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I had cataract surgery on my right eye a year ago, and my left eye was done 4 months ago. My distance vision is excellent by I am struggling to get glasses for computer use. I am still using prescription reading glasses post my first surgery and they are fine, and off-the-shelf glasses for computer use which are OK but not brilliant. My optician suggested enhanced reading glasses. As I have been a varifocal user for years, I thought that I wouldn't have any issues. The new glasses are fine for my left eye but poor (unfocussed) for my right eye.

As my right eye subscription hasn't changed for reading over the past year, I am surprised that I can see print clearly using my 'old' glasses but not my new ones. My dispenser thinks that I am in the 2% category that will not adapt to regressive lenses. I struggle to understand how this can be? The dispenser is adamant that the spectacles are built to the prescription.

Qn: Do I try with another brand of regressive lenses, or would I be better to use 2 sets of glasses: a pair for reading and a pair for computer use?

As an aside, my new IOLs are great most of the time. I have though noticed more migraine-related spider webs that last up to 15 minutes; some light flashing and I do get refraction off the lens edge in very dark small pin point light situations (eg; small LED on clock in a dark bedroom).


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    I chose Symfony lenses so see great at all distances so I will let others weigh in for the best type of glasses.  I had my surgeries in July and August so remember having to work that out if I went with monofocals.  Since I work at a computer all day I (not sure how much screen time you have to do) I would have chosen a computer glasses so as to avoid finding that sweet spot.  But I know I would have been frustrated with a 2nd pair tonreaf spreadsheets.  I likely am not that helpful with that selection- but still appreciate how hard it must be to find right solution.

    What I can relate to are migraines.  Suffered all my life with weather related migraines.  And I can feel a pressure and see auras before the actual pain descends upon me.

    I have had 2 since my cataract surgery and first one I didn’t know it was a migraine come on.  I felt an enormous pressure behind my eyeball (sensation of it going to pop out of my eye).  

    By 2nd one kind of knew that my beginning symptoms of migraines changed since surgery.  Could be eyes still healing - not sure.

    So your migraine symptoms could be changing too due to cataract surgery.

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    Get the doctor to refract you for single vision computer glasses. Have the progressive near lens you bought removed and replaced with the single vision computer Rx. If it's been less than 3 months since you paid for the multifocal reader they should replace it with the single vision for free.

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    Thanks both. The optician isn’t forcing me to take the regressive lenses but cannot explain why the right lens is not giving the same reading ‘performance’ as the glasses prescribed 3 months after my first right eye surgery last year. I don’t think it is a varifocal issue as I have had no issues with varifocals before. 
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    Did you get monofocal IOLs set for distance? I have monofocal IOLs set for distance and I can see mid-range great without glasses. Sorry you didn't have the same result if you also have monofocals.

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    I have one IOL set for max distance and other less so. The logic was that this would give me a slightly greater depth of field. I don’t need glasses to drive for the first time in 35 years. My only problem area is reading through to computer distance. I was hoping that reading glasses with regressive lenses would resolve the problem. 
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      Oh ok, yes reading up close isn't guaranteed with monofocals set for distance. How about bifocals with reading power on the bottom and no power on the top so you don't have to take them off and put them back on all the time?

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    How close are your eyes to your computer screen?  I tend to lean back in my chair and I just measured and I'm around 44" to 48" away.  I can read my screen with no problem at all.  While I could easily read it closer, I find it to be a comfortable distance and I believe you're less likely to experience any problems such as dry eyes or eye strain when you are further from the screen.


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    Update. I took a decision to send my prescription off to an indendent supplier. They adjusted the prescription for computer use (reduced near vision from +2.5 to +1.75).

    My ‘new’ glasses are perfect for reading, IPad and computer use. I have today been back to see the original optician who has checked both eyes again, and he agrees that an intermediate range prescription is fine. He is not sure why there was a problem with  my right eye and regressive lenses. FWIW, the distance vision in my right eye is exceptional but I do detect a lot of artefacts and aberrations in less than ideal light conditions.

    We got there in the end. Thanks again for all the helpful advice.


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    I just had my Right eye cataract done last week

    I am having the left one done next week

    currently i see fine on the computer with my current glasses, and excellent without them outside of reading and computer work

    i am on the computer for work all day, and am concerned on what to do after 2nd surgery

    both lenses will be for distance

    will Readers work for the computer until all settles and a prescription can be written in a few months.

    any suggestions?

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      In most cases readers should be just fine. You may want to get a couple of different powers to see what you like for different tasks.

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    thank you for your info. i am hoping this will work

    have a good day

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      You can of course get prescription computer glasses. They can make any eye specific corrections in refraction and correct astigmatism.

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