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About a month and a half ago I was diagnosed with WPW. I’m a 20 year old female. I began having racing heart beats about 3ish months ago! That was all I had though. Now Its like I’m having other symptoms..shortness of breath, fatigue. & I just don’t feel normal anymore. It’s depressing me! I just got off the 30 day moniter & also got a echocardiogram (came back normal) despite me having all these sucky symptoms my doctor assured me the moniter showed NOTHING. & at this time he don’t think I need any kind of treatment. But I’m so confused because these symptoms. I don’t know what I should do should I get a second opinion? Also my shortness of breath and fatigue comes and goes but does not happen when I’m having a racing heart spell does this mean they may not be related? 

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    That's interesting I was diagnosed with WPWS about a month ago as well. I am 24 years old and experience heart palpitations now and then, which don't worry me. It wasn't until I got sent to the hospital for a suspected appendicitis that they found something irregular on my ECG. Nothing showed up on my echocardiogram either. I however am getting a procedure done in a month to fix the problem. For your other symptoms it sounds like you might have gotten a shock from your diagnosis and might be suffering a little bit from anxiety.

    Racing hearts aren't uncommon and it's nothing to stress over especially if you are in good health. A little procedure can burn the extra pathway that causes the rapid heart beat. Maybe get another opinion on what to do about it.

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    I was diagnosed with WPW yesterday.

    I've had palpatations a couple of times a year since I was about 16. Since they settle down quickly I've never really thought much of it.

    A few times recently, I've had a couple of occurances where the heart rate has gone down, but still felt not quite right. like I can still feel it beating harder than normal.

    It may be if you've had an ECG when you feel normal, that nothing out of the ordinary will show up. Best time to get checked out is when you're having an episode. (If you happen to know anything that might trigger it, you may be able to replicate it to give the docs a bit more to go on.

    If its something you're worried about, a second opinion will not do you any harm.


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    Hi Mallory,

    I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with WPW. I was diagnosed with it earlier this year at 29 years old and had an ablation about six weeks ago.

    I highly recommend seeking a second opinion (and definitely if you are considering having an ablation).

    My understanding is that if you have WPW, it should always show up on an EKG because the electric impulse is taking the extra pathway all the time, even if you are not having symptoms. Seeing nothing on an echocardiogram is a good sign - WPW can sometimes be related to structural issues in the heart, which complicates matters. It would seem if your echo was clean, that means you do not have these other issues.

    It's frustrating that your monitor didn't show anything. I know for me, I never knew when an episode would happen, so I was just lucky that one happened while I was wearing a monitor. Pay attention to your episodes - write down when they happen, what you were doing, etc. and then perhaps ask for a holter monitor again if they keep happening.

    I can't say whether your fatigue and shortness of breath are related. I know that would only happen to me when I was having an episode/right after, but we are all different. Perhaps you are stressing yourself out about your diagnosis? Definitely let your doctor know, especially if it is getting worse.

    If you are not having regular symptoms, they might not recommend treatment. I was having very very fast tachycardia (260 bpm) which is why an ablation was recommended for me. Pay attention to how you feel, and don't be afraid to seek a second opinion. Happy to answer any other questions - I found it very hard to find information from other young people about their experiences. You are not alone. Good luck!



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    Interesting. I just went to my appt today and the doctor said the same thing. He said I no doubt have WPW, but the monitor didn't show anything the time that I had it on (symptom wise when I pressed the buttons) and if he closed off the extra pathway, the symptoms wouldn't stop. So he gave me a beta blocker and I have to go back in two months.. I just recently found out about this after thinking I was dying(in July) and went up to the ER and they found it on the ECG. For something that you're born with it, took 31 years to just now find out. I'm still kind of lost and I hate taking medicine. I wish something would have been found so I could just take care of the problem instead of medicate it.

    My guess is that the racing heart causes more symptoms. Like for me it causes anxiety and starts the heart palpations and then that causes insomnia and a even faster heart rate. I literally have to supress my emotions because my heart beat will just start pounding. Maybe the fast heart beat is causing shortness of breath. I don't know lol sorry. I wish I had the answers.

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    It definitely sounds like you need a second opinion. If you have WPW and the symptoms are getting in the way of your every day life there are options! I was diagnosed at 13 and have had abaltion surgery done to correct it, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. Unfortunately now I’m 23 and was having symptoms, and just recently got diagnosed with it again. Nicole- I also experience something similar. My heart will start to race, then that causes anxiety, and in return causes me to loose sleep. The best thing I can do for now until I find another permanent fix is to try and get my mind off of it or put an ice pack on my face, (I know sounds weird) but it sometimes helps! Best of luck. 

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