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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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  • Emis Moderator M

    CFS/ME Introduction and Resources

    This is a discussion where users can post their signs and symptoms, treatments, history etc. There is also a list of useful resources links etc below. If any user has any suggestions about additions to this please send me a Private Message rather than replying here or trying to post links in this

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  • ChloeCybil 2

    Don't lump CFS and ME together

    As I read so many posts on here, I see most people lump CFS and ME together and they are not the same disease. They should be referred to separately as many of the symtoms of ME are not the symtoms of CFS. You can't die from CFS but ME can be a debilatating disease that can get progressively worse

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  • toni62403 3

    Sex, Contraception and Chronic fatigue

    Hiya everyone, I’ve been really putting off posting about this – I find it such a difficult topic to discuss but I've looked everywhere and it just doesn't seem to be something anyone's talking about. Anyway, it’s gotten to the point now where I could really do with hearing how other people cope

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  • elliebee 2

    Lactic acid 'rushes' in muscles

    I suffer from what feels like floods of lactic acid in my legs, arms, and now my pelvis whenever I walk more than a few steps and immediately I start trying to walk up any kind of incline or hill. Does anyone else have experience of this? My doctor, generally good, just scratches his head and says

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  • angela1707 2


    Hi everyone, i had my blood test results back and they were normal. Does this mean anything in getting diagnosed with CFS? I get tired quite easily, as in after exercise. That is walking as well as not getting a good sleep in the sense i don't feel bright or refreshed afterwards. I get aches and

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  • shane92467 2

    Neurologist dismisses CFS/ME as "A real illness"

    Hi, I haven't posted in awhile as there really hasn't been any progression with a diagnosis for my symptoms. (Previous posts detail my experiences) I am currently seeing a specialist at one of the local cfs/me clinics as my GP wanted me to see a specialist before he made a diagnosis of cfs/me.

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  • jim64727 2

    Does Anyone Have Abdominal Pain and CFS/ME?

    The Nutcracker Syndrome (Left Renal Vein Compression) has been associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. I have a friend that has this condition and severe compression of her Left Renal Vein causing CFS/ME. I was diagnosed with a similar condition about a year ago called May-Thurner

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  • richardowenplc 2

    Few months in..

    I have been diagnosed with cfs/me for 5 months now and started to see an occupational therapist who is advising me on how to deal with it. I realise now that I can't just push through it and to go easy on myself. A big factor that drives me is guilt at not been able to do the things I'd like to

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  • shane23112 3

    Why do we get this adrenalin rush in the morning on Citalopram?

    Hi All, any idea why we get this horrible adrenalin/cortisol rush in the morning on Citalopram? I know that apparently and hopefully it stops eventually but I just don't understand the physiology behind it and apparently neither does my family doc. Other than to say it is a possible side effect

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  • Theandrettiman 2

    Daily head pressure and weakness is this CFS?

    For the past year now since February of 2016 a lot of things have gone wrong with my body that I'm not for sure of what it is , I have been losing unintentional weight I feel my bones have weaken aka (bone loss) , I have all sorts of headaches going from head pressure all round, pressure from my

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  • pinksugar 2

    Rheumatologist- Anyone been?

    So providing my next blood tests don't come back showing any absorbtion problems I'm being referred to a rheumatologist. Is this normal for suspected ME/CFS? and if so, can anyone tell me what I should expect from the appointment? Many thanks, Pinksugar

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  • Venla 2

    Clarification of symptoms

    so currently if I do to much physically I feel absolutely awful not the next day but the day after ,, I struggle very much to feel myself it's as if I am outside my head looking in and just can not ground myself ,, it is a horrible feeling and lowers my mood and makes me more irritable,, these

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  • cocoanemo11 2

    Do I have CFS?

    I recently looked into CFS and I want to know if I have it. I'm a 23 year old female. I have extreme fatigue, but I also have mild sleep apnea which was diagnosed in August 2016. I am overweight for my age and height, but I am currently losing weight. I get major brain fog on a daily basis as well

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  • pinksugar 2

    Muscle twitching

    Hi everyone, I strongly suspect I have ME/CFS (still not sure which term to use!). I have an appointment with docs on Weds to discuss all my symtoms of which most have been ongoing for some 13 years. However, over the last 3 weeks only I have had a repeated and quite severe muscle twitch in my

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  • jacob86424 2

    Sudden Muscle weakness, Joint cracking and popping?

    My age is 29, from the last 4-5 months I have been experiencing strange symptoms. All my joints are cracking, muscles are weakening day by day. It appears that the Flesh beneath skin is vanishing. Sometimes I feel mild pain while moving my joints. Mild nausea, previously I had bowel movement once

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  • EJO3089 2
  • remygirl 3

    6 months ago I got sick

    Back in October I got sick I woke up and I was sick, I couldn't stop vomiting and I had constant nausea. This last for over two months. I had abdominal pressure and just felt really uncomfortable I began being dizzy and off balanced shortly after. I got really bad aniexty and sad but I was

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  • xan9579 1

    These supplements are a miracle for my exhaustion

    Hi guys, I don't usually write on forums so I apologise if this is badly written or it takes me a while to reply to anything but I thought it was really important to share what I have found from trying out various different supplements and medications to help with my everyday exhaustion, sleepiness

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  • Solsikke 2

    Falling into the pit

    I have had ME for a long time, have been through the denial, anger, desperation, GRIEF, and almost accept.. But sudenly, yesterday I fell into the pit again. I just cannot take it anymore - enough!! I WANT MY LIFE BACK!

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  • gill73026 3

    I Had disabling M.E about 25 years ago, then it went but

     well it went in the middle of a very stressful time when we were emigrating to be with my daughter and husband. w ehadto get out or we would have been repossessed which we avoided by one day. I was struggling to walk any distance, and the constant leg pain as if in the bone,, and uttere confusion,

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  • victoriajane 2

    What not to say to someone with CFS...

    Hello, I'm new to the forum but not so new to CFS - I've had it for two and a half years now. I don't really expect people to understand it (I didn't, until I experienced it for myself), but there are some things that people say that really push my buttons! I know that they are just trying to be helpful,...

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  • balletdude 2
  • tina58520 3

    Muscle Twitches

    Hi, everyone over the last 3 months or so I have been getting more and more muscle twitches.  I know this can be a common symptom, does anyone else get these.  My has prescribed Baclofen, does anyone else take this and does it work, or do you know of anything better. Many thanks in advance Tina

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  • Elle1234 3

    Post viral fatigue / symptoms? pins and needles, weak legs

    Hello everyone, Much good wishes to everyone. I was wondering does anyone suffer from pins and needles in the legs (constantly) and hot and cold flushes in the legs that lasts a couple of seconds and muscle twitching. Sore heels/legs, These symptons are freaking me out. I am finding these

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  • rosierosie 2


    Just wondering what kind of symptoms people had before being diagnosed with CFS? I've felt awful for a few years now and have been to see the doctor for continued gastro upsets (had colonoscopy and found diverticulosis), constantly aching bones (had rheumatoid test - clear), fatigue (had sleep

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  • never20 2
  • debbie39903 3

    Newly diagnosed

    Just been diagnosed as suffering from ME/CFS after suffering for a long time. Sort of glad finally have an answer for all the extreme fatigue, memory fog and extreme pain. Have been referred to Liverpool hospital. Just wondering what to expect? Get extremely apprehensive in new situations and would

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  • Elle1234 3

    Post viral symptoms / syndrome

    Hello eveyone, I have been diagnosed with "post viral symptons". I have not got a clue what it anyone heard of this. For over two months I have been suffering from the following: Heavy head feeling, unbalanced. constant pressure in the head flu like symptons but no fever. Pins and

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  • toya46444 2
  • Kingflame17 2

    What exactly is this? I don't think it's anxiety?

    Hello everyone. Male, turning 20 this year. For the past few years I have been suffering with chronic fatigue with severity on and off. This had affected me to quite a degree in my studies, causing me to drop out once as I couldn't cope with the unwellness as well as the anxiety. Saw several

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  • Meg515 2
  • sarah68084 2


    Hi I am looking for those who know about CFS. I had glandular fever aged 12  I was pretty ill, hospitalised and it took me a year to get back to school. It took quite a few years to get over the tiredness but I did get better. Three years ago I woke up with vertigo and balance issues. I am dizzy a lot,...

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  • nat-152001 2

    Unexplained fatigue, possible CFS?

    Last year I was feeling really poorly, constantly exhausted, brain fog, couldn't concentrate, felt like in a dream-like state or daze, headaches, palpitations and shortness of breath, and legs aching when i went up stairs.  I had blood tests taken and it showed my ferritin level was very low.  I

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  • lesley 03192 2

    parent of cfs sufferer

    My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with cfs in December last year. Lately she is having more frequent episodes of her legs not working properly. She describes it as her brain and legs not being connected. Any suggestions

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  • pinksugar 2

    M.E, CFS, Fibromyalgia or something else?

    Hi all,  27 y/o female here. I have had many problematic symptoms for many years and feel like there must be something wrong to cause them all. I have therefore spent a lot of time researching and initially found Fibromyalgia which covered a lot of my symptoms but I don't have tender areas that

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