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Urinary Tract Infection

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  • iona_ 1


    Hello, I've been suffering with UTI's since July last year but they have recently been recurring every month or so. I've had, maybe about 5 courses of antibiotics this year so far and have been sent for blood tests and an ultra sound (which all came back negative). Doctors are reluctant to give me

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  • SB14 3

    Any advice?

    Hi all, I'm a 20 year old female and I woke up to uti symptoms this morning. I've had a couple of them before. I had a uti a couple of years ago, I drank a lot of water only lasted a couple of days and that was it. In November last year I had one which was very painful. It's started over the

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  • cassie62685 2

    Can you still have a uti even if culture came back negative.

    Hello, So basically I've been suffering with bv, yeast infections and Uti's. I've had 3 different antibiotics for bv, and 2 for Uti's. During my last rounds of test everything came back negative, but the problem Is I still have symptoms. It burns when I pee and it smells bad. No frequency. But

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  • loren1424 1

    Frequent UTIs and nothing works

    So out of the blue almost a year ago, I had my very first UTI. And ever since I have struggled with them. The worst is no matter what I do I get another uti every 4 months. Every time I get one I go to the doctor and they give me antibiotics. Microgestin I've had twice and doesn't work at all for me,...

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  • roxann15550 2

    Has anyone's Uti's improved with Supplements or a Probiotic

    Hello All, I have had Uti's the last 10 years, but cronic everytime I am sexually active the last 3 years. I have tried everything from altering diet (dairy free, lactose free) increasing water intake, empty the bladder before and after sex, tried condoms, natural lubricants, cotton underwear,

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  • shonna13470 1

    Kidney stone

    I have had one kidney stone and I end up having 9 surgeries . I've been stented and after infection this is the first time I'm off antibiotics in 15 months . But I still have pain in my kidneys I don't know what to do. I was in a lot of pain went to the er and they found calcium

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  • marilee43089 2

    Weird Sensations

    It is so hard to describe physical symptoms in words. During your UTI's, whether on or off antibiotics, have you ever experienced an odd feeling in the genital area that feels a little tingly or slightly itchy.  It's almost like a nerve sensation or vibration.  It is not burning, not painful, but

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  • nnj925 2

    D mannose..Not Working.... and more..

    I have been suffering for a year now with UTI' bladder always feels like I have a UTI even when I come up take DMannose EVERY DAY and YES my infection is always only antibiotic that seems to work is did nothing even though the strain was sensitive to

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  • Sicktired96277 2

    HELP! I get a UTI every single month!!

    First off, let me start by saying I have seen specialists, I have taken countless amounts of antibiotics and I follow every rule known to man to avoid UTIs.  I've been getting them for about 4 years now. The last specialist I went to gave me a 2 year supply of bactrim and clearly it doesn't work. I

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  • rebecca53435 2

    Please help, UTI's taking over my life

    I have been suffering from UTI's since i got into a relationship 4 years ago. They started off 2/3 times a year which I could handle but then they started being once a month. I got put onto Trimethoprim once a night for 6 months which only started 4 weeks ago. I've never really had anxiety but

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  • cmoney 2
  • katie31815 2

    persistent UTI causing bad health anxiety

    My health anxiety has spiralled again after being ok for a few I have been diagnosed with my first UTI after getting back pains, so I was put on medication for 5 days, didn't work.. put on another 4 day course of medication.. hasn't worked Now the pain is in my lower stomach. I bought

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  • Guest M

    Sick of constant kidney infections and antibiotics

    I'm 23 and have had trouble with Kidney infections all my life. When i was little i had trouble with wetting the bed until i was 8years old. All my life i've had infections, some urine but mostly kidney. When i was 20 I developed acute pyloneprhitis which overnight turned into septicaemia and i

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  • lynda20916 6

    Recurring UTI's Since Hysterectomy

    Hi, I'm not new to this site, but I'm new to this group. I had a hysterectomy, removal of my ovaries, tubes and adjacent lymph nodes in July 2016 due to endometrial cancer diagnosis. I have been recovering well, but in mid December 2016 started to urinate more frequently.  I experienced no pain or

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  • anna91726 2

    Urine infection but showing up negative?!

    Okay so I feel like I've got a UTI cus I keep needing to urinate loads and not much comes out and it hurts to wee a bit and hurts when sit down/is just generally uncomfortable where my urethra is. I've been to my doctors twice and they tested my wee and it came back negative for a UTI. I got

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  • kkk111 1

    penis glans discomfort. no Bacteria growth during urine culture

    Is it possible that I have STD even without bacteria growth during my test? I felt uncomfortable in the head of my penis more than a week now. my last sex was 4 months ago, but I was her first, so I'm assuming she wouldnt be the reason if I would have STD. Altho, I've had sex 1 year ago with a girl

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  • sandy67 4

    Urine infection is e-coli

    Hi, has anybody been told that their urine infection is e-coli and may be very difficult to get rid of? I never had a consultation with GP just given a prescription and told I may need injections to get rid if it. I have suffered urine infections on and off for years but never like this. I have had

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  • muss79 2

    Water infection

    I've been diagnosed with gastritis and my anxiety levels are so high these days! I'm trying to carry on as normal but yesterday i started having sharp pains coming and going on the right side of my went to the doctor this morning and he checked my urine and says i now have a water '

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  • lisa21224 2

    Bladder infection?.. Need help..please

    Hi,  im wondering if anyone here can help please over two weeks ago I got know it was straight away even though I have not have it in many urge to urinate, burning on urnation and cutting feeling when you finish, also a little blood in the took an over the

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  • caz11527 3

    Is this a UTI? Urine negative for bacteria

    Back at the end of the summer I took a urine sample to my gp as I was peeing a lot more than usual. She dipped it and said no infection showing but traces of blood were in it. These are invisible to naked eye. She gave me a weeks course of trimethoprim and sent sample to lab. On the last day of

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  • SophiaMC 1

    URINE BODY ODOR - Possible UTI?

    I'm not sure on how to possibly approach this, but I have been having body odor problems for about eight months now. At first I thought it was TMAU, but then I thought it was a kidney stone. I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that my urine levels were fine and nothing was wrong. I did an

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  • anisa786 2

    Daily use of sanitary pads and recurring uti symptoms???

    Hi ladies I'm 35 suffer frm severe OCD fear of contamination etc I'm clean as can be but due to OCD I wear a sanitary pad 365 /24 hrs for god knows how many years I'm 35 by the way ( I know sounds pathetic) I've been getting recurring uti symptoms nearly every month since august 2014. could it be

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  • HealthSavvy 2
  • dorothy23690 1

    Recurring Urinary Tract Infection

    I am 44 years old and had a complete hysterectomy 7 years ago.  My UTI's did not start until almost 3 years ago.  I have at least 2 a month, I can't urinate and have to use a catheter, each time I will gain about 20 pounds. I have been to urologist with no result.  When I have a go out ( I don'

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  • george95516 1

    3 weeks on

    spent 1 week in hospital 3 weeks ago, with pyelonephritis, was on iv antibiotics(tazocin). Since leaving hospital still getting pain occasionally in kidneys and lower back. would like to know how long pain lasts

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  • jody54846 2
  • Karmaway 4

    UTI and fever/runny nose/headache?

    Hoping for some started to feel unwell a couple of days ago my urine test came back as ecoli from my fibroids pressing on the bowel and effecting the bladder. I'm not weeing as much but I feel absolutely terrible! I've taken a 3 day course of trimethoprim and the Dr has prescribed more

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  • Guest M

    I had a kidney infection causing the following symptoms:...

    I had a kidney infection causing the following symptoms: back pain, fever, loss of appetite, fatigue, dizziness, pains which moved around my stomach and abdomen, a strange oily taste in my mouth which became worse (when i drank water it tasted like milk), nausea uncontrollable shivering, night

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  •  sue08628 2

    Urinary Tract Infection - pain is horrendous

    Hello! Was diagnosed with a UTI a week ago and finished my antibiotics on Sunday. I was thrilled because I went about 5 days without the excruciating pain I'd been experiencing. But as soon as I stopped the pills, my pain came back. My urine sample still tested positive for blood so I'm on round 2

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  • christine56722 2

    Prevention advice needed for UTIs in a woman in her sixties

    First time on this forum and I'm so pleased to see that I'm not alone in suffering with lots of UTIs. Im not sexually active so that isn't the cause. I am very careful to wash after opening my bowels, to pee about an hour after doing the same in case any germs have got inside my bladder but still

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  • rich371 1

    Does this sound like a UTI

    On Thurs oe Fri I went tl the bathroom at a public restroom. I think I touched the inside of the toilet. Friday night it burned when I went pee just at first. I had been very dehydrated in the days before as well. I began to drink a lot of water. On Sunday it still burned. I have had some diaphrea

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  • Ma1996 2

    Bladder and Vagina pains since before christmas

    Since before christmas ive been suffering from pains. At first it was a water infection and i had a course of antibiotics, the infection went but the pain continued, i was then put on a longer course of different antibiotics but still no change. The doctor did some swaps of inside and the results

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  • arun08088 1

    Excessive urination - around 15 times a day myself and my wife

    Hi, Would be great to know if anyone had a similar problem: It started around ten years ago when I started to have excessive urination. At times, I would go about 12 times in a day and 6 times in night. I drink about 1-2 litres of water Each time I go a lot and the bladder is fullI had tested for diabetes,...

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  • dave91115 2

    Possible UTI?

    Hi everyone, new user here, since thursday i've been suffering with pain just below my belly button when urinating, it seems to be near the end of when im nearly finished, it's a dull sharp pain, i tried getting a GP appointment that week, but they were all booked, so today i went to see an out of

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  • christie112233 1

    Help :( potential urinary infection?

    So about a month and a half ago I noticed that there was a sort of tingling sensation in my clitoris every time I went pee. I week later I went to the doctor they diagnosed me with a UTI and prescribed Bactrim which didn't work at all. I got prescribed Cefdinir which diminished the tingling

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