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Hello everyone

I'm so glad to have this site as it's very helpful. I am not well. I have highs and lows and find I have more lows. I was put on 75mcg thyroxine and knew that I was becoming hyperthyroid as I had all the symptoms. My Doctor is very upset with me because I have reduced my own dosage. I felt slightly better and now I am so fatigued and tired with no energy. I am dragging my feet around the house but have to just get on because of my children.

My doctor wants me to go on anti depressants as he believes I am clinically depressed. yes, I am depressed but I want help. I asked to be referred to a specialist and my doctor refuses. he thinks I'm going over the top and the solution is anti depressants. Has anyone else taken anti depressants, will it help me?

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    Hi ms.. :cheerup:

    So sorry you are not feeling at all well. I have no experience at all with anti depressants, but I do know that when I was badly hypothyroid, I felt very low and miserable and responded well to the levothyroxine.

    I assume you had blood tests done before the doctor prescribed levothyroxine? Maybe it is time for another one to check TSH and T4 and T3 levels again, before going down the route of the anti depressants.

    Best wishes.

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    Thanks Scriv

    Any reply is support for me right now. My doctor won't do a blood test just yet because he only did one for me two months ago. I will just wait and see what happens.


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    Hi. I know your problem, I have been there. Yes! You do need to be refered to a specialist for your hypothryroid. Write down all your symtoms even down to the ones you think are minor. Keep a journal and note everything. Take your temperature the same time every morning and jot that down as well. (something to do with your body temp will tell them if you have hypothyroid or not). The fact you are diagnosed with it should be enough for him to give you a referal to a specialist. I had a doctor that would not refer me, I ended up calling the specialist myself and finally found an ear that would listen. I showed him all of my documentation, told him everything (breifly) of my experiences with my doctor. He contacted my doctor and got that referal himself. Now I am confident I am good hands. Come to find out I have been under prescribed. I was taking 75mcg of Levothyroxine... am now taking 200mcg of Synthroid. I feel wonderful and am starting to see a little of my weight come off. Only problem I have now are with my feed and ankles and not sure exactly what that is from, but on a mission to find out. Good luck, and remember... keep calling, keep talking, and keep trying.... eventually someone is going to listen. You are validated and do have a right for proper care.
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    Hi there,sorry to hear you not feeling well ......I have had an underactive thyroid for over 7 years I am 175 mcg a day the maximum I have been on is 200mcg. Yes it can flutuate !!! I was told I was depressed before I was diagnosed, as I diagnosed myself!!! Tried loosing weight, hair brittal, lack of concentration and so lethargic etc, couldn't get up in a morning for the school run!!!! my Doctor was so suprised as my levels were so low it was serious!!!! I think if you are aware of your symptoms you know its not just you!!!! smile as I have been at a all time low as my job needs alot of concentration, I felt my head was going to explode as my conversations seem to come out all mumbo jumbo, this was when I was pregnant however, so hormones all over the place. :cry:

    My advice is get a blood test xxxxx

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    Thank you all for replying and your sincere advice. I can really feel that you all know what I am talking about. It's so difficult trying to get this through to my GP. When I reduced my own dosage I became very tearful and emotions all over the place, so this morning I've increased it back up to 75mcg and will see what happens. My GP will not refer me to a specialist, he has completely ruled it out and says I am depressed. I feel there is no hope for me and am not helping myself by sitting around. The children are on half term and I have to get up and do things with them. I have to drag my feet through each day and am not 'living' but am only 'existing', thats what it feels like. I have been visiting the gym a bit more than before and have noticed it lifts my mood but there is only one problem - getting myself there!!!

    Oh well, I will see how it all goes. And thank you all once again, your support and advice means so much. I'm glad we've all got each other who are or have been in the same boat.

    Take care

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    Hi there ms

    I am so sorry I haven't replied for so long I have been in pain, long story, any way what ever you do don't change your medication as the thyroxine is what is called a slow release and until you have the correct level in your system your body won't function as it is suppose to, your hormones will be all over the place, and perhaps as you aren't being honest with your doc by telling him what you are doing with your thyroxine, he will presume you are depressed, as when your levels are low you can appear to be in a negative frame of mind!!! It took a while before I felt \"normal\" at least a month or so!!!!

    take care pet,

    Kind regards


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    I know it's been a while since you wrote this message but I have a doctor for a step mum. She found it fascinating, that I was Hypothyroid and took it upon herself to read up on it more. When I told her my doctors opinions on being just below or just too high, I would get angry and go to her. She asked me to send her my blood test results and she would read into them. I felt fine and was having no problems but my bloods contradicted that.

    When she got back to me, she told me to force my doctor into referring me to an endocrynologisyts (sorry, spelt it wrong). THey refused at first like it was a reflection upon their expertise. Eventually after another failed blood test, they gave in and submitted me. It was a great feeling when I went to see the endo person and she wrote me a letter telling me that even though they were just too high, I should trust myself and continue on that same dosage. It felt so good to read that as I and my step mum both believe that is the way.

    That doctor is wrong for saying no. It's all about the pride.

    I hope all is well.


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    Hi there

    I am so glad you got to the bottom of your diagnosis/medication dosage as I through past experience I think not many doctors listen to their patients, as we know our bodies and symptoms to know something isn't right, you are very lucky to get further help too, nice to hear your step mum sorted things out and the endocrinologist helped you in the end.

    Take care, and I hope you feel better in yourself too x

    Sara smile

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    Both my husband and I are Hypothyroid and successfully medicated. Unfortunately our son too. His presenting problem was depression. He is in his late.thirties and fortunately his GP thought give him a thyroid blood test. The results were a very high TsH and low T4. She started him on 25 mcgs of T4 but alongside that she prescribed Prozac which helped him to cope and get back to work. His medication on T4 was raised gradually to 125 mcgms but his anti depressant is no longer needed. Not sure if this will be of help

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