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I am over 60, overweight, and have Rheumatoid Arthritis (without the Rh factor). I also have highish BP but it is controlled.

i have suffered intermittent bouts of AF for about 16 months - seemingly brought on by terrible wind (burping and flatulence) during my regular severe indigestion attacks.

The AF bouts consisted of irregular pulse and slightly raised heart rate. My resting pulse usually went from its normal 58 to 64-66. The bouts lasted from 12-20 hours and quite often started during the night while sleeping. The bouts gave me some difficulty with intense exercising but didn't really get in the way too much and I was able to carry on life as normal.

The bouts started off being two monthly then moved to being every three or four weeks. Recently I have had a couple in a fortnight.

Six days ago I started a bout at around 3am, but this time it has continued unabated despite my various attempts to break it. 

In addition my resting pulse has climbed to 76, and I have quite a bit of difficulty exercising as I quickly get short of breath. I have had to modify my activities to cope.

I have been to my GP who had an ECG carried out immediately and advised me that I have Paroxysmal AF. I have a Cardiologist appointment next week to investigate further.

What puzzles me is why the condition - which was previously no more than a nuisance - has become much more severe so suddenly - and why I can't get my heart to kick back into Synus rhythm like it did before.

Anyone had similar experiences - or able to throw any light on this change?


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    my AF is induced by exertion. The discussion on here now takes into consideration  large meals as a trigger for an AF attack. Eating is also a form of exertion for the body. In the mornings I am at my best pertaining to the AF. I think its due to the restful state of sleep. I have found these discussiosn very helpful, especially the recent discussions about benadryl. I would so love to be off all these heart meds, but I understand that is unlikely.My AF used to just be a distraction. I have had it since I can remember and its been a good 15+ years since it became a nuisance. I have alredy had 2 heart attacks and suffered some mild to moderate damage. My history of AF predates the MI's and as the events occur and my ageing the AF has worsened too. Now it is life altering, it gets in the way of living and I am so tired all the time. An ablation is on my horizon or a mini maze. Can you tell I am becoming desperate? Any/all thoughts suggestions are very much appreciated. Knowledge is power and with some of these conditions one can easily feel powerless. Thanks so much all.
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      I can very well understand your concern. Over long periods of time the AFIB does get worse and more erratic. In my beginnings I just had irregularity, but after being prescribed controlling drugs (Which did nothing) and made things worse, I now have to make suggestions to my Doctors because they are clueless as to how you are feeling.

      Doctors prescribe you drugs but they have NO CLUE AS TO HOW THE DRUGS MAKE YOU FEEL. If you don't feel right GET OFF THE DRUG OR REDUCE DOSAGE BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER FEEL RIGHT if you don't make a change. Controlling heart drugs which make you feel terrible MUST BE CHANGED BECAUSE THEY CAN BECOME A DANGER.

      Many Doctors go by the book. They will prescribe various heart drugs simply because hundreds of thousands of patients are taking a particular drug. If it doesn't help they then prescribe the next drug in the line of drugs.

      IF THE DRUG IS NOT HELPING YOU - GET OFF IT OR MAKE CHANGES because bad heart drugs will only give you grief.

      One more thing. I also believe big meals and a stomach full of gas effects AFIB too.

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      I totally agree about the food. Never knew anything about afib till February and had 3 attacks in a week. During the next two weeks, feeling like pulling my hair out, depressed, mad, scared, just sitting and waiting for another attack, I told my daughter

      There was no reason to set off afib. I was just sitting and watching tv every time. And I realized one evening it seemed to occur about an hour after I ate. One evening I had a particularly heavy meal and went into afib. Over the past 6 months, I have figured out that is my trigger for sure.

      Now- about the antihistamines( Benadryl). Can that be taken with metoprolol? I thought they didn't go with beta blockers. I really want off the metoprolol and just keep my apixaban. I agree with the other people on this forum. The heart meds are dangerous.

      I did have an ablation july11. Some

      Short episodes of afib still intermittent. I am going to try and skip evening meal altogether except for maybe toast and milk or a banana.

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    Well, I have been to the Cardiologist, had ECG and Ultrasound of my heart - which I am told is sound.

    It seems unlikely that I will be free of the Afib any time soon but with the Beta Blocker and one of the new Anti-Coagulants it is hoped that I can get on with a normal life and the Afib will run quietly (or irregularly) in the background. As I don't have a greatly raised pulse rate I guess that's a fair possibility.

    Meantime, I am trying to modify my diet and am awaiting the results of a blood test for allergies. Maybe I can calm things down by reducing the stomach irritation.

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    I have been taking Apixaban [new anticoagulant] for my PAF.

    Yesterday for the first time i saw a lot of blood in my urine & again today, so been to see the practice nurse this afternoon who has sent a specimen off to the lab'  .

    Also over the past few months, & since taking the apixaban, i have notice occasional tenderness in my lower left abdomen, & I also get breathless very easily.

    I will keep you informed when i get the results.

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    I am on Xarelto and Metropolol 2 x day plus statins.   I have an apptmnt with a EP Thursday.  I would like to ween down from these meds. It may not be possible to completelt get off since I need to function and can not without the AF controlled. Maybe a mini maze?  So far upping the metropolol and taking it 2 times is helping some. Not perfect but more tolerable now. Less severe episodes less often, except day before yesterday. That one made me blind for several minutes and freaked me out.
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