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hello everyone, i am angela, i am going through hell, i took fluoxitine for two weeks and was fine, then i crashed, i got dizzy and had a terrible panic attack, i went into hospital all night, since then i have stopped the tab on advice from the hospital, i had a bad reaction to them, now its 4 days on and still i am ill, saw the doc today and he told me to take a low dose of mirtazipine every evening to sleep, but when i sleep now i wake up shaking and my heart pounding, so i am afraid to sleep, yet i am so tired, i havent slept all through the night for years,i am 56 years old now, i was super fit before this illness, its frightening, the doc said deep breathing would help, but i feel all weak and like i will pass out, i am on my own here since hubby died and its really scary to be ill on your own.has anyone any advice how i can manage please, angela,xx

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    I'm so sorry, Angela. Going through this stuff is awful.

    I would make sure your area keeping in touch with your doctor. He or she needs to know how awful you are feeling so they can adjust meds if appropriate.

    I have a couple thoughts. One is to look online for relaxation exercises. There are tons of free resources out there with breathing exercises (basically things that give you complicated instructions to follow for deep breathing so you are less likely to get distracted about feeling anxious), meditations, guided imagery, all kinds of things. Try some and see what you like. When you find one you like, do it repeatedly every day - relaxation works best when repeated.

    Do you have friends or family who you can be with during these times? I also live alone, and it's hard not to get lost in your thoughts when you are by yourself!! When my anxiety is really acting up, I sometimes call someone and say "I just need some company, can I come over?" Depending on your mood and the person you are with, you may or may not want to talk about how you feel. But I often feel a little safer with some company. Maybe you could even do your breathing exercises at a friend's house. I really don't think you will pass out from them, but that way you can know that someone is right there if you do.

    If you aren't yet, I would also suggest doing therapy, regardless of whether you areally on medication or not. A good therapist can help you learn how to interrupt your anxious thoughts so they don't get so overwhelming.

    Let us know how you are doing going forward! I know it feels awful, but I promise, you won't feel like this forever.


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    Hello. I just wanted to reply and say you are not alone here. I am always here if you need to talk. I stopped taking my medication for anxiety (fluoxetine) 2 months ago and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. Just over 2 weeks ago it all came back with a thump! I've restarted the medication since and I think I'm finally turning a corner. I'm surprised the hospital told you to stop them because they can take quite a few weeks to get into your system, and symptoms can get worse before they get better xx

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      hello emma, thankyou for replying, the thing is it has put my bloodpressure very high, after i sleep only a couple of hours my pressure is 186 over 90, those fluoxitines did it, my pressure was normal before them 124 over 80, its side effects of them, i am scared to ake the mirt as they put you asleep to long, and god knows what pressure i would be when i woke up after long hours, i am shaky, how long does it take for that stuff to leave my body, do you know? i was only on it for two weeks, i am off it now a week tommorow, and still i am not right. thanks angela xx
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      Sorry you are having a rough time, but hang in there. Things will get better. If your doctor has prescribed you something to tide you over you should definitely take it. They would have prescribed it to help you and sounds like you need it right now xx
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    Oh my gosh, so sorry to hear this. Yep, this one is not agreeing with you.Did they switch and put you on something else. I would think so,because the reason you started a antidepressant is that you are having major anxiety, and panic. I had a bad reaction to effexor,and just went to another. Everyone's body is different,it's just the way it is. Hope you get squared away.

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    Heavens, Angela, how awful for you. I  am sorry you're having to go through this

    You're not the first person who has had a bad reaction to anti-depressants. I am wondering why your doctor has suggested a low dose of mirtazapine to help you to sleep. Please can you tell me exactly what this dose is? Because it's obviously too low. And, are you taking any other medication like actual sleeping pills or valium to help you to sleep?

    Love Tess xx


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    Hello Queen

    You are going through the mill, it seems your GP is trying a different approach.

    If you are having problems sleeping it will not be your medication

    I use Relaxation Techniques to get some sleep or calm my mood these techniques do work. 

    There are three different techniques used, the first is called MINDFULLNESS, this one can be explained by a CPN or your GP could refer you to have some lessons. The other is the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE and the last on here is the MAXWELL TECHNIQUE, generally explained in Mental Health.

    I use a mix of the Alexander and Maxwell Technique. There are booklets you can purchase in bookshops now for Mindfulness so you can experement in your own home. I have not tried Mindfulness although with the systems I use I can reduce my heartbeat and relax my breathing.

    I am sorry to here you have lost your partner and I can feel your lonelyness, I know when my Wife was in hospital having operations I had problems being alone at home a house feels empty when we are on our own.

    We eventually got a small terrier who used to make the house feel full, now we have  an Irish Collie called Pax who really fills the house with His personality.

    Remember you can always come here as needed, they seem to be a friendly lot LoL

    Take care and keep a hold


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    So sorry for all you are going thru. Awful stuff. But it will all pass. Prozac has a long half life. The longest of them all its 2-7 days. Which means it can take between 2-3 months to be completely out of your system. But every week the amount cuts in half from the dose the week before. So if you were on 20mg. Every 2-7 days say 5 as an average it lowers in half. So start 20 then  week later ten then a week later 5 ..but you are dealing with two weeks worth and the build up so it would really be higher then that. But still two to three months none of it will be in your body does its own withdrawl that way. When ever you go on a medicine ask the half life. Tomorrow as it is a week you knocked off half at least. The dosage only lowers from slowly you will be able to tell. I would think seven days from now you will see it weaning off. 
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