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Benefits and Allowances

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below is a list of useful resources concerning Benefits. Some of the Patient articles are also linked on every discussion page under Related information in the right sidebar. Patient Leaflets including advice on ESA, PIP amongst others:

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  • Angie york 3

    esa m c result

    Hi I had esa f2f assessment and shockingly scored no points , letter said money stopped immediately go to Jc Monday look for work , as a result my mental health went down hill and I was given new meds, the report didn't contain any info I had given and how it effects me , but to make matters worse

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  • zorro56 3

    How stupid is this

    I was granted ESA in January this was to replace the old incapacity benefit, fine so far, then I had my PIP home assessment, which I'm still waiting for. Last week I receive a form to fill in for ESA, ok I'll do that, rang them up and asked why I have to answer the same questions that are covered

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  • dawn82680 3


    So im in sg esa till 2018 ive seen it on here saying that people are being sent new question forms now ready for when there esa ends next year. I also seen it said that some people are having there benefits put back for 2 yrs. Does this mean i will hear from dwp soon regarding my reassesment ready

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  • yvonne 99 1

    Pip apeall mixed up

    I've been on disability disability allowance for 25 years plus I filled form in for pip 2 months ago got my letter saying I got 12 for mobility great then it said my daily 8 points got standard after 25 years of getting highest rate I wasent happy. So I appealed to got letter back I'm confused as

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  • valerie76938 2


    does everyone  have to have a pip accesment

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  • ian62902 2

    Pip by txt

    Hi folks. A friend of mine has just informed me of something I've not heard of before. About 6 weeks ago she was a new claimant for pip. Just today she finally had txt from capita telling her a home f2f is arranged for her next Wednesday, she didn't request a home visit. Is this normal practice to

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  • shar46144 2


    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice please. I have been on pip and esa for 4 years now due to mental health problems and medical issues. On Monday around 5pm i got an unexpected call to say someone from esa was coming out to do a medical i never recieved any letters previous to this

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  • mary16566 3


    Hello, I have been downgraded from high rate DLA for mobility to standard rate mobility for PIP. My question is will I lose my exemption for road tax.

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  • Bobbybo1 3


    Hi All I have today received my letter from the court to say they have received my appeal documents. Now just the wait to find out when this will be. I'll keep you posted. Mark

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  • chris251254 3

    Re esa

    Hi I have a girlfriend abroad and want to bring her to uk, I'm on Esa in support group and get pip standard mobility, I have enough income to support us both for initial six months, thenbonce martied she can work after 6 months and once she has her visa to stay, my question is while she is here

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  • StevefromBrum 3

    PIP: Can I re-apply?

    Hi guys. Firstly sorry I have not been around recently. As some of you may know I am awaiting a date for my hearing at Tribunal. I have a couple of questions. If I lose my case at Tribunal 1. Can I reapply for PIP? (I am 66 years old and was on DLA and had to apply for PIP at end of Oct 2016) 2.

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  • dawn82680 3

    I need advice

    I claim esa as a joint clame for myself and my hubby im in sg. My hubby wanted to do 2 days self employed work which was 16 hrs for 8 weeks anyway it wasnt supposed to start till may 8th but it started on wednesday last week 19th april. I rang esa and told them they said it would mean £100 per week

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  • belgravia 4

    Regarding my PIP claim

    l made a claim for PIP as l was sent a letter to say my DLA is ending and l sent in the PIP claim form 5 weeks ago and have heard absolutely nothing as of yet and the questions are how long before they send some type of correspondence​? to say what is happening as l thought some type of letter

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  • nadnad 3

    A bit confused

    hi, 2 years ago was awarded dla def, and received a letter from the job centre to fill a capability for work got this??? Thanks

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  • Julie707 2
  • Ravdalal 2

    PIP Assessment is a JOKE

    I was awarded DLA for the rest of my life, turns out that according to the DWP and the imbeciles at ATOS that was January 2017. I suffered a major head injury from a racial assault in 2011 that resulted in a bifrontal craniotomy and a 6-week coma.  Thanks to the amazing NHS I am still alive. In

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  • michelle76801 3


    So i have asked for my MR today. After thinking about it for a few weeks and also going through the report with a fine tooth comb i thought that there were so many things that were incorrect i felt i had no choice. The case manager who i spoke to gave me the usual lecture that the whole award will

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  • Bobsyuncle 2

    PIP Stress

    My husband was awarded DLA 9 years ago.  This was lower rate care & higher rate mobility, awarded indefinately.  Had our letter for PIP before christmas and his f2f 'interview' in march.  We find it ironic that the process for DLA involved a 1 hour medical with a Dr, yet the PIP can make a decision

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  • jayne03174 4

    P I P appeal

    Hi all I had my 2 and f2f in sept 2016,, I was on enhanced rate DL and sr mobility I was declined mobility from DWP. I sent in mandatory reconsideration and Nothing was changed so I went down the appeal road,,,, Today I got appeal notice back I've won !!!! Got back my sr mobility ,, very pleased,,,...

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  • tracy69588 2

    Had pip assessment Waiting decision

    Hi, I'm new 'm claiming PIP as I can't work due to my bipolar,I had the ATOS assessment a month ago and a text from DWP a week ago to say they have all they need and are making a decision,I have been beside myself with worry,anybody assure me at all that it won't be much longer? Thank you

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  • mandy09179 3


    H  have been worried sick as had a letter form CAPITA REF transfer from Dla to today nervously to ask for Home assessment and , i am in shock as they were lovely and agreed to a home assessment in May to it being recorded ... So the long wait and uncertainties mixed with

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  • natalie21584 3

    Advice needed please

    Hi all, I have been recieving PIP standard living since December 2016 due to my disability (dwarfism) I am 27 and looking at driving to gain some sense of independence, problem is i would need an adapted which is only avaiable via Mobility on PIP high rate for mobility. please advise

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  • lors23 6

    Change in circumstance

    Hi all At the moment l receive the standard rate pip and the standard disability. My last f2f was in january and although l did not agree with a lot written in my report l waw just happy l was getting some help. I am 44 and 3 years ago my life changed when l developed Ostioarthritis in my hips.

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  • sarah61956 2

    new claim for pip

    Made my first ever claim on 17th January got text saying received forms 10th febiery heard nothing so foned dwp and was told claim with atos and gave number to call my husband called to be told waiting f2f assessment but there's no appointsments !!!!! 

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  • mike09523 5

    disabled, are we a useless drain on society?

    Hi, I hope not. Although I get that opinion when reading the populace media. What would "they", have us do. We are not worth employing otherwise they would encourage us rather than seize the mobility vehicles clearly needed to get to work. Public transport is often not the answer because of

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  • james63427 2

    dla to pip by october 2017

    is this still the case or has there been any update from govt that it might overrun this date? Just wanted idea,as i know my father can be called at anytime but had heard it may overrun this date Thanks for any help

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  • issymc 2


    I'm appealing my esa and was told a job centre if I want back on esa till my case is seen I come off jobseekers and will only get 73 a week and not get my severe disability allowance any1 know if this is true

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  • ryan71353 2
  • ChrisA15 3

    Lost PIP tribunal - in disbelief.

    I was awarded 7 points from the DWP, kept the same after reconsideration then I decided to appeal. Eventually I got a date for one and today Iwent to my PIP tribunal, The staff there all seemed nice, but I was very nervous. Anyway after about 40 mins after I answered questions from 2 members of staff,...

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  • ClaireBee24 2

    Tax credits extra payment

    Hey all can you help me out with tax credit extra payment for this year ? I pay a load out in childcare and 2 years ago I got a double payment from renveue Coud any one tell me if they have received any extra payment yet ? As the new tax year has started I know not everyone gets it but a would

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  • Fox glove 2


    I am preparing for my husband's mandatory reconsideration and reading f2f report again.  They lied as every one know, but also they used Dr's letter to cut off his points. For example, Dr mentioned his memory problem and they used it to say " memory problem mentioned but it is not dementia. Means

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  • Fox glove 2

    Dead line for MR

    Hi, everyone. I got a decision letter for PIP dated 10th/Apr. I contacted DWP and told I want to request Mandatory reconsideration. I am preparing a letter and evidences.  I am a bit confused about the dead line. 1. Is the date on the letter (10/Apr) included in 28 days or the count down starts

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  • zorro56 3
  • Fox glove 2

    Pip award review and face to face

    Hi, everyone. My husband is awarded to Pip (enhanced rate) till Nov/2017 and he received an award review form (AR1) last year. He ticked all the question "no change" and sent the form with his current medication list, reports (copies of feedback after consultations to GP) from psychiatric, future

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