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I wrongly sefl idagnosed ringworm on my side on my ribs about two weeks ago. the herald patch first appeared two weeks before that.

I have never felt so vain or insecure in my life. i am thankful that the lesions are prevelant on my back (where they are getting worse), trunk and upper-inner arms only. My doc says it will get worse before it gets better. i pray they don't spread any further.

I want to know more about the patterns of the disease. Are there healing stages? Will the lesions spead before they heal? are there indicators in the herald patch that it si getting better? Does it itch more as it heals? My herald patch was very red and although it has not shrunk, it does look . . .calmer. My doc says it will get worse before it gets better.

I was seeing a guy who i thought had a lot of potential. this disease means that I am too self concious right now to see him anymore. And it could take months to go away! it sounds petty and vain I know, and I will never take my skin for granted again. my doc says that once it's gone i will have immunity, but i have heard cases of recurrance.

i suppose what I'm looking for is answers and reassurance. this has badly affected my self image and I pretty sure that the hours on end I spend worrying about it aren't going to help.

I know it could be worse, and I am constantly counting my blessings, BUT I JUST WANT IT TO GO AWAY!!!!

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    My experience is the lesions spread out peripherally while the center flakes and heals. They get paler. The herald patch extends in size and heals in the center. It goes paler in color. My herald is now where it is chipping away a bit at the raised edges which is a sign it is starting to heal.

    The lesions do not shrink. They start small, expand some, and then they will fade away at some point.

    At any one point, we can have lesions at different stages of their life cycle. I have some which are fading, some fully-developed, and some just early stage.

    This is my third bout with PR. I find that drinking plenty of cold clear water can help cleanse out the blood some.

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    I know what you're going through. My patches are mainly on my back, but i have loads on my chest - which is a nightmare!

    This is because all of my tops are v-neck (because they suit my body shape) and no matter what top I put on, the patches were clearly visible. So I spent most of yesterday (first day back at uni) wearing thick scarf just so no-one would see, even though it got quite hot during the afternoon making the patches even more itchy!

    Ive found that sometimes my herald patch fades and looks as if it is healing, but then gets red again and expands slightly further. This is the only patch i have which doesn't itch, though it tends to get most itchy when I'm hot and bothered.

    I have found that giving it some air alleviates a lot of the itching, and even though I know it's difficult, try not to think about it because it only upsets you.

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    [b:b786ef6167]I had a herold patch come up on my chest but did not know what it was, I asked the nurse who said ringworm and advised using canaston cream.

    This did not work and the rash started to spread all over my chest, under my arms, down my neck and under my breasts, I was in agony because I was so sore.

    I saw one Gp who still said it was ringworm and gave me anti fungal tablets and after taken them for a week the rash was still progresing down to my groin, I felt like a leper.

    My husband did not think it was ringworm so I did a google search and found this site, i am so glad I did. I went back to the GP armed with the information you had all given me, as it happend it was a diferent doctor and as soomn as he saw the rash and said it was not ringworm but what you all said it was on the site.

    He gave me some steroid cream and an emulsifing cream and the next day the rash started to go, I still cannot wear a bra but the red wealds are becoming less pronounced.

    It sees to be working its was down my body and is now around my groin and the top of my legs.

    I feel so much better knowing that it is not ringworm, this started in December after a stressful year with my husband being ill then me taking antibiotics for a chest infection.

    So I have been sufering for about seven weeks in total but there is light now at the end of the tunnel.

    Hope this helps :lol: [/b:b786ef6167]

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    Hi my fellow PR friends! I just wanted to let you and everyone know that I had PR back in September and the rash on my chest shortly dissapeared about a week later but a patch on my leg and back and arm still were lingering...the one on my back was probably the herald patch since it was the first sign of something weird going on and I thought it was ringworm but then realized that it wasn't after using antifungal cream for a month...then when the rash broke out I looked my symptoms up and found just so happened that my friend had it to at the same time..though they say its not contagious....I am pretty sure it can be but its not super strong in hopping from person to person. She was perscribed an oral steroid since she was getting maried in 2 weeks and it went away! I think the name of the med. was something like predinose ??? So she gave me some and my rash on the chest went away very quick but the patch on my leg would not budge and soon after I developed a patch on my arm which looked identicle to the one on my back that I first had. I went to the dermatologist and she said thet it can take a very long time to go away sometimes and some of the spots will fade after time...I already knew that but she gave me a steroid cream and now the patch on my arm and leg are pretty much gone! I think they might have been going b4 I went to the derm. so I am not sure if it was just leaving me or the cream..but the cream seems to have done wonders. I suggest patients to get a steroid cream from their GP or derm just to see if it helped me! Stick it out and in time (sometimes a very long TIME) it will eventually fully fade and even those white marks it leaves will go as well. You won't always feel like a scaly dry freak :wink:
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    I understand completely what you have been going through. im not a vain person ither but this has completely left me feeling horrible. im working as a student nurse and patients are constantly asking what is wrong with my arms and are almost afraid of me as they believe its contagious. my boyfriend is constantly commenting on it and i dont even want to book a holiday as it is just ongoing. ive had it for 4 months now and new lesions appear as old ones heal. it gets really itchy, sometimes turns bright yellow and red and eventually flakes and then the redness goes and the flake remins for a while. im starting to get so itchy now on my abdomen and i hope that this is the last of it. its having drastic effects on everything i do as i cant even swim at the gym. its like i dont take care of myself. i am going to try sunbeds tomorrow now and i'll keep you posted. i mean what harm since theres no real cure for it anyway?
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