

    Talking of heads though, the last few days , my head has been remarkably clear - the fog has lifted, which is great. The downside is though, that I now realise just what I have been missing out of for all these months (will soon be two years - OMG!) :shock:

    There has been quite a bit in the press today about ME and new research. The researchers seem to think there are seven types of ME - have read through them several times, but can't see where I fit in - maybe I haven't really got it and it's all in my imagination like some folk believe - :evil: :evil:

    Anyway, take care eveyone

    Katie xx : :wink:

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    Thanx so much everyone for your replies, they have really helped :D

    Thanx for the hug Donna!

    Maybe we just have to accept there is no cause, Matt. We are an elite bunch specially selected for this test :whistle: (Now i have come over all evangelical :angel: ) !!!

    Will await the good spell, Katie. I can't see where I fit in on the research either, but then again I have never been one to conform :winkeye:

    Thanx again everyone

    Dale xxx

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    Hi everyone, it is so good to be back. I have missed you all.

    I have just got back from Dorset, where I always feel better. :D I think there is more oxygen in the air. the air in the Midlands is pants, it's stale and polluted, not at all fresh.

    Goodness me, I don't even [i:faeeee9de5]attempt[/i:faeeee9de5] to wash my car, I don't know how you could - but I can hoover it out sometimes. My daughter uses the car for uni so she washes it. :D

    Now about blips, I had a huge blip 4 years ago when my mother became ill and died over 4 months. After the blip I never stabilised back to where I was before the blip, but I have got to where it is as good as it gets. You do not stay in a blip forever but I think how you respond depends on how much stress is involved in the blip in the first place.

    Infection and illness is known to cause blips.

    As for this research, it's good, but it does worry me that the powers that be will try to pigeonhole us, and if we do not fit into their 'categories' they will try and make out we do not have the illness after all. It could be an excuse to try and get some of us off the Incapacity Benefit as the government is keen to crack down on.

    We will have to be on our toes.


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