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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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  • Littleme 1

    CFS/ME & Pregnancy

    Although I have known there has been something wrong with me for a long time, I have recently been formally diagnosed with CFS/ME and the first thought that springs to mind is can I still have children?  A few of my friends have had children and tell me how exhusting pregnancy is... how do I cope with...

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  • Emis Moderator M

    CFS/ME Introduction and Resources

    This is a discussion where users can post their signs and symptoms, treatments, history etc. There is also a list of useful resources links etc below. If any user has any suggestions about additions to this please send me a Private Message rather than replying here or trying to post links in this thread....

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  • danny37 3

    information from you lovely people please

    Last week I had terrible abdominal pain and was of work for three days with it. Doctor said it was possible appendicitis and to monitor myself for another 24hours, this was two days ago now and my stomach pain has improved greatly. Really my question is can cfs cause stomach pain, it was so serious it...

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  • mary96913 2
  • Shreddie 3

    My son, 23, passed away yesterday and I am worried I won't cope

    My son Jonathan passed away yesterday suddenly.  He was sleeping on the sofa at his girlfriend's house and just stopped breathing.  We don't know what happened though he was numb one side the day before but Accident and Emergency department sent him home saying it was a trapped nerve.  He had also recently...

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  • Littleme 1

    CFS/ME & Pregnancy

    Although I have known there has been something wrong with me for a long time, I have recently been formally diagnosed with CFS/ME and the first thought that springs to mind is can I still have children?  A few of my friends have had children and tell me how exhusting pregnancy is... how do I cope with...

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  • JDB1964 1

    CFS and the gym?

    Hi.. New here but had CFS / ME for years I think.. was told 30 years ago I had ME... but then it went.. but had it back now for 6 years or so... but just getting new issues... I'm been going to the gym for years now, just to keep me going and avoide aches and pains as much as i can.... But of late, im...

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  • toriloren 2

    Teenage girl extremely tired

    Hi this my first time using this site , I have been experiencing very annoying periods of just being extremely tired. From the second I wake in the warning to the time I go to bed I am very fatigued and tired. I play basketball three times a week and I am a cross country runner at my school, I am not...

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  • imsolost 3

    Neck muscle weakness won't flex, causing panic attacks?

    Hi, I posted a few days ago about this knot on my shoulder I have been feeling. The past few days I have gone down hill, and these are new symptoms I have never experienced before. It all started monday with insomina, then tesuday I had neck stiff ness like lumps are in my neck near the base, pain in...

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  • jackie00198 6

    Struggling with Loneliness in Marriage

    I've been married for 34 years, and I'd say we have a pretty strong marriage. I'm almost 100% housebound and have quite a severe case of ME/CFS. My husband retired a year ago, and gradually seems gone more and more of the time. He's a musician, and goes to music festivals and jams, in addition to social...

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  • patricia46418 3

    I have chronic fatigue and slow transit constipation

    I have had IBS for 20 years, was diagnosed with CFS 5 years ago after a series of infections and extreme stress, when I pushied myself over my limits. I was diagnosed then with slow transit constipation and the reason given was long term use of anti biotics for infection has interfered with the gut flora,...

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  • Koresun 1

    CFS or Fibro reaching a crisis point

    I've been struggling with what I believe to be CFS for many years. Prior to it getting so bad I could no longer work, I had a high pressure job (here in the US) in advertising as a graphic designer. I worked long hours, sometimes around the clock. I wore myself out. Now, years later, my exhaustion seems...

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  • rosie34970 3

    Treatment programmes

    Hello all I was diagnosed with CFS a couple of months ago after being ill for a year following glandular fever. I'm under an NHS CFS team and am doing pacing, eating well, supplements, mindfulness, sleep hygiene etc and have improved well with these things to the point that I am generally ok symptom-wise...

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  • Sunnysky 2

    'Silent migraine'

    Hi all, Some of you may already know that I suffer with hemiplegic migraine, recently I feel like I have been having the after effect of an attack, as if I have had a hemiplegic attack in my sleep/not known about it. I feel spaced out, not with it, and feel delayed with my reactions and conversations...

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  • lau188 3

    CFS/ME and vitamin D deficiency?

    Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with CFS/ME a year ago and since having surgery last November it has got so bad that I am unable to return to my job I am only 22 and it's really making me upset. I have had all the blood tests available and all came back negative apart from today my doctor called and...

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  • jacob86424 2

    Sudden Muscle weakness, Joint cracking and popping?

    My age is 29, from the last 4-5 months I have been experiencing strange symptoms. All my joints are cracking, muscles are weakening day by day. It appears that the Flesh beneath skin is vanishing. Sometimes I feel mild pain while moving my joints. Mild nausea, previously I had bowel movement once in...

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  • lewis10869 2

    Sunlight and chronic fatigue

    Whenever I go out into the sun or on a tanning bed, my symptoms become a lot worse and this lasts for about 2 days. My eyes become very droopy, I become very fatigued and unmotivated. I first noticed this in Spain and thought it was just dehydration but after the same effect occuring multiple times...

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  • parbin25565 2

    Muscle twitching and weakness. Als / me/ cfs

    Hi I really need help. since 2015 about august i started to get muscle twitching i was 14 back then i still get them every day all over the body. Like they come and go but sometimes last like 1 to 2 days at same place. (not painful). Muscle weakness I started to feel weak since november 2016 and...

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  • D286 1

    2 months of debilitating fatigue, dizziness and muscle aches

    Ok guys, I need as much insight as possible. So first here's a little background. For the past year maybe longer I have been dealing with this debilitating fatigue. I work a 9-5 mon-fri, and some mornings are harder than others. I wake up ready to go back to bed and on the weekends and I'm sleeping or...

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  • tracey16557 1

    Medication sensitivity

    Hi, is anyone else here sensitive to medications. I struggle with anxiety and depression as well as ME but find it impossible to tolerate anti depressants. I sometimes take diazepam to help the anxiety and find that just 1 mg is enough to help me sleep and keeps me calm throughout the following day....

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  • Samantha_Ann 1

    How I've Helped My CFS/ME

    Hi, I just wanted to share my story with you in the hope that I could help some of you feel some improvement from this disgusting, debilitating illness that has stolen the last 8 years of my life. I've started to do something in the last 2 months that has changed my life completely and left me with the...

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  • karen94114 2

    CFS, What now?

    Hi, I am currently going thorugh investigation for CFS. I have had Post Viral Fatigue since October 2016. I did manage to return to work in January but have been off again since March when my symptoms worsened. I think this is something that has been affecting me for years though as I was off work for...

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  • n26456 1


    Hello, Has anyone here suffering from ME/CFS has ever been diagnosed with having SIBO? If so, how did you go about getting diagnosed? What was the treatment? Did you have suspicion of any other illnesses before you were diagnosed with SIBO? Did your ME get better after receiving treatment for SIBO?...

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  • shayan90 1
  • parbin25565 2

    ALS or Me/CFS Or Muscle Fasciculation

    Hi I really need help since 2015 about november i started to get muscle twitching i was 14 back then i still get them every day all over the body (not painful). Muscle weakness I started to feel weak since november 2016 and still do. I play cricket and im a bowler i used to be running in fast as...

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  • imsolost 3

    Testing out BCAA for energy (log)

    I am only on day 3 of BCAA's (2 scoops is around 5 grams) I am currently taking optimum nutrition pro bcaa berry lemonade flavor. I have only started taking 1 scoop daily I dont feel like I need so much in my diet but I might boost it to see if anything changes. So far I feel like its placbo but I have...

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  • lindseyae9 2

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment advice

    Hi. I was diagnosed with CFS 3years ago, was put straight on Citalopram and I've been on 30mg ever since. TBH I don't want to keep on these as some of the side effects are becoming issues. My symptoms of CFS include the usual fatigue, sleeping problems, aching joints & forgetfulness/concentration problems....

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  • imsolost 3

    Strange knot back pain and neck pressure front.

    Since I have struggled with CFS I have always had this neck/back pain and knot feeling over my right shoulder. If you know me you will see during painful times with CFS I reach over my neck and rub my shoulder on my right side where my traps and neck with my back meet. I feel like theres something there...

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  • ChloeCybil 2

    Don't lump CFS and ME together

    As I read so many posts on here, I see most people lump CFS and ME together and they are not the same disease. They should be referred to separately as many of the symtoms of ME are not the symtoms of CFS. You can't die from CFS but ME can be a debilatating disease that can get progressively worse and...

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  • toni62403 3

    Sex, Contraception and Chronic fatigue

    Hiya everyone, I’ve been really putting off posting about this – I find it such a difficult topic to discuss but I've looked everywhere and it just doesn't seem to be something anyone's talking about. Anyway, it’s gotten to the point now where I could really do with hearing how other people cope with...

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  • elliebee 2

    Lactic acid 'rushes' in muscles

    I suffer from what feels like floods of lactic acid in my legs, arms, and now my pelvis whenever I walk more than a few steps and immediately I start trying to walk up any kind of incline or hill. Does anyone else have experience of this? My doctor, generally good, just scratches his head and says he...

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  • angela1707 2


    Hi everyone, i had my blood test results back and they were normal. Does this mean anything in getting diagnosed with CFS? I get tired quite easily, as in after exercise. That is walking as well as not getting a good sleep in the sense i don't feel bright or refreshed afterwards. I get aches and pains...

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  • shane92467 2

    Neurologist dismisses CFS/ME as "A real illness"

    Hi, I haven't posted in awhile as there really hasn't been any progression with a diagnosis for my symptoms. (Previous posts detail my experiences) I am currently seeing a specialist at one of the local cfs/me clinics as my GP wanted me to see a specialist before he made a diagnosis of cfs/me. She...

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  • jim64727 3

    Does Anyone Have Abdominal Pain and CFS/ME?

    The Nutcracker Syndrome (Left Renal Vein Compression) has been associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for many years. I have a friend that has this condition and severe compression of her Left Renal Vein causing CFS/ME. I was diagnosed with a similar condition about a year ago called May-Thurner Syndrome...

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  • richardowenplc 2

    Few months in..

    I have been diagnosed with cfs/me for 5 months now and started to see an occupational therapist who is advising me on how to deal with it. I realise now that I can't just push through it and to go easy on myself. A big factor that drives me is guilt at not been able to do the things I'd like to with...

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  • shane23112 3

    Why do we get this adrenalin rush in the morning on Citalopram?

    Hi All, any idea why we get this horrible adrenalin/cortisol rush in the morning on Citalopram? I know that apparently and hopefully it stops eventually but I just don't understand the physiology behind it and apparently neither does my family doc. Other than to say it is a possible side effect with...

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