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Duodenal Ulcer

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  • louise63558 2

    Still feel unwell after Helicobacter Pylori Treatment

    Hi, I had symptoms for about 2 months, nausea and upper abdominal gwaning feeling, plus appetite affected and had waves in the day feeling generally unwell , I think it was brought on due to a stressful situation. I went to the doctors and tested positive for helicobacter pylori. I have completed

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  • gopi86 2

    Gastritis timeline to cure

    How I cured my gastritis? I had the below symptoms 1. Stomach churning due to excessive gas 2. Lots of Belching after I eat 3. Burning sensation in stomach if I eat something with even light spice 4. Stomach upset keeping me awake at night 5. Bloated stomach after i eat 6. Feeling full even if I

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  • michelle53099 2

    Positive recovery after helicobactor pylori

    Hi has anyone had any positive recovery after helicobactor pylori. I know 2 people that have had it and seem ok. Yet I had it , done the antibiotics which was hell and have lost a lot of weight and still don't feel right . Is this normal I'm still on omeperzole but feel something after I've

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  • AurelG 1

    Hope after H Pylori eradication.

    Hello guys! I am a H Pylori recovery and my symptoms of acid reflux are gone! There is hope and do not give up your fight against this horrible decease. After the H Pylori is eradicated the burping and farting will continue for months. Eliminate your morning coffee and do not use any alcohol. Start

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  • harry04007 2

    Abdominal pains and other strange symptoms for 5 weeks

    Hi, I have been having intermittent upper abdominal pains for 5 weeks now and I still have no diagnosis. The pain is mainly on the left hand side behind the ribs and is sometimes felt in my side and back. Ocassionally I get pains on the right as well. These pains are intermittent and I have an

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  • Sidd Indian 1
  • TCake 4

    Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and the kidneys....

    I posted this in the kidney forum but no answers so thought I would ask in I have been taking Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) for a few month and I only learned today that they are not good for people with CKD?  Anyone explain why?  I have googled and many sites but they just seem to just

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  • ckc93 1

    I've had abdominal pain for 2 weeks, stomach ulcer?

    Hi everyone. This is my first post / forum on Patient so thank you for taking the time to read. I am a 24 year old male from the North East of England. Two weeks ago (Thursday 20th April 2017) whilst at work I got a sudeen painful stomach, it felt like kind of a trapped wind, awful pain. I managed

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  • wael08628 2

    Cabbage juice for ulcer

    Hi, I heard that cabbage juice can heal a stomach ulcer. Does someone tried this here? If yes, how long does it take to the ulcer to heal and how many cabbage juice do you drink a day? Thank you

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  • Plaza1989 2

    At my wits end with this.

    Hello, I have suffered for over 15 years with stomach and digestive issues. I'm 27 years old and had a very nasty appendectomy when I was 13. For months prior I was vomitting everyday for more than 8 weeks. Since then I have suffered with, what I am told is acid reflux. I have been on Lansoperazole

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  • arturas 1

    Sleep problems

    Hi everyone, Since the symptoms occurred I have been having sleep problems. Interesting enough, I don't feel any pain, but when I wake up at 2 o'clock at night, which happens regularly, I feel sort of tension in my whole body and it's difficult to get to sleep again. Sometimes I feel like heat in

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  • Torn 1

    Sleeping with ulcers

    For five months now I have been dealing with an ulcer but did not know that until the last month. The problem that I have is not pain but getting to sleep. Just as I relax and drift off I am awakin with a flutter in my stomach and I am wide awake. This happens over and over again till I am awake

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  • nichola34000 2
  • wael08628 2

    Stomach ulcer

    Hi guys ( sorry for my english), I had stomach ulcer for one year and I don't know what to do. The doctor gave me h pylory antibiotics and it didn't work. He also give many protons inhibitor (ipp) and it doesn't work to. I am very depressed i'm just 19 years old. Does someone have any advice to

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  • tasha156 2

    After H Pylori

    Hi everyone,I have posted here before,I have been treated for h pylori,antibiotics and to treatment I had complete loss of appetite and loss of by force feeding I am keeping my weight between 117 pounds and 118.I still have no appetite,most worrying is I am losing

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  • kim27650 1

    Cabbage carrot juice to treat duodenal ulcer

    I am starting a cabbage carrot juice cure to treat duodenal ulcer. This is how I plan to go about it : I will drink 4 glasses of cabbage carrot juice throughout the day for 20 days.  *Go for acupuncture - 20days *Change my diet  *Take 4 glasses of water daily.  God help me !

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  • daniel7346 2


    Please I am new to this forum, I don't know life any one had a H. Plyori symptoms like me, I have had two failed triple therapy I and currently on my Fourth day of two weeks of Quadruple therapy , but I can still feel the severe indigestion ,chest pain and severe fatigue, has any one had this

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  • stssbd 1

    My mother is having burning stomach but nothing is found

    My mother aged 56 yrs old and she has been suffering from burning stomach from last 6-7months. All tests for ulcer are done named endoscopy, ultrasonography and EX-ray, but nothing is found.  Her blood test report has shown low level of hemoglobin doctor gave her two bags of blood and now level is 11,...

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  • saoirse41 2


    I lost appetite high upper stomach pain lost weight was sent as red flag alert for stomach cancer to get camera down it showed up 3 ulcers around the dueduom was treated with triple therapy for helibactor plus stomach tab Now on omprezole 40 mg a day for 3 months still having pain and taste in

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  • yasmeen 26636 2

    What is it! Ulcer? H.pylori? Or just inflammation!

    Hello all I'm Yas I'm 24 years old and right now going through the most debilitating time of my life, in terms of my health lol It all kicked 6 weeks ago when I started to vomit everything I ate. I was super worried and rushed myself (credit to uber) to a&e in which they diagnosed me with

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  • helen57275 2

    Ulcer - Medication advice needed please

    Hi all - I am so confused, hoping for help! I have had an ulcer brough on by ibuprofen for the last 3 weeks. I started taking nexium 2 weeks ago and after a few days it seemed to start helping; went to the doctor and got prescribed omaprezole as she said its the same thing. So last week I have been

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  • don09536 1

    Worried about Colon Cancer

    (39/male/average beer drinker) About 50 days ago, I experienced throbbing pain under my left ribcage that the ER doctor dismissed as a rib injury. Then I started having experiencing discomfort in the same area a few weeks later which my primary Dr. setup an ultrasound which came back normal. Since

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  • tofutiger 2

    H Pylori exasperated

    Hi, I'm 22 yr old, 5' 10  and 130 pounds. I started symptoms around a year ago or maybe even longer. I get chills in my upper body (chest and upper abdomen) and bloating, pain in the chest and abdomen (and formerly my back as well). I constantly feel bloated but hungry at the same time. Since the

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  • emmjay 2

    Treatment for H. pylori

    I have H. Pylori and was prescribed triple therapy over 7 days, firstly with Amoxicillin/Lansoprazole/clarithromycin, which made me extremely ill after 3 days, and then I came out in a rash. Then the doctor prescribed Metronidazole/Lansoprazole/clarithromycin, and I managed that for a couple of

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  • carol7212 3

    Burning sensation at site of ulcer

    Hello all , Had emergency surgery for a perforated duodenal ulcer two years ago. From time to time I experience a pretty intense burning sensation at the site of the surgery( ulcer repair). The ulcer has healed but still with the burning. Has anyone had this sensation?

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  • maria134 2

    Bloated stomach

    I've been given lansoprazole for stomach ulcer and since taking them I have had a bloated stomach ! Is there anything else I can take to help the ulcer without this awful bloating ? 

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  • beverley14462 2
  • Alexandra1977 1

    Perforated ulcer and sepsis

    Hi alll I'm new here just wanted to share my experience. Id had a gastric bypass in 2011 and never thought id have a problem. How wrong i was. I had been feeling ill since November last year when I unfortunately had a misscarriage at 9w 3days. I began bleeding very heavily and had huge clots and

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  • Awanje 1
  • joanna57092 1

    H Pylori, gas and burping - recovery time? Gas so slow to go.

    Hi it is my first time on these forums, and seeking comfort in what I read. I found out I had H Pylori after several trips to the doctors complaining of excess burping, bubbles of gas in my throat and strange stomach gurgling. I finished my triple therapy one week ago and the burping has almost

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  • chris83762 1

    Wondering if I have an ulcer?

    Some background info on me: I am 21 years old, I consider myself extremely healthy as I am a university student athlete here in the United States. So up until last Sunday (6 days ago), I had not had any alcohol for a month and a half. This was due to an important athletic competition I had that

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  • andreia42709 1

    I've been diagnosed with Helicobacter

    I am 4 months postpartum, during my pregnacy and after I was given a lot of antibiotics because of UTI and tonsilitis. A month after I had my baby I was feeling unwell and threw up blood and had a swollen left rib. I panicked and thought there was something wrong with my Pancreas or Stomach but was

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  • carol7212 3

    perforated duodenal ulcer caused by taking Advil

    Hello all, I was taking Advil for a severe toothache and had no idea I had an ulcer. I likly took about 6 of them in the course of a day. The surgeon told me later that the ulcer could perforate with just one Advil being taken. Needless to say I went to hospital by ambulance that evening in

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  • lewis01951 2

    Pantoprazole Symptoms

    Hi! Last year I was diagnosed with H. Plyori and did the regular treatment, and I was left with gastritis. Eventually, through a couple weeks of PPIs, and a couple months of bland dieting, it went away. However, I was stupid enough to start eating everything, so 3 weeks ago it came back. I am now

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  • bigblock472 2

    GERD and Anxiety Symptoms

    My name is Roger. I have been suffering what started off as dull upper abdomen pain with acid reflux. Doctore put me on Omeprazole after about 6 weeks my symptoms went away. But during that time my limbs would numb very easily at night and i would get a constant dull upper back sweat at all times.

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