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All of my symptoms about 18 months ago, within a week of having some dental work done and within 6 weeks of ceasing smoking.

Initially I suffered a massive hit, 5 days in bed, fatigue, headaches,  I had balance issues, working memory issues, headaches, restless legs, weakened my voice, dandruf, irregular heartbeat and noticed some fine action tremors and shakiness especially when fatigued (which was quite often initially) 

I also suffered constipation,  massive myoclonic jerks whislt sleep transitioning.

I still stumble around in the dark (balance) and I have a weird sort of tremor (very slight) that I get in slightly tensed muscles 

The most concerning observation is that some of my muscles shake when I'm "releasing" them

eg1, if I lift my hand up I can do this with a smooth muscle movement, but on the way down it's jerky, it's quite a rapid cogwheel type movement, if I turn the wrist around I get the opposite result -there is a definite jerkyness to the movement, it's only when moving fairly fast and does not apply when there is a significant weight in the hand . this isn't cogwheel rigidity, there is NO rigidity , if soemone else moves my wrist there is no problem.

eg2, sitting on chair, toe pressed into ground, heel is elevated. As I drop the heel the movement is jerky not smooth.

eg3, if I smile slowly in the mirror (lol, as an example) the onset of the smile is smooth, when I release the smile the movement is jerky, has little steps in it)

Even some of my inward breaths have a jerkyness to them

I make smooth muscle movements when I am contracting muscles, it's when I release or oppose that the shaking starts. 

I have thought about essential tremor but if I do the classic hands in front of face test my hands are dead steady.

If I point at an object my fingers are very steady.

I can touch my nose and pass all of the gait tests.

Alcohol makes absolutely no difference

Coffee exaccerbates it but only slightly.

I also have seen a neurologist about the fasciculations in my feet ( one of the first symptoms) but have not had a diagnosis yet. 

Fasciculations on the soles of my feet but these are not constant

I have no tremors at rest

I have no loss of power

It seems to be the smaller muscles rather than the larger muscles that have this jerky release pattern and especially those in the core, if I breath in and out using my stomach I have a definite jerkyness.

there are also a few moments when I get what I'll call random myoclonus. I'll be standing or sitting somewhere and my hand wrist or arm will just move, ever so slightly. during these times is when my balance is poor.

Can anyone relate to this grouping of symptoms ?

Would really appreciate any input.

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    I don't experience the jerking, but I do experience some of the rest.

    I have loss of motor skills on left side, balance issues etc.

    Began back in 1991. 11 neurologists, mri's, 2 spinal taps etc. Nobody knows what's wrong. Been living with 7th for literally 26 years.

    I was hoping that someone here knew something

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    What type of dental work did you have? Could it be an allergic reaction to whatever they gave you? Search gluten and check out the symptoms. Some of what you list are on the list. I have some and am going g free. A naturopath probably could help you but then again I am in favor of natural remedys.I'm sorry you have such misery and hope you get better soon. 

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    I have all of these symptoms plus more, pins n needles that feel like they're burning, I get pins n needles in my lips and tongue too very odd sensations, I get the tremors n shakes, random Jerks and more..

    I was worried it could be ms so neuro investigated, I already had diagnosis of fibro but this is something else...

    Got my diagnosis Wednesday...

    I've got functional neurological disorder

    Go to website see if you can relate, but I do feel you should be referred to a neurologist to do some investigating..

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    Hello, I'm experiencing something very similar. Did it ever resolve for you, or did you get a diagnosis? Any other tips on how to manage it? Thanks!

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