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Upper abdominal issues, two point tender areas in epigastric region. PPIs not helping.

My daughter is almost 9 months old.. id say when she was about 2-3 months old i would hold her arms and she would walk up my belly/chest.. i always noticed when she stepped on my upper left ab it was tender, i thought it was muscle related from giving birth. not too much later i noticed i would feel naseaus around 3-5 pm everyday. Wasnt sure way. It seemed to go away for a while. I also was suffering endless fatigue i thought it was because i was breastfeeding and not eating great. Then about a month and a half ago, my husband was making dinner & all of the sudden i said babe i feel naseaus, my stomach felt warm & i had to run to the restroom to go to the bathroom (no vomiting). I thought running to the restroom was normal because ive always had IBS issues. But the naseaus wasnt normal. Not much later, i notied in the same spot where my daughter used to step and it would be tender, i was starting to have pain there that felt like an ache but also like someone just punched me in the stomach. Around the same i had noticed I was experiencing a little bit of acid reflux, which i thought was odd because i hadnt had that since i was pregnant (which was awful when i was pregnant), i also noticed i had started belching a lot more than normal, & bloating up often. Then I started realizing i had the same pain that wad tender to the touch on the right side behind my upper ab also, the two spots were creating uncomfortable pains, that also went through to my back, pains werent horrible but uncomfortable and concerning. So i scheduled an appointment with the local clinic, the doctor was great.. she said i tested negative for h. Pyori. She diagnosed me with gerd & prescribed me 20 mg omeprazole and said if it doesn't get better comd back. Well 2 weeks later the tender spots were still there but most unprovoked pain had stopped. But my husband and i were concerned so we went to the er.. they ran all the basic tests.. urinalysis, complete blood count, platelet count, lipase, etc plus abdoninal ultrasound, checked gallbladder. Saif everything came back good, and i probably had gastritis. & To follow up with endoscopy.. well my husband had been workig crazy hours and i was relived tests were good so i didnt jump on the follow up immediatly. Doctor at er said continue taking PPIs for at least 6 weeks. Well i have the endoscopy now scheduled for this coming Saturday. But i am emcompassed with worry, anxiety, stress. Its nearing 6 weeks of ppi use and no improvement. Ive actually been feeling more pains recently that range from sharp to dull to warm to stinging, the tender spots feel more tender. I have these stinging pains that shoot up my chest on the left and right side that line up perfectly with the tender spots. I get sharp pains in my rib cage just above. Shar pains in back. Sometimes warm dull ache in back. When i went to my pre op for the endoscopy, she said since all my tests were good, she wasnt concerned about cancer.. just stomach ulcers. But i feel like if it were stomach ulcers they would have strted to improve by now. Plus i havent really had much in the way of pain that i would refer to as burning.. but im not sure what people mean when they say burning pain, if someone could explain i would appreciate it. Also i would like to add that every since the first time i told my husband i felt naseaus and ran to the restroom, i have totally changed my diet, started eating before coffee, eating more vegetables, nothing spicy, nothing fatty, fried, no dairy, more fruits, less meat. I have completely altered my diet & it is very healthy now. My fatigue has went away since, and so have my headches.. but my stomach issue has not. It doesn't seem like eating or not makes muh a difference. But my appetite is VERY healthy, i eat lots of smalls meals and snacks thtoughout the day and become hungry again very quickly. Also my bowels are very regular. But my stomch issue is not relieving. I am scared its morr serious than ulcers. I was just wondering if anyone with endoscopy diagnised ulcers could relate to my situation. I need some comfort for my head. I have a beautiful daughter and beautiful family and the fear of them losing me is terrifying. If anyone could relate, i would appreciate it greatly.

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  • ShelbyJrc

    You should have them schedule for a hida scan test to check the function of your gallbladder. Also have yout GI doctor do a upper endoscopy to get a biopsy to check gor gastritis

    • latrice28735

      They did an ultrasound back when i went to the ER and said my gallbladder was ruled out.. I dont have pain in my gallbladder region. If i start having pain there i will have them do a Hida scan. But i did have my endoscopy done 2 weeks ago, a few days after i posted here. It turns out i have esophagitis, gastritis, duodenitis, and bile reflux. I thank God thats all it is. Thanks for your response.

  • ShelbyJrc

    This is exactly what I'm feeling. First week I had pain in my left upper abdomen, a fist above my navel. Then I felt a burning pain in my stomach.  The pain won't go away, but it's always at a fixed spot. This is my 3rd week and my first week to take Prilosec. How are you feeling now?

  • Wow sounds a lot like my situation. I hope you find relief soon. I had my endoscopy a few weeks ago they said i have gastritis, esophagitis, duodenitis, and bile reflux. (Mouthful, i know) They did biopsies for pylori and celiacs disease. He said while i am waiting for results, to cut out gluten. I did and i have been having minimal to no pain since my scope. Just before the scope it seemed to have been getting worse and more often.. Coincidently i had recently started eating more bread more often. So i definitely think he was on something with the gluten. I called about my results and she said all it showed was reflux, so i guess i dont have celiacs disease, but maybe a gluten sensitivity (i will clear that up with them at my follow up appointment next week). So im feeling good and no pain....but... The catch is that the tender spots are still there, & even more tender than before & the localization of the tender spots now seems more wide spread.. Makes me feel a little lost. But i must be doing something right since the random pains from them have ceased. I really think diet is the biggest factor.. I cant cut out my coffee or my days with my 9 month old would be oh so tough. But you have gotta alter your diet in as many aspects as you can to give your stomach a fighting chance. So where i still have my coffee everyday, i have completely altered my food diet to help with things. I have also been taking whole leaf aloe vera juice concentrate, digestive enzymes, vb12, a whole foods multivitamin (NOT synthetic). So if you havent changed your diet yet, then i suggest you get on it, or itll probably only get worse 😢 also consider some of the things i said im taking. & google home remedies for gastritis, there are quite a few good ones that i cant use because i am breastfeeding, but you can & would probably have success! (assuming thats what youve got going on, because it sounds pretty spot on to my scenario, if its not gastritis, its probably an ulcer, which would require the same treatment/ home remedies.)

    • ShelbyJrc

      I can’t believe it I have exactly the same symptoms as you had and I’m worried sick it’s someth sinister especially since the Dr believe it or not said he was concerned it was cancer! Waiting for an abdominal scan next Friday. Trying to stay positive though. So I can try to help myself in mean time, can I ask if you needed any treatment for what they diagnosed you with? 

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