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Hi all,

Firstly, I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

I have used this forum quite a bit within recent months and again in need of a little advice if possible.

As most of you know i am a dwarf, i am 4ft 5 to be exact.

I am soon to be 28 and really would love to be able to drive, i see younger siblings and i see friends passing their tests and it disheartens me.

I have looked all over the internet and cannot find a driving school that can cater for my needs, pedal extensions.

I have had a driving assessment before with Queen Elizabeth in Carshalton in August and i was advised that it would be hard if not impossible to find a driving school that can teach me, however i have spoken to a few instructor and i was told that if i had my own car, installed a dual brake and pedal adaptions they can teach me.... however for the cost of an automatic car and dual brake and pedal extensions and for it to be fitted i am looking at £5000 and that is without taking a lesson.

That disheartens me because i know i cannot get that, i will not be able to do what most people can do.

My advise i do ask is, does anyone know what i can do? Does anyone know anyone in the same situation as me and found the light, Is there anyone out there who has been in my situation and got a result. 

I have searched all over google and have seen people with my disability be reward a car via mobility due to higher rate of mobility and adaptions were made via mobility but unfortunately i was not awarded a rate of any mobility.

Please advise me if you can.

Thank you.

Natalie x    

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    I have sent you a link that sells special blocks that are for the use of people who need to extensions to allow them to drive a car, they are completely legal, you would probably be better with an automatic as well, I think I did say this before in a previous post.
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    Yes Alexandria did mention that in your last post about this but unfortunately you didn't reply. I thought her advice was really good. Google is your best friend when trying to find things out.  There are areas that have driving instructors for disabled people. My youngest daughter is almost 17 and just 2 inches taller than yourself. To be exact she's 4ft 7.  She claims Enhanced mobility but not for a physical disability because she can walk, not without pain because she's so short but she can certainly walk. She claims it for following and planning a journey. There's driving schools in my area that cater for disabled people. Try using google and see what you come up with. If it's the finacial side of things, do you have family that could maybe help you? I have no idea of your sitution and just trying to somehow advice you on this.

    As for being awarded mobility, like i adviced you before that if your condition has got worse and you decided to report this then you do risk losing everything you already have. Many people have been in your position and gone onto lose what they have already. As i remember i'm sure that on your last assesssment, you either didn't score any points for mobility or you scored very low, am i right? Has your mobility got worse since your last assesssment? or is it because you want to have the same opportunity to drive as everyone else? You have to think about all of these things before reporting anything because so many people lose everything they already have. If it has got worse do you have evidence to support this? because you'll need this.

    I'm afraid there's really no other advice to give you on this as we don't know where in the country you live.

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    Hi Denise and Alexandria.

    Thank you for you responses.

    I live in Farnborough, Hampshire and there is no driving instructors within my area or within 60 miles.

    My condition has got worse over time and because of that i do not go out much and when i do have to go out it is a struggle and takes me alot longer then usual.

    Denise, you mentioned that the best way is to have evidence to submit. What would be evidence for myself? An audit of myself going to my GP? GP sending me to specialists even though there is nothing that can be done as its down to my small legs carrying a normal side torso,

    Please let me know.

    Thank you Alexandria, I have seen that website before and i think they sell pedal extenders for £69 each.

    Kind regards,


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      I never said evidence is the best way. I said you'll need evidence to support your worsening condition.

      Future appointment letters aren't classed as evidence. Evidence can be anything from letters from Consultants, GP, Diary written by yourself. A letter from someone that knows you well. You'll need the evidence to prove that those descriptors apply to you. They will look at the whole award again, so you'll need evidence for everything. A lot of GP refuse to write letters for this kind of thing and those that will write them will charge you. It's rare for any medical professional to be contacted, so don't rely on that.

      It's your choice whether you report changes. If you do then another PIP2 form will be sent to you and another assesssment will most likely be needed. Is it just the mobility (moving around part) you're thinking of claiming for or will it be mental health (following and planning a journey as well) If it's just the moving around part then it's 20 metres or less for 12 points.

      I personnally think you're taking a massive risk if you do decide to report changes. Losing what you already have is an awful lot to lose. Of course it could also stay the same or be increased, but there absolutely no gaurentee that you'll be award the Enhanced mobility for that car. Good luck.

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      Forgot to ask, do you work? If so then where? I know people claim PIP and work but it can go against you depending on what your job is.
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      Hi Denise,

      With great consideration and your wise words i think i will leave my PIP how it is, something is better the risking it.

      I do not work at the moment as the job i was doing i basically couldn't do/job title changed.

      I am just so desperate to drive but the cost of just being able to have lessons is so expensive, i cannot become independent as i am always relying on family and friends to take me places.

      I am trying to find someone or anyone that knows someone that is in the situation as me who has a car already adapted and selling or i could use.

      Family will try and cover the cost of the pedal adaptations and maybe dual brake but the cost of having them fitted is way over the top.

      Thank you for your help.


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      You're welcome, Natalie. I wish i had an answer for you but sadly i don't. It was the same the last time you posted the question. I know it must be very frustrating not to be abe to do something you badly want to do.

      Have you tried googling your area or within a certain distance for cars that are already adapted? It maybe a long shot but you never know. There coud be someone somewhere in the same situation as yourself. I still think that Alexandra's suggestion of the automatic with pedal extenders is probably your best option here. Good luck and i hope you'll find answers or a solution soon, xx

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      Just sending you a pm for a driving instructor with pedal extension's, he's about 25 miles away from Farnborough station

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