Frustrated after recent cataract surgery UK, how to cope with loss of near vision

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Hi, I had cataract surgery on.the NHS 2 days ago. I was very nervous but it was fine and I seem to have been lucky with healing, first few hours were a bit sore and blurry but all good now. This was my right eye and waiting to hear when left eye will be done. I had a follow up phone call and have a post op in 3 weeks which I think will also be over the phone 😦 I think I have always had anisometropia, my right eye was -3.75 and my left +2.5, ...with cataract right eye went to -6 I kind of used one eye for close up vision and I hadn't fully taken in or had explained to me how to manage with the loss of this .I'm kind of mourning this now. It's so odd that I can't see my fingers in front of me i detail. I went out yesterday and bought cheap ready readers which means at least I can read my phone now. Perched on the end of my nose like an old teacher ! Do I have to wait until eyes settle and get new prescription glasses in several weeks time? I'm supposed to be back in work in 2 days which means all day on a computer. I had monofocal IOL and previously wore varifocal spectacles .

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    Removing the right lens from your varifocal spectacles might work for the near term. That's assuming that the Rx is still up to date for the left and your cataract in that eye isn't too advanced. You can optionally get a clear lens for the right side if it works out as a temporary solution.

    It's often mentioned on this forum to wait about 6 weeks after surgery before getting your new prescription for glasses.

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    My optometrist says it is best to wait 6 weeks before getting an eyeglass prescription. As @Myope_PSC mentioned getting the lens popped out of existing eyeglasses is one way to cope. Another is to use a contact in the non operated eye.

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    I'm sorry you are dealing with shock imo high myopes need thorough counselling to understand and manage losing their superior close up vision

    i am highly myopic and am concerned about this post op as well

    after your eyes have settled -- i think a few more weeks for sure -- you then get new Rx glasses and things should become easier

    you will def have an adjustment period at work so let them know and give yourself a break

    you need time to process and adjust its not your fault so management should be reasonable good luck

    best wishes

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      Thank you. Yes, I think this should have been explained a lot more and I am going to put this on their feedback form. Good luck going forward

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      I too found it shocking and saddening to lose my near vision. I was told that I would be unable to see close things but I had no idea of the strong sense of loss that I would experience. Until I found these discussions about cataract surgery, I had no idea that anyone else had a comparable experience. Now when I talk with people I know, I find that many people have had some sort of difficulty in connection with the surgery. It appears that most people end up adjusting well to the change in vision and no longer think about what seemed troubling right after surgery.

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      hello freddie How long has it been since your op? Do you feel that youve come to terms with this loss? If so how did you manage it?

      im really afraid I know that all grief can be overcome but feel unprepared for the inevitable shock


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      I can't say I have suffered from any grief over losing my myopic vision. I am much more grateful with having eyeglass free distance vision without contacts. About the only adjustment issue I have had to deal with is learning to move things like my phone further away rather than closer when I need better vision. My near eye monovision of about -1.5 D starts to lose focus crispness when I get under 12" or so.

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      JSue I am thinking of how to respond. I am coming to terms with this but not yet ready to have surgery on my second eye which has pretty good close vision. I have done a lot of reading, including these discussions and articles. I am still considering whether to go with distance or -1.5 in the second eye. I want the sharpest vision. I plan to wear progressive glasses, but I just saw a post on this discussion board by someone with distance in both eyes who is having trouble using progressives. I am going to read that post again and see about prescription reading glasses for both eyes at my optometrist, next week. I will reply again in a couple of days. When is your surgery?

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      It has been 8 weeks since the first eye and the second is not yet scheduled.

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      hi freddie

      thanks for your thiughtful reply

      my surgery isnt yet scheduled

      this is bc i cannot decide

      my situation is a little different because my left eye has v limited vision even with correction so im not even getting surgery on that eye I see light but for the most part Im monocular my good eye is still highly myopic with some astigmatism i was offered distance toric or -3 which wd be near to middle

      The thought of losing my life long clear close up vision (from c 3") forever isnt easy but harder is having to choose near OR distance for that eye knowing its a one time only opportunity

      im aware ill never be spectacles free, but cant decide on near to intermediate OR distance only

      thanks for asking I feel stuck and not sure where to go for advice

      i wish i had more options eg two eyes lol

      thanks! xx

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      JSue I am consulting another surgeon later this week to find out more, or to confirm what I know already. I know what a hard decision this is for you...same for me.

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      I had a good consult with another surgeon who advised me that my first surgery had an excellent result. The conversation suggested that I might do best to go with the -1.5 mini mono and that this wouldnot allow me to read but would give me a little more intermediate vision without compromising the ability of my eyes to work together. I also was assured that I would be able to get progressive glasses that would give me excellent vision, including correction of the remaining astigmatism. My current inability to get successful progressives apparently is due to the extreme difference between the two eyes. That will be a lot less after the second surgery. For now I am leaning toward the -1.5 in the other eye . You may want to talk to a second surgeon before your surgery if you have not done so. I wish I had done that before the first surgery. I have a better understanding of the surgery and of my choices after this consult.

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      I'm leaning towards -1.5 in my second eye, too, as opposed to full distance like the first. I'm going to try another contact this week because I think the first one might have been closer to -2; I've been having a bit of a depth perception issue, probably what you described as dizziness. When again are you planning to have the second surgery? Mine is in late December.

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      no date yet. I already have cancelled and dont want to risk that again till I am sure.

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      i just had both of my cataracts removed and i had my Astigmatism fixed. I am very upset with losing my near vision. It is unsettling that I didn't realize how many things I did with my near vision. If i could go back i would choose to keep my near vision and just wear glasses for distance. I literally cannot see anything close, my watch, computer, reading books, looking at my phone....

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      You could do a lens exchange on one eye, and target -1.50 D to get your near vision back. The other option would be a piggyback lens in one eye to do the same thing. It would be best to simulate it first using a contact to give you -1.50 D. Or, if you are willing to keep wearing one contact, keep using it to give yourself near vision.

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      that sounds so distressing

      im sorry

      may i ask was this outcome discussed

      with you beforehand?

      was mono vision an option? one eye near and one for distance?

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      are you saying piggyback cd be safer than an exchange ?

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      They may be, depending on the skill of the surgeon. The piggyback lens option does not require the removal of the IOL in the capsule or reopening the capsule. Rayner makes a Sulcoflex for this purpose. See this article:


      Refractive Surgery Piggybacking With the Sulcoflex


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      hi freddie, did you get your surgery for both eyes? what did you end up getting and how is your vision now?

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