Water sensations all over my body????

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So for the past couple of weeks I keep getting water sensations in my body. First it started in my stomach (i would feel burning liquid moving around my abdomen and my back) then it moved on to my legs and arms, it was sort of like cold water dripping and then this week it moved on my my head. Now i constantly feel cold water all over my head. I went to the hospital on Sunday and they did a CAT scan of my head and blood test but didn't find anything. I constantly feel the liquid all over my body and now I feel it in my forehead, sometimes it feels like raindrops. 

Last friday I woke up with my leg feeling swollen and for the rest of this week my leg has been feeling weak and heavy, and my arm too. It never ends and I can barely do anything because I feel these things constantly. Everytime I go to the doctors and they run tests they don't find anything but I still feel it. I'm scheduling an appointment with a neurologist tomorrow, hopefully they can help me with whatever this is. Has anybody else ever felt this before and does it go away/what was it?? I've been freaking myself out looking up my symptoms online and all this scary stuff keeps coming up specifically MS and I'm really scared because I'm only 18 and I'm supposed to be leaving for college in 3 weeks and I don't want to have a disease right now (or ever) but especially at this point in my life. Plus i have anxiety and all I ever do is worry about what this could be. 

Sorry for such a long post, i'm not sure if any of this even made sense, but any input would be appreciated. I just want this to go away already....

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    Hi yashie

    I am sorry to hear how you feel. You have done the right thing, waite and see the outcome of your appoitment.

    while there are lots of good ideas on the net,but do not sustitude a medical specialists. it's easy for me to say this, but try and distract yourself for now.

    Good luck

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    Hey Yashie:

    It seems that when neurological symptoms remain undiagnosed and are researched online, a number of diseases immediately come up. Do not go there now.  Your problem could very well be due to severe anxiety.  My suggestion would be to put ONE doctor you trust in the drivers seat and keep on him/her for guidance because otherwise you will be all over the place. It sounds like you should concentrate on the anxiety issue while in the care of your PCP.  I hope that this is not interrupting your sleep. Listen, strangely enough, many times undiagnosed symptoms simply subside in time.  I know it is difficult, but try to stay positive.  In a few weeks you will begin a whole new chapter in your life!

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    I'm actually experiencing this now, did you get any answers?

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      No, I've been to like a million doctors, I've only gotten worse. I have some stupid thing going on with my esophagus now that has been going on since feb. and i can't swallow or eat food at all i've been living off of ice cream for almost a year (even that's hard to swallow now) and it's terrible and I can't believe it's been this long and nothings changed. Basically, my problems have only gotten a million times worse, it's complete torture, i'm 19 and i'm probably gonna die soon because no doctor cares. I wish I knew what the hell was wrong with me. My entire body is messed up. I'm just tired. 

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      Had an MRI done late 2016, it showed 2 small lesions but doctors say it "doesn't mean anything". I never took any meds other than heartburn stuff that I had to stop taking ever since I lost my ability to swallow. Blood work never shows anything and neither do my xrays rolleyes Also got a spinal tap which they said didn't show anything but it said my IGA was really high and I still don't know what that means bc doctors won't tell me...

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      Please ask the doctor to check your B12 levels. It sounds so simple but having a b12 deficiency can be dangerous. I had the exact symptoms that you experienced (I still do to some extent) and after my regular doctor dismissed it as phantom pain etc a very good doctor ordered a blood test, as I had failed my cognitive tests. It showed I had very little b12 in my system - in fact, it was discovered I cannot absorb b12, and that was responsible for my symptoms. I go twice a week for b12 shots, which will be reduced to every two months when the doctor is pleased with my levels. I have to say, the first week after receiving the shots I felt worse, as though I was taking a stroke, but when my body started to get used to the b12 I felt terrific. A lot of my symptoms vanished, although I still feel the odd trickle even though nothing is there, and pins & needles. The doctor said I probably have permanent nerve damage, which is a side effect of having no b12 for a long time. But on a plus side at least it is not dangerous or life-threatening. I urge you to read up on b12 and neurological symptoms, and to have this checked out ASAP. 

      P.S. if your body cannot absorb b12 it is no good taking over the counter vitamins, as it will make no difference. It has to be injected into your body. Also drinking liquid iron helped a lot. I recommend Spatone liquid iron. 

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      This has happened to me a number of times over the years, the most recent being a couple of hours ago which has got me here. It's always the same I am indoors, its it is not raining, there is no sign of leak in the ceiling and for no apparent reason I feel a small drop of water on my skin.

      Today it was three or four times on my hands arm but I have felt all over the body over the years. I feel it the most when I expect it or think of it .I have also felt it when my legs are under the table. It doesn't depend on the wetness but on how wetness sensors are working. For more information you can read discussions section and significance section from this psychology journal- Evidence for the involvement of peripheral cold-sensitive TRPM8 channels in human cutaneous hygrosensation

      u can also check this [](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4843859/#!po%3D9.50920

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