Affects of dizaepam??? help please

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Hi I'm on propranolol for migraines and anxiety. Since I started this tablet I've had horrible heart palpitations. I went to A and E last night because they were so bad I thought I was having a heart attack but they said it was just anxiety. They've given me dizaepam to take three times a day (2mg). I've taken 2 this evening and I'm feeling really floppy and when I close my eyes I feel like I'm slipping away or something? It's hard to explain. Is this the diazepam? And is this normal? Thanks.

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    I have taken diazepam for 40 years...this is not  diazepam causing you these problems's the propranolol..please see your GP ..if you have nothing wrong with your heart these meds target the heart and you will get side effects 

    I would not touch them..

     My husband was prescribed them for anxiety..they stopped his breathing..

    take care 

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    I agree it will be the propranolol. I have a very bad reaction to this med in that my heart slows down to under 40 BPM and I am virtually collapsed, weak and slow breathing. Also I have severe nausea. I would stop taking them immediately.
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    Dear Freyja

    You have claimed that the first symptoms started after taking Propranolol, and then further different symptoms after the Diazepam provided by A&E.

    If the Propranolol has caused such severe side-effects to make you attend A&E, then this should be communicated back to your GP (who I presume prescribed them in the first place) as soon as possible.

    If you stop taking Propranolol suddenly, you may experience unpleasant side-effects including irregular heartbeat, nausea, vomiting, sweating and shaking. You need to discuss this and any action with your Doctor.

    The second set of symptoms can certainly be ascribed to your taking the 2 x 2mg of Diazepam. If you are not used to it, then even  a small dose will have the effect you decribed. It also will increase the sedative effect of Propranolol. The 'slipping away' sensation is common for people new to Diazepam. They are targeting that part of your nervous system that processes and triggers anxiety in the brain, so you will feel dreamy, but if you let yourself 'slip away', it will only be into a sleep.

    I wholly support Roberts comments regarding Propranolol and hope you will follow his good advice.

    I send you my warmest wishes.

    PS: (by the way, I am personally very familiar with the long-term use of both these drugs)

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      thanks rainboy at least you understand where im coming from been there doing that.You know what i mean,im still taking the diazapam but weaning myself of them down to 25mg a day was takin alot ,you know how much you seem to b clued up,coming down 5mg a month not gp prescribed but they r the good ones from a freind who gets them do u think i should keep on as i am doin?chow for now ROB


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      Dear Robert

      I didn't expect a response so I am pleased to receive one. With regard to your own intake of Valium which you indicate is not from a mainstream source, then I think you have even more reason to continue with what you have started.

      25mg per day is "officially" approaching the recommended daily dose, but you and I both know that there are thousands of people that regularly take far more than this, so you are by no means alone and should not feel ashamed of yourself.

      Clearly you had your reasons for starting on them, and it is none of my business what those reasons were. But, given you have had the willpower to come down from (you don't say how much) what seems to be regular overdoses, then frankly. I'm amazed you have made it this far without intervention!

      If your intention is to continue alone, and if your goal is to eventually achieve zero dosage, then I would take a medium to long term view Robert. In the quest to get off them too quickly, you may undo some of the excellent work you have already done on yourself.

      I am not sure which tablet you are taking. The POM is available in tablet form as a 2mg, 5mg, and 10mg dose, coloured Yellow, Pink, and Blue respectively. I think it would be sensible to attempt a 10% reduction per day and see how you are feeling after say, one week.

      This means you are looking at a 2.5mg reduction in your dosage. If you are taking either the 2mg or 5mg tablet, then it's a simple matter of cutting out one 2mg, of splitting one 5mg down the score line in the centre. If it's 10mg, you will need to halve that, again using the tablet score line, then try your best to halve the two pieces again, leaving you with four small chunks of approx. 2.5mg each.

      Let me know how you get on buddy.

      Best wishes to you.  J

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      ta for the input m8 im 50 yrs old now and am doing the best i can i asked the gp for the proproranol to wean of the diaz it is helping where i used to take 10mg midday i now take a prop instead so im taking 10mg diaz in morn 40mg prop aftrenoon 10mg diaz night.they r yellow activis 5mg diaz.i dont drink but i do have a puff occassionally,no harm in that because i dont drive anyway.hope to hear from you again soon ROB
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      Hello Robert

      Thanks for your update. The information you provided helps me to offer some advice.

      The 5mg tablet you are taking can be halved down the scoreline and that will reduce your daily dose by 10%.

      You don't drink but do smoke. Well in relation to the drugs, that is good news. Smoking has it's own risks and you are well aware of them, but they are totally unrelated to the drug withdrawal.

      I'm particularly pleased that your Propranolol is coming from your Doctor. He/She would be very sympathetic about the Diazepam, so don't worry about that.

      In summary, I would still give you the same advice as last night. Cut down by half a tablet a day, see how it affects you, and if bearable, try seven consecutive days. If you get through that week relatively unscathed, then I would suggest a further way forward, but not now, because you only need to think about the next few days.

      You can always leave a message for me to let me know how you are feeling, and at that point, I could suggest the next step. At the age of 50, you are still a young man compared for example to the attitudes that existed when your Dad was 50.

      Coming off Diazepam altogether could be life-changing for you at this age and you have my 100% support Robert.

      Best wishes always.  :-)

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