Had Retinal Detachment surgery 4 wks. ago. Having distored, grainy, blurred vision. Anyone have it?

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Had cataract surgery a yr. ago. Results weren't what I was told to expect. Had PCO, laser done on right eye 6 wks. later. That's when things started getting worse. Vision more blurred, black curtain coming down in upper part of my eye. Was told it was the edge of my 2 pce lens he put in because he ruptured my capsule and couldn't insert the IOL. Use a pcs IOL.

Finally my eye got so bad, seen another eye Dr. sent me a Retinal specialist that same day. He wanted to operate the next day but no space. So did it the following day. Now almost 4 wks and still very blurred vision. Close up craft work is almost impossible. Things are distorted, grainy, things that are supposed to be straight are wavy. Have an appt. on the 20th of Dec. Really worried I'll be told this is as good as it'll get. Has anyone had Retinal Detachment surgery? What was the outcome. How is the vision now. Appreciate any response.

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    Helen, very sorry 😐 to hear this has happened. Cataract surgery is not that difficult. Yet mistakes are made all the time. The docs build us up we will see colors clearer and better depth and sell us on the idea that cataract surgery is done all the time and usually refer you to their clinic or their guy who is the best in the business.

    i hope you do get the eye back to a good place where you can see with out all the distractions caused by cataract surgery.

    yeap where in the world are the sane docs who don't take patients eyes for granted. It's a terrible thing that happen to you and yet I do hope that the eye pouch can be stitched and a new lense put in after the retina is heeled. 

    My cataract surgery went wonkey too. I see double and feel very disturbed by the professionals in my area. I know that the surgeon messed up and will not take any accountability. I see worse than before the cataract was removed. See many specialists get other opinions search the internet arm yourself wil information. 


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      Yours sounds worse than mine. I can't imagine seeing double. That's horrible, sure hope your vision comes together. What gets me is people tell me, I'm lucky I have a good eye. Well, I was given two eyes & I put those two eyes in what I thought was a competent surgeons hands for cataracts surgery. If he hadn't botched the cataract surgery, I probably wouldn't have gotten a detached retina. I just have to think positive that I'll get most of my eye sight back, at least enough to do my crafting. I'm praying for the best for you.

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      Hi Hope...you might check out prisms in your glasses...one eye goes up, the other eye goes down. I have them because my myasthenia gravis causes double vision which skews as well. Prisms have restored me to single vision. I have used the prisms for pushing twenty years now.
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      I have prism glasses and they don't help. Tried everything. Waiting for hi tec to come along to correct the issue.

      many new IOL's coming down the pipeline.

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      ??it's the things that make you go mmmm! I am going to get the eye deal settled in court as soon as I can. I have the medical records and will get it sorted out. Right now have a battle with recalled THR implant.go in for revision. 

      your surgeon is a ****** idiot and should compensate a surgery for free to fix it . Not the same surgeon with someone else. He should pay for it out of your own pocket .mi guess they weren't kidding when they Drs refer to their business as practice. They practice on their patients. 😱

      I am am sorry too that we put our faith in these docs who get away with harming patients. There are the RAT PACK. they all have their own agendas. To bad it's not to become and reliable & batter surgeons. 

      Oooh you still got one eye just is the worst thing I beleive I have ever heard. 

      Send that one an eye patch for X-mas. YIKES 😡

      Thaks for for the prayers mad many sent ur way .


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      Hi Hope

      You're so right on all accounts. As far as I'm concerned these specialists aren't any better than my general practitioner. He probably would have done a better job. I just wonder how good the Retinal Specialists are.

      I'll find out on Tues. how good a surgeon this guy is. But, I guess no one is perfect except God, and He's not doing the surgery.

      Yes, I should carry the pirate eye patches & give them to the smart alexs that say, I still have one good eye. I'd never say that to anyone.

      Good luck to you.

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      in some cases we can only shake our heads and know that God has his reasons.  my mom, who's in a wheelchair in a nursing home went through a terrible time with her cataract surgery.  she's in her mid 80s and mostly sits about   6feet from the tv.  so whether cataract surgery was needed to enhance the quality of her life is questionable.

       But, it is my understanding that the surgery went well However, within weeks retina in her left eye detached.   they did preform the operation, successfully, to fix it,  but my mom did not/could not/would not/ follow the orders to lay flat on her stomach for one hour a day for a week.  Apparently, the nursing home were no help.  well,   my mom is now blind in that eye.  

            who's at fault....no one really.  mom was too old and did not understand what was going on. so

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    I am facing a possible retina detachment at the moment because my vitreous humor is detaching and pulling the retina.

    My opthalmologist has instructued me to immediately cintact him if I have any changes...light flashes, black curtain, floaters...because the quicker retina detachment is surgically addressed the greater the chance for full recovery.

    Do you know ifcyour macula was still attached?

    warm hug

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      I had all those symptoms, the surgeon that did the cataracts kept saying I was seeing the edge of my IOL, referring to the black curtain. As it turned out, it was my retina being detached. If i had seen someone else right away instead of waiting for months to finally see another specialist, it may have been a simpler repair to the retina. As it was it took a little over 2 hrs for the surgery, I was told it was a complicated surgery.Normally it would be 1 hr. So anyone having issues with their sight after cataract surgery, Run, don't walk to another specialist for a second opinion. I wish I could go back, I'd see someone else as soon as I was told "Oh, it will get better" I mean, really, who sees a black curtain coming down after what is supposed to be simple cataract surgery. He should have know there was something wrong. So, second, third opinions are in order.

      I have an appointment on the 20th. I will ask about the macula.


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      aomsorry Helen I know how frustrating this can be. My other eye must have cataract surgery... Nope not now. I will find anothe dr and get two or more opinions too! 


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      Absolutely see dif. specialists. Ask anyone that had surgery about the outcome. Maybe you'll find someone that way.

      Good luck

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    Helen, I am so very sorry. I moved and when my eye developed a hugh floater that moved back and forth like a windshield wiper I waited a couple of days before telephoning my previous opthalmologist who made telephone calls and got me in wirh a new local physician within an hour!

    My eye is holding steady. My next check up is Tuesday morning. He tells me that the process of viteous humor detachment can take nine months...ugh...and if one eye detaches, the second eye typically will as well.

    Helen, I will hold you in my prayers for a full recovery.



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      Oh wow! nine months??? That's a long time. Well, if it takes that long I hope the wait will be worth it.

      Praying for you also. From my mouth to God's ears.

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      Yes, the vitreous humor has three attachment points that must release. Once completely detached, the vision and the sensation return to predetachment statis. He described it as an aggravating nine months. I have figured out that if I prop up and lower my chin towards my chest, the hugh floater remains put.



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    hi , im reading your post many years after your surgery, did you find a satisfactory solution in the end?

    I suffered a full macula detachment last year following a PVD, then reatachment with vitrectomy. i then developed a cataract due to the gas bubble.

    However after nearly a year i found a orivate clinic based in london & Elstree who removed the cataract & inserted an prescription premium lens 'Toric lens' & my sight is now amazing (within limits) , i still have distorted vision but wow what an improvement, there was not a mention of this during any NHS consultations. Anyway i thought id share this with you.

    keep well Bryan

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