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Hello, I had an ablation done 10 days ago for wpw and svt. Procedure went well, only lasted about an hour and a half I believe. Doctor said they got three pathways but he said the main one that was wpw was larger and he had to burn it three times. He said it was a success after. When I was laying in the hospital bed I noticed my resting rates were still 90-110. I asked the nurse if it was normal if it would be that high, she said yes that it won't got up to 190 and that it takes up to three months to know if the wpw will stay away or not. Pulse have been in the upper 100s. I went to go get an EKG done just to double check and everything came out normal. they reassured me it was normal and that my heart needed time to heal. Also has anyone felt so tired after ablation? I went back to work yesterday on light duty and I was so tired by the end of the day and this morning even more tired. My doctors nurse said I might need more time to regain my energy. Anyone has had a similar experience? Thank you

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    Hello I'm 20 years old and I had an ablation done for wpw on the 11th of January, however mine was not so successful, I was told there was a 50% chance it might not have worked due to me constantly moving during surgery .Since then I have been to the hospital numerous of times due to unsual feelings ranging from minor palpitations on one side of my heart to chest ache but everything looks healthy and fine according to the doctors every time I go in. For the past couple of days I feel tired and I have some chest pain after I eat which I have no idea what it's related to. It could be my heart healing I have no idea how ever I noticed that my heart pulse was ranging from 88-106 which before surgery was 113 to 119 when resting. All I can say is try to get through it, it's really depressing for me on top on constantly fearing the worst/ death/ heart attack . I do feel very tired constantly and out of breath when i climb stairs ect on other days I don't. It's really random , hopefully your not like me panicking every time I feel as if it might be something worse and I'm glad your was successful it gives me hope for next time

    Let me know how your getting on , Emma

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      Thank you Emma. Just think positive and hope that it went away and that's a good sign that they tell you everything looks good after the ablation. I have a physical job so yeah, I've been feeling way too tired to work all day. I don't I'm gonna be able to work all day at least for another week on the way I feel, I haven't gotten my energy back and I've noticed my heart rates been 60-120 after ablation versus 80-160 before. I still think 120 is a little high but it's with exertion, well not exactly exercise but with movement like walking. They told me as long as my resting rate goes down I need to give it time to heal, plus my doctor made it seem like everything was ok. He gave me a note to work a week later after ablation, which I thought was a little soon. Also no heart medicine after. I don't freak out but I don't like seeing my heart rate go in the upper 100s just with walking around. Hopefully it will subside it hasn't been 2 weeks, still a little early. Just try not to think about it and think positive, so far good for you.

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      Hey maribel86463 I thought I would come to post a little update on how things are going and for anyone else who stumbles across this post who feels they might need some reassurance. It’s been a year since my ablation. How I feel has changed, I do feel better in terms of not having a full on attack however I do get small quick flutters ( benign beats ) causing me to occasionally take a breathe in , never lasts more then 15 seconds / does not  feel like an episode at all. Over the past year my confidence in going out has gotten better, I did not start drinking ( occasional ) until September and I’ve been recovering fine and finally enjoying myself as I do study . In July however I had a check up for six months was told everything was fine and that my wpw is gone despite numerous panic trips to the doctors and some nurses still reading the slightest trace of wpw on my ecg . The next day I had a small attack which didn’t feel like a full episode but nearly caused me to black out it was scary after being told it was gone and I might never know what that was. There were factors that I feel played out to that event (it was one of the hottest days last year, I was on my monthly cycle and I decided to excercise using weights on my chest area for the first time ). Since that event I know what I can do and cannot do , for example excercise has been a struggle for me as I can feel the strain it puts on my heart, I’ve tried to take it slow / avoid it . But I’d advise excercising  slowly just so you know that your doing the best for the health of your heart ( one of my resolutions for this year haha). At one point last year when I had an empty stomach I would get benign beats so I would combat it by eating  more ( gaining wieght). After months of doing that I can feel the strain on my heart at times as what I was eating was not healthy causing me to gain a stone . Try to think of what your body needs to be the best it can . This sounds like I’m talking about my struggles as a unhealthy person but what I’m trying to say is that at times I would question why my heart feels the way it does all the time, when I’m not at my healthiest / doing things that would help it.

      Currently the only problems I have are those little flutters as well as taking longer to recover from the effects of alcohol then others. I do feel anxious sometimes and tired. As well as being sensitive in that area quite often ( I can hear my heart beating in my ears at times, I also have this weird relationship with it asif it doesn’t feel quite the same as before  ). If In that situation get your gp to run some tests ( bloods) just in case it’s something else before jumping to the conclusion that it has to do with your heart which I do a lot. 

      I hope your doing well Maribel and everyone else who reads this who has had an ablation for wpw / those who will have one and happy new year x 

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      Omg thank you very much for this reply. I am glad your doing better and let me tell you that it's also been a year for me too. Alcohol also seems like it affects me a little more then others too, I have decided to not drink for now as well as caffeine, I have replaced or with plenty of water. My anxiety has gotten a little worse lately but I feel like I'm beginning to handle it better. I still am part time at my job and I decided that I wanted to wait a year before I started full time just to be sure I don't put too much strain on my heart. As far as exercise I've only walked so far. I haven't tried a treadmill or weights or anything like that yet. I do get some irregular beats sometimes but my EP said it was normal and not to worry about it too much. I'm really glad you posted this because I also have felt tired too and felt like I was the only one who's going through this and blaming myself for not trying too hard. But I know now to take it easy and listen to my body. I am very hopeful that this year is gonna be much better 😊. Thank you for your feedback. Its much appreciated.

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      Hello again Glow509

      Doing another check in to see how you are doing ?

      Just thought I'd once again update you on my experience 2 years post first ablation and my experience of **my second ablation for any who want reassurance of having to do it again **

      On the 14th of February this year I underwent the second ablation, shortly after my post on here last year I experienced an SVT and another in late October, the accessory pathway was back and weirdly enough I felt much more comfortable and confident with my heart when it was active. One episode came on gradually from bending over to fast and was stopped with an injected drug the second episode I only had to blow into an empty syringe to slow my heart rate down.

      Last year was better then the one before however I was feeling tired some days more then others and pvcs were very frequent. I made sure to be bold and brave in front of the doctors which yielded good results from the past year of vagueness and being told everything was normal when I had known the pathway was still there before it became active again. Had a few heated arguments with GPs for not sending my requests to see the cardiologist and finally was able to speak to the head of the team that operated on me who saw me up to this point ( never saw the actual doctor who did my first ablation since I left the hospital).

      My experience of the 2nd ablation was much more positive as I prepared myself for it ( at least tried >.< ). Fears and worries often plague my mind with the thought of them discovering an additional pathway or other extreme outcomes. The cardiologist I saw up until this point worked on me along side another , they were both working on me in order to successfully ablate the pathway

      I was told the ablation was a success this time around but because of my previous negative experience I only remain cautious and hopeful . I have been experiencing some palpations (possibly from anxiety and comparing my ecg with a normal persons ecg ect) and pain whilst recovering as well as my heart attempting to use the pathway but no SVT as of yet

      SORRY if that was a pain to read!

      Hoping to hear from you soon as this is a really good way to put thoughts at ease, I'm thinking to set up a better form of communication for people to voice their fears and worries about their experiences. I'm sure this will help others as writing to you has helped me over the years

      have a lovely week,


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    I'm 18 now and I was around 16, when I had the procedure and I work out at stuff I wanna drink pre workout drinks and stuff but scared to after everything that happened it's crazy always being scared of anything with energy lol I don't have symptoms but sometimes I feel like my heart jumps for a second every now and then but it's been a weird experience

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      I know that feeling, well I guess you could ask your doctor if you really wanted to be sure. Yeah it is. I feel it varies from person to person.
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    Hi Maribel,

    So I had 2 ablations done in the past. One in 2009 and the other in 2016. Doc said I was a rare case cause it came back after having ablation done. Now I notice I have the flutter and my anxiety gets the best of me cause I feel like it’s going to come back. I have had so many blood test done and countless EKG’s. A neurologist i go to told me that you’re brain doesn’t know that the pathways were burned off so that’s why i keep getting the flutters. My brain keeps sending signals to try and send electrical current down those old pathways. He told me the old way to get rid of them is a pacemaker but that I’m to young for that. So as long as my internal pacemaker is working that I shouldn’t be concerned. My anxiety is the one that gets to me all the time. I ended up in ER so many times with heart racing and they finally figured out that it was my anxiety. I hope this helps you as well 

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      Hi Steven,

      Have you tried taking medication for the anxiety? I had an ablation, but my extra pathway was unfortunately too close to my main pathway, so they could only burn a little. They thought it might improve it (and it may have), but that I was probably stuck with WPW for life. The reason I'm inquiring, is ever since I was originally diagnosed with this, I became hyper-focused on my body especially my heart beat, so I notice every little abnormal beat, etc. Luckily I haven't had a bad episode since I cut back on alcohol and caffeine, but I'm wondering if it's anxiety that's making me notice my heartbeat so much, because I never noticed it before and I was diagnosed at age 38.



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    Hi, I had WPW and had an ablation 2 years ago. The Cardiology team told me that i was cured, and for the first year I was symptom free. Over the past few months, i have begun feeling occasional rushes of tachycardia, lasting from a few seconds up to a few minutes. I bought a pulse oximeter this week to help me see what my pulse rate was doing when it felt fast. Tonight, I had an 'episode' and my pulse was 137. This lasted for around 8 minutes, with the rate dropping to around 115 before escalating again. My resting pulse is usually 60-80. For clarification, i had had a coffee 4 hours prior to this episode, and had eaten a small meal about 45 mins earlier. i am not on medication and would not say i am stressed. I'm in 2 minds about doing anything about this just yet - the tachycardia is nowhere near the 200-240 it was when i had wpw episodes. If anyone has any advice or thoughts, they'd be appreciated. Thanks!

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