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Pernicious Anaemia

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  • brooke57838 2

    heart palpitations.

    Im 29. I went to the doctor on may 11th. My heart would feel like it was going to come out of my chest. I could just be sitting on the couch to bending over to tie my shoe and I would be out of breath and heart pounding. I was told my b12 was 158. I just had my 2nd weekly injection after the 4th

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  • Justhormonal 2

    Low B12 = Pernicious Anemia?

    Hello all, Last winter (2015-16) I was sick, sick, sick. Anytime someone would sneeze near me I would catch pneumonia, bronchitis, or at least sinusitis. In the spring my doctor ran a whole bunch of blood tests and one of the things that came from that was that I had low B12. She didn't say it was

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  • chloendaisy1990 2

    Vitamin b12 injections scared to have them

    Really scared I have my first injection in half n hour I suffer from bad anxiety and agoraphobia and don't even take paracetamol or antibiotics because just incase they make me feel strange of different I am so scared of these injections because I don't want to feel a way I don't like and not be

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  • alarna03814 2

    Low B12 Levels.

    Last year I was told by my doctors that one of vitamin levels were borderline so they refused me any treatment they wouldn't even mention what that vitamin was. Then January this year I had blood tests done which revealed my b12 levels were low. My doctor put me on 6 booster shots within two week

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  • Pinkstang23 2

    Am I anemic or not?

    Hi! I'm new here and I'm searching for people who have gone through this long diagnosis process like I have. For years (like 15) people have told me I'm anemic. I've always been underweight. I have severe depression and anxiety and I'm exhausted all the time. Last May, I got to a point where I was

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  • Emru1996 1

    Numbness in legs

    Hi, I was diagnosed with PA on October 2016 and have had my initial round of injections and now get one injection every 2 months. However for the last 3 months I've noticed that no matter which way I sit and no matter what type of chair I'm using, my legs go numb. Is this normal? It's not even when

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  • ramsya 2

    Off balance last six months😢

    Constant Off Balance Male, 27 I have been having constant off balance for last five months now, most days this is severe in mornings​ upto 10am. And sometimes having in night also that time i feeling dry mouth , heaviness in head and tired face , fatigue, increased heart beat, and two times i felt

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  • angela36821 1

    Recently diagnosed

    Hi everyone. Looking for support and advice if possible. Diagnosed two weeks ago with pernicious anaemia. On week two of having three b12 injections per week. Not feeling any benefits at all. Is this normal? Ridiculously tired, I could honestly sleep standing up! Feel like I am in my own little bubble,...

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  • rico48906 1

    Struggling with lightheadedness low b12.

    Greetings all, I am a 25 year old male living in the netherlands and i suffer from a couple things that make my day to day life not enjoyable. I have been struggling with b12 for some time now. The first time i experienced low b12 was over a year ago. I felt weak and was constant lightheaded/

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  • Anka1918 2

    folic acid and b 12

    Hi my daughter is 23 and has had burning feet at night for many could nver understand why. He live in ireland and she is at university in rochester. Recently she has been complaining of hair loss generak depression burning feet tiredness and she had to come home even though her

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  • Gnomebottom 3


    Hello All, I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency this week and began daily 5mg folic acid treatment. This was done briefly by phone so I didn't get the chance to ask much about it. It might sound I seem to have been even more tired since I started on the folic acid?!? (I read

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  • eleanor133 2

    Receiving B12 injections but still tired

    Hi,  I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency about 5 years ago and have since been receiving injections every 12 weeks. I have always struggled with tiredness, and thought receiving the B12 injections would solve this. I am still feel very tired, often needing to go to bed straight after work and

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  • emily10675 1

    pernicious anemia Always getting sick

    Hi my names Emily I'm 22 and was diagnosed with pernicious anemia 4-5 years ago. I get b12 shots every. 3 months but sometime every 1 -2 months dependent on how I feel. My question is does anyone else with pernicious anemia get sick a lot e.g flues and virus? And when you do get them do they hit

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  • allison10593 1

    Dx'd with "Vitamin B Deficiency"

    Hi everyone, Recently I got a blood panel done to check my vitamin B, D, and thyroid levels. I was told (via voicemail) that my D and thyroid levels were normal, but my white blood cell count was slightly elevated (might just be normal for me) and my vitamin B levels were "very low," at a 7. Now, I'

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  • nicola80752 3

    large red blood cells?

    My son is 19, he's 6 feet tall and was obese. He's lost 8 and half stone over last two year and looks great! He has occasionally felt dizzy when standing up quick and fainted just once about one year ago. Recently he was at doctors for something else and doctor asked for bloods. Next day they rang

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  • tracey51815 3

    Can symptoms get worse after taking B12 1000 mcg tabs?

    Hi there   I started off with a numb foot for past 4 months.   I then take 2-3 days of High Dose Vitamin B tablets,   2 days later I have a whole host of ghastly neuro symptoms completely out of the blue,   dizziness, confusion, eyesight problems, extreme anxiety, insomnia and nerve tremors in both legs. ...

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  • ains2593 2

    B12 problems... again

    Hi all,  I suffer from a condition called ulcerative colitis around the time of my last flare in September last year I had blood work done which showed low B12 and folic acid. I was given oral tablets for both after they did the intrinsic factor test(not sure if thats excatly what is called) It

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  • jen60696 2

    Low B12 or something else

    I have had constant dizziness/off balance, headaches, fatigue for three months now. I have had an MRI and catscan which were normal. I have been researching and have thought that I am having vestibular migraines so am being referred to a headache clinic. I also asked to get by B12 levels checked.

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  • lassie12B 2

    I have Pernicious anaemia..but am allergic to injections

    i was diagnosed last summer and have been having injections since loading doses in aug and every three months since then, it took until oct/nov to feel i felt much better generally i still do still not have enough energy to say.. go to a cycle (annoying) anyway, since

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  • Georgia12345 2

    B12 side effects

    Hi, My B12 was low so my gp started me on injections. I had the loading dose, no problems but after my first maintenance shot I started experiencing numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. I didn't have them before. My levels are now quite high and I just wondered if anyone else has had a

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  • vicky37447 2

    B12 is making me tired all the time

    I have had tests four times for b12 after my sister was diagnosed with pernicious anemia. The results are varied between 160-200 at the moment it's 160. Had an injection yesterday and taking b12 tablets after that. How long will it take for the injection to work? Why would it drop from 180- 160 in

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  • jason82712 2

    Oral b12?

    So I was diagnosed with b12 deficiency around 8 months ago. At first, I received injections of b12 every other day and now I take them every 20 days. Can I switch the injection with oral b12? I don't really like going to the clinic and receiving injetions and was thinking of using the oral b12.. I

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  • kymberly 1

    shortness of breath along with many other symptoms

    I was cooking dinner one night and became out of breath out of no where. this is still going on 2 months later. i requested blood work that has been done twice and is in normal range. I then asked my dr. to do a vitamin d test along with vitimin b1 b6 and b 12. she argued with me and said because

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  • FJ1994 2

    Recently diagnosed b12 deficient...insights appreciated!

    Hi all,  I've recently been diagnosed as having a b12 deficiency and am still looking for answers to a questions. I know I should ask the doctor but our time slots for the injections are so short I never seem to get the time. A bit of background: the reason I was initially sent for blood tests

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  • Passey64 2

    How long until I feel benefits?

    Just wondering how long it could take for some of my symptoms to go or at least improve. Brain fog, muscle pain, headaches, tiredness to name a few. I know their is no timescale to this but just after a general idea of what to expect, I have only being supplementing with a good quality sublingual

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  • ATI2D1 2



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  • youngatheart1 5

    Does anyone get a numbness in their jaw line

    Hi, husband gets this on and off and is extremely tired and seems to be breathing hard when you look at him.  Like a typical man "nothing wrong with me" but I am not sure, we have an appointment booked to see GP next week but just wondered if it was down to low levels of vitamins etc, he looks pale,...

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  • eleanor133 2

    Pins and needles in face

    I have experiencing pins and needles in my face recently. It has been particualrly when I am washing and in contact with hot or cold water.  Does anyone else experience this, I am trying to determine if it is related to my B12 deficiency. 

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  • katie34796 1

    B12 confusion - advice please

    I was diagnosed with low levels of B12, folic acid, iron and vitamin D this time last year. I had the 2 week loading injections, a couple of months worth of Vit D and folic acid and have just finished taking iron tablets, because it took a while for my levels to return to normal. I have B12

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  • lauren2205 2
  • Ame1987 1

    Vitamin b12 deficiency & weight gain

    after a blood test last October I was diagnosed with vitamin b12 and folate deficiency. Earlier in the year I had been experiencing extreme tiredness and fatigue was upset all the time and had been diagnosed with depression. I was pleased when my doctors had identified I had a b12 deficiency as

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  • sarah39569 1

    B12 deficient from bulimia

    I've felt tired since I was 18 and I've recently discovered I'm b12 deficient at 35! Now that I know, all my other strange symptoms make tongue, low immunity, ringing in my ears, IBS, memory loss and extreme tiredness. I've always suspected it had something to do with the fact that I'

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  • dawn30557 2

    New need help

    Hi I'm looking for some advice please. Im 34yr old and for about 6months now I had been feeling totally exhausted and tired all the time no matter how much I slept I was still tired but I just put it down to work and 3 since developed other systoms the most worrying was anxiety and

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  • nikita51304 2

    Chronic tiredness

    I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia a few years ago and have b12 injections every 12 weeks. I am 30 years old and am currently in my 1st year of an adult nursing degree. I'm struggling or should say struggle continuesly with chronic tiredness, however my doctor doesn't seem to listen to me!

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  • Passey64 2

    B12 and pain

    Can B12 deficiency cause muscle pain and fatigue that comes and goes? It's always their but from time to time it gets more painful. It's like a dull very painful ache. I have just started supplementing this week with 1000mg of methylcobalim in sublingual form which I take 3 or 4 times a day. Also

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