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imran2426 imran2426

After H. Pylori treatment still feeling same symptoms any one who passes through this situation??

Six month before my brother feels stomach pain, bloating and uncomforts in stomach due to that he didnt want to eat any thing (but forcefully). When the two diffrent doctors done endoscopy. They said that there is only acidic issue. But conditions is not geting well. Later in january 2018 they found H. Pylori. After 10 days course of 2 anti biotics the problem was still there but doc said that we will do h. Pylori test again after one month. And then the result was negative. But condition was same feeling not well.

Some doctors said you have mental issue not physical and gave him anti depression medicines which have serious aide effects.

Any one can help or facing same circumstances.???

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  • karen24497 karen24497 imran2426

    Hi Imran I was diagnosed with h pylori Dec 2017. Was put on anti biotics for 1 week but followed through with my own remedies. For a good few weeks I felt like I was getting better however; I feel like I'm going back to the horrible symptoms again. Everything I eat I get acid problems burning in my stomach and esphogus, bloating lump in throat. Doc said I have ulcers so put me on omziprole as I'm not getting better it's time for the camera!! I think doctors are really struggling with killing this bug I honestly think they don't know how to treat it. I hope they get to the bottom of this very very nasty bug.

  • karen24497 karen24497 imran2426

    Hi Imran,

    ​My doctor says I have stomach issues however; stress brings it on then say it is mental issue.  I did suffer from depression whilst I was going through the worst of my symptoms because I wasn't getting any better, I felt like giving up!!.  I had to try pick myself up without the assistance of doctors because they had a habit of blaming stress when I know it wasn't stress and I have a stomach issue.  I am still very much battling this thing but I can say 101% in me it is not mental issues and I have a stomach issue.  I really do believe doctors don't know how to treat us and it is very easy to blame it on mental issues.  

    • imran2426 imran2426 karen24497

      Thanks karen for your reply, this is exactly the same wording from my brother. Every doctor said same thing. But the problem is what is solution??

      And please tell me what is your current situation?? Are you recoverd or still have issues?

  • karen24497 karen24497 imran2426

    Unfortunately I am still the same and not recovered doctors won't even retest me for H Pylori so I don't even know if it's gone properly or not!! This is a very nasty bug and causes so many different problems with our bodies. How about getting a second opinion from a different doctor?

    • imran2426 imran2426 karen24497

      After second test of h. Pylori were negative the doctor said that you have no issue with your stomach. We were visit 3 other doctors but every doctor said the same thing. Now he is using anti depression medicines but not feeling beter.

  • karen24497 karen24497 imran2426

    Sounds strange. I really do think they don't know how to deal with these things. Has your brother been tested for ulcers? HP can damage our stomachs but I guess if he has had an endoscopy already that should have shown up??

  • karen24497 karen24497 imran2426

    Will do.  Hope all goes well for your brother.  Let me know how he goes on.

    • imran2426 imran2426 karen24497

      Offcourse i will share. Here is link that proves this is not mental issue its stomach issue.

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  • anita60410 anita60410 imran2426

    Hi I went to see my doctor in March 2018 because one morning I had really bad pain in my stomach so she prescribed me Prilosec I was taking that medicine for one month but I didn’t feel any relief  I went to see her again she told me that I had H pylori , well since then everyday I fell worse I lost 20 pounds in 3 months I’m very worried so I lost my  appetite, I do not know  what else to eat .

    • Noctilz Noctilz anita60410

      I’m currently going through this I don’t know if it’s gastrits /gerd but, I think anxiety plays a big part wanting answers and frustration and just in general not feeling well, I have been feeling a burning sensation upset/hungry feeling in my stomach bloated, accompanied by nausea I’ve lost weight and I’ve lost my appetite as well I don’t even feel like eating and currently constipated also feel heartburn, tested me for h pylori and other bacteria’s all came negative, blood work looks good, recently had a ct scan on my stomach which also showed nothing and was good. It’s stressful waiting for my endoscopy to see what’s going on, but I was taking omeprazole once a day and was not working. It’s a nightmare and take a toll in your health mentally have you got answers? Feeling better? 


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