Advice please. Sertraline for anxiety and low mood

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Hello, I am on day 25 of taking 50mg Sertraline. I was prescribed this for quite severe anxiety, and low mood because of the anxiety.

Week one I was agitated, very anxious, hot sweats, nausea and no appetite. I was also relying on Diazepam to help me leave the house.

Week two, was pretty much the same but with less nausea.

Week three, I felt like I was starting to feel better. much less side effects, feeling more positive and managing most days with no diazepam. 

Week four, i've returned to work after three weeks off. Have been very on and off, moments of fear and panic. But also at times feeling almost normal, and a bit more positive. Have been using small doses of diazepam again. The whole week has felt quite overwhelming really rolleyes

Today I feel like i've gone almost back to the beginning. Heart palpitations, feel down, tingling skin, sweating, not wanting to leave the house. Is it normal to have days like this? 

Anyone that could give me some advice, or anyone that has experienced anything similar. I am seeing my doctor tomorrow morning so will explain to her then. 


Dannielle smile


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    hi dannielle it could be your needing your dose upped i was given 50mg for 4 weeks it was an up and down time then i went to 100mg a felt as if was back at the start in the first week but i have have had a really good second week i would try a bigger dose if i was you as you felt better why not ask your doctor i hope this was of help to you take care.
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      Thank you smile I am seeing the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully i'll just try and stay calm today, and keep my mind off of it! And then see what she says, possibly my dose need sto be higher now my body has got used to it. I have never taken anti-depressants before but have struggled with anxiety for about 6 years. Just worried as i still have to go to work tomorrow after the doctors and dont know if i can manage anything feeling like this. 
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      Hey Danielle, I've just replayed to u on my post. I to have heightened anxiety today from my increased dose 50-100mg. I was on 50mg for 8 weeks then 4 days on 100mg. I'm hoping it passes soon as feels like the start again, but I'm hopeful and wil be sticking it out. Let me know how u get on at the doctors tomo x
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      hi again and your welcome the side effects of sertraline did make me more anxious a was going to give my home to my sister and go and stay in a caravan i have last sunday but this week i am fine a was put on fluoxetine for ocd in 2012 took a while to work but no side effects but my body got used to that so am now on these the anxiety overtook the ocd but things are getting better now am not surprized you dont feel like work a would stay off till they fully kicked in but remember if you go up to 100mg you might feel worse before you get better but as you felt good with 50mg a would say it is worth a try.
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      Hi John, did u get heightened anxiety from upping your dose to 100mg and how long did it last for? I was on 50mg for 8 weeks before upping to 100mg, and have been on increased dose for 4 days now.
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      hi vikki i had the anxiety on and off during my time on 50mg but at the end of week 4 it was easing off and then i went up to100mg the anxiety came back with a bang in the first week am now 5 days into my second week and each day i seem to be getting better a have the doctors a week on tuesday if am still feeling the way i feel the now then i will be a very happy man i hope this was of help to you.
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      Oh that's good news. I'm hoping the anxiety doesn't last long as like u I was having good days on 50mg then upped to 100mg 4 days ago and just started getting heightened anxiety in the last 2 days. 
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      am sure you will feel better soon and am glad to have been of some help if it was not for others on this site a would have gave up at the start a did not have a clue what sertraline was all about a was not prepared for it but thanks to ones on here giving me advice am feeling a lot better one thing a was told also was to stay positive as sertraline was just a crutch i had to help myself but thinking about it thats true.
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      Hi smile just wanted to let you know i've been to the doctors today, she said that as it is still early on in medication i will probably have the odd day where the anxiety is worse.. but to stick with the medication on the same dose for another 4 weeks. Also my two flatmates went on holiday yesterday, so i think thats why i managed to get myself worked up as i am going to be in my flat on my own for four nights.. made me anxious! i feel slightly better again today.. so hopefully yesterday was just a blip! xx
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      hi thats good news it probably was your flatmates going on holiday that brought it on but once the srtraline has worked its way into your system things like that will not bother you anymore take care x.
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    Hi everyone


    I was on Citaphram for years but it just stopped working thats when it all started back in December when my doc put me on Mirtraphine which i was only on for two days as i felt so spaced out and slept for 16 hours! i then went into Sertraline 50mg and after a week my doc put me on 100 as i wasnt coping, to be honest it was dreadful for the first two weeks, anxiety was through the roof and after 5 weeks doc switched to Venlafaxine in and i am 1 week in, not really noticed any good progress to far and my anxiety is severe so doc put me on diazapam as of fri which hasnt done much either.  Apparently Sertraline and Venlafaxine are supposed to be the best but im yet to be convinced.

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    Hi Dannielle,

    It's definitely normal to have these really bad off days when we think we are back at square 1. Try not to think of your recovery as an upward staircase, but rather as a winding and rolling country lane, with a few scattered benches. When you have a bad day, think of it as a pause or resting point on your journey, rather than a backward step. I'm hoping to get back to work after a 4-month break. I feel as if I have wasted those months (or rather my depression has robbed me of that time). But I can't change the past and I did need that space to stabilise my mood and mental health. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself but if you can keep your routine as normal as possible, that will boost your confidence and resilience.

    Keep taking one day at a time. Hopefully, instead of missing your house-mates while they are away, you might find the time and motivation to pamper yourself a bit and do things you enjoy that you haven't had the chance to do for a while. Perhaps not a house-party or rave yet though as it might involve rebuilding parts of the house ;-)

    Good luck & best wishes,



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      Thank you so much for your reply smile! I have had a much better day again today! Feeling positive! And have started to rather enjoy a bit of time on my own the last few days smile!

      I hope you manage to get back to work and into a routine, you're absolutely right, it helps a lot!

      Best of luck

      Dannielle smile

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