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Neurological Disorders

New discussion Join group Also known as Aphasia, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Coma, Dysphasia, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Horner's Syndrome, Korsakoff's Pyschosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Poems Syndrome, Speech Disorders, Tolosa Hunt Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis, Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Neurological Disorders Resources

    Below are various resources for Neurological Disorders from leaflets to useful web sites and support groups. If any user has suggestions for other useful resources please send me a Private Message with details rather than replying here. Any links will need to comply with forum rules for posting. There...

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  • grace50435 2

    Funny tingling all over body

    Hi everyone! For about 6 weeks now, off and on, I've had this weird tingling all over my body. At times it'll be concentrated in one place (like pins and needles) in both my feet or a hand or a shin. And then other times like tonight, it'll be like little sudden twitches of tingling...almost like a...

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  • asghar71546 1

    Asghar Bagheri

    A patient with irritable myopathy whom is diagnosed needs help to know "do you have a good news about this desease , exploring a new exact medicine to cure dll ?"

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  • alexandra45511 1

    Dizziness, pain and tingling

    Hi all, Just looking for some advice/support from others who may be experiencing similar. Started noticing a tingling sensation in my feet/toes a few weeks ago. This comes and goes. It can also appear in my left hand but less frequently. I am also having pain in my arms and legs, which again comes...

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  • Essexgirlinpain 3


    Just been diagnosed with fnd (functional neurological disorder) and finding information difficult I'm awaiting mri scan to rule out ms but if it's all clear this is my diagnosis. Has anyone else been given this diagnosis? A similar condition is conversion disorder, apparently. Beginning to feel like...

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  • kelics 2

    Exercise problem

    I have ms and thefore my balance isnt good. Im looking for the ways to improve my balance. I tried pillates, other core muscles exercises, balance exercises but nothing has been effictive. Anyone knows any techniques to improve balance specifically for MS PATIENTS? P.s please No research by this or...

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  • Guest M

    Guillain-Barre Syndrome GBS

    I was struck down by GBS seven months ago. I just collapsed in the street. No warning. I didn't know what was happening. I was scared. Got myself to the doctors straight away where he admitted me to hospital straight away. Just had over a week in hospital (I was lucky) but then as I came home, I was...

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  • phil49742 2

    Pins and needles all over body, numb legs & back pain!!

    Please help? - It all started 2 weeks ago, sat watching TV with a sudden bout of pins and needles in my right arm, this quickly progressed to my whole right side, after calling 111  they sent out a ambulance for suspect stroke - after tests this was not the case.  Next day i had P&N all over my body...

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  • saraann90 2
  • NowhereBoy 2

    Possible ALS/MND? Extremely Worried..

    Hi, I'm a 27 year old male and have been experiencing what I am convinced are symptoms caused by ALS. I am not so naive to expect a diagnosis but I am so worked up, just some replies from people with any experience wether professional or patient would be appreciated. I apologise in advance for the following...

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  • millie33270 1

    Stuttering as an adult

    My son (22) has started stuttering really badly - so much so that he will not talk on the phone, skype, etc.  He has had an MRI that is clear.  Any suggestions.  Its very frustrating for him as hes never had a speech problem before.

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  • jana37 2

    Experiencing full body numbness

    About a week ago I began experiencing numbness in my left hand, a day later it became much more prevelent and now I am experienced full body numbness and intense numbness. The same feeling you get when your leg falls asleep but my entire body, when I walk my feet tingle and my left hand feels stiff...

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  • steve17165 1

    Numbness in my left foot and leg up to knee

    I've been working on the railway for the past 6 years walking on uneven surfaces all the time like ballest I have had major back problems with my lower back and think it was through shovelling. All day today I've had numbness in my left foot and leg below my knee??? Now worried as it's aching loads

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  • krisjb 3


    Hi all Just needed some advice if possible Started in march with a forearm twitch that went after 3 or 4days. Had other twitches but seemed to stop. Went through the whole als anxiety and then read an article about symptoms and it seemed to calm me down. Went to the doctor who said I had slightly...

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  • austinkwebb 2

    Left side problems

    Okay, so about a week and a half ago I started getting a type of confused feeling. I could still function and it was just a strange sensation in my head. Later on this has progressed to the point to where the left side of my body has become different. My head is kind of numb type feeling on the left...

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  • jay84725 1

    Please help,weird nerve problem getting worse

    Hi i am a 36 year old guy.about 6 years ago i woke up in the middle of the night with severe stabbing pain in middile of my left side of the head.the pain was running from the left side of my head down to the left side of chest,around the nipple area.following days the pain continued...i also had my...

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  • Cheryl0215 2

    B 6 vitamin toxicity

    My B 12 was low so the Dr put me on B vitamins.  I also was getting too much from other vitamins I was taking. I ended up with tremors, nerve pain and dizzy.  My B 12 was triple what it should be and my B 6 was two times over a safe level.  I was in a fog all the time and got anxiety and slept only a...

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  • sean73 2

    Could it be anything other than ALS

    Wondering if anyone has has similar issues and what it turned out to be? started for me in March when I noticed to get muscle twitching all over my body arms, legs, feet, lips, buttocks etc. Some twitches were quite strong and would repeat 3 or 4 times rapidly then stop others were seen but not felt....

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  • Qiqi 1

    Weird wave feeling in my head when I do something wrong.

    I get this weird wave feeling in my head when I do something bad. Also, my eyes kind of zoom out...? Like a camera does when it tries to focus on a certain object. It happened when I went into my moms room without asking, I was dared to climb over a fence into some private property (i didn't actually...

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  • mercedes11406 1

    I smoked suspicious weed, now I feel crazy

    Hey, thx 4 taking out the time 2 read this. So 2 days ago, I bought weed off some guy I didn't know off craigslist. I never thought that day would do this 2 me. So, when I actually held the weed, which was a half quarter n I paid $80...the weed looked different from the usual weed I have smoked and when...

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  • mercedes11406 1

    I smoked suspicious weed, now I feel crazy

    Hey, thx 4 taking out the time 2 read this. So 2 days ago, I bought weed off some guy I didn't know off craigslist. I never thought that day would do this 2 me. So, when I actually held the weed, which was a half quarter n I paid $80, I know absolutely nothing about weed and so the weed looked different...

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  • valyse323 1

    Been having strange episodes for the past few months a. PLEASE HELP

    Let me start off by saying I've suffered from panic attacks/sever anxiety since I can remember and what I am about to say has nothing to do with that. I'm 24 and starting back in March I started getting these strange head highs, hard to explain but they felt almost like an out of body experience, everything...

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  • Alex70083 1

    i need some help please ..

    I.m 19 years old male now since i got in army i have those symptoms that all my body gets random muscle twitches (visble) they are not rapid its gets just as one twitch in random area . i have tremor when i move muscle and use them i feel like all jerky and get parts of body to jerk such as my fingers...

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  • greg86764 1

    Fearing ALS

    I had BFS 17 years ago. This March i had severe neck pain and had an MRI on my neck and have to bulging discs, c5-6 and c6-7 with severe impingement. After the MRI i started getting fasiculations again. About 4 weeks ago I noticd my left pec was getting small an cramping when I would use it. The cramping...

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  • Pageside 2
  • NDH4078 1
  • chris15711 2

    Brain just shutting down, zombie state - Desperate for help.

    I have been back and forth to doctors for many years now with what I initially described as fatigue, inability to concentrate, brain fog, blocked ear, strange uncharacteristic mood swings + a whole host of other little things like sudden chills, body aches and pains, frequent diarrhea etc Now I have...

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  • Guest M

    Living with headaches post SAH

    I am 39 and suffered SAH 5/2/8 am now back at work (maybe too early). I was wondering how other people felt post SAH. I am experiencing headaches on a daily basis that appear to get worse the more stressed I'm become. The headaches are not like headaches I have experienced before and pain killers only...

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  • scott49786 2

    Weird symptoms and no diagnosis. Help

    Here is a Comprehensive Medical History   Long Term Symptoms (not sure if related) - Itchy rectum, anal area(Began early 2015) - Saw GI Dr. and he diagnosed Perianal Dermatitis. Cracking/popping joints(always been prominent)- Mostly in knees/ankles, but pretty much all joints. Especially in morning....

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  • ja47843 1

    S.I.H. - Lack of treatment options

    I was diagnosed with spontanious intracranial hypotension in July 2016. I have had two blood patches. The first appeared to help for about 3 weeks. After the second I was hospitalised with a meningitis infection. I have been effectively bedridden for over two years after being a very keen athlete and...

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  • ryan1990 2

    Somewhat acute onset of tremors and muscle spasms

    I've experienced mild shakiness periodically in the past, commonly after lifting weights and also more noticeable when nervous, but in the past few weeks I feel as if my body has gone haywire. Symptoms I've experienced: -Hand and arm tremors -Leg tremors -Thumb tremors in particular and some twitches...

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  • ted38221 1

    Guillain Barre - nausea vomiting

    Has anyone with Guillain Barre experienced nausea and vomiting? I had GB and that was one of the worst parts for me, I coudln't hold down any food for 3 months. But no one else has mentioned experiencing this.

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  • michelle0327 1

    CSF leak undetected

    After MRI with contrast of brain, cervical, thorasic,  and lumbar my csf leak was not detected. From what I am reading this is pretty normal not to find the leak. I was dx with intracranial hypotension a week ago after suffering headaches for 5 weeks and being put through chronic migraine treatment torture....

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  • grace61140 2


    Hello there. Can anyone receommend a good neurologist with experience of Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) or Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Many thanks

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  • Keira8488 2

    Is this anxiety or something more serious?? Scared!!

    I've been feeling ill since the beginning of March. I've got pain in the one side of my head, I'm light headed and foggy headed daily and I mean daily it's getting me down now, I have a whooshing sound in the same ear the head pain is on especially when I'm lying down. I'm seeing a cardiologist this...

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