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A week after I had my baby I developed very high blood pressure that wouldn't respond to medication.

After five different variations, I was then trialled on Verapress 240 (it's a lactose free variety of Verapamil). It seemed to do the trick with bringing my bp down to an acceptable level, but occasionally I'd still have high readings.

Eventually I was referred to a renal specialist who did loads of tests (24 hour urine collection, mri, bloods etc) and all came back as normal.

I asked if I can come off my meds and he said I could trial stopping them but it takes a week to be out of my system.

Before I stopped my readings were: 121/87

24 hours off meds: 119/74 which I thought was great!

However 36 hours off and my headaches and strained vision seems to be making a come back. As well as a few aches in my thigh and shoulder and arm. My bp reading is now up to: 154/95

It's not super high, so should I wait to see if it goes back down again? I was thinking to wait until morning then if it's still high to go back on the tablets.

From what I've read, everyone says it's dangerous to just stop, so why would the specialist say it's ok?

Would love to hear others experiences.

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    Phone the British Heart Foundation if in UK ,they will give you the answers you require to BP and meds . 
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      Thank you. I will try them on the morning if they're open on Sunday.

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    I was on labetalol for preeclampsia after birth. Is this what they think you have? I had this a year ago after having my 2nd little boy and also had it with my first. I came home on 2 tablets 4 times a day. Each week I had a follow up visit at the doctors where if my bp was 140/90 or under they would reduce my meds. It took 3 month to come off them altogether as I was told you couldn't just stop them but maybe yours a really different. I would definitely consult your doctor and it all depends how high a dose you are on. My bp is still 140/90 and above when checked but I think I suffer with anxiety having it taken dup to the trauma of last year and having it taken every 4 hours and not being allowed out of hospital til it reached a certain level sad

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      I think our situations are very similar. I was sent back to hospital by the visiting midwife and put on labetalol straight away. However, the labetalol didn't do anything for me even when the go increased it 3 further times.

      Then I was trialled on two other medications before the one I'm on now.

      My little one is now six months old and I've lost a lot of weight and generally been a lot healthier which the specialist seemed to think has also helped my bp go down.

      All seemed pretty positive for me to come off the meds. But now I'm not so sure. Just hate the thought of being on them for life.

      Are you off meds totally now? Was it preeclampsia postpartum?

      They dismissed that as my diagnosis past a certain point and now I'm classed as hypertensive.

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    I think you should remember your struggle getting a medicine to work for you. Your higher blood pressure can prevent you from thinking straight, you should take your tablet . think this through when your blood pressure is optimal
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      Yes, I think you're right. It was pretty difficult to get to this point.

      I thought my change in weight, diet and lifestyle was the answer but I guess I still need the meds to help

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    I really wouldn't stop taking BP meds, until I was sure I had permanently got it to a normal reading, which is about 130/80.

    I stopped taking BP meds, albeit over quite a number of years, because I'm lazy and I don't like taking meds. I ended up with a bleed on the brain for my troubles.

    Keep taking them until you find a natural way to keep your BP normal.

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      Thank you for your reply. That's really scary! I'm so sorry that happened to you. It's definitely made me rethink things and I'm going to go back on the meds first thing. I hope you're ok.

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    I was on Ramipril as a 68yr old male but was still failing to meet the WHO targets.

    ?I started having misgivings when the nurse at the hypertension clinic recorded my BP as 180/80 and was puzzled saying that the 80 was OK but the 180 systolic shouldn't be that high and ignored my experinces of breathlessness on exertion saying that this reduction on quality of life was something I had to put up with.

    ?During the following months I experienced swelling in soft tissues particularly in the throat and an exascerbation of immune system response e.g. extended colds and excessive swelling after insect bites. 

    ?I spent hours trying to establish if Ramipril was the cause and eventually found a readable article from the German Angioedema Society which described axactly the symptoms I was experiencing. Drug induced Angioedema due to ACE inhibitors can result in sudden unpredicable nocturnal effusions of phlegm which can cause airway obstruction requiring immediate casualty referral.

    ?I stopped Ramipril forthwith considering it safer than getting an appointment to discuss with my GP. There were no withdrawal symptoms and the Ramipril effects ceased notably within a couple of days and almost disappeared after two weeks.

    ?An occasional recurrence of Angiodema symtoms may be experienced as I can confirm.

    ?However, my health centre was adamant that I was mistaken but it did go down on my medical records after I submitted a Yellow Card report to the MHRA - GP not too pleased.

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