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Neurological Disorders

New discussion Join group Also known as Aphasia, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Coma, Dysphasia, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Horner's Syndrome, Korsakoff's Pyschosis, Motor Neurone Disease, Poems Syndrome, Speech Disorders, Tolosa Hunt Syndrome, Tuberous Sclerosis, Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Neurological Disorders Resources

    Below are various resources for Neurological Disorders from leaflets to useful web sites and support groups. If any user has suggestions for other useful resources please send me a Private Message with details rather than replying here. Any links will need to comply with forum rules for posting.

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  • dean30360 2

    Chronic back, neck, shoulder and jaw ache and strange symptoms

    I have an undiagnosed chronic problem, any help much appreciated.. Here goes..  I have had a discomfort in the middle of my back for a few years now, slightly to the left of my spine but under the rib cage towards the middle of my left shoulder blade. Ive always shrugged it off but over the last

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  • sean73 2

    Could it be anything other than ALS

    Wondering if anyone has has similar issues and what it turned out to be? started for me in March when I noticed to get muscle twitching all over my body arms, legs, feet, lips, buttocks etc. Some twitches were quite strong and would repeat 3 or 4 times rapidly then stop others were seen but not

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  • Guest M

    Guillain-Barre Syndrome GBS

    I was struck down by GBS seven months ago. I just collapsed in the street. No warning. I didn't know what was happening. I was scared. Got myself to the doctors straight away where he admitted me to hospital straight away. Just had over a week in hospital (I was lucky) but then as I came home, I

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  • kim26095 2
  • laluka 2
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  • kariann54 2

    Burning pain in arms, down rib cage and legs.

    Hi.  Around February, I started having a lot of different types of pains.  I was told I had a gallstone and it was recommended that my gall bladder be removed.  I had that done in June.  Since then, I've still been having all the burning sensations in my arms, under my armpits, down both sides of

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  • scott6672 2

    ALS 19

    First there are actually over 20 forms of ALS. This is a shot in the dark but has anyone been diagnosed with ALS 19 or who carry the ERBB4 gene? Good news is that it is late onset and progresses slowly. The 5 documented cases all lived into their mid 70s.

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  • kristina73093 3

    Ulnar nerve translocation surgery, your thoughts

    I've been having issues for over a year with my right hand, the last 2 fingers going numb. My neurologist said that the nerve is deteriorating and that if I keep up what I'm doing, I will need the surgery. What I'm doing is what is normal to anyone, bending my elbow for daily things. My

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  • molly8693 3

    Lip numbness or tingling

    Hello, It has been a couple of days I have been experiencing numbness and tingling on my lower lip. I don't want to panic and run to my GP.  And anyway to consult a doctor means I have to wait at least a week. Is there anyone here who has this experience and what the cause(s) could be?  I haven't

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  • jenny60469 2

    Spinal hemangioma.

    Has anyone been diagnosed as having a spinal hemangioma ? Are they in the small percentage of women who experience severe pain, probably due to this ? Have you had any procedures to alleviate the pain ? How has your doctor's or consultants attitude been towards you.

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  • krisjb 3

    5 weeks of twitching

    hi all not sure if am in the right place but would welcome some advice for background I am 40 yr old male and do the levothyroxine for under active thyroid  all started 5 weeks ago with twitching on my right forearm just below elbow.   Though nothing of it and it seemed to stop within 3 or 4 days ...

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  • brittany 51392 2

    Anxiety or als?

    Hi my name is Brittany I'm about to turn 27 in June I started having a tingle sensation in my fingers a couple of days ago so I looked it up and als came up and I immediately got terrified and looked into it and than after that I started to have spams all over and twitching all over along with leg

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  • daniel64351 2

    various symptoms no diagnosis

    hi all, i have been experiencing​ episodes of fealing strange and lightheaded, somtimes shakeing, sometimes with a belly ache. ​i thought symptoms were similar to hypoglycemia but�blood sugar is with in normal range only a bit low some times 3.7mmol, had ECG and a brain scan but nothing

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  • Blank Purposely 2

    Neuro symptoms - any thoughts?

    Hello Everyone, Sorry, first ever post on a board and a bit lengthy to explain what’s going on! Always been well and used to run. I am now 44. Only odd health issues was a bout of double vision and bad headaches when I was 25 which passed after a few months. Nearly two years ago I had emergency

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  • Pageside 2

    Debilitating, intermittent "episodes" of disorientation & brain fog

    I'm going to start off by saying my condition/illness or whatever it may be is a medical mystery to six doctors (physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists) and that I am unemployed and rejecting job offers because my condition limits my abilities and brain function. It is a roadblock in my life and I can'

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  • robert37103 1

    Frequent spells of extreme lack of focus

    About a year or so ago I started accutane and I had the normal side effects, except for two. I developed anxiety and started to get panic attacks when I was around new people and places(wether or not this is because of accutane I do not know). The anxiety has more or less gone away or I've figured

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  • jack68918 1

    Nerve shocks through body when moving eyes only

    Hi all, I'm a 28 year old male taking a low dose of beta blockers for tachycardia (fast heart rate). I also have asthma but apart from that I'm in good health. For the past two years (slowly worsening), I experience a mild 'shock' sensation through my head, chest and hands whenever I move my eyes.

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  • nikki777 1

    No diagnosis for 5 years!

    Hello! I often have a headaches. Almost 5 years already. I am 23 years old. The pain begins in the cervical region of c5 / c6 and spreads to the right side of the head covering the ear, the scales and sometimes the eye. With severe pain, the right side of the face swells and begins to tear the

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  • grace50435 2

    Funny tingling all over body

    Hi everyone! For about 6 weeks now, off and on, I've had this weird tingling all over my body. At times it'll be concentrated in one place (like pins and needles) in both my feet or a hand or a shin. And then other times like tonight, it'll be like little sudden twitches of like

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  • michael26630 1

    Flip flops and numb, tingly big toes

    I've had disturbingly numb and tingly big toes for about two years, although there were a few signs quite a long time before this. My initial assumption was that it was due to wearing flip flops much of the time for about 40 years since the 1960s - even for long walks. (I stopped wearing them about

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  • cam and corona 1

    strange symptoms. periodic one sided weakness.

    so i gradually began getting sick about a year ago. started with not being able to concentrate then eventually led to me being stuck in a bed for three weeks. my symptoms were what i would call " attacks" of weakness. it would feel as if all my energy was draining from me for about 15 minnutes to

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  • chris15711 2

    Brain just shutting down, zombie state - Desperate for help.

    I have been back and forth to doctors for many years now with what I initially described as fatigue, inability to concentrate, brain fog, blocked ear, strange uncharacteristic mood swings + a whole host of other little things like sudden chills, body aches and pains, frequent diarrhea etc Now I

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  • sandy67 4

    clonus - please help!!!!!!

    Hi anyone that reads this. I am feeling pretty desperate. Just out of hospital after spending 9 days there. Apart from actually finding clonus nobody can give me any answers and I don't know what to do!! My doc sent me cos I visited him in a state, couldn't walk, still can't, my legs shake, my

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  • mariella57453 1

    Do i have multiple sclerosis at an early age?

    I'm 17 and I noticed that everytime I move or twist my neck there's a sensation like an electric shock running down to neck then to my spine after that it travels through my whole body. I experienced this since I was in grade 2 (8 yrs old.) I thought that it was normal so I didn't tell anyone. But

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  • rosieh2408 2

    Petrified and confused

    Hi there, (I'm 25/F) I'm really hoping someone can help.  Last week, on Weds, I went for a short walk at work on my lunch break in some low heeled ankle boots (same that I've been wearing for a year) and all of a sudden I got a burning sensation in the balls of my feet and had to go back to my desk &...

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  • tamara89 3

    Jaw tiredness/numbness

    I've experienced this feeling before on occasions but these last couple days have felt more persistent. My jaw has been feeling numb/tired along my bottom jaw line as well as under my chin. Since I put on some weight I have a bit of a double chin (so embarrassing sorry) and the numbNess feels

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  • cocobanjo 2

    Numbness 18 months after head injury... is this permanent?

    Male, early thirties.  Head injury occurred in May 2013.  Fell off bike (wearing helmet thankfully).  But the knock was severe and I had concussion.  A few days later I noticed that the entire right hand side of my body from head to toe was numb.  I mean exactly half of my body including the right

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  • Pandacake 2

    Discolouration on Optic Nerve with Septo-Optic Dysplasia

    Hey, Please can someone help me? Because I'm having no luck with Opticians, GPs or the eye clinic.  I have Septo-optic dysplasia, and I'm lucky if I ever get to see someone who's even heard of it because it's apparently one of those rare and awkward conditions with varying symptoms. But basically,...

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  • jesseka23748 2
  • salman18919 2
  • Guest M

    Meralgia Parasthetica

    I have had maralgia parasthetica in my left thigh since October 2006 when I had colon resection for colon cancer. The itching and burning in my thigh began about a week after surgery probably when I stopped taking all of the pain pills. The pain goes from the bottom outside of my thigh, up over

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  • jay645 1

    Is this early symptoms of ALS?

    Hi All, My names Jay, I am from the UK I am quite young & healthy, early 30s (which makes alot of people dismiss the possibility of ALS). My problems started at Xmas time 2016 although I believe this has been going on longer than this now I think back. I have read a bit on the forum and one poster

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