afraid to have als or mnd a bulbar type

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i am a 20 years old boy facing with some problems not getting away first of all i am facing a issue with my thorat and that is a major problem i dont have any difficulty chewing foods and drinking liquides nor choking or coughing but i am having a lot of thick saliva in my thorat specialy after eating food and after waking up from sleep .I recenlty googled my symptoms for als as i am thinking about and found that (if anyone is afraid or think that he have als a bulbar type and want to check his thorat muscle so he can do a test like if he can hold water while gargiling into back of his thorat so he pass the test)but i could not hold the water in my thorat while gargiling somtimes it goes down and sometime i got a vomiting sensation and the water fall out of my mouth.also when i am sitting free not drinking and eating anything and gulping my own saliva i feel my thoart irrtated feeling cant experess and a lity bit soreness and dryness .and the other problem which i am of least concern is the twitching of my whole body                                                                                                                                                                                                                plese help me help will be apriciated and i really apolojize for my bed english and spelling but rellly afraid that it could be the first symptom of als

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    i ialso forgot to mention that i am not able to clear my thorat my thorat is not abling to force the thick saliva out of my thorat and alos having a horse voice becaause of it and not wanting to talk to any one as noe one is understanding my situition
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    Sorry to hear about that umer. It sounds scary.

    For a few months I've also had some thick saliva in my throat, and for several months twitching over my whole body. When I drink lots of water, my body stays hydrated and my saliva is thinner and easier to clear. Since you aren't having trouble swallowing, maybe you can try drinking lots of water, if you haven't already tried that. Several large glasses every day.

    Are you seeing doctors for these problems? Maybe a neurologist should look at you.

    Are you under a lot of stress, or have you had major losses and changes in the past year? Any bad infections, or other physical illness?

    The twitches can be from many things, some of them are minor, and some are serious (as you know). If you are low in vitamins like B, you might want to take some. Another thing is Magnesium, and potassium, which you can get form a healthy diet. Perhaps also consider giving up gluten and dairy for 2 weeks to see if that has any effect on your symptoms. Work on relaxation and lowering stress if you can. And see a doctor if you can.

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      thanks alot drutter for replying me                                                                                          i hanvent seen a docter yet but before having this i have done a lots of unusual things which i thinks should not do such as sleeping under a fan,drinking cold water,taking a bath at night with cold water etc (i also want to add that i am facing this sitution long before i got a serve dehydration attack as docters says about 5 months ago and then some sinus problem and twitching problem because of which i left workingout of my gym and searched of my symptoms on google and gor a result of als and when got it discused by docter he told me that its all anexity than after that my college vication got over and my studies sarted as they were and i sarted to thinking a less about them but the condition of my health remains the sames or you couls saye that progresse a little)but now from many days i am off from my studies because i am feeling a little ill and going college is a very tough time because i walk to my college and it is a 3kilometere walk right now i am also having a runny nose too apart from that i am also having a bowel problems and unproper sools but the most i concern is the thorat problem that i am facing off and irritation and blockage type felling i also do not have a nice gulp etc
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      Hi umer,

      Remember that ALS is quite rare. It's a terrible condition, but most times when people are afraid they have it, that's because they are frightened by the idea and see their symptoms as the same as ALS. So many symptoms of other conditions are similar to ALS. If you have it, then you have it, and there's no way you can get rid of it. But if you don't have it, then you are creating a LOT of stress for yourself by worrying all the time, and that can definitely cause many health problems, including more twitches, and even things like muscle weakness. So the best thing you can do is stop assuming you have ALS, and do everything possible to calm down, improve your overall health, and relax your mind. If you can, try some mediitation. Just forget about the twitches, because they are annoying but they won't harm you, and meditate for 10 minutes, or 20, or even more. Use guided medititation videos on YouTube if you haven't tried it before. Also, a moderate amount of exercise like walking, gentle swimming, yoga, stretching, etc. Do it every day, but don't get yourself too tired. Your body needs to heal and rest. Make sure you get as much sleep at night as you can, and only nap in the day if you really must. Try to socialize with family or friends that are happy and positive people, have a little fun, and take your mind off your symptoms now and then. Don't always be worried, because that will definitely cause problems, especially as you get older.

      If you do have a serious neurological problem, then you will get help from a doctor. Maybe a clinic doctor you have never seen before? He might be able to give you some good advice after speaking with you and observing you. Maybe he would order some blood samples to be tested at a lab, which might help rule out some conditions, and also direct you toward certain supplements or lifestyle changes.

      If you want to learn on google, instead of learning about terrible illnesses, learn about nutrition. Research about "food intolerances" like gluten, dairy, and certain sugars. Many people get neurological problems because their diet is wrong for them. Twitching can be a sign that your nerves are under attack from your own immune system, which can happen if you eat too much sugar (early diabetes), or if your body is intolerant to gluten. It can also get worse when you are stressed. Or maybe you are low in vitamin B6 or B12. If you can get a B complex supplement, take one every day. Also vitamin D is very good, and sometimes we don't get enough in the diet, or enough sunlight to make it with our skin. Some people take 5000 units every day, or more, to regulate their immune system. If you have a runny nose, maybe your immune system is weak right now.

      Do you have pain in your feet, or numbness? Do you have shaky hands? Blurred vision?

      I'm sorry you are so worried about your health. Try to learn more about it without feeling fearful. Learn with a feeling of excitement, and hope for better health, not fear. If it gets too scary for you, take a break from researching, walk, cook a healthy meal, talk to a friend, or even just watch a movie or something to distract yourself.

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      dear drutter can you please help me i am having problem while gargling           when i gargle water i cant hold it into back of my mouth for too long it goes down into my thoart or some times i cough it out and sometime i got a vomiting felling and the wate comes out of my mouth could it be a serious issue
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