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The past few months I've been in and out of hospital with urine infections, as my body has started to reject antibiotics and make me sick unless they are iv, now the pain is back in the lower part of my back (agonising) shivering ,feeling very sick, last time this happened I ended in hospital for a week on a number of drips! Anything anyone can recomend before going back in the hospital

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    are u drinking enough water 

    I had a bad infection cystitis and kidney infection i even had blood in urine it was bad i found out that drinking plenty of water really did help wash away the bacteria 

    also take probiotics high quality refrigerated ones cos they give u good bacteria in that case the bad bacteria will be less 

    based on my experience water is what literally saved me 

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    so u basically drink water then urinate and drink and urinate and so on you will realize that the urine will be like water and also the wall of the bladder will be washed out of bacteria 
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    Hi Leah,  I really think if your lower back hurts and you're shivering you should be sure to get your urine tested ASAP as it sounds like it may be affecting your kidneys already. Having said that, a few people have asked similar questions on this site, and one cause of your problem may be interstitial cystitis where the bladder lining appears scarred and gives cystitis symptons.  You can find out more on a website called cystitis and overactive bladder or just search for cob and that name should come up.  I can't give the actual address in this post.

    Have the doctors never told you anything about why this is happening to you? Have they told you which bug is causing the problem - I assume there is a bug if they give you antibiotics.   Have they given you a scan inside your bladder?  You must ask them what they think it is, and why you keep getting it.  Also ask them what antibiotics they have been giving you.  If they have been giving you one called Ciprofloxacin (or anything else ending in -floxacin) it would be wise to tell them not to give you any more as it can build up to a toxic level in your body.  One or two courses may be fine but too much can give you permanent damage to any part of your body as it starts to break down cells.  My husband has had this problem along with others on this site.

    There is a powder you can take called D-Mannose, which is extracted from cranberry juice.  It's expensive, but I've heard that 1 teaspoon in water helps flush the bateria out.  Or buy cranberry juice and drink that but get a good one with over 20% cranberry (Lidl do a good one, or Ocean Spray which is dearer).  Most supermarket ones are only 10% so only half the cranberry in them!

    Take a look at the forum on COB, Get checked out for infection, ask questions about it - it's your body so you are entitiled to know!  Best Wishes

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      Interesting post. Doctors have been giving me floxin  type antibiotics I am becoming resistant to them now. New bug showed up , Drs didn't prescribe anything said just wait until I become unwell ..??. Iam wearing a SPC catheter due to enlarged prostrate. High risk patient for Turp.
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      Hi there, your infection problems stem from your SPC - this was why my husband had repeated infections and ended up being 'floxed' by Ciprofloxacin.  Can I ask if you're in the UK or the USA?  If you're in the US there's a better design of catheter available that can help with the constant infection problems. 

      You say 'floxin-type' antibiotics.  The Quinolone group are 5 particular ABs that work in a different way to regular antibiotics.  Check the names of what you've been given, as some people mix names up (like amoxycillin and Moxifloxacin).  The key is in the '-floxacin' part of the name.

      Your docs are right, you'll always have a low-level infection with a catheter but you're better off not to have them treated unless they start to give you symptoms.  You can help yourself by using cranberry juice every day (tastes better mixed with orange juice!) or D-Mannose powder taken in water.  The active ingredient in D-Mannose (extracted from cranberries) actually prevents the bacteria from clinging to your bladder wall and they get flushed out in the urine.  Drink plenty, and maybe take Vit C to keep your urine acidic (bugs don't like acidity).

      I'll repeat to you, if they have been giving you one called Ciprofloxacin, or Levofloxacin or anything else ending in -floxacin  tell them not to give you any more as it builds up to a toxic level in your body.  One or two courses may be fine but too much can give you permanent damage to any part of your body as it starts to break down cells.  My husband has had this problem along with others on this site.  Go to the thread Fluroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome which has addresses of helpful and informative sites regarding this condition.  If you haven't been floxed yet, that's good - but don't chance it by EVER taking anymore Quinolones.

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    Thankyou all. I went doctors and was admitted into hospital straight away. Seams I am prone to these kidney infections, now I have to have lots of tests for kidney disease thanks all for your help
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    I was reading this and hope you don't mind me messaging you. I got antibiotics for a uti on weds the pain is horrendous now feel like my insides are falling out. Im shivering and got bad pain in my back. I think I need to go to hospital but i don't want them to think I'm wasting time
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      Hi Stephanie, they should never think you are wasting their time.  If the pain is that bad you should go. 

      What antibiotics did you take?  (Make a habit of remembering what your meds are called!).  If it was Cipro read my post above.

      Take Care,


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      Thanks love I ended up going I was on trimepthron and they changed them to cephlexin still not feeling right but just got to get on with it they wasn't sympathetic at all. Hope you are a lot better now x
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    Hello Miriam Hope you are feeling better by now.  The UTI I had also didn't respond to an antibiotic - Trimethoprim (spelling may not be right) but did finally go due to Nitrofurantoin which I had severe reaction to.  I have since discovered d-Mannone and so far no further UTI.  I researched what it was and its  from a Beech or Birch tree and not from cranberry as I had read on here.  Cranberry is also good to take but the tablets are better as the juice has a lot of sugar added.  Good luck.
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      Hi Sue, it was Leah, not me, but thanks for the message anyway.  I've heard D-Mannose is very good although I fortunately haven't had to try it myself.  A lot of people think it's from cranberry (I did), so I was surprised when I saw on a website that it's not.  I always advise checking the ingredients of cranberry juice as a lot of supermarket own label ones are only 10% cranberry.  Ocean Spray and Lidl's own (surprisingly) are both about 25% juice.  Hope your UTI stays gone for good!
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    Hi all! Sorry not been on to reply,

    Not sure where to start with reply.

    I am now immune to antibiotics and they don't seem to work. And when I get these infection I am always vomiting and keep nothing now their for I have to be admitted,

    I am going hospital tomorrow to see a urologist as they now think their is something else wrong as my urine sample always has blood in it. Doesn't matter how little or large I drink. I hAve been trying all the juices and powders recomended and it still seems to stay, hopefully we all get sorted soon enough

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    Hi Leah , it's not good is it I came out of hospital yesterday through horrendous kidney infection started two weeks ago, but I've suffered with loin pain syndrome on and of for just under 3 years so when pain initially started I just put it down to this!!!!! How ever I only ever had in left loin, any way pain got worse with on of temp pain in both kidneys etc, seen g.p last Thursday who said you have slight cells but can we just see how you go, but if you get any worse over weekend go to go to doc. Pain had doubled by next day so contacted surgery. Was prescribed 50 mg of antibiotics to take 4 x a day, condition detoriated rapidly over next 36 hrs, shivers high temp rapid shallow breathing! Long story shorter ended up being admitted to hospital on antibiotic drip fluid in drip too for next 20 hours , 

     I would not wish. A KIDNEY INFECTION on my worst enemy ,!!!!! Hope you get to the bottom of yours ,,,,,,,,


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      I've suffered with loin pain hemuturoa syndrome for 15 years but only got diagnosed two years ago when it kicks off the pain is horrendous

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