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Urinary Tract Infection

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  • Sicktired96277 2

    HELP! I get a UTI every single month!!

    First off, let me start by saying I have seen specialists, I have taken countless amounts of antibiotics and I follow every rule known to man to avoid UTIs.  I've been getting them for about 4 years now. The last specialist I went to gave me a 2 year supply of bactrim and clearly it doesn't work. I am...

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  • Hannah9401 1

    I have had so many uti's this past year, I'm starting to go crazy!

    Okay so first off, I started having my first UTI since I started being sexual active which was when I was 18. I'm 22 now & ive noticed it has just gotten worse, especially this last year! I've had multiple UTI's in one month sometimes and I'm assuming that's due to the the antibiotics not working & the...

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  • WhyMe202 1

    Can a UTI cause urethritis if the UTI is apparently gone?

    I have been to three different doctors now for pain while I urinate that started around a month ago. The first one prescibed me bactrim to rid of the UTI that I did have. The second one said that I still had a UTI and prescribed me Cipro for three days. After that, I was still having pain and so I went...

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  • angela34463 2


    To all fellow travelers:  Recurrent UTI's- post-menopausal   Succumbed again to another UTI after six months and many antibiotics.Been taking probiotics  but not tried D-Mannose yet.  Last saw G.P. on 30th May and told my urine sample was clear, but started again yesterday.  Managed to see a doctor late...

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  • katie31815 2

    Does anyone else get UTI symptoms when it's hot weather?

    Ok so this is about my third post on here but here goes So it's ridiculously hot in the UK at the moment and I've noticed that if it's hot and I'm not drinking loads of water like I usually do (if I'm busy at work etc) then I notice thread like particles in my urine and my urine usually tests positive...

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  • elizabeth53149 1
  • monica95410 2

    3 antibiotics and nothing. Please HELP :(

    Hi all. So, it all started over 2 weak ago. I developed a uti. I knew it was uti straight away since I had it before. Same visible symptoms like burning when urinating and stinging. I called the surgery and got antibiotics for 3 days Nitrofurantoin,finished it and it came back WORSE after 2 days. When...

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  • mannknee 2

    Please help? Maybe cancer , UTI , Prostatis help

    Hey there people my name is Manny 22 years old & I've had sexual intercourse with the same partner for almost 4 years and we get checked every month. I usually finish off on her chest. So I notice the color of my semen. But tonight as I ejaculated and finished unnoticed pinkish blood a lot mixed...

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  • nnj925 2

    D mannose..Not Working.... and more..

    I have been suffering for a year now with UTI' bladder always feels like I have a UTI even when I come up negative...I take DMannose EVERY DAY and YES my infection is always Ecoli...the only antibiotic that seems to work is Levaquin...Cipro did nothing even though the strain was sensitive to it...same...

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  • Guest M
  • katie31815 2

    UTI every month for past three months

    Please help me, I'm getting to my wits end about this and no doctor seems to care. For the past three months I've been getting a UTI a few days before my period, literally the same amount of days at the same time in the evening. Doctor gives me antibiotics, I don't feel like they're working so I go...

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  • keicia37258 1
  • lak78716 2
  • 2731 2

    Uti stinging when peeing

    Wednesday I got diagnosed with a pretty nasty uti. Most of the things tested for by the dip stick method came up straight away. It's so painful, is this stinging so bad it's making me cry normal? I dread going for a pee, I'm trying to drink more water to dilute it but it just seems to get even more stingy!...

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  • lak78716 2

    Upcoming Cystoscopy - HELP!

    I have an upcoming cystoscopy scheduled on the Thursday this week. It was ordered by the uro-gynecologist that I visited last week for my recurrent UTI. I'm currently having a UTI and taking abx for it. My question is, is it ok to have a cystoscopy done when I'm having a current UTI. Will I be putting...

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  • anisa786 2

    Daily use of sanitary pads and recurring uti symptoms???

    Hi ladies I'm 35 suffer frm severe OCD fear of contamination etc I'm clean as can be but due to OCD I wear a sanitary pad 365 /24 hrs for god knows how many years I'm 35 by the way ( I know sounds pathetic) I've been getting recurring uti symptoms nearly every month since august 2014. could it be the...

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  • georgina54380 2

    What's going on?!

    I had a UTI about 7 months ago, took 2 courses of anti biotics which cleared it up, no infection showing up on the urine culture, had STI tests and did a pregnancy test as advised by the doctor but all came back normal but I had symptoms of a UTI for weeks and weeks afterwards, a constant feeling of...

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  • angela34463 2


    Hello - I wish to discuss my recurrent UTI's which have plagued me like many of you for years.  I had them when I was a young woman, then they started again post-menopause.  I am now 70 and been suffering all this year with relapsing recurring infections.  My GP gives me antibiotics and always gives...

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  • lynda20916 6

    Recurring UTI's Since Hysterectomy

    Hi, I'm not new to this site, but I'm new to this group. I had a hysterectomy, removal of my ovaries, tubes and adjacent lymph nodes in July 2016 due to endometrial cancer diagnosis. I have been recovering well, but in mid December 2016 started to urinate more frequently.  I experienced no pain or blood...

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  • lak78716 2

    Recurrent E. coli infections.

    I'm 42 years old, and I came down with a UTI 5 months ago. All the symptoms - burning, urgency, frequency etc. I have had uti before and knew what to expect. Got a culture done and it came back with E. coli growth. I was visiting India at this time and they gave me Norfloxacin for 5 days. I was ok for...

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  • anya85297 1

    Possible kidney infection or just muscle tension

    Background: UTI symptoms started 5/6 (painful urination and frequency, general ache around bladder) Urine culture came back: Staphylococcus saprophyticus Abnormal 50,000-100,000 colony forming units per mL Started Nitrofurantoin 5/9 5/25 After completing nitro still had symptoms basically no change...

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  • joan99124 2


    I suffer quite a lot from urine infections but havnt had one for 16 months until 2 weeks ago I was then given cefefexin which always works for me but this time I finished them 8 days ago and come down with another infection 4 days ago which was put on cefeflexin again my infection seems to have gone...

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  • cassie62685 2

    Can you still have a uti even if culture came back negative.

    Hello, So basically I've been suffering with bv, yeast infections and Uti's. I've had 3 different antibiotics for bv, and 2 for Uti's. During my last rounds of test everything came back negative, but the problem Is I still have symptoms. It burns when I pee and it smells bad. No frequency. But sometimes...

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  • Guest M

    Sick of constant kidney infections and antibiotics

    I'm 23 and have had trouble with Kidney infections all my life. When i was little i had trouble with wetting the bed until i was 8years old. All my life i've had infections, some urine but mostly kidney. When i was 20 I developed acute pyloneprhitis which overnight turned into septicaemia and i was...

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  •  sue08628 2

    Urinary Tract Infection - pain is horrendous

    Hello! Was diagnosed with a UTI a week ago and finished my antibiotics on Sunday. I was thrilled because I went about 5 days without the excruciating pain I'd been experiencing. But as soon as I stopped the pills, my pain came back. My urine sample still tested positive for blood so I'm on round 2 of...

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  • ellenthorn 1

    UTI-like symtoms, negative test results?

    I'm 23 and I've been struggling with this for a couple years but I've never been able to do anything about it because my test results ALWAYS, always come back negative. Essentially I have every symptom of a UTI but no proof that one exists. I've researched STIs/STDs for fear of those but I have no...

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  • cmoney 2
  • cmoney 2
  • kirsty19622 2

    UTI, anyone else get these symptoms?

    Hi all, So for 2 weeks or so now I've had lower right abdominal pain and also lower back pain also on the right. It sometimes hurts when I press on my abdomen but not all the time, and sometimes the pain just comes and goes but varies in the type of pain. Sometimes feels like a cramp, sometimes can...

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  • larry090106 1

    Reoccurring UTI

    Hello, hopefully someobdy can help me with this as I am very concerned for my 82 year old Dad.  Normally very fit and healthy without taking any medications in his life apart from the odd paracetamol now and then.  My dad started with what the doctor belived what a water infection.  He was very unwell...

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  • iona_ 2


    Hello, I've been suffering with UTI's since July last year but they have recently been recurring every month or so. I've had, maybe about 5 courses of antibiotics this year so far and have been sent for blood tests and an ultra sound (which all came back negative). Doctors are reluctant to give me more...

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  • SB14 3

    Any advice?

    Hi all, I'm a 20 year old female and I woke up to uti symptoms this morning. I've had a couple of them before. I had a uti a couple of years ago, I drank a lot of water only lasted a couple of days and that was it. In November last year I had one which was very painful. It's started over the weekend...

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  • loren1424 1

    Frequent UTIs and nothing works

    So out of the blue almost a year ago, I had my very first UTI. And ever since I have struggled with them. The worst is no matter what I do I get another uti every 4 months. Every time I get one I go to the doctor and they give me antibiotics. Microgestin I've had twice and doesn't work at all for me,...

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  • roxann15550 2

    Has anyone's Uti's improved with Supplements or a Probiotic

    Hello All, I have had Uti's the last 10 years, but cronic everytime I am sexually active the last 3 years. I have tried everything from altering diet (dairy free, lactose free) increasing water intake, empty the bladder before and after sex, tried condoms, natural lubricants, cotton underwear, showering...

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  • shonna13470 1

    Kidney stone

    I have had one kidney stone and I end up having 9 surgeries . I've been stented and unstinted.infection after infection this is the first time I'm off antibiotics in 15 months . But I still have pain in my kidneys I don't know what to do. I was in a lot of pain went to the er and they found calcium on...

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