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Benefits and Allowances

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below is a list of useful resources concerning Benefits. Some of the Patient articles are also linked on every discussion page under Related information in the right sidebar. Patient Leaflets including advice on ESA, PIP amongst others: PatientPlus...

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  • patricia04797 2

    Driving myself to PIP appeal

    I have my PIP appeal on Friday (16th) at 3.45pm. I have nobody to take me through and because DLA stopped mid-February I have had to ask my local Welfare Fund for help with electric and food this week after I managed to pay my oil bill, but this leaves me with no money until next week.  So, I cannot...

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  • david75393 2


    Hi I had been claiming esa since the 29th December 2016 due to a bad injury to my leg and I was at the face to face meeting 2 weeks ago about it and I just received a letter back from them saying I'm still on the same rate but it doesn't mention on it if I'm in any of the groups is this normal? And should...

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  • gareth36875 2

    My P.I.P Claim and Decision

    I have diabetes, sleep apnea, and Neuropathy. I am on medication namely Gabapentin, Codiene, Metaformin I also need to have four injections of nerve block in to the back of my head on average every thirty days, I was awarded standard rate with daily living I was two points off high rate and I was awarded...

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  • jumping kitten 2

    ESA assessment report

    Hi, I received ESA50 a few days ago (I had f2f last year in Jul and I am in support group.). I am reading my medical assessment report to fill in the form. There are a lot of details of my typical day, medication, medical history , and how I was at the f2f but there isn't any description how much points...

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  • issymc 2


    Got my appeal for esa tomorrow any idea what I will be going in 2

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  • sarah58672 2

    Pip.. long old process

    Hi, so.. I applied for a new claim for pip the beginning of march, I had my f2f on 18th May , the assessor report was received by DWP on 9th of June. I've called a few times and have been told each time that it was with the DM, anyway I've called today and the lady said that the DM sent the report back...

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  • jumping kitten 2

    ESA assessment why so soon?

    Hi, everyone. I received medical assessment form for ESA today. I am surplised to see it again as I had F2F last July.  I have been on ESA for more than 5 years and I am in support group by the way. I have physical and mental both problems. Is it normal to have to have assessment every 12 months? 

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  • jumping kitten 2

    what happens now (PIP appeal)?

    I sent PIP appeal form last week. My adviser told me we will receive a bundle of paper in a few weeks time. He is a busy man and I couldn't ask what they are. He said he will see me when it's arrived. Maybe I don't need to worry about it untill I actually recive ir, but could anyone tell me what they...

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  • jayne03174 4


    Hi all ,Well its been a week since PIP assessment and just sent off forms to see if i can get ESA. I realised when a lady from citizens advice did a home visit to help me fill in form that ATOS do PIP and ESA assessments and i cant help wondering WHY to cut down on time and money, the report they write...

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  • phyllis47234 2

    advice please

    I have been given ESA till 2020, I am also on standard rate PIP for both components, I was granted PIP at end of 2016 after a ftf assessment, even though what the nurse said about how far I could walk was totally wrong ( I was advised by money matters not to appeal, as I could end up losing everything,...

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  • Fuzzyangel 1

    Dreaded letter to change to pip

    Hi I'm 64 and have been on dla for around 5/6 years with an indefinate award , I have osteoarthritis , fibromyalgia , gerd, depression and nerve damage. I am so anxious about all this and really don't want to have to do a f2f assessment I had one before I got dla ,I got the letter yesterday and have...

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  • lee77439 2

    What Am I Entitled To Claim

    Im Currently Awaiting A Tribunal Date As Got My ESA Stopped Due To A Missed Medical And Because Of This Im Not Entitled To Claim Any ESA While Waiting For The Tribunal To Take Place Im Also Not Well Enough To Claim Jobseekers Allowance At Present As I Couldn't Meet Their Criteria Of Seeking Work Due...

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  • ross01378 3

    pip assesmant

    as freind of mine put a claim in for pip he rang up and they told him hhe dont have to go for a face to face assement and he here back from pip people in 7 to ten days is that mean he aint been awarded pip thought id ask if anyone knows

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  • Tamoshanter 1

    Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

    Hi I was applying for ESA after leaving my job and the Lady on the phone asked me if I had had an injury at work and I answered yes because I had and she asked if I wanted to app!y for this benefit. I asked her should I and she said she can't advise me what to do but had to make me aware of it. I fell...

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  • Darkchild101 2

    Pip assessment 15 June

    I applied for for pip change of circumstances on account of my rheumatoid arthritis and finally received invitation to an an assesment on the 15th of his month. First time I applied I was given a home consultation and this time I have to go to an assessment centre even thought I have supplied more information...

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  • ClaireBee24 2
  • valerie76938 2


    my son has just received his pip for ft from we live in Bromley in Kent and he has tp travel to Canning Town for his ftf which is the other side of the water can we get this changed  

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  • lisa 19048 2

    ESA Medical Assesment - Decision timeframe

    Hi I've been on contribution based ESA for over two years and due to mistakes with DWP only received my first home assesment two weeks ago. I've been on the assesment rate all this time. Can anyone please explain what happens next, I understand the groups etc and was lucky to have a great doctor who...

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  • Robert A 3

    Cold Callers ESA

    I have just had 2 people knock on my door asking if my son was home.  They said they had called because my son had not a kept an appointment with Groundforce & they could report him to the DWP & his ESA could be stopped. My son has never been given an appointment with Groundforce but the person who he...

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  • Nytsom 2

    Mandatory Reconsideration for Pip Mobility ?

    Just applied for a mandatory reconsideration for PIP Mobility; asking for a 10, point award to be increased to 12, for mobility. Would anyone know how long they take to make a decision on M R, and let us know the result?

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  • dawn82680 4

    Advice needed for esa

    My hubby was offered 2 days work self employed im on a joint claim with him for esa hes my carer and the fella who offered him work said he cant guarantee the work continueously but hubby wants to do the work. If he takes this job and he doesnt get any work for a couple of weeks will esa make up my...

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  • Robert A 3


    My brother's wife has been has been sent the forms regarding her ESA. They have been filled in & sent back. Will she have to go for a face to face?  The reason I am asking is because my brother is her carer & her appointee.  All the mail for my sister in law is addressed to my brother. She has been...

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  • LuckyPenny1 3


    After nursing my partner until he died back in November 2016.  A solicitor suggested I apply for PIP.  I have no income and have severe Agoraphobia. I'm 63 so, can't have a pension until I'm 66. So, was wondering if anyone in a similar situation has successfully got PIP?

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  • courtney60749 2


    Hi all , im new to the site and was on looking for information regarding PIP and came across this forum. I am transfering from DLA to PIP  I was just really wondering about how long it takes for the decision maker to make a decision?  I rang PIP today to find out about the progress of my claim as i...

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  • nat37742 2


    Hello ive applied for pip my dad he is deaf and has really bad anxiety and depresion needs care 24 7 had a letter on the 10th may saying they have all the info they need how long after do u get a desision?

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  • Bobbybo1 3

    Disease Modifying Medication

    Hi All My partner spoke to my MS nurse yesterday. She said it should not have been left to us to check out all if this medication. As my consultant was off i saw one of his colleagues. He should have given me info about the 3 most successful drugs being used. And explained about all if them. So she is...

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  • hicky46 2


    can some one tell me how long i have to wate for them to tell me my results for pip i have been on pip now for 3 years  and have just had to go back on friday  i no they say you have to wate 6 to 8 weeks but my son is on pip as well for depeshon and anziertey  and when he went last year on the weednesday...

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  • Scott91789 1

    Who looking at our Medical History

    I went to the medical center for an appointment and was put into a room where there is a computer was on and some other person medical records were on the screen. I found this disturbing and so i called UCI and asked how the internal patient medical record information is handled. I was told any person...

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  • angela 18683 2

    Dla to pip don't want to claim

    I've just received my dla is ending so apply for pip letter, I can't take any more worry so don't want to claim, lost parents and brother over last few months, can't take the stress, does anybody know what they ask when you tell them you don't want claim

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  • lors23 6

    Just had copy of f2f report can anyone help

    Hi I had a change of circumstance f2f last week as l got OA in my ankles and needed more surgery. I have already been through the stress of the 1st one while getting both hips replaced and a knee replacement at 42 years old due to ostioarthritis. I still have to get through my other knee being replaced....

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  • Bobbybo1 3

    Disease Modifying Medication for MS

    Hi everyone Had my appointment with consultants yesterday. Good news I don't have the virus they were looking for on lumber puncture. So I can go on the disease modifying medication. Bad news is they want myself and family to choose which one I would like to go on. As you all know my MS has not only...

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  • issymc 2

    Appeal advice

    Got my appeal date my friend who usually comes 2 this sort of thing with me is on holiday is it ok 2 let it go ahead without me being there x

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  • toni07149 2

    Child dla

    Right wonder if anyone has any insite into this. Haven't revived a letter yet or a text but had a dla payment into my account for my son today I've tried to work out what he been awarded but with the amount that went into my account doesn't add up right could it just be a backdate payment from when...

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  • Freedom 77 3

    Text from dwp re Pip?

    Hi, Was just wondering if anyone else received the following message after sending in their pip reassessment form.....'Thanks for sending us your 'how your disability affects you' form. We may need you to attend a consultation with a health care professional before we make our decision. We'll contact...

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