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Hi guys,

I'm currently on holiday and am experiencing the worst ( I Think) Deresaization I've ever had. I can't even walk straight and keep feeling like I am going to faint. I had rubbish sleep the past few nights but last night had 10 hours and I've woken up still feeling just as bad. I keep having to make myself breathe and everything on my body hurts. Please does anyone have advice for me ?! (I had a very stressful experience abroad last year so I don't know if that's contributing to it ) sad

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    Since you came to this forum, can I assume you know you are dealing with anxiety? Your symptoms are classic anxiety disorder. The first thing i, and most of the people on this site would ask is if you are on anxiety meds. If not, depending on where in the world you are, can you go to a doctor or an emergency room for anxiety meds to get you through until you go home  to your own doctor?  This would help you enjoy the rest of your holiday, also. Perhaps your embassy there could help if you are in a country not your own.

    Not having any more info. that's the best I can suggest. It is what I would tell my own child in your position.

    The bad experience last year could have triggered this response in you, but is not the cause, anxiety is. Long deep breaths in, held a few seconds and released all the way out as you let your muscles droop will help. Do this three or four time each time your breathing shortens.

    You will be okay, anxiety is telling you all kinds of scary things and causing your body to tense up to the point of producing the rest of what you are experiencing. Truly, darling, it is not anywhere near as bad as your anxious mind and tight body are telling you. All will be well. Please believe me that truly you are okay. It just seems that you arent. Hugs to you. Let us know how you are doing.

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      Thankyou so so much for your reply. Yes basically last year I went to Greece and ended up in A&E with extreme chest pain, had to go the hospital where no one spoke English and I was on my own... I then had to get out and fly home on my own and to this day no one knew what it was, I still get chest pains time to time. I'm In Spain in a lovley villa and thought coming on holiday with my friends would help but at the moment I feel more stressed than ever sad I'm just going to sleep in the shade and stay hydrated hopefully it will pass ! I do suffer from DR and Generalized Anxiety Disorder but never had anything on this scale which is why I'm so worried. I feel almost paralettic it's hideous ! Thankyou very much for replying!

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      Since you have bean diagnosed, I assume you are on meds or at least have something to take "as needed". My sister has ,5mg lorazepam, taking only occasionally when needed. Do you have something? Staying hydrated is really important. Good for you for doing that.

      Let us know how you are doing. It sounds like you are coping pretty well. If you feel desperate, remember, get help, embassy if needed.

      Sending a big hug.


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      Hi Cia, it's so nice to talk to someone with experience of this horrible thing. Basically I was told that my bad chest could be anxiety so I now see a guy for CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). I've got no medication or anything.

      I've had it again all day sad I just feel really drunk and that my ears are full of cotton wool rolleyes

      I go to CBT to try and help Derelization, but it doesn't really help. However since here in spin it's gotten 20x worse.

      Can't thankyou enough for taking the time to reply!

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      Good for you for going to therapy. However, what you need first, in order to benefit from those things, is a calm enough mind to think really clearly. Only antianxiety meds are going to give you that calm break in the storm of nasty thoughts and body reactions.

      I am not an advocate of drugs of any kind except when medically important. Anxiety qualifies as that. The thing that broke the terror and despair I was going through was an emergency visit to urgent care because I thought I was going to die or go mad. The doctor diagnosed right away from what I told him, and prescribed the right meds. I started to see a little change in a day, and then a little more each day, each day, etc. Then I found this forum and with the help of these wonderful people learned all the things I could do for myself. Now, I am able to pay it forward and help others through that hell.

      I still have episodes but know how to handle them, and even laugh at them. What used to terrify me, now often amuses me Hallelujah!!

      Do what you need to do for yourself, Alex. Only you can make choices for yourself; we can only suggest and encourage, but you can DO it...we are your cheerleaders!!!

      Sending you a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

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      I received and answered your message. As to my medication, I don't recommend it to anyone who isn't also on blood pressure meds. I am using a clonidine patch which is used for high blood pressure AND anxiety. Phychiatrists do prescribe this medication for people with anxiety and normal blood pressure, but have to monitor their blood pressure very closely very often to make sure their pressure doesn't drop too low.

      Have a lovely day, and look for things to laugh at, including

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