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I am 52 this year and after having suffered palpitations for years was finally diagnosed with af after collapsing at work in October 2011.

I was given medication and discharged. Had more af episodes and realised that the medication was not working went to see a consultant privately to speed things up - had 24 hour ecg, stress test, heart scan and was told i was a perfect candidate for a catheter ablation procedure.

This went ahead in April 2012 and was really surprised at how quickly recovery was just a sore throat, slight tenderness to groin area and very slight chest pain this only lasted a couple of days then i just took things easy and rested.

I went 6 months with no episodes and the medication was stopped for 4 weeks when i suffered another bad episode and rushed to hospital - my af was back.

Saw the consultant who said I needed a 'top up' of my ablation. This was carried out in November 2012 and touch wood Ive been fine up to now. Seeing my consultant next week for an up date but hope to be off my warfarin and told everything is healing well.

Anyone wishing to ask questions please do so, would love to share my experiences with others.

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    Would be interested to know whether or not you've come off Warfarin. When I spoke to a consultant who advised an ablation, he said that irrespective of the outcome I would be on Warfarin for the rest of my life. A kind of insurance policy I guess just in case the AF re-appeared. As I tolerate my AF episodes quite well at present, I have only slightly raised pulse rate during an AF episode, this news was a big disincentive for me considering the risks.
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    hi marco - yes im off all heart medication including warfarin i dont know if my age has anything to do with it (52 this year) and i dont suffer high blood pressure but when i had my af episodes i was nearly always hospitalised it was so bad. hope this helps.
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    Thanks for that. Age may be a factor as I'm seventy seven and have had PAF for about 10 years with frequency and duration of episodes increasing over time. I've posted elsewhere that my PAF started after being prescribed Ramipril (for BP) which in some cases can cause palpitations but this seems to have eluded doctors until i insisted on being taken off it.. My PAF episodes have reduced in frequency such that my ablation is on hold.

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    Hi Marco Hope I was able to help How often are your PAF episodes? and what are your symptoms? At my worst point I was having one every other week. Are you under a private consultant?
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    Yes your post was helpful because it contradicted the info I'd been given about Warfarin after an ablation.. But age may be a factor. In my worst year for PAF episodes, about 2 years ago, I had 18 episodes at regular intervals of about 3 weeks. The episodes could happen at any time day or night and would last for between 12 to 36 hours. I tolerate the PAF pretty well and can carry on as normal but it does leave me tired for a day afterwards. This tolerance maybe due to my pulse rate during an episode not racing,but about 100bpm, so no dizzy spells or breathlessness. My first ablation consultation was about 15 months ago when the consultant left me in no doubt about the seriousness and risks of the procedure(s) and that afterwards I would have to take Warfarin indefinitely. I decided then that I would not go ahead with the ablation until I ruled out the Ramiril and AF connection. I had trouble to get my local NHS hospital cardiac doctor to get me off Ramipril because he didn't know I was on it (in spite of it being in my hospital notes) and he wasn't aware of the possible side-effects. In the past year I've had 12 episodes with same duration as before so as I said the ablation is on hold.

    clover4me11, I wish you an AF free future.

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    Marco - thank you - everything is fine so far but will post again if things change - all I can say is that if you are suffering when you have an af attack then I would recommend having an ablation - even if this does not work the first time like for me it did ease them. Hope things get better for you.
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    Hi Clover - I'm really pleased to hear that your second ablation went well. I'm awaiting my second one too, had my first almost two years ago which made me feel so much better.

    My problem right now is I'm on my 5th day of constant high pulse rate - heart rate 130-140's. My local

    hospital has done all they can for me, they put me on Amiodarone just before Christmas and unfortunately this has damaged my thyroid. They do not specialize in ablation and I'm waiting for my

    admission date letter from another hospital about 30 miles away, which should arrive any day now

    (fingers crossed).

    The amiodarone tablets have stopped working and as I said I'm on my 5th day of high pulse rate. I am

    so worried as I live on my own. My GP cannot help me anymore and is trying to get advice from a

    consultant as to what might help slow my heart. I'm 62.

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    Hi Jean - sorry to hear about your high pulse/heart rate. Hope the doctor can find some medication to help. Have you got a date for your second ablation? - Forgot to mention I live in the UK - where are you? I was lucky to be able to see a specialist consultant who has done lots of ablations and knows all about my condition, I was put on medication initially to slow my heart down but luckily i dont need it now, although I do still keep getting the odd flutter but its nothing.

    Keep me up dated.

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    Hi Jean - sorry would like to edit last report - I forgot which forum I was in - this is a UK forum. Im in Leeds, where are you?

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