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Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome

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  • emma82917 1

    Can u go abroad with wpw

    My son is 12 weeks got diagnosed when he was 4 weeks old and since as had 3 episodes of svt , we are currently under great Ormond street hospital they have said he will have a ablation but not until he's 16kg so it won't b yet , he's on medication at the moment , i judt wanted to know if anyone

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  • david0601 2

    Anyone else have these symptoms?

    I was diagnosed with WPW last November in the ER. I was having chest pain, neasea and hypertension. My family has a history of hypertension. The gave me a stress test, MRI and X-rays and my heart was functioning normal and looked well. I was put on a 25mg Metoprolol but the med was too strong for me,...

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  • Balou 1

    Wpw and exercice

    53 y old. Done sport all my life just diagnosed last summer after completing a difficult half marathon in the heat. Since then my dr told me I could continue to traîn no problem but I get more frequent episode. My increased pulse is around 100 when it occurs. Always at rest. Never while exercising

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  • marissaduh 1

    Help with stress and anxiety

    My boyfriend was diagnosed with WPW at 13 and had an ablation immediately after the diagnosis. He still has palpations at various times, but it seems to have become more frequent over the past few months (he is now 28). He has also started becoming more and more worried about dying, and thinks

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  • drew86377 2

    Exercise or caffeine after ablation?

    Anybody else that finds it hard to not set off an episode while exercising, get an ablation then exercise just fine? Or caffeine? Can you drink caffeine after your ablation? I miss coffee.. and i really want to play (21 year old male.)

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  • brooke58540 2

    WPW Help

    21 year old male recently diagnosed with wpw. I do not have the rapid heart beat though. I wake up with pain and pressure in the middle of the night. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • maribel86463 3

    After Ablation

    Hello, I had an ablation done 10 days ago for wpw and svt. Procedure went well, only lasted about an hour and a half I believe. Doctor said they got three pathways but he said the main one that was wpw was larger and he had to burn it three times. He said it was a success after. When I was laying

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  • jaclyn11987 1

    i have wolff Parkinson's white syndrome

    I have a main nerve sending signals extremely close to my natural pacemaker. I just had a cardiac ablation that was unsuccessful on Feb 8th. I'm being referred by the EP speacailist that tried to do the surgery. I was wondering that since this doctor tried 5 times 2 times through each leg and once

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  • maribel86463 3

    Received some good news today, 2nd opinion

    I went to the hospital again for rapid heart rate. Turns out it's not my wpw causing it, it's SVT and tachycardia. Got a second opinion from a cardiologist and he told me he doesn't believe I need an ablation done. I am gonna be wearing a heart monitor for a month and they are gonna give the stress

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  • Elismummy 2

    8 month old with WPW can anyone reassure me?

    Hi everyone I have been combing the internet for information about WPW since my little boy's diagnosis about 8 weeks ago. We brought him to A&E in the middle of the night with a really high temperature and rash - turned out to be a non specific virus but whilst we were there he went into SVT. His

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  • StormyHeart 2

    Newly diagnosed WPW

    Found out earlier this month I have WPW. I have an upcoming appointment with an electrophysiologist and I'm scheduled to wear a 48 hour monitor this week. The cardiologist seemed confused that I had never struggled athletically growing up, and his surprise was a bit unsettling to me. The diagnosis

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  • shalunce 2

    WPW without racing pulse

    Does anyone else have WPW without a racing heart (pulse)?  I have tons of PVC's.  Symptoms are pounding heart, pain in chest, down arm, in neck and sometimes dizziness.  I've been monitored and had echocardiograms, stress tests and a few others.  I'm going to have an ablation next month.  I haven't

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  • wpwsyndrome 2


    I am very interested in speaking with someone about their experience. I am middle aged and recently discovered I have wpw. My ekg does not show loss of pre-excitation during stress test and the pattern is consistent when wearing a monitor for two weeks. I was also on anti arrythmic meds briefly at

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  • cliff06092 1

    After 67 years I just found out...

    I am a 67 year-old male who has been running 2 miles 5 or 6 days a week for the past 22 years or so.  Two months ago I was an outpatient at a local hospital for a very minor surgical procedure.  When they did an ECG, I drew the attention of the resident cardiologist because of the evident accesory

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  • maribel86463 3
  • maribel86463 3

    Has anyone passed out because of their wpw?

    Just wondering if anyone has passed out from their wpw. I had a racing heart earlier today and I did feel a little dizzy. I'm hoping I dont pass out. I haven't yet. I am taking 25mg of metoprolol, two a day. Its only been nine days. Just wondering how come I keep having racing heart. Maybe my body

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  • cheyenne73759 1

    Second Ablation, Yes or No?

    I am 22 and had my first Ablation in October of 2015. I have recently gotten my symptoms back and have gone back to the doctor. I am currently wearing a halter monitor while I decide if I'd like to go through with a second ablation. I don't know anyone else with this condition so I was wondering if

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  • maribel86463 3

    Has anyone had their wpw cause svt?

    Has anyone had their wpw cause svt? I smoked and it cause an svt episode and had to go the hospital to slow down my heart rate. Went up to 170. I've smoked in the past and it never has caused me any heart racing. I swear I haven't been the same since. I've been taking metoprolol ER for almost 4

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  • tykwon 1

    wolff-parkinson-white-syndrome ????

    Hello im 17 and i've just come back from hospital after staying a night to get my heart the night i was told i have wolff-parkinson-white-syndrome.I was told i will need a operation but i have search and different method have come up ? Anyone been treated for this syndrome ? any got

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  • sky13440 2

    Hello - newly diagnosed and just had an ablation yesterday

    The doctor closed 2 pathways and had to use cryo ablation because one extra pathway was a millimeter from the "good" pathway and he couldn't risk using heat.  I was diagnosed a few months ago at 51 years old. I've been living with 30+ arrhthmia episodes per day for many years, but they got even

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  • Julie Mahoney 1

    Does anyone know

    Does anyone know what is likely to happen if you dont have the op ? Im really dont think i can face having it done . i always had the palpatations and just thought it was normal never been one for going to Drs. Then in october last year i collasped my 10 yr old called ambulance bless her ! i

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  • ricci 74453 1
  • TwistedMama 1

    New to all this

    I am new to all this. And oddly enough was not able to find a WPW support group in the usa for this. I just need to hear how others are handling this. I am 28, single mom to an almost 3yr old. This was just diagnosed after 10+ years being told my attacks were pure anxiety and stress.

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  • dxa038 2
  • tiggers1 3


    Hi Ive currantly got fibromyalgia but suffer some alarming symptoms which now my GP has refred me back to neurologist for as I already have a family member with parkinsons Im concerned my symptoms are not just fibro there more than that I have tremors a lot more in my head and hand but recently my

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  • silee73 1


    Hi my daughter had an ablation yesterday for WPW the person who did it said it was easy to find not a dangerous pathway and it was ablated all ok. But today an EGG was done before we could be sent home which showed the WPW was still there and a doctor who we had not seen before said it might not

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  • cyrus1992 1

    WPW and driving

    Hello, I've been told I probably have WPW for around 3 years now. I had two noticeable arrhthmias 3 years ago that made me feel dizzy and light headed, and the third one 2 weeks ago. In between, I have had some mild flutters that may or may not even be related. I've had EKGs done, a stress test,

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  • lindsey28374 1

    I had a ablation for wpw but still have episodes?

    Im 16 years old and i the albation for wpw my freshman year. (Im a junior now) and ever since i got the surgery i feel like ive been having more episodes then before i got the surgery. Sometimes when im just sitting down or sleeping i feel my heart slowing down. I went to my cardio person and they

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  • Cristalcc15 1


    Had my ablation at the beginning of the year. Had one on left and one on the right sides. I was told that I was "cured" so to speak. My concern is that I have had more fatigue since the procedure than before. Anyone else experience this?

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  • e.jade123 2

    Coming off Bisoprolol?

    Hi guys. I have been taking Bisoprolol 1.25mg for my SVTs for about 4/5 months now and it makes me feel awful but I'm sucking it out until my ablation. I haven't got a date yet and reckoning it's gonna be about 4 months time because the NHS is shocking so I'll probably have been on the Bisoprolol

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  • xqz63108 1

    Should I do the second ablation or not?

    I was diagnosed with WPS in April since I almost passed out a few times since the beginning of the year.  The cardiologist suggested that I have an ablation done as soon as possible and I followed his advice.  I had the procedure undertaken in late April and was told it was a success.  About a few

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  • mmp300 1

    Wow ablation

    My daughter had an ablation for WPW almost 2 years ago she still has symptoms of heart racing when exercising is this normal does anyone else have this and how long did it last for after the ablation EKGs are all normal

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  • Xavier89 1

    Wpw internally restless??

    Hi, im new to the forum, recently diagnosed with wpw, all my life ive allways felt internally restless, and a shallow breather, now i understand after a fluke ecg test i have wpw. Out of interest , how did you guys feel wpw effects you, did you feel restless from wpw i dont just mean in a state

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  • cdebow74 2

    Does anyone else have these symptoms??

    Last year I was in the er due to pain in the middle of my chest. The doctor there sent me to a cardiologist because he thought I might have wpws. I have multiple tests done, wore multiplied heart monitors, Leading up to a loop recorder being surgically implanted in my cheat to monitor my heart. I

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  • h62922 2

    Please help! Son 11 diagnosed with wpw :(

    My son has been recently diagnosed with WPW and has been put on a small dose of Atenolol daily (even though he only has racing heart a couple of times a year). We have recently been to see an electrophysiologic cardiologist and he has said the diagnosis is: Ventricular Preexcitation with WPW with

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