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Hi everyone

I'm new here and looking for some advice

I have a history of opiate addiction, mainly tramadol and dihydrocodine. I have been in (and I'm currently in the process of getting back into) the nhs prescribing service but have never really been free of addiction. I suffer from severe depression and use drugs as a way of coping.

I am now hugely addicted to gabapentin and over the counter dihydrocodiene and co codamol.

The drug service have told me that the best thing to do is reduce the gabapentin slowly myself and come off it as there is no substitute. But I am not sure how to do this? Has anyone else had to come of gabapentin. I am terrified of wd as I take very high doses.

They want to put me on subutex or suboxone for opiates.

I am so depressed with everything. I am off work sick as had a suicide attempt recently. I'm struggling to cope and the addiction is ruining my life

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    I've been there & done it & got the tee-shirt Sweetheart!! Believe me!!!!

    There is a charity called "Release" phone number is


    Please ring them. They know more than Drs & have legal back up also.

    They will help you when the system that is supposed too will not.

    Please ring them. They actually saved my life. I seriously would not be here right now if it wasn't for them.

    Good luck

    Love Ritchie xx

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      Hi Richie. Thanks for you're reply.

      I will look into the charity thank you 😊

      I am always looking for things which have helped other people.

      Which area is this in because I am in the UK x (Scotland) x

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      Hi Lisa.

      They're in London but just give them a call & they will help you.

      Seriously, if it wasn't for these people opening up every door I had slammed in my face, I would not be here now.

      Please please ring them.

      Ritchie xx

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    Hi Lisa, I have recently ceased taking Suboxone and before that , I was on the methadone program.

    All together I spent over 12 yrs on both treatment programs. So I May have insight into the situation. If you are not coping with life as a user of drugs of any kind then the reality is that you will need help to give relief physically and get support to address the psychological aspects of your repeated behaviour pattern and hopefully regain some positive control and mindful perspective of your actions and choices and why you have been taking those paths. You should seek support from somewhere that offers a fully holistic rehabilitation if possible as it strips you back to the bare basics I.E. no sugar coffee..stimulants of any kind so that you can then think clearly and feel well enough to adhere to any programme you choose to undertake including suboxone/methadone. This is what I did and it's trial and error !! Just keep in mind you have built bad habits over many years so feeling bad and beating your self up if you aren't successful immediately is definitely Counterproductive and a waste of energy..If you struggle at first...keep going rise up to the challenge of reconnecting with yourself hidden underneath all of the drug abuse and shame etc! 😵😇 love your self and keep it real ...lying to yourself will only get in the way of what you clearly want to do....B33 happy😄😄😄

    All the Best......CHARLOTTE.

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      Hi charlotte thank you for you're reply 😊

      The drug service where I live, unfortunately has been cut and changed a lot recently. I received a bit of psychological support from the drug service when I was under them around two years ago.

      I suffer from severe depression which I am still receiving help for and I think that this and the addiction go hand in hand with me.

      I want to change its just so hard to see light at the end.

      It sounds like you have been through quite a journey yourself. Xx have you had good support with it?

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    When you say a high dose, what dosage are you taking. The higher the amount, the higher withdrawals are.

    Why have you been prescribed gabapentin? Do you suffer from epilepsy or severe migraine headaches?

    I am not sufficiently qualified  yet to give advice on how to withdraw from  gabapentin. As you're on a very high dose you say, then you need to go to your gp or drug services and get correct advice. You can't just suddenly stop, reduction has to be done very gradually. If you reduce too quickly it can affect your epilepsy and can bring on seizures. The withdrawal of gabapentin can be very unpleasant and debilitating, and you may find you need something like diazepam (Valium) or Librium to help with the withdrawals.

    Its not really a good idea to ask on an open forum for advice on how to withdraw, your gp or whoever prescribed it originally.

    Gabapentine is not an antidepressant, nor is it a mild tranquilliser. As it's a pain killer, surely you want another type of pain killer. You will definitely IMO need something to help you withdraw and also another pain killer.

    You need a detailed drug plan, drawn up by whoever prescribed gabapentin originally. It's too dangerous asking unqualified people how to withdraw and by how much.


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      Thanks for you're reply.

      First of all I'm not asking for advice on how to withdraw and I am aware that most users of the forum would not be qualified to advise this and not do I expect them to be. I was asking if anyone had ever came off gabapentin and could share there experience maybe?

      I was not prescribed gabapentin. It is a drug that I began to abuse about a year ago. I take it illicitly unfortunately

      I take approximately 4800mg daily though it varies and can be less.

      My gp has offered no advice on how to do this.

      Like I said I am waiting to be prescribed a substitute and I am under the appropriate drug service.

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      Why on earth are you taking a dangerous drug like gabapentin when you don't suffer from epilepsy?

      Theres loads of advice online about withdrawing from gabapentin, none of it pleasant. As you seem to be able to get whatever drugs you like without a prescription, then I'm sure you will find something else. Swap one addiction for another, simple. Why should the NHS help you when you can get all the drugs you want illicitly

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      This forum is for substance abuse advise is it not?

      Why are you in here if you are going to be so judgmental??

      You don't know me or what my history is so please don't assume.

      Not sure why you are in here if not to give sound advise!!

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      I totally agree with you.

      I've been there & got every single T-shirt & the last thing you need is loads of rubbish (If you swear on here it gets deleted ;-) )

      Please do ring Release though Lisa.

      I hadn't heard of them till I was suicidal & on enough Oxycontin to kill 3 men plus 4 horses!!!!

      I cannot remember if I posted there phone number earlier, if not, here it is:


      Please ring them tomorrow.

      I promise You, they are far more qualified than any GP, and have legal backing also.

      Claire helped me but Dan is also a Diamond & they only want to help & I got more help from them than I did from any GP or drug service!!!

      Good luck 👍

      Ritchie xx

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      I take it from your totally blind attitude towards Lisa that you have never been in the unfortunate position of being addicted to anything!!!!!?

      Did it ever occur to you (as in my situation) she may have been prescribed this by a GP that didn't know what they were doing????

      As I said, I'm guessing from your heartless attitude you've never been addicted to anything, if you Have, then you know what it's like & should know better.

      If you haven't, then what's a heartless person like you doing on this forum when you obviously don't have a clue what it's like to be in Lisa, or anyone else with an addictions position!!!!????

      Take care


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      I am very aware of addiction and the problems it causes, not just to the user, but their friends, relatives are all affected.

      Are you claiming medical malpractice then? If a gp prescribed an anti epilepsy drug and I didn't have epilepsy, I think I might just query it!

      make an official complaint then, if that's what happened, instead of moaning report the dr for malpractice. Simple.

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      I am saying in my situation I was prescribed 800mg of Oxycontin per day when the maximum should be no more than 400mgs per day.

      But, I'm not here or "moaning" about my situation.

      What I am saying is, as you claim to know about addiction, you should be far more sympathetic to Lisa's situation. You should be offering support as you should know exactly what she's going through & not picking faults with her & having a dig at every single thing that she's is crying out for help for.

      You should offer support, as you claim to know all about addiction, you should know all the problems that people addicted go through. But, everything you're saying is just having a go at Lisa, so I doubt very much that you've been there & worn her tee shirt as you claim to have done??!!!

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      I do feel sorry for anyone that has to take a drug they don't need. Obviously they have some sort of problem.

      im not having a go at Lisa, but to deliberately take an anti epilepsy drug when you've not got epilepsy is odd to say the least.

      please do not say I don't know about addiction, I can assure you I do. What I don't do is moaning about how to get a drug I don't need

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      I'm sorry Vickylou But, you obviously don't have the first clue about addiction, if you did, you wouldn't be as heartless & as cold as you're being towards Lisa that does have an addiction problem.

      You claim that Gabapentin is purely for epilepsy!!? So how come I was given Gabapentin for a disc Desease in my lower back??? I've never suffered from epilepsy in my life, yet was given this drug by my GP. As I trust that a qualified GP knows more than I do about drugs, conditions & how to treat them!

      You claim you know about addiction, I dare say you've never, ever, been truly addicted to anything, if you have, then you would have more empathy towards people like Lisa, an addict, who is merely asking for help to get her life back on track. Not expecting to be Sl##ged off by people who have never walked in her shoes & who have never been in her position.

      I sincerely hope you never have to Vicky because if you did, only then would you truly know how it felt!!!!!

      Take care

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      It's ok Richie,

      Vickylou's attitude is just the sort of attitude and judgement toward addiction I have had to deal with in the past. People judge without ever really knowing the reasons.

      Ignorance really.

      For the record though Vicky, I saturated taking Gabapentin around 6 months ago. I was heavily addicted to Opiates and a family member gets gabapentin prescribed and offered me a couple after I tried to quit cold turkey. They helped ease the withdrawals but unfortunately My tolerance to them grew and when I stopped them I felt horrendous.

      I never asked on the thread how to obtain them... just if anyone had experience of coming off them. In a sense, I have swapped one addiction for another. I hate what I have become. I use drugs as a way of dealing with my past and childhood which was very traumatic (I have ptsd and Major depressive disorder) I hate what I have become. I attempted suicide at the beginning of May because I hate myself so much.

      I'm trying to dig myself out of this dark photo find myself in.

      How can I do it with so many ignorant people judging me like you have?!


      I appreciate your understanding of what I am going through. You are a kind person. I hope u are doing ok. Love and hugs, Lisa x

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      I didn't say gabapentin was just an anti epilepsy drug. What I said was "gabapentin is not an anti depressant, nor is it a mild tranquilliser. It's a painkiller"  how is that claiming it's only used for epilepsy.

      I do know about addiction, having suffered from it. However it can be overcome over time and determination. It's not easy, I know that firsthand and relapse is common. 

      Please stop saying I don't  know about addiction,  I most certainly do and have the scars to prove it.

      ive taken an overdose on more than one occasion, so don't tell me I don't know how addicts feel.

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