Advice on pe like symptoms?

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I’m 25, non smoker, non risk factors, no clotting disorders, not on contraception. When I was 20, I had an “unprovoked” pulmonary embolism. I wasn’t overweight, not on birth control, no surgeries or injuries, no flights, and no family history of genetic mutation. Also no dvt found in the legs It wasn’t a huge serious clot, but I was on blood thinners for a few months.

I’m posting now because for the past almost two months, I’ve had upper back pain that has only worsened and nothing helps at all. I’ve started having chest pain and shortness of breath as well.

My question is, last month I had a chest ct w contrast of my lungs and scan of my legs. All clear. This is while still having the back and chest pain. Is it possible now for me to have pulmonary embolism a month later without anything changing? 

Mind you, since my first PE 5 years ago, I have been to the ER at least 7 times in fear of another PE and all my scans came back clear. 

So I’m trying to figure out if these are just anxiety symptoms, or if I’m at risk for another PE and I should be worried and go back AGAIN even though I was just there last month with the same symptoms. 

I just had my normal doctor run a D Dimer yesterday to be safe and she said it came back negative and within normal range. 

What do y’all think??

Thanks ❤️

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    Hi Kalirenee,

    How unfortunate are you, you poor thing. I thought I was unlucky to have clots in the lung but at least I had a reason, I had had a hip replacement. If everything has come back clear I think you need to accept you have not got any clots at the moment.

    My pain was under the bust at the side and when I tried to breath in the pain was very bad. I was put on apixaban for 3 months but had to stop after 1 month as they made me ill.

    I am taking natural remedies, bromelain, ginger root, garlic and drinking lots of water.

    I know how you feel but, try not to get to hung up to the point it ruins your life, maybe try some natural anticoagulants. Take care.

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    I had a pe almost 2 years ago. No dvt just pe. On the small side. Didn't have classic symptoms. I have no problems like you although I'm overweight and smoke. But might have got mine from kicking a door. Ive been like you gone to the er 10 times all clear. My doctor's done all test and all clear. I take baby aspirin and fish oil which has 720 or omega 3 in it which helps the platelets not stick togeather. So thinning your blood a little. So far I've been off thinners since may 2017 and I've been fine. Hopefully i stay fine. But i know the anxiety you have. For piece of mind take aspirin everyday.

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    My 14 year old daughter (now 16), has a similar scenario to yours and no blood disorders, did 22 genetic tests and nothing wrong with her. She had many visits to hospital scared she was having another PE, feeling breathless, tachycardia, chest pain! We now realised it is psychological and the impact a PE caused on her! She had two large blood clots in an artery nearly reaching her lungs! So please consider the emotional side of this! We are seeking a Psychologist to help her out with this traumatic event! 

    There is also something called pulmonary hypertension but if clots were small, it is unlikely you have this!

    Good luck and please try to speak to someone about this!

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      What caused your daughters at such a young age i was 35 when i had mine. I'm 37 now.

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      Hi Sway!

      A long haul flight but no underlying problem! Great Ormond Street Hospital have never seen a case like hers as there is usually a clotting issue, not her case! So many tests done, two years of testing and nothing found! I guess doctors don’t know it all and PE ‘s can be triggered by different causes, not meaning a clotting issue but dehydration, long haul flight, genetic, an injury, smoking, obesity, old age, not exercising, etc... My daughter is traumatised but it has been an experience and we have learned from this! She now needs a heparin injection for all flights (above 4 hours) and when she gets pregnant, any operations, for life. We must remain positive and take care of ourselves! This is very important! Positivity is a must! Take care!

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    Did you, per chance, have a cardiac workup? But, sometimes, PE's cause chest pains, or pleurisy systems for a few months after. Or short of breath when you get sick. Or maybe be on a antidepressant or antianxiety medication for awhile...there is no shame in doing this. I'm hoping you have a supportive provider who can help you go through this very traumatic time. Having PE's are life changing events physically and mentally. Hang in there. It's ok to reach out for support...

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      yep, i've had a full cardiac workup. thank you for your kind words. i'm hoping to figure this out soon!

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