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Hello Hope I am on the right forum. I am female aged 71 years. I have osteo arthritis,mild asthma, rhinitis,glaucoma, IBS, Diverticular disease and mild gastritis. I also have an underactive thyroid for around 28 years. Recently I saw a consultant Rheumatologist and have been given a diagnosis of mild fibromyalgia as well as the arthritis. All blood tests were fine, also tested for inflammatory markers which were negative. The consultant found on their computer some blood tests results of 2017 /2018 which showed a slightly reduced level of B12. I found this strange that it had not been picked up at the time especially as I have yearly blood tests. I have always been told B12 was fine.My aunt had both rheumatoid arthritis and PA. My son has type 1 Diabetes. Knowing these things can be connected I was wondering if anyone would have an opinion. My recent test done a week ago was 134 and described as mildly reduced level and to see GP for supplementation. I will no doubt get a call from the surgery this week as they will have received the letter I also received on Saturday. One thing I have concern about is the thyroid should I ask for a full thyroid function test even though my TSH was with in normal levels 2. something. Next Blood test due around September. The other thing is that I have been taking Ranitidine for the gastritis for around 18months. I read that this class of acid reducers like PPI's can affect the B12 levels. Should I ask to be taken off them. Any advice or information would be welcome. Many thanks.

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    Hello libralady, I know this is an old post but I wondered if your b12 issue was resolved? I too have an underactive thyroid, been on a PPI and have a fibromyalgia diagnosis (although I don't think I do have it), and some osteoporosis in my spine. I'm in my 40s.

    I've only just found out about a b12 deficiency in relation to all of the above and I certainly have deficiency symptoms.

    I hope you are well.

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      Hello Thanks for your reply. I did eventually have a 3 month course of B12 and my levels went up to around 250. I was advised to take a multi vitamin from then on which I am doing. I don't know what symptoms you have with the low B12 I am afraid that like you having other health problems seem to take priority. What I have noticed is that my hands and feet are not so cold. You are right lots of these conditions seem to be connected for example it is common to have IBS type symptoms with fibromyalgia and I have IBS as well. So maybe have your levels checked and see what it reveals. Unfortunately I now have a lot of arthritis pain low back ache knees neck and upper back plus the digestive problems daily not to mention other personal problems which make my anxiety much worse. Like you can't get my head around having fibromyalgia. The Rheumatologist said it was mild. So no idea what pain is caused by what. Husband is not well either make life very difficult in terms of going out housework etc. Hope you are keeping well good luck with the B12. Meant to say I was on PPI's many years ago and have been on Ranitidine for gastritis this is also know to affect B12 being absorbed by the body. Ranitidine has been withdrawn was changed to cemitidine older type of this range of drugs. That now is going the same way and gp said might have to take omeprazole. No way will I take it gain. Same with husband. I want to come off the cemetidine even if it means taking gaviscon or similar. No idea if the gastritis has healed as they don't do a repeat endoscopy unless referred by gp. When you look at all the side effects of all the drugs we are given it does make you wonder don't you think.

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      Thank you for your reply. Yes, when you have multiple diagnosis it's hard to work out what is causing what!

      I think I will definitely ask for a b12 test.

      I was on omeprazole for a couple of years because I was on the floor with severe acid reflux. However last year I read that the reflux can be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria because of low stomach acid... And the omeprazole of course was to lower supposedly high stomach acid! So I stopped taking the omeprazole and started taking something called 'Betaine hydrochloride with Pepsin' to raise my stomach acid levels... And guess what!? It worked! I think it was about 3 weeks of taking 3 a day, before I cut down to one a day then eventually I didn't need them at all. I don't know if it would work for you but it might be worth a try. Maybe ask your GP if it would be OK for you to take. I do remember I had to suffer some reflux when I first took them but I'm glad I persevered.

      Thanks again for replying and best wishes to you and your husband x

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      Thank you for your reply. I am pleased you are going to ask for a B 12 Test. I too have read articles about low stomach acid being the course of acid problems much like too much acid. As I understand it the body needs acid to digest food especially meat. I have also heard of Betaine hydrochloride with pepsin in connection with acid problems although I know nothing about it.Fortunately I don't really get reflux or heartburn. My problem in addition to ibs is gastritis. I have been wondering if I could have an ulcer then there is gallstones. so hard to know what is causing what as you mention. I am not convinced that long term that is is good to suppress acid in the stomach. Today my back has been so painful and stomach has been irritable. I have a gp appointment in two weeks time and am hoping that I can get somewhere with all these problems. Thank you for your kind words. Let me know your B12 results and best wishes to you as well.

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    Many roads lead to the same destination when it comes to the body and general health in good ways and bad ways. If one of those roads are blocked you could try another road. It takes time and mental application to assess the damage and triggers.

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