Nasal tightness for 6 months with other symptoms, medical mystery

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Hello I'm a 36 year old female. Out of the blue 6 months ago I developed full body twitching starting in my face. Then shortly after my nose tightened up, it literally feels tight if I move it around like it Is being squeezed below the nasal bridge. It pulsates and twitches inside sometimes almost a feeling that something is trying to get out, maybe pressure? I then developed a lot of stabbing pains in my head that would come and go and extreme head tightness and pressure that will come and go. I also get very sensitive spots of my scalp. I can't lay on the back of my head without feeling a lot of pressure either. Sometimes I feel burning amd aching sensations around my ears and behind them. Also, I get random nerve sensations throughout the rest of my body, hands, feet, shins, face etc. I've had a ton of blood work which come a back fine. A head and neck MRI and a head CT scan all clear. Ive been to 3 ENT doctors who each put a scope up my nose to no avail. Everything looks normal.  As I mentioned before I have no congestion or stuffy nose it just literally tightens and it's so uncomfortable. If anyone has any idea please chime in, it's ruining my life and no doctor has a clue! 

I did have a ferritin level of 7 when this started, I've been supplementing with iron since and am awaiting bloodwork to see if it went up now. I also take vitamin d, b complex, and use magnesium oil. 

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    I am having the exact same symptoms and I wonder how are you going now. I hope you have got rid of the tight nose problem. Please help me if you have found a way to resolve the tight nose problem. Thank you.
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      wow finally finding people close to my symptoms!

      I have had tight nose, uncomfortable since AUGUST SO ITS BEEN almost a year. It feels so tight to move around. I have gone to ENT's that thought nerve, auto immune, migraine. I tried antibiotics, antibiotic ointment to no availability. I am going to MOUNT SINAI next week... It feels very dry in my nose and vaseline does not work. with them saying now to not use vaseline in the nose I do not want to use that anymore anyway. I have tried coconut oil, nasal sprays, honey. I also have sticky mucus in the back of the nose and dryness burning. I feel like its some infectious thing but ent's say I am not red in nose and they say we all get mucus. Had a ton of nasal scopes, CT & Mri. The fact that it is tight moving my nose bothers me so bad! I just want my old nose feeling back! IF its something infectious I just want the right treatment!

      I am on nerve medicine and have had facial pain & teeth extractions last year. Weird facial sensations.

      When this first started I developed nose pain about 6 weeks after the dental extraction. I Started getting weird sensations in face and pulling sensations, tightness in nose. I keep thinking this is staph related. Even though I have been on meds for it I wonder if I need to be on stronger meds? no ENT sees anything wrong in my nose. SO I do have the tightness that is driving me mad!

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      talk to your ent about mid facial segment pain all the pulling sesantions nose tightness facial sensations dryness practically all you describe i have. the medicine is amitriptyline. are you stressed or have anxiety? i have reflux which contributes if that helps.

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    I have a strong similarity

    Its consumed my whole body in a tight squeeze

    The core issue is in the nose throat and face

    Now 6 yrs....and countless doctors

    Alot didnt believe me due to the uncommon systems.

    Did u get a diagnosis

    I have same issue blood good

    MRI and scans good like u..

    What is your prognosis and assistance have u received

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    i have the same and was diagnosed with mid segment facial pain. the pressure and tightness is consistent with that. i was prescribed amitryptiline and it worked okay. i had to stop taking since i became pregnant but its probably what you have!! see a neurologist about it

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    I can relate to your pain symptoms in my nose, face, head, neck for years, the lack of diagnosis, the multiple specialists to try to find an answer, the multiple tests and nothing abnormal. I have had my front tooth extracted, asked for my tooth beside it to be extracted because of the pain (the dental specialists didn't though because there was not visible need for it, even after 2 root canals).

    I have requested a referral to a neurologist, and in the mean time started nortriptyline, and now doing graston technique, massage, acupressure, yoga, stretches, seeing a myofascial specialist, a chiropractor, have an appt to see an osteopath, and awaiting to see a cranio-facial physiotherapist. It has been helpful but frustrating to still have no reasons or answers for what is happening to my face and body. Thank you for sharing your experiences, to know I am not alone is also a comfort. Hopefully one of us will find an answer and share it with the others.

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    I am 37 year old female and could literally have written this. I get the twitching and facial tightness (like a squeeze feeling that lasts a few seconds) and have been so worried. I'm most concerned about ALS.

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