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  • Rady 2

    Flickering light in eye after Cataract surgery

    Hi all I'm recovering from cataract Implant surgery in my left eye, It''s been nearly a month since my surgery, I've found in the early morning that the light in the partial darkness of the bedroom is not an issue with my eye, but as some of you have already talked about bright light then I have

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  • SomeGuy 1

    Looking for Feedback on Tecnis Symfony

    For those of you that have the Tecnis Symfony lens or lenses, can you read your iPhone?  If so how far away and how clearly?  I'm 32 years old and had my right lens replaced with a monofocal lens two years ago.  My left eye has a cataract that has formed and I'm looking into the Tecnis Symfony in

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  • richard40876 2

    Advice needed...

    Hi! I had laser implant surgery in 1993 when I was 18 and following the surgery up to now (today) my vision with glasses has always been just short for the UK driving requirements.. I was wondering since 1993 has much changed with advances in Cataracs and is there anything that could possibly be

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  • casey62458 2

    Reviews on Symfony Toric lens for cataract surgery

    Hello all, I am scheduled for a cataract surgery in both my right and left eye and am very young (17 years old). I am very nervous about the type of lens going into my eye due to the possible need for reading glasses at such a young age. Each lens my eye doctor explained to me there may be

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  • at201 3
  • r28705 3

    Prescription leeway for monofocal iols and laser adjustment

    After my cataract op last October my left eye has come out: Sphere: +0.5, Cylinder -0.75 x 10.  I am wondering whether a laser adjustment could reduce the prescription to 0 or -0.5, and whether it could also cure the astigmatism.  But first need to know the margin of error to see whether such an

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  • james01053 2

    Multi focal contact lens confusion?

    I'm hoping those with more knowledge of contact lenses can clear this up. I underwent cataract surgery last week on my right eye and had a monofocal iol implant set for distance. So my distance vision is good but I can't read my smartphone or a book. I've been experimenting with different contact

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  • victoria13635 2

    antibiotic eye drops for cataract surgery

    I had vitrectomy and peel in January and was prescribed generic antibiotic drops. When I saw the Dr about the cataract surgery I was told I had to use Vigamox at a much higher cost. Is there really a difference? Thanks

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  • AutumnBeauty 1

    Cataract Surgery

    Hi everyone. I'm brand new here & tried to respond to another cataract surgery discussion on this forum but was unable to. I'm a 55 year old female who developed cataracts due to the steroids I've had to take for my asthma, & I had my first cataract surgery on my left eye last Wednesday, 6 days

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  • Gail7777 2

    Technis Symfony Multifocal Lens

    I am scheduled for my first cataract surgery next week.  I have cataracts in both eyes.  I am considering the Tecnis Symfony Multifocal lens in each eye to correct for both far & near distances. There is a considerable cost out of pocket for this.  Just wondering has anyone had any experience with

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  • james12445 2

    Double vision immediately after cataract surgery

    I just had cataract surgery today 5 hours ago. I am experiencing double vision. The eyes are noticesbly not pointing in the same directiion. The eye that was operated on is pointed slightly higher than the non-operated eye. To me this means the brain is not compensating to align both eyes

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  • brizy 2

    Yag Capsulotomy

    Hi all.   Recently been diagnosed with Posterior capsular opacification (Pco) 2 years after refractive lens exchange and have been scheduled to have a Yag laser capsulotomy.  My near vision in one eye gradually started to become a bit cloudy/misty and my optometrist said this was due to pco.  It wasn'

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  • james01053 2
  • 4carrie 2

    Starburst around all lights at night after cataract surgery

    I am a 35 year old female who has a family history of cataracts on both sides of family at a young age. I had cataract surgery in June and July of 2015 on both eyes and had a monofocal lens implanted in both eyes. I never really had the feeling that my vision was better after either of these

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  • maryram 2
  • Eclecticlz 2
  • Myopicgirl 1

    Symfony set for mid range (-2?)?

    I've been myopic since 3rd grade, wore glasses until 15 and then hard contacts exclusively until in my 50s it became annoying to use over the counter reading glasses. Changed to single vision glasses and can look underneath (without tipping them) to see up close really well. Have not needed or

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  • reframe2 2

    Is Symphony for me?

    I have uncorrected vision of 20/380, and a retinal detachement of 1/4 of one eye.  I now have minimal cataracts which do not permit my Optometrist to correct to 20/20.  The eye surgeon gave me 4 options of lenses to insert; symphony is one.  I also l do a lot of photography.  My question is with

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  • cswor 2

    Problems with surgery results - on way to 2nd fix

    A little history. During surgery on 2nd eye, Doc says he nicked something (not comforting) so I would have to use drops instead of the shot. It was a monovision procedure. After the distance eye was done, I found that straight lines weren't straight in some places. When reading license plates, a

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  • reframe2 2

    Cataract Surgery Options

    My eye doctor has given me 4 options of lenses to insert during cataract surgery.  1. CrystalensAcry, 2. AcrySof IQ ReStor, 3. AcrySof IQ ReStor Tonic, or 4. Tecnis Symphony.  Does anyone have comments on which I should choose?  I know the ReStor Tonic vs ReStor corrects for astigmatism which I have,...

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  • WebDev 2
  • victoria13635 2

    choosing the correct lens for cataract surgery

    I have been trying to find what people think is the best route to go with my second cataract surgery. My first was done almost 3 years ago. I chose to have it done because I also had a macular pucker and I wanted it cleared up so that only the pucker was the problem. I had surgery on that in

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  • vjl 2

    Symfony lenses

    Booked to have Symony lenses for my cataracts,any advice would be helpful,very unsure as so many negative results.

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  • read 15593 2

    Cataract surgery

    I have had cataract surgery in my left eye 20 th April. Doctor told me I have a disease in my left eye name Fuchs heterochronic iridyctitus.I can see but blurry right eye has a full vision. While I try to read It seems to me my two eyes can't I cant read ten minute I

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  • r28705 3

    Laser touch-up

    After my cataract operation my right eye came out +0.75 or +0.5 sph, -0.50 cyl, axis 15, Base 6/6+ Would it be advisable to request a laser touch-up to adjust it to be 0 sph ? I think the margin might mean it could go down further, say to 0.5 sph, but would that be a problem ?   The other eye hasn'

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  • richard40876 2

    is there a way forward after Catarac Surgery???

    Hi! All.. I'm new to the Forum.. Been scrolling around whilst sitting in on a rainy bank holiday Monday. Glad I found this and I've seen lots of interesting information on here. I was born with Congenital Cataracs and had laser implant surgery with IOL's fitted back in 1998.. My eye sight never

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  • little pea 2

    Little pea has had her cataract operation

    Just a quick update to all you lovely people who answered my previous discussions. Had the op yesterday, can't believe how calm I was about it.  Apart from the injection that I had just under my eye (not as bad as having an injection in the gum at the dentist) I didn't feel a thing.  Had a white

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  • me53134 2

    High myope facing 2 x cataract surgery - lens choice?

    I've been a high myope since primary school, and now have cataracts in both eyes. One eye very affected, the other not yet noticeable. I am curious to find out what other high myopes have chosen in terms of lens type, and how it compares to pre cataract corrected myopic vision. I am thinking

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  • sue64129 2

    Looking for feedback on cataract lens options

    I will need cataract surgery. Thought I had settled on Symfony after my consult with surgeon however concerned about glare after visiting our family optometrist for my daughter today. She indicated she's had many patients after opting for premium lenses who have problems with glare and

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  • becky62140 1

    Problems after cataract surgery

    I had cataracts removed from both eyes within the last 4-5 weeks.  Since I previously had Rk surgery about 20 years ago, I was told my vision would most likely not be 20/20, and that I would need to wear glasses to read/do computer work.  My vision is slow to clear in the , but that is nothing unusual. ...

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  • cuz4concern 2

    Cataract Surgery Bad Headaches at Temple of eye

    What Could be the Cause of Bad Headaches After Cataract Surgery? I am a 60 year female and just over two week ago I under went cataract surgery on my right eye. I have developed extremely bad headaches behind my eye and reaching out to my temple. It doesn’t seem to go away with normal pain

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  • john03395 2

    Eyesight Issues after Cataract Surgery

    I had cataract surgery 1 week ago and the lens fitted corrected my astigmatism. On my follow up appointment 2 days post surgery I was told everything was as expected and my eye was now -1 instead of -5 prior to the surgery. I explained to the consultant that whilst everything was clearer (well it

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  • mary43266 2

    cataract surgery

    I am getting my first eye done in June then the other one done in September. At the moment I wear varifocals. Will I have to buy new  glasses after my first eye gets done then another pair when I get the second eye done. 

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  • diane86150 2

    Blurred vision after cataracts surgery

    My husband had laser treatment in 2003 in both eyes because he hates wearing glasses. Last year he had to have cataracts removed from both eyes  and this has left him with blurred vision and the need to wear glasses all the time. He feels it has been a total failure and is very depressed about it.

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  • michael74313 2

    Cataract - I Should Have Chosen Near Vision

    Hello - I hope someone can help me or offer some advice.  I recently had a Toric IOL lens put in my Right Eye for distance after removing a cataract about 10 days ago.  I had a choice of Near, Mid Range or Distance.  My doctor didn't want to chance a multifocal due to my astigmatism and prior

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