Afraid of prostate cancer

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Hi. My name is Peter and I am 45 years old

In January 2016 i took an PSA test and the result was 0.8

In Januray 2017 i took another and it was 2.2!

The doctor felt on my prostate and he said it was ok, just a little bit enlarged.

I have some problems urinating with some drops coming after I finished.

If I am sitting and peeing the flow is very weak but better when standing.

I also took a urinetest and there was +3 leucocytes.

With this rapid increase in PSA I am very afraid that I maybe have Prostatecancer..

What do you think?



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    Yes, Unclefester is right. I once forgot to abstain and my PSA scor went from 8 to 12. My next test when I hadn't ejaculated for a few days went down again.

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    Hi Peter,

    It is highly unlikely that you have prostate cancer. Your PSA reading was pretty good, mine was 15 a few weeks ago when I was peeing blood. I have had a bladder and kidney scans along with a CT scan, and they found nothing sinister, just enlarged prostate.

    If you continue to have a problem, get back to the doctor and ask him to get you a more thorough check up.

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    Hi Peter,

         Yes, absolutely no need to panic. First, a rapid increase in PSA can be due to many other causes: as mentioned prostatitis, having had sex recently, or ridden a bike, or even having had a DRE by the urologist before the test. Did you have the PSA test before the doctor felt your prostate or soon after? Also, as the prostate gets bigger with age, the PSA will also rise as well.

          Even if it turns out to be PCa, the very large majority of PCa cancers are not aggressive and and pose no threat to your health or longevity. The majority of men with PCa will die WITH PCa and not FROM PCa.


          Also important to know: if concern continues (the PSA continues to rise), the uro doc may tell you a biopsy is necessary. It should not be the next step regardless of what the doc says. A much less invasive 3T MRI scan of the prostate can be done before a biopsy, and will give important information as to whether a biopsy is actually necessary. And if it is, the 3T MRI can be used to do a targeted biopsy rather tahn a random "pin the tail on the donkey" biopsy. Please know that there are risks involved in getting a biopsy, and best not to do it unless the MRI shows suspcious areas.


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    Good morning Peter.  Try not to get upset.  For your age your right on schedule.  At 40 a mans prostate starts to grow.  Your PSA level are fine  You are under the normal  which is 4.0.  Your doctor should have told you that.  At 47 my doctor told me I had prostate cancer my PSA was 426 ( Yes 426 )  After being sent to the urologist that was suppose to do the surgery after many test and also a 13 needle biopsy it turned out to be a very bad prostate infection.  You say you have some trouble peeing it may be your bladder but as lng as you are don't panic.  I'm 61 now and the last 3 years my PSA were.  4.0  1.0 and last year 0.7.  There is alot of information on the internet and on this site.  All of us men are in the same boat and we are here to help each other.  Also next time you take a PSA make sure you do not exercise or sex of anykind.  It will give you a false reading.  If you feel that your not emptying your bladder take a hot bath or shower that should help you relax.  Like I say don't worry enjoy your life and have some fun  Ken

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    Hi Peter :    Most Likely  you DO NOT have  prostrate Cancer .  PSA levels below  4.0  is  not  an indication of  Cancer ; Surely  the  Doctor (Urologist) would have  mentioned that .

    Appears  it is  Infection.   I would  Advise to Consult  a UROLOGIST  soon . 

    Do pls  stay connected   with the Members  here .-- Rgds ,, Jagdeesh 

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    I'm not a doctor but I have been through some things myself and so have many men on this forum. 

    Yes, a PSA rise of 1.4 over 12 months is concerning, and it reflects a rise of 175%.  Generally, any PSA rise of 25% over one year raises a red flag.

    That said, there is no need to panic.

    For one, you are very young and prostate cancer incidence in your age group is very low.

    Secondly, a negative DRE (doc felt no lumps during the rectal exam) is a good sign.

    The presence of leucocytes could mean an infection.  An acute infection would probably elevate your PSA even further, most likely. 

    There are some other tests that can help you:

    (1)  your doc can do an ultrasound and get your prostate volume.  Divide your PSA by the prostate volume in cc (cubic centimeters, or mL) and see what that ratio is.  It should be 0.1 or lower.  For example, if your prostate is 30 cc then your PSA density is 2.2 divided by 30, or 0.073.  That would be a good indicator of not having cancer.

    (2) your doc can run % free-PSA.  Your total PSA is still pretty low at 2.2, and usually % free tells more when the PSA is between 4-10.  But if your PSA should rise, or your doc feel inclined to check it now, % free should be 25% or more of the total PSA.  If % free is 10% or under that is often indicative of cancer.

    (3) there is a new blood test the FDA approved (in the US, not sure where you are).  It is called the phi test.  It looks at more than just total PSA and it then calculates a prostate risk score.

    (4) a urine test was developed in the US at Michigan-Ann Arbor.  It looks at PCA3 and one other gene.  Your doc would rub your prostate to expel cells into your bladder, then collect a urine sample.  The sample would be sent to a specific lab for testing.  The results would also give you a cancer risk based on the presence of the two genetic markers.

    (5) before, before, before you even consider having a biopsy, ask your doc to order an MRI.  And not just any MRI, but a multiparametric MRI on a 3-Tesla machine.  This is the best diagnostic imaging tool to date.  That can tell a lot.

    More than likely, Peter, you have enlarged prostate (BPH) or prostatitis.  But you do have to rule out cancer.  The above can help you/your doc make that decision before going straight to the biopsy.

    Has your doc talked about Cipro or another Abx to treat infection?

    In the meantime, to help w/ symptoms look up sitz baths, and eliminate caffeine and alcohol, and avoid 100% if possible any dairy.

    Keep us informed.   Hope all turns out well for you.


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    Sex soon before a PSA test, and surprisingly, not having sex for a long time before a PSA test can both temporarily raise the PSA. Get a second opinion and don't panic. Chances are that you are fine.


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    Hello Peter. Although my husband is older than you he had a PSA that was constantly rising. The rise was due to prostatitus which can raise the PSA level very significantly. His highest PSA level was 17! Although I am very limited in my knowledge base I would think that it is unlikely that it is PC, my partner also had big problems with water works - all down to prostatitus. He is now good! So try to be positive and not get too focussed on the worst scenario!

    Take care you! Deb

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