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Benzodiazepines and Z Drugs

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  • vivien58797 3


    Has anyone been able to buy zopiclone in pharmacies in Spain. I am shortly going on holiday soon and remember other people saying they were obtainable over the counter. if so, what name do they go by in Spanish. any info greatly appreciated.   Don't want to run out on holiday.

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Useful Resources

    Below are links to various resources from our site and others. If anyone has suggestions for other useful resources let me know but please do so by contacting me and not replying in this thread. Any links for inclusion will have to be from non-commercial reputable sites. Patient Leaflets

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  • lucy1969 2

    Zopiclone 7.5 not working. Any alternatives?

    I have been diagnosed with severe depression following a serious suicide attempt three weeks ago. Since then I have been sleeping maybe one to two hours a night. The crisis team suggested I try zopiclone which my GP prescribed for me three nights ago. I've never taken any form of sleeping pill before....

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  • Ness101010 2

    Should GPs be FORCING their patients off Nitrazepam?

    My 67 year old mother had her prescribed medicines "review" over the telephone a couple of weeks ago, during which the young GP forced her to come off Nitrazepam (saying that they were no longer being produced and using scare tactics such as they can lead to dementia). The GP said she would prescribe...

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  • shane23112 3

    Valium taper

    Hi Everyone, I have been doing a slow taper off diazapam. Was prescribed 5mg 3 months ago. After a month tapered slowly now down to 1.25 mg and the withdrawal has just hit me. Feel awful. Blood pressure and heart rate spikes, headache, flu like symptons. Not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions....

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  • margaret77 2

    My experience of zopiclone (down the rabbit hole)

    Hi my name is Margaret and I am a 35 year old housewife who is prescribed 3x 3.75mg zopiclone a nightand I would like to share with you the signs of an addiction silently creeping up in order someone might recognise where they are and stop the process( unlike I who was given no warning s at all and blundered...

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  • Cushendun2 2
  • erin89673 2

    I want to stop taking Lorazepam. How do I stop?

    I have taken approximately 86 Lorazepam over the last 104 days. Sometimes 1mg a day, sometimes 0.5mg a day and, sometimes not at all. I really did not know that these could become addicting or that I could go through withdrawal when I stop taking them. I don't want to take them anymore. Over the past...

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  • raya44397 2

    Actually so lost - Ativan

    Ok please look at my signature,  as you can see it's a mess.  The highest daily dose i had ever been on was 2mg,  and then I got adverse effects so I tapered, but tapered way too quickly and went into SEVERE withdrawals,  I tried so hard to make it through but it wasn't happening.   So I updosed to...

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  • Notthatginger 3


    I started taking diazepam up to 6mg a day, Then I progressed to lorazepam going from 1mg a day now up to 3mg a day. And occasionally diazepam 5mg or 10mg. I'm so worried because basically whenever I don't take I'm a mess. I can't breathe with intense anxiety and nausea! The suicidal thoughts that go...

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  • nikkiH 2

    cold turkey

    Hi Guys i stopped taking Diazapam 4 weeks ago,i was ok for the first 10 days,but since then i have insomnia almost like an anxiety feeling coming from my stomach up into my chest and throat all the time,iv'e never experienced this before,hence labelling it as anxiety,i had been taking from 5mg to 15...

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  • vivien58797 3


    Has anyone been able to buy zopiclone in pharmacies in Spain. I am shortly going on holiday soon and remember other people saying they were obtainable over the counter. if so, what name do they go by in Spanish. any info greatly appreciated.   Don't want to run out on holiday.

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  • Gina1953 1

    Tapering off of Oxazepam 10mgs - Need some advice.

    I am so new this and my anxiety is getting the best of me, but its time for me to finally come off of Oxazepam. It has come to my attention that the pharamacutical companies are slowing discontinuing this drug. So with that said My Doctor has put me on Diazepam  10mgs.  I have been on Oxazepam 10 mgs...

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  • julian 72386 1

    Am attempting subutex and dizepam detox but no sleep

    I've been prescribed opiates and Valium for 5 yrs since a brain tumour.I have requested to come off of them but I know now that it can't be done in a healthy manner...emotionally was up there with the worst experience of my life. I have had alcohol detoxes which were debilitating but I would really advise...

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  • gina01020 2

    Tapering Oxazepam help please

    Is there a tapering schedule for Oxazepam. I've just been through 5 months of terrible side effects and withdrawals switching ADs and had to use this to cope I've cut down to 15 mg from 30 but don't want to cop another load of symptoms by cutting down too fast. Thanking you for your help

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  • mammal33 2

    Getting off 5mg Valium daily habit advice

    Hello all, just wanted to share my story for some feedback. I've been taking 5mg of Valium a day for about a month and a half. Mostly for back pain (relaxes my muscles) and for stress/anxiety that I get at the end of the day, half from being at home all day, and half from my lovely 3 yr old daughter...

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  • raya44397 2


    Hey all, So I was on Ativan for 40 days never more than 2mg a day, I was getting some adverse effects such as depression and weird breathing, so I decided to taper off.  The only thing is, I guess I tapered way too fast.  I went from 2mg to 1.25 mg in 5 days.  After that I withdrew sooooo baaaaad. ...

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  • brad2779 2

    10 Mg Librium

    So I've been taking one Xanax 2 Mg stick a day for about a month. I am down to about 4. I have Librium but they are only 10mg 3 times a day. Am I in any danger? I know in detox they usually give you 25 mg

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  • musiclover9739 2

    Want to end 20 years on Benzo's

    I started taking Xanax under a doctor's care over 20 years ago. I've never taken them on my own, not that my brain cares. 17 years ago the lawsuit from hell began and my dosage started going up, then klonopin was added, then ambien. I have a fairly severe anxiety disorder plus some stressors including...

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  • Katyf 4

    Lorazepam withdrawal

    Hi I have been on 1mg lorazepam twice a day for 2 years,on Friday I ran out....I feel really anxious fast heart rate,like an out of it feeling and really shaky ...I just read it can be fatal coming off them now I'm terrified I'm going to die someone reassure me please xx

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  • faye79611 2


    Too scared to take diazepam despite feeling anxious for 3 weeks and not sleeping or eating. Can anyone tell me if it will make me more anxious?

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  • raya44397 2

    Ativan Withdrawal Tapering Schedule 2mg

    Ativan Taper Schedule                                     Hello,   I've been on 2mg of Ativan, 1mg in the morning and 1mg in the evening for the past 40 days.  I now want to get off of it because I am starting to get adverse effects. was put on to help me until my Prozac full kicked in.  I read about...

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  • tina05202 3


    Hi does anyone take diazapam I'm taking lorazapam 0.5 twice a day about 8.30 am in the morning and then again 2.30 pm then nothing my doctor gave me diazapam I took half the dose he said and I was out of it I want to take it to get off lorzapam then hopefully wean off that do u think it's best to...

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  • PaulMar 3

    Tapering Diazepam by using Zoloft and Trazadone

    Hi All - I've been suffering from Anxiety and depression for over 17 years. Innitially it was mild depression but after some excess stress in my life I had a panic attack and it developed into GAD. The first three years were hard but once I got the right meds my depression disappeared and my GAD was...

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  • laura45062 2
  • shirley39147 1


    I have been on zopiclone for 7 years since  I moved to Surret B,C, I have been refused by 8 walk in clinics to give me a perscription

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  • Emmkay 2

    Zopiclone side effects after long term use

    Hello you all! I´m new here so I really don´t know how this works.  But I have some questions for those here who have experienced sideeffects from after long term use (abuse) of the drug Zopiclone.  Is there someone here who has experienced indigestion after using Zopiclone or simular drugs.  If so what...

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  • nickzwick 1

    addicted to zopiclone

    hi I have been taking this drug for several years..6-7yr..and i am addicted, I have been using for calming me after a full day of stressful work, or stressful situations..but also at night i sleep very well. I crave the meds and when i get home, have my dinner , I take my first 1/2 of 7.5 pill..I am...

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  • lee08575 2

    zopiclone withdrawals and WTF? help !

    Hi all, so a tiny bit background. I'm 33 years old, male. In my 20's i had a really bad problem with anxiety and drinking (to stop the anxiety) Anyway FFW 10 or so years im living an almost perfect life, amazing wife, NO anxiety, living in Melbourne, Australia but my workload is getting a bit stressful...

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  • db1 1

    Dosage of Zopiclone?

    I am interested what dosage of Zopiclone other users (especially long term users) are prescribed, as I am a concerned daughter whose 65 year old mother is very addicted to this drug. She has taken various drugs for insomnia and depression for a very long time, the lastest being Zopiclone for the last...

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  • sarah94ox 2

    Zopiclone Addiction

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I am a 23 year old student, and I initially started taking Zops in its been over 4 years Please dont judge me, as what I am about to reveal may seem alarming. I am ashamed but I feel trapped and I feel like these pills have ruined my life. I want...

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  • christine201 1


    I'm having to stop taking valium cold turkey, as my psych has not mailed me a script for it. I've been waiting 2 weeks, rang her office a few times, but still no script in the mail. She did this to me on another occasion too. I have been weaning off this and was down to 3 and a half 5mg tabs per day,...

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  • claire83539 2

    Zopiclone addiction

    I have been following this forum for a few months now and it has helped me investigate alternaitves to Zopiclone. I haven't posted before as I wanted to post a positive outcome which might help other readers. ​Very briefly (which isn't like me at all!) I was prescribed Zopiclone in October of 2015 after...

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  • daz44291 1
  • lilly13 3

    lorazepam cold turkey..

    hi everyone has ANYONE quit lorazepam cold turkey.. ? this might not be the best place to ask i did find some videos on youtube of people who have but i want to know more.. i was on it for anxiety i was put on it in october of 2016 and i only took it for a month and a half 0.5mg and i will be 5 months...

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  • keith09733 3

    zopiclone addiction

    Hi, I am glad to have found this group! I started taking Zopiclone over 3 years ago, initially as I travelled quite a bit and found it difficult to sleep often. Then in Jan 2011 I was in the US for a week, and took a 7.5mg tab every night. I can remember feeling much more calm and relaxed; when I returned...

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