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Hi! I'm new to this website and I found it just by searching info. on yahoo about my LH level.

I'm thirty eight and will be thirty nine on the seventh of next month.

I received my lab results this past Monday and my LH level is 23.3 while my FSH level is 17.8

I thought I was too young to go through menopause but I've been told otherwise by several different people.

I was eleven days late this month for my period to start and that's the latest I've ever been.

I was late a few months ago by one week but then started on the eighth day.

I had my tubes tied almost fifteen years ago when I had my youngest daughter.

My stomach looks like it did when I was three months pregnant with her and I hate it.

I'm 5'4" and I weigh 88 lbs.

I've always been very tiny unless I was pregnant.

I just want someone to talk to about this so any help would be very much appreciated. 😃

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    You may be entering peri menopause.. the first stages to post meno. If you are, your hormones are gonna be all over the place. You'll be considered post meno when you've been period free for 12 consecutive months. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but peri meno can and usually lasts for several years (everyone is different). Technically I'm post meno bc I had a hysterectomy in 2001 at 33 yrs old but kept my ovaries so I'm still actually going thru menopause without the skipping periods. I've been at it for a couple years.

    Hang in there and try not to stress over it. I think all of us on here are trying to find a cure LOL! This is a great place to ask questions/advise, and these ladies are supportive and understanding Angel's!

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      Thank you for your reply.

      I know I'm probably stressing over it way too much but I have very bad anxiety and ocd anyway.

      Now I'm going through this too so ugh! lol

      My mom had a hysterectomy years ago due to a cyst on her overies.

      I wish I could've had one too.

      I never though I'd be going through this at my age.

      I'm just wondering if my period is going to come back and will it be regular like it used to be or will it be worse.

      I've always started mine exactly one week before I was supposed to and it lasted exactly five days since I had my youngest daughter. (It used to last exactly one wk. after I had my oldest daughter.) I bleed really heavy and have bad cramps.

      Yrs. ago I used to be doubled over every month because of them.

      Now I have more neck pain, urinating more frequently, hot flashes when waking up, a bigger stomach, craving sweets all the time, anxiety, insomnia, moodiness...

      and those are most of them. lol

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      I forgot to add to my reply from a few minutes ago that I realized after I had made an account that this is a UK website and I'm in Alabama in the U.S.


      I hope that doesn't matter.

      Anyway, My doctors nurse didn't answer any of my questions I asked her after she called me with my lab results.

      She just kept saying he wants to recheck them in six weeks so I made an appointment for then.

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      I'm in Missouri, theres ladies from all over here. It sounds as if you're entering peri. As Rachel said measuring hormones aren't the best way to dx menopause. They fluctuate hourly. My gyno wont even do a hormone test, we treat symptoms. I'm not a candidate for oral hormone replacement bc of family history of breast cancer and my own issues with fibroid tumors, so to treat vaginal dryness and atrophy I use an estrogen cream (topical) twice a week. i also have very bad anxiety on top of heart issues and meno is just the devil for me. Unfortunately you just have to roll with it. One word of advise now, do your kegel exercises faithfully!! The stronger your pelvic floor is and vaginal muscles are the better off you'll be later in life. There is a right and wrong way to do them, Google it and find what works, I had to go to pelvic floor PT bc of bladder issues. Your weight will likely be a bit wonky with the hormone fluctuations, I'm up and down constantly. As far as periods go, I was every 28 days on the nose after my first was born but bc of the fibroids it finally got to a point I was bleeding all the time, hence the hysterectomy. That's a distant memory now. But if you are going into meno you can pretty much expect at some point that they're never gonna be the same as you're used to, and that can't be predicted unfortunately. Hang in there, some of us breeze thru it and some of us don't. Hopefully you'll have an easy time!

      A lot of ladies have supplement they use for the hot flashes and insomnia and hosts of other symptoms, I cant take them so I cant advise on that..

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    Hormone blood test are not the best way to diagnose menopause. As hormones fluctuate so much at that around menopause. That's probably why the nurse wants you come back for a second blood test and has not answered your questions. most doctors will use the measure of not having a period for 12 months as way of diagnosis full menopause. i am little confused about how a period can always start a week early , surely that just means your cycle is week shorter than you think it is. if your weight is bothering you you could try doing more exercise and i also find i feel better when i exercise more . Hope this helps.

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      The date I'm supposed to start is always exactly one week after I usually start.

      I know the exact date I'm supposed to start because I've kept up with it since my first period when I was fourteen.

      I've been starting exactly a week before I'm supposed to for years now and it's perfectly normal.

      Most people don't start on the exact just like most women don't give birth on their exact due date unlike my mother.

      As far as my weight goes,

      like I said before, I've always been tiny and never gained any weight unless I was pregnant.

      God just blessed me with being naturally skinny.

      Most of the time I'm not the one with a problem with my weight.

      It's always everybody else but they don't have to look.

      That's why God make your neck be able to swivel. lol

      I'm sure my bigger stomach is due to menopause but I'll just deal with as best I can because that's all I can do.

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