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louise63558 louise63558

Still feel unwell after Helicobacter Pylori Treatment


I had symptoms for about 2 months, nausea and upper abdominal gwaning feeling, plus appetite affected and had waves in the day feeling generally unwell , I think it was brought on due to a stressful situation. I went to the doctors and tested positive for helicobacter pylori. I have completed the 7 day treatment (Triple Therapy.) I was on 400mg Metronidazole 3 times a day, Amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day and Omeprazole 2 times a day. I've been off the medication for about 11 days. I have waves of extreme tiredness, abit sickly feeling, sick upper abdominal feeling, tounge doesn't look right, been given thrush treatment for this. And also I have waves of soreness and swelling feeling in the upper stomach. I have lost a bit of weight, a few pounds. I have been off work for a month in total and am wondering if I will ever get my health back?

I take probiotic tablets, Manuka honey, peppermint tea, abit of yoga, walking, plain foods. But admittedly at times I do feel a little bit destressed when I have waves of not feeling so good. Everyday is a battle at the moment. Plus when I go to the loo, last week my stools were acidic, this week a slight improvement, but not normal. The doctor just said they can retest in another 3 weeks. But sometimes I feel so ill.

Any advice in a positive way forward?

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  • TCake TCake louise63558

    Hi, I have been experiencing the same as you.  I too tested positive for h pylori just last month and was put on the same drugs as you but for two weeks.  I finished the course on 2 May (so over three weeks ago) and still suffer from the same symptoms.  The doc says he will retest me in six weeks so I have another three to go.  The gnawing pains in my stomach are awful and I feel pain after swallowing.  I also have cough alot after meal times - like I have mucus in my throat and need to keep clearing it.  Hopefully someone might add to the thread and shine a light?  You should be retested soon so let me know whether the h pylori was eradicated or not.  Good luck x

    • louise63558 louise63558 TCake

      How are you today? Personally I am drained of energy, even after a good night sleep. I'm eating, but pale skin. I've heard this amount of anti-biotics can strip your goodness in the stomach lining. Mantra you have to keep telling yourself 'I will get better.' I know the whole experience is really hard as I'm going through it as well. Good Luck to you as well

    • TCake TCake louise63558

      Hope you feel better soon.  I have heard of people having to take another course of antibiotics if the first course didn't work.  I felt ill during the 2 week course, though my doc did warn me of the horrible side effects in advance!  When will you be retested?

    • louise63558 louise63558 TCake

      Maybe you should take Mastic Gum and Broccoli Sprout juice whilst your waiting to retest, cranberry Juice, Manuka Honey. Are you on anti-acid tablets?

      I'm not sure I still have it? For the last 2 days I've​ just had no energy. What do you do to take your mind of it whilst you wait?

    • louise63558 louise63558 TCake

      Maybe you should take Mastic Gum and Broccoli Sprout juice whilst your waiting to retest, cranberry Juice, Manuka Honey. Are you on anti-acid tablets?

      I'm not sure I still have it? For the last 2 days I've​ just had no energy. What do you do to take your mind of it whilst you wait?

      I think I can get retested in about 2 more weeks. Who knows if there will be any progress in that time? I'm not sure if I could take anymore anti-biotics. I've heard the anti-acid can effect the results. Although I'm not a doctor.

    • TCake TCake louise63558

      He warned me that the antibiotics could cause unpleasant side affects - apparently many people dont complete the course because of them.  I did though through gritted teeth! Doc said I should try to come off the Nexium at least 10 days before we retest as they can cause false negative.

  • TCake TCake louise63558

    I am taking Nexium and Zantac.  I just try to get out in the fresh air as much as possible with my dog to help keep my mind off things, plus the exercise helps me sleep.  I watch what I eat too - nothing spicy or acidic (like fruit juices etc) and I find eating little and often helps too.

  • sandra18523 sandra18523 louise63558


    I also feel really bad after the pylori treatment. I was wondering if you are feeling better after 7 months. What is really frustrating is that I feel weak, nauseous and these palpitations create more anxiety. Thank you!

    • anna71424 anna71424 sandra18523

      I have never felt so bad after the antibiotics which was only 2 weeks ago getting heart palpitations feeling dizzy now I have more anxiety  more than ever because I feel that this h. Plyori hasn’t been eradicated and I have to wait until January until I come off the Omeprazole which I’ve dropped from 40 to 20 because that was making me feel even worse it’s a waiting game not good.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 anna71424


      I am also taking omeprazole, just started yesterday. The bloating is better but still there. The palpitations is what worries me. I try to stay calm but it is difficult. When I try to think in something else it helps but still the palpitations don't go. We have to try and find ways to avoid anxiety. I am seeing a psychologist and see if that helps. The gastroenterologist told me to start a diet low in fiber, which was completely different to what I was doing eating mainly fruits and vegetables. We have to keep our minds busy. On top of it, I have menstrual cramps and the period always affects my hormones. We all need to think this is going to go. Ahhh, also, small meals and drink water 30 minutes after meals. I am trying to do 5 or 6 small meals a day. 1 or 2 portions of fruit and 2 or 3 portions of vegetables such as squash, potatos, spinach, eggplants. One portion is half a cup. I don't know if this will help but the gastroenterologist said it will. White bread, pasta and saltines. It will have to be for some days because we need fiber. I will let you know when the Dr. Tells me to stop. I am having a endoscopy on Th. Hope we all feel better every day.

    • anna71424 anna71424 sandra18523

      I have finished Omeprazole now but still feel awful but now I have noticed 2 red patches in the roof of my mouth sore one slightly bruised went to doctors about that and he didn’t know what it was so getting some blood tests done for that 

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 anna71424


      Every Dr. I have seen, even an acupuncturist say my palpitations and weakness are anxiety. I will try to exercise, healthy eating, a hobby, whatever it takes to get my health back. I don't know about the red spots, I hope you feel better soon.

    • runbeth runbeth sandra18523

      Hi, I'm new to this discussion and to h pylori.

      I haven't been sick in 15 years, since I gave birth to my daughter, which was a hard pregnancy and tore up my stomach and triggered migraines.

      I am vegan, distance runner and have not been used to taking any meds.

      However, a month ago I woke up with nausea, migraines, stomach pains, anxiety, palpitations, etc.

      The doctors treated me for migraines. 

      After 2 weeks of BS and not being able to eat or sleep, I had labs and a brain MRI (negative). 

      I insisted it was my gut - same as pregnancy - insisted on a GI doctor and h pylori test (thanks to a close friend who is a doctor).

      Stool showed h pylori.

      2 weeks of prev pac antibiotics and PPI (3000 mg/day).

      I had all of the side effects associated with the regimen and more.

      2 days ago, I finished the prev pac - still not able to eat or sleep much, and am at 70-75% with high blood pressure from all this. My usual BP is 100/65 ish.

      I still have light headaches, stomach still ill, but am able to drive and did go for a short run yesterday and threw a party last night (probably ill advised).

      I hear you all and feel your pain.

      I am thinking about starting gum mastic. Thoughts ?

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 runbeth


      it takes time to recover. Some people it some weeks, some months or more. What helps after treatment: eat regularly food what helps your stomach, do sport, sleep enough and avoid stress. Only one thing helps: time if you keep this. I am after the treatment with 3 months and much better than it was but still not like before. Yes, all the symptoms are similar: nausea, stomach pain, acid in night, loose weight, anxiety. If you want good for you avoid some foods what makes acid (such as onion or tomato or spicy etc food). We are here if you need help. Take care

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 runbeth


      Have you tried Yoga?it helps me to relax at least while I do it. I eat small amounts, several times a day. I am seeing an acupuncturist and everybody including this Dr. says that shaky body and weakness is all in my mind!!! I don't know what to do. Develop a stronger mind? But how?What makes me feel better is that other people who have been through similar situations says it will go away. Just to be patient I guess and wait until our turn to feel better arrives. I tried the Mastic gum but I felt nausea. I am having a spoon of manuka honey that I don't know if it is really helping but at least it is natural. It is the only sweet I am having (with fruits) because I eliminated sweets completely. I give it to my kids, hoping they don't get the H pylori. I can tell you that since they are taking it they have not gotten any cold. It is expensive but I will do the investment for a while. I hope you feel better soon.

    • runbeth runbeth tamas92825


      This forum helps a lot. 

      I ran today and took my BP. It’s much lower. 

      I still am feeling the symptoms but am much better. 

      I agree with you that it’s just going to take time. 

      Hope you’re better. 

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 runbeth

      Yes, I am over the medicaments with 3 months and if I keep diet usually I have no problems at all. I was told by my friend (she is a doctor) that it can be 6 months as the stomach regenerates after this H.pylori if I keep diet, move and avoid stress, sleep enough (so live healthy). I don't eat sweets, onion, alcohol, any spicy food, any too fat food and drinks with gas. If I try any of this only for a small portion I suffering for a 4-5 days. I realized if I feel bad I drink green tea, eat rice and move and it is always better only for a little bit. Long way to recover but we must be patient and everything will be fine I believe.

  • josee17 josee17 louise63558

    I have a question.

    Im 22 diagnosed with h. Pylori in october of this year. Took meds for 2 weeks, since i stopped my medication ive lived threw hell. After a huge process of side effects with taking tecta i finally stopped that. But now i am constipated and sometimes ill have inflammation in my chest middle part. I drink tea morning night. Eat healthy. Drink loads of water. Im just starting to get discouraged. Any help?

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 josee17


      We are in the same situation, I hope you don't feel the palpitations! The gastroenterologist told me to drink water half an hour after meals. I always did it with meals. I hope it helps you.

    • josee17 josee17 sandra18523

      Hi sandra,

      Yes ive been having hearth palpitations.. some mornings i wake up better than ever. Some others its horrible... i try to keep busy since christmas is coming its not so hard. But it has been rough on me since i started having trouble eating in mid july. I took my antibiotics in october. And now i see posts of people saying it took them 7 months to become fully recovered! Wow.... i hope it goes well on your end. I am seeing a specialist friday, cant wait.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 josee17


      Feeling better? I am doing a little better but the nausea, weakness and bloating have not dissapeared completely. I don't know if it is the omeprazole that is causing all this or in the contrary is what is helping reduce the symptoms. I hope you are feeling better! I am still eating very small amounts of food, trying to keep my weight is difficult!

    • Lolliesdante Lolliesdante josee17

      Hey Guys im new to the forum. I actually had to go through alot of stuff to get to where i knew about my Hpylori. I had a near death experience so i never could have made the link between pylori and the anxiety. After the meds and withdrawal symptoms from the intitial issue and anxiety. I realised i had acid reflux. Thinking that it was cause by the meds or maybe it was, i was prescribed omez and did all the dietry changes, research etc. I then went for a endo to find out the extent of the injuries to my stomach. To discover that i was positive for the Hman. Triple theraphy to follow and today is the last of the antibiotics. I have much more to share guys.

  • jen28687 jen28687 louise63558

    I just found out I have pylori in Nov ever seance they did my upper gi I feel worse then I did be for they gave me pylera and I'm worry to take it cause I seen ppl post about it I was told it will kill it off I still don't get how I got it I've been trying different things but nothing don't help I feel like I die and went to hell I don't want to do nothing some days I feel good and other days u feel like s**t so can anyone help me out

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 jen28687


      I would do the treatment. Even though it was awful for me, there are medications that may work better. I had a endoscopy today and they found a mild swelling and sent some for a biopsy. I hope i don have to go for a second round but if we don't take the medication, I don't think this will ever end. I am trying to eat small amounts of food and nothing greasy. That worked before the treatment and I felt better. I will never know if not doing it would have been better. But if the pylori continues in our bodies we need to do something else.

  • tweens29519 tweens29519 louise63558

    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone knows if severe nausea is normal to have with a duodenal ulcer. I came off two antibiotics a week ago but I'm still having awful nausea even with taking two anti-nausea meds Zofran and Maxolon and a PPI. I have no energy but I'm putting that down to the after affects of the antibiotics. I had a scope in the hospital that confirmed a duodenal ulcer, I have mild burning in my stomach which I can cope with but the nausea is horrible. I am eating very plain foods and about every two hours. Is it normal to feel this sick with a duodenal ulcer.  

  • tamas92825 tamas92825 louise63558

    Hi! I was thinking to share my experience with this helicobacteria. I ate bad food in august 2017. I felt bad some days, nausea, stomach pain such as usual things if you eat bad food. Then it started to feel nausea each morning and had no taste for food. Sometimes I woke up in the night with stomach acid. I have never had problems such like this and did not know what it is. In September I felt very bad I was out of work for days. Then I went to doctors for check-up, I had blood test, ultrasound for stomach, gastro-sonda and several check-up by doctors. I received the usual triple therapy (I had helicobacter) at end of October for 14 days and got PPI for about a month. At Decembeer I went back for urea test what shown that helico is gone. I lost 12 kg and I am still on diet. It takes a very long time to recover and feel better. I would say the diet is a key to recover if the bacteria is eradicted. After medicines I felt bad every morning, then once a week then once 2 weeks. Now I feel bad if I eat bad (no acid food, no onions, tomatoes, spicy, drinks with gas or alcohol) but especially sweets bad for me. I can say that after 2 months the medicines it is better if I keep the diet. It takes a lot of time get better, some said it weeks, some sad months, it is up to body, diet and many other things. Keep on guys, no stress, keep diet, be patient and with the passing of time everything will be better!

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      Sandra, I got the triple therapy as usual but I got PPI (pantonprazol) 2 pcs per day while I got antibiotics then once a day for 14 days. I have a friend who is a doctor she told me that some doctors prescribe it for long time but it is a strong medicine because it haults the stomach acid production. Partly good because protects stomach from acid but on other hand keeps back the immune system of the body (acid stops lot of bacteria in stomach). She suggested me to leave it step by step so at 10th day with pantonprazol I got only a half per day then half per every second day. She offered me to take rennie (it contains calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate) if I feel acid but usually I try to avoid medicines. Don't worry, morning is always awful, the worst part of the day for stomach with such disease. So, I can not give advice for omeprazol but my advice is to drink green tea, tea for stomach from pharmacy if you feel pain in stomach and light walks helped me a lot. Eat often small portions due to diet. Now I feel not so well because 2 days ago I drunk a small beer what did not make good for my stomach (especially the gas) so it reminds me that it needs much more time to heal. If I keep light diet I have no huge problems anymore. Some people heal in weeks, some months, others years. Since when are you struggling with this cursed bacteria?

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 tamas92825

      Hi! It all started in July but the doctor did not do the h pylori test until November. It has been a month since I started the treatment, which was awful!!! I feel 50% better but I cannot wait to get my life back 100%!!! Today I don't have the upper stomach pain but some in the low stomach, but it is a different pain. Eating is not a pleasant feeling. I hope I feel much better when I go back to work in a week!! I hope you feel better! And thank you for the updates!! It keeps me sane to know other people are feeling better!

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      Yes, I know the treatment was horrible, I felt pain for days with the antibiotics. I finished this therapy more than 2 months but still now not 100%. There are better days, there are worse days, depends on how I worry, stress and what I eat. This Christmas period did not help me (sweets and alcohol kills me now), so I had bad days now even if I drunk a small beer only.

      At these days I was made a new check-up with new docs, they made ultrasound for stomach and gastrodoc controlled me. They told me that this H.pylori made injuries in stomach what heal very slowly, some cases can be months and the most important now to keep diet and avoid stress. The injury must heal now. I started now De-Nol tablets, do you know it? They told me to get it for a month 4 times a day, it helps to protect stomach from acid to fasten the healing. It is a Dutch/Japanese stuff but not medicine exactly.Since then I got it I have no any symptoms and really better than anytime since August when I got this cursed H.pylori.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 tamas92825

      No, I have not heard about those tablets. I am going to try the Mastic gum and oregano oil. My palpitations are back and this is what keeps me down. Doctors don't relate palpitations with h-pylori. They say it is anxiety so I am seeing a therapist. I feel really weak and shaky. Dr. Ordered a gastric emptying study to see why I cannot eat without feeling the sensation of wanting to vomit. Down 25 pounds so far sad. Again, they don't seem to relate my symptoms with the h-pylory!!! The omeprazole made me feel awful and he wanted me to keep taking it!! Also, it was not eradicated with the first treatment but Dr. said we can wait for a second treatment as it was awful for me. Again, it seems they do not relate what I feel with H-pylory but from what I read from you all, it does have to do with the H-pylori. If a second treatment is going to be awful, I think I am going to wait until I have a break and can be home without worrying for my job.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      This Mastic Gum I read a lot but here in Hungary we have no and doctors did not offered. Oregano oil I did not try but oregano is good against this H.pylori. Palpitations should not caused by H.P. but it can be from nerves what caused this HP infections. In some cases (1-2 times) I also felt this but gone soon. Don't forget that anxiety can be caused by stomach problems (it has many nerves in our stomach system) what caused this bacteria. Feeling of vomit. Try to eat for some days which foods you don't feel this vomit. Some bread good for me, some (dark ones) cause me stomach pain. Everything is personal, some food is good for you, some not. I also lost a lot of weight, it is also normal by this HP (I lost 13 kg what is about 26 pounds). Omeprazol, pantonprazol and all the prazols. I have a friend who is a doctor and she told me that all this prazol works as follows: it vary the level of acid in your stomach. If it is low, it let make it, if it is high, it stops stomach to produce it. The problem is that these are strong medicines even if a lot of doctors suggests it. If you stop it after a period of getting it, it can cause high acid in stomach what makes problems again and you return to this medicine as well. She suggested me if I stop it, I should stop it slowly. In the cure with antibio I got 2 a day then one a day. She told me that I should get half a day for some days, then half every second day then leave it. If I feel acid, I should get not prazol but antiacido tablets (they are weaker than prazols)-they leave 30% of acid in stomach. But the best is if you eat white rice, cornflakes with water (not milk) and drink special tea for stomach (if you have no it where you live, also tea from chamomille is good). I would not get prazols even if some other doctors suggested me also to get it for a year! Gosh! No way! The second treatment is always stronger than the first, this is told by doctors as well. I had luck to eradict this with the first treatment. You need to eradict HP even if you need a second treatment. I don't know if doctors told you if you smoke it has lower chance with the treatment to eradicate HP with 20-30%! You must wait to heal and keep head up! Time and diet and no stress will helps you as well. I suggest you to get the second treatment to eradicate this HP (don't let time for it to work in your stomach), when you need to get antibiotics, you get prazol and probiotics then after 1-2 weeks of prazol without antibiotics leave it also and keep diet. It helps but need a long time perhaps months. And some countries offers this De-Nol with the treatment together especially against H.pylori. I get it since 4-5 days (I am over the treatment since 2 months) and really feel like 100% (since summer I had no such good feeling). I tried many stuff as well as broccoli capsules, papaya ferments and many others but it is the best. By the way doctors told me to get medicine against nerves for 1-2 weeks because stomach must be calm down (you can see your anxiety and palpitations can be caused by this). I wish you get better soon! I know who did not went over of this HP will never understand such pain, and suffer.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      I forget: i have a friend who could eradicate this HP only with the 3rd therapy and suffered a long time. It passed this HP and suffer and now she feels 100% (it passed some years). So the end is always bright if you don't give up but time, time, time.....sometimes I had no patience as well....

    • anna71424 anna71424 tamas92825

      I’m just wondering how you can eat normally I feel that I can’t yet living on soup broth I have no appetite and have also lost weight like you had an endoscopy last November they found h.plyori and erosive gastritis so I have been on Omeprazole for 6weeks just finished now so I’m waiting to be retested in two weeks but I still feel so awful like washed out no energy how long do you feel like that after the Omeprazole i keep thinking I have a virus aswell I don’t know but paracetamol is making me sick

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 anna71424

      I had the same as you: H.pylori and erosive gastritis. I would not say I already eat normally but much better and some stuff I still avoid (such as tomatoe and onion etc). I got also pantonprazol for about 6 weeks. No, it is normal, I had triple therapy at end of October and all the way felt like you November and sometime December. What helped me a lot: green tea or tea for stomach (we can buy at pharmacy) and move (walk a lot). It helps a lot. What was my daily menu: morning conrflakes with banana (made with water not by milk), then 1-2 hours later toast with butter and thin ham, then dinner white rice with chicken breast, evening I ate some salty biscuits (no sugar) and evening dark rice with chicken breast as well and before sleep a sweet apple without its skin. I would not say it is a very good menu but no problem at all and it gives no problem. I was consulted also with a professional dietethics what I can eat or what not. If I eat dark bread it gives pain yet. A lot of stuff is personal but some are generally must avoid. And what you MUST get: I get De-Nol tablets (4 a day) and since then I have no problem at all (it is a week cc). It has bismut-oxid content, it is not medicine but some helping stuff such as probiotics. The first one what really helped me. Even a week ago I felt discomfort in stomach a lot of time and especially on 30rd of December felt like s**t because I flew by plain what I hate and made acid in my stomach with few food. Then I started this tablets and everything passed. Try it and get it! It had no any side effects and it really helps. I tried everything before, teas, Chinese tea, broccoli capsules, papaya ferments and many other things but this really helps.

    • anna71424 anna71424 tamas92825

      I also have mild lower esophagitis with erosions I have got wait 2 weeks now to see if h.plyori has been eradicated. Mastic gum is good and I Matula Tea but made me feel sick and I took 3-4 mastic gum and came out in a rash over my face won’t be doing that again!! But I have just been living on bio yogurt and bananas.cabbage and brown rice broccoli and fish tuna salmon but for while was just on soup broth and im taking probiotics and pepzinc GI and DGL all from health food stores and multivitamins cod liver oil every day but at the moment I’m just using gaviscon to ease the acid while I wait for test results!

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 anna71424

      Hi there - i'm new to any discussion forum and didn't know how to make a general comment rather than reply to one person. 

      Since November 2016 I have suffered with heartburn and after several months of trying different foods, i attributed the heartburn to wheat so i cut that out.  in April 2017 it was so bad i went to GP who gave me Omeprozale for 28 days and she said that would cure it.  I had a bad time all summer, but was on holiday so took over the counter Ranitidine  to help for a few days a week.  i finally gave up and went to GP again in October.  she referred me for a gastroscopy which i got on 13th December 2017.  Results were ulcers, infected with H Pylori, 9confirmed with boipsy) Gastritis and multiple polyps. Biopsies were taken off one of the polyps too.  I was given triple therapy for 7 days 1000mg amoxicillin twice a day, Clarithromycen 500mg twice a day and 20mg Omeprazole twice a day, then dropping to once a day when antibiotics were finished.  they also gave me Maalox to drink after every meal. 

      Christmas came and went and i have just today finished the Omeprazoles and i feel bloated, with taching pain at top of stomach and disheartened, probably even more so after reading all your stories, but at the same time i need to know as much as i can so this has helped my understand a lot.  To date since 13th December, no medical person has contacted me to give me results of biopsies, so i'm hoping that no news is good news.  After the gastroscopy the surgeon came to speak to me and said that i would not need any follow up treatment or appointments. 

      I got a bad case of thrush and had to get the tablet for that and i ended up bubbling like a kid to the GP.  she said I was too anxious and gave me 14 days of Diazipam to help me sleep at night which has been difficult for the racing heart.  it's like  . .every moment i am 'aware' of my stomach and guts even though sometimes the pain is less.  Am I focussing too much on the negative side of this and perhaps this is actually causing my symptoms?

    • anna71424 anna71424 sheltie64

      No you are not alone I was crying at the doctors the other day as I’ve have been through h.plyori 7 days triple therapy and Omeprazole just finished them waiting for stool tests to see if it’s been eradicated it’s a tough time with anxiety the doctors just pass you a tissue and stare like with no sympathy but I guess it’s there job and to make matters worse no one understood what I was going through my husband especially the doctor said to me you are anxious and I said wouldn’t you be worried if the h. Plyori might not be eradicated waiting for test results. by the way on those Omeprazole did you have heart palpitations nausea and blurred vision? 

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 anna71424

      No Anna, I can't say I was nauseous, but heart racing at night (is this palpitations) and very blurred vision worse than normal.  when i say worse than normal, it is because I have a Cavernoma in left temporal lobe of brain and there are days when i can focus and days when I can't.  Cavernoma Alliance are currently investigation the link between gut and brain - lots of cavernoma sufferes also have H Pylori and gut problems


    • anna71424 anna71424 sheltie64

      Do you Omeprazole is really bad for you there was a report last July 2017 that ppis contribute to premature death I hate them I have been ok and off them since 2015 because the doctors put me on them and left me on

      Them not monitoring me just left me on them and I came off them myself and also I didn’t know you are not supposed to drink on them well I just carried on drinking my wine and had the spicy food if you these the drugs will not cure you because acid from the alcohol will interfere with the drug and spicy will irritate stomach lining the doctors do not tell you anything they just dish these out like pills please people come these drugs that are really bad for you I’ve completely changed my life style I ate healthy before but I’ve cut out lots of things and if I still have acid reflux I’m the future I will consider acid reflux surgery.

  • danny85540 danny85540 louise63558

    Hi all. I'm not sure if I can also post through this discussion which I came to by accident. I'm a Syrian male who is still living in Syria. I was diagnosed with H Pylori on 20th of December and was put on two Antibiotics (Amoxil 500 mg two tablets (1000 mg) morning after breakfast and two tablets after dinner, as well as Tavanic (500 mg) which is Levofloxacin after lunch for 14 days , as well as PPI om empty stomach 20 mg for 30 days. I am off the antibiotics for three days ago but still on PPI as others said here sometimes I feel OK sometimes i feel a slight feeling of nausea sometimes during the day. I also take one teaspoon of Manuka honey in the morning with grounded black seed. I feel discouraged and feel that i won't be 100% well again. Any advice? Do you follow a diet? Can you give me ideas. I eat cheese for breakfast, vegetables like Brocolli, carrots, brown rice, some days chicken breast grilled without oil.. Also no sugar no salt, green tea and Camomile tea .. Frankly, I started to feel bored any ideas to what you usually have for breakfast and dinner.

    lots of thanks for sharing your experience.


    • sandra18523 sandra18523 danny85540

      Hi Danny,

      I eat boiled eggs for breakfast, crackers and a fruit: half banana or 1/2 cup of blueberries . I am having some aloe Vera juice (3 spoons) for the burning sensation, it seems it is working. I have chicken soup for lunch and gluten free bread and honey for snack. For dinner I have fish or chicken, potatoes and some veggie. The Dr. told me to follow a low fiber fodman diet. Broccoli produces lots of gas but I heard it is really good for bactetia! Yeah, I agree this is sometimes discouraging. Anxiety is what does not help!! It makes me shaky and weak! Good luck and hope we all feel better.

    • danny85540 danny85540 sandra18523

      Thanks Sandra for the ideas, I wish you too and all to recover quickly. Is eating eggs daily bad? And what about Gluten-free bread? I guess it is almost seven impossible to get it here in Syria not even before civil war. Is that a necessity  for fighting H Pylori? Do you consume yoghurt? Is it bad to consume dairy products?


    • tamas92825 tamas92825 danny85540

      Hi, I think if you had no other problems, gluten-free product is not necessary. Yoghurt for empty stomach makes acid, try to avoid it but after meals if does not hurt you can take, test it. You got therapy very few time ago, you need more time to recover. Keep diet. Avoid sugar and tomatoe, onion especially. Salt can be bad only for the injured stomach. 

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 tamas92825

      I agree with Tamas in regards to glutten free bread. I avoid yogurt because it is dairy but I will try it and see if it goes well in my stomach. I don't eat onions or garlic and drink tea at night. It seems exercising helps so I will start doing at least some minutes a day. Good luck with everything!

  • danny85540 danny85540 louise63558

    Thanks for the ideas. I read somewhere that Green tea is very helpful in fighting this bacteria, i consume yoghurt to add some probiotics to my gut to balance what antibiotics did. Will try to stop garlic for few days and see what goes on.

    i'm also interested with De-Nol might be the generic formula. Can you take it while on Antibiotics? And can you take it after? Would it affect the test and should be stopped a while before testing?


    • tamas92825 tamas92825 danny85540

      Green tea is good BUT never drink for empty stomach because it mades a thin acid as well. Eat before some stuff. Yoghurt makes also acid, be aware, but it is personal, for me was bad. Garlic. You can taste your food such as for meat but generally avoid it with onion. It makes extremelly much acid. De-Nol contains bismut-oxid what helps the stomach inside and makes a filter to heal it and not hurts by acid. Yes, you can take while antibiotics. After also you can take. I think would effect the test because for me doctors told that test must be only after antibiotics with min 4 weeks, prazols 2 weeks and antiacid capsules 1-2 weeks. I would not get it this De-Nol before test. Doctors told me that they prescribe triple therapy with probiotics and De-nol together. I finished 2 months ago the therapy I am over the test (freed from HP) and now get only this De-Nol (4 times a day for a month). Hope it helps for long time because you can take only for 2 months. It really made a miracle with me.

    • anna71424 anna71424 tamas92825

      Can’t find that DE-NOL it’s been discontinued and you have to order it from Europe or China and if you take it for a long time can cause brain damage I read don’t know enough about it but in England it’s been discontinued 

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 anna71424

      Anyway talk to your doctor and he/she can describe you the same content medicine what you got there. De-Nol has a manufacturer in Netherlands (Astellas Pharma BV), and their UK distributor has the same name, perhaps you can contact them. Yes, as side effect it can be damage temporary on central neurological system in brain thus it is prohibited to take for a long time (more than 2 months). Doctors told me to take for a month, it is enough, we will see if it helps. In the last 10 days it helped me a lot and hope my stomach can heal in this period.  

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 anna71424

      Hi again

      I've been to a homeopathic practitioner who did loads of strange kind of stuff with a swinging pendulum and she diagnosed me as having an overgrowth of Candida my digestive tract  She discovered that my body at the moment will not tolerate wheat, yeast, sugar, oranges, mushrooms, chocolate and fish.  Fish does not bother me as i never eat it anyway - i would be physically sick!  she has instructed me to go on a strict diet eating none at all of the above foods. She also gave me BIO82 liquid to take10 drops twice a day for 7 days and then 5 drops for 7 days.  On day 10 she told me to take probio7 capsules to repopulate my gut with good bacteria which were killed off with the triple therapy antibiotics

      Two days into diet and taking drops and i would say I am 80% improved in my symptoms (pain in stomach and gut and also the feeling of anxiety wondering if the treatment has worked or not.   It's like I've suddenly forgotten about my stomach, whereas i seemed to dwell on it every moment of every day since completing the antibiotics.  I researched the BIO82 drops as I'm a bit of a skeptic with this kind of thing, but here is what i found out - below.  i also feel in charge of my body now and much much cheerier - even started writing music again, which i've not been able to do in months - one happy chappy so far!!

      Hope this may be of some help to you all xx

      Gastric ulcers

      Candida organisms colonize ulcers, particularly when the ulcers are large or perforated (Table 1). In several studies, Candida organisms were cultured from gastric biopsies, brush samples of mucosa or peritoneal fluid. Colonization was observed more frequently in older patients [35,36] and in patients with hypoacidity [36]. In addition, the rate of decrease in ulcer diameter, an indication of ulcer healing, was slower in patients whose stomachs were significantly colonized by Candida in comparison to patients who were not [37]. These studies of UC patients and gastric ulcer patients show that significant colonization with Candida is associated with more severe disease.

      To summarize, higher level colonization by Candida was associated with several diseases of the GI tract. Although some of the studies are small and lack sufficient numbers of controls, the results of several studies reinforce each other and support the overall conclusion.

    • anna71424 anna71424 sheltie64

      Hello the thing is I take pepzinc GI and probiotics 16 strain also I take DGL but because I have erosive esophagitis the peppermint in the DGL will irritate the osephagus so I don’t take that now but I’ve lost a stone through having h.plyori I’m depressed and I have this constant chest pain and anxiety throughout and when I go out I have panic attacks and even at night aswell which can be scary I wake up feeling sick like I’m dizzy and feeling like I’m going to die do you know what that can be? Waiting to be tested for eradication next week

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 anna71424

      I am sorry Anna you are going through this. I completely understand what you are feeling. Everybody tells me it is in my mind and that our mind is so strong we can create our own reality. It is difficult for me to accept that and it even put more pressure and anxiety on me because I constantly think about how I can overcome this myself. Anyways, I have been following advises such us a better diet, small meals, manuka honey, acupuncture, going for short walks, breathing techniques. Is all this helping? I don't know but we have to keep trying. Good luck and I really hope we feel better soon.

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 anna71424

      So sorry that you're feeling so bad Anna.  i was too until the stuff i mentioned above.  I have several weeks to go yet before i can be tested to see the the H Pylori has been eliminated or not too and it is the waiting that is the worst.  i lost a stone in November, purely because i had no appetite and whatever i eat hurt so much.  Yy appetite has returned a but but i still prefer to eat little and often.  ask you doc for some diazepam at night to tide you over for a week or so - it will help.  it got this when a completely broke down at my doc appt and she was so supportive and offered me two weeks supply to take at my own discretion.  i have not used them all yet but they are there for a bit longer if i need them.  Really hope things improve for you soon.  Can i now ask what might seem a irrelevant question - do you have any lesions or Cavernoma's in your brain or do you suffer from Epliepsy?  As an American study has found out - cavernoma's are created by a stomach bug crossing the blood brain barrier and i think that's what happened to me as the Cav was only discovered 7 years ago after a lifetime of gut problems

    • anna71424 anna71424 sandra18523

      Thank you. I have been drinking matula tea every day twice a day do feel a bit better in myself but still having nightmares awful! Still have the clicking joints and pain in my wrists and arms but will do the stool test on Thursday to see if eradicated🙏🏻

    • hani3174 hani3174 anna71424

      Hi, I have test on Saturday after the second round of treatment. Im worried as I'm still feeling bad and thing are not progressing. I dont don't know what to do if the result will be positive, I really can't take antibiotics again. I hope it will be eradicated. Im suffering since October. Today was the first day in my new job and I'm not having that excitement I'm jist thinking when will I be back to my normal life.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 hani3174


      I really hope you erradicated the Pylori this time. Have you changed your diet? It has helped me a little because eating fat things, meat and big meals is not good for me. First treatment did not erradicate the H pylori and I tried the Mastic gum but it caused more dizziness. I think I am going to stop it. I will wait until I have a break to try the second treatment. I know everybody says: be strong, you can make it, give it time to heal but when you have responsibilities it is hard to keep up. What I know is that keeping my mind busy helps and that is what working does. I wish you the best and crossing fingers you erradicated this awful bacteria.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 hani3174

      Keep on! I was suffering months from this crazy bacteria, from August and only now in January feel better. Take care of your diet, walk a lot, drink tea and avoid stress. With passing of time it will be better!

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 anna71424

      Write here the result of eradiction. Hope it is over also for you. I was talking to doctor and she told me that if I have no problems I can leave De-nol after 2 weeks. This year I had no any problems yet and I started to eat normally (small pizza, fat duck) even if drinks with gas or alcohol did not try. I tried also avoid stress but looks I loose my job soon, but hope stomach problems will not return. Perhaps you could ask your doctor something similar as this De-nol was for me, it really helped and bring back to life. Wish you the best for the test!

    • anna71424 anna71424 hani3174

      I was taking mastic gum 3-4 came out in a rash so if I take it again I think it will just be the once a day! I’m not taking antibiotics again if not it addicted I will take natural supplements and eat lots of cabbage and broccoli 🥦 the bacteria hates these veg coconut oil ect I even drink the water that I’ve cooked the broccoli in anything to kill this paracite!

    • hani3174 hani3174 sandra18523

      Thanks Sandra, yes I'm trying to eat the good food for this case also I stopped all caffeine drinks and I quit smoking also.

      Yes I understand and I'm also trying to keep my mind busy it helps also. 


    • hani3174 hani3174 tamas92825

      Thanks Tamas, means that it might be eradicated but still feel the same symptoms? if yes this makes me feel good at least keep optimistic that the result might be negative. 

      What tea? you mean green tea? 


    • tamas92825 tamas92825 hani3174

      Yes, exactly. I was eradicted with the first course in November and tested in December, but even now if I eat what irritates my stomach or overstress it has the same symptoms (except burning acid in stomach). Now I got a tablets for protecting stomach and usually no problem. Yesterday I ate food with onion what made my day terrible needs a very long time for the stomach to be again 100%. I was talking today to one friend, her mother at age 50 had HP some years ago and she had to pass 2 years till everything was 100% again with diet and so on. It is not an easy and short road to be again healthy...keep on

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 hani3174

      Tea. Yes, green tea is good without sugar and lemon but eat something before tea because it can makes acid in stomach if stomach is empty. By us we can buy special tea for stomach (it is a mix with herbal things such as camomilla etc) in pharmacy. Try it, some people helps it, for me was good. Eat rice it also good against stomach acid. Read back what we wrote here, it helps. If you have any question just ask and I reply if I can.

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 hani3174

      That's really good Hani!  i have another 3 weeks to wait for mine as they won't do it inside 4 weeks and I'm on antibiotics for something else just now.  Seems to be one thing after another once our gut has been destroyed

    • hani3174 hani3174 sheltie64

      Yes I had the same after the HP antibiotics I got a horrible throat infection. I hope yours will be eradicated. I believe you still have some symptoms which is normal.

      Its a difficult time and has to pass.

    • anna71424 anna71424

      I got tested for h.plyori it was not irradiated. I have now just finished 14 days triple therapy which was not so bad not like before I had claryothmicin instead of metronidazole I feel ok I’m on Zantac now until my endoscopy on the 28th of March I do hope it’s been irridicated this time!

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 anna71424

      Anna, i am so glad you are feeling ok after the second treatment. It gives me hope if I decide to go for a second treatment. I am scared of those medications and what they made me feel the first time and did not erradicate h pylori.

    • taro93814 taro93814 sandra18523

      Sandra if you decide to do a second treatment I would recommend you start taking Saccharomyces Boulardii before, during and after your treatment. It helps ease the side effects of the triple therapy.

      It will help keep the good gut flora, prevent thrush and yeast infection. I am still taking it after my treatment, it keeps candida at bay while our stomach acid is still low from ppi.

      I was very nervous about the treatment but the saccharomyces boulardii made it much more tolerable. I heard it weakens the biofilm of the h pylori also. I just had an endoscopy, waiting for results. H pylori is no fun and will take a while to heal.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 taro93814

      Thank you Taro for the advise! I have been taking Probiotocs for the last two months and switched to a different one because I was getting some cramping but I am still looking for something that does not cause side effects. I see several brands on line, do you use a specific one? Thanks again!

  • danny85540 danny85540 louise63558

    Hi...I guess this community helps us stay positive or at least often. Updates for me, I had some days that is worse, others that is Ok, no perfect yet. As I mentioned I finished my Antibiotics round 1 and will re-test (stool) after around a month because I'm still on the PPI for around 10 days. Natural things I'm using Manuka Honey after the PPI (half an hour later) on an empty stomach with ground black seed, and two tablets of Propolis after breakfast and dinner. A friend in UAE was adviced to stay away from wheat, and I read several articles that says Gluten-free, dairy-free (The most difficult between the two biggrin. Green tea, sometime camomile tea. Broccoli Steamed with carrots everyday, chicken chest every two days grilled without any fats or oils, still didn't stopped Yogurt at dinner though. I feel it is the only rainbow in what I eat smile

    Tired? bored? Yes, but still trying to get everything to normal. I hope I'm off this Bacteria and I hope Antibiotics didn't bring fungus and Candida in.... Yesterday, I added some Mushrooms to my dinner (a bit salty as they weren't fresh). I guess bad idea.

    So curious about your meal plans. Can we share ideas? It might help

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 danny85540

      Some days are okay, some worse of course for everyone. Especially after meals or stress is worse. Wheat did not make problem, but avoid fresh bread is no good. Green tea and camomile tea is also good. Chicken, fish is good also but important how to cook it. Mushroom must avoid, one of the heaviest food for stomach even if does not make acid but very difficult to digest. Eat 4-5 times a day and many things you need to avoid (especially spicy but onion is terrible also).

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 danny85540

      Hi Danny - I have been off H Pyori antibiotics for 4 weeks now and unfortunately I have candida and am also getting cysts so that's more antibiotics.  really wish this could be over as i now cant get tested for another full two weeks.  I am very careful and only eating meat & veg, gluten free everything else, plus no sugar, no mushroom and i was also told no chocolate.  i have porridge at lunchtime as it makes me feel full really quickly as my stomach has shrunk so that i have little or no appetite now.  i have also a new pain after eating and when stomach is empty - a sharp pain directly below my rib cage slightly to the left of sternum.  i never had this pain before and it is troubling me a bit - have you had this?

  • michaela75898 michaela75898 louise63558

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to say to people who have mentioned anxiety as a result of H Pylori and the treatment for it I am also struggling with this issue and I’ve read lots of forums where people complained about it so it’s a common symptom in the aftermath of H Pylori. 

    Anyone who tells you it’s all in your head is wrong. I think there are multiple explanations the first one being that the brain and gut are very connected so a gut that is struggling with a bacteria will have issues in the secretion of neurotransmitters causing anxiety.

    The other thing I found interesting is that PPIs like Omeprazole can cause anxiety too - I found a forum unrelated to H Pylori where LOTS of people said that taking Omeprazole has triggered anxiety even in people who did not have a history of it. It again makes sense as there are scientific articles that prove the cognitive effects of PPIs. Personally I stopped taking Omeprazole a week after I finished triple therapy because I don’t really experience heartburn and my anxiety went through the rough since I started it.

    To give you my story I was diagnosed in November, took the 7 day treatment which was a nightmare and 4 weeks later it came back negative( I plan to retest soon just to be sure).

     For me nausea continued a while after the treatment and it still comes back but knowing what triggers it is very hit and miss.

    Another thing that I’m struggling with is fatigue and lack of energy and because of the stress  my sleep was affected also. I just want my life before this back sad

    I can’t believe something that is so common and many people live with for years without any symptoms can cause so much damage to people like us.

    Hang in there everyone and we’ll see the light at the end of this soon!

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 michaela75898

      I have/had the same symptoms as you, even if my test was negative I had nausea for a long time and even now if I eat heavy/fat food for my stomach. Anxiety and depression also had for a long time and I read that nerves are connected strongly to stomach system. I also sleep bad and sometimes I feel such anxiety that I can't fall asleep. This is normal if you feel it after this bacteria. It takes a long time to recover, personally for everyone, some people pass it by weeks, some months or years. 

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 michaela75898

      You are so right, Michaela about the brain gut connection - all to do with the vagal nerve I think, but I'm sure it is much more complex than that.  Many people who have brain cavernoma's, like me, suffer from gut problems including H Pylori and anxiety.  Lack of sleep, fatigue, good days, bad days, palpatations, etc are all similar symptoms for brain cavs and gut problems

      We are not alone and I don't feel quite as isolated as I did before I found this forum.  I think the very fact we are on here is because we need answers or support and we have probably read 101 different articles on it before we arrived here

      Does anyone know if I can still be tested in two weeks time, after just completing another week of antibiotics for horrible cysts, in an unmentionable place.  Aparantly i got these because i was so 'run down' after the HP for over a year before diagnosis and the effects of the triple therapy.  To top all that I now have thrush and even more discomfort, which makes me realise even more that the cure is sometimes worse than the illness

      I'm off work this week for the first time years because i feel so poorly and sorry for myself.  I know this will pass, but after a night of no sleep last night due to anxiety and discomfort/pain I just feel so unbelievable S**T!  When any of you can't sleep for anxiety or anything . . . do you know the colour of your anxiety?  mine is blue.   if you get this you will know what I mean

      We will get better though xx


    • michaela75898 michaela75898 sheltie64

      I feel you sheltie64, this nasty bug weakens your body allowing collateral damage. The strong antibiotics f&@k you up as well and your immune system takes a hit (thrush is a classic result of antibiotics ).

      I found this resource which lists all the antibiotics that can interfere with the results of the retest so if what you took for your cysts is on there I would wait before retesting as it could give you a false negative.

      Tamas I know we need to be patient with recovery but I sure hope we can make it sooner rather than later (fingers crossed weeks not months 🙏🏻wink. Over the counter antihistamines work for me when I can’t sleep (Nytol from Boots if you’re in the UK).

    • hani3174 hani3174 sheltie64

      Hi Sheltie,

      "We are not alone and I don't feel quite as isolated as I did before I found this forum.  I think the very fact we are on here is because we need answers or support and we have probably read 101 different articles on it before we arrived here"

      This is why I keep coming here, really I learned many things here made me feel better about my case, even the doctor could't help in this. I had a lot of symptoms I really had pain and still having in almost all my body in addition to anxiety, doctors start sending you from department to other, I went to internal medicine, ENT, cardiology, neurology ......, I also have one bed-space in emergency room hhhhhh. 

      But here I found out that all what happens in because of this awful bacteria, even after eradication. 


    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sheltie64

      "Does anyone know if I can still be tested in two weeks time, after just completing another week of antibiotics for horrible cysts, in an unmentionable place."

      No way. Antibiotics can effect H.P. on test, so you must wait minimum 4 weeks after any antibiotics and 1 weeks with probiotics before any test otherwise you will have false result.

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 michaela75898

      Thank you for that list Michaela - very useful to know!  from everything on the list the only one for me then is Alu-cap, which I am on 5 times per day for 5 months.  The antibiotic I have just finished yesterday for the cyst was Flucloxicillin, which surprisingly is not on that list.  I'm gonna have to see a GP tomorrow for the thrush is getting me down and will not clear up with home remedies.  I am currently taking a probiotic so I will ask the GP about this and the length of time i have to be off it.  it seems that to be retested we have to spend 4 weeks taking absolutely nothing to make us feel a bit better - is this a case of Sod's Law or Murphy's Law (I don't know the difference)

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 tamas92825

      I was diagnosed with H-Pylori in April 2017. Had the triple antibiotic. Had another endoscopy 4 months later . It was eradicated. Still had upper abdominal pain, so had pancreas, liver , gallbladder tested. All fine. It left me with terrible gastritis though. Still Don't sleep much. Get up every morning feeling sick. Feel better after 3 or 4 hours. Walk daily for exercise. Nothing helps for sleep though. And anxiety plays a very big role in this. I've been trying everything I've found on here and the internet for quite awhile. Doctors are definitely wrong in saying , oh it'll all be better once the bacteria are eradicated. They Don't really know , unless they've had it. And I haven't met any who have. I've had this a long time and I'm disgusted with all the research that has been done and they try to make people believe it'll go away soon. It doesn't. I did everything by the book. Yet here I am , not much better off. One French fry , one slice of cheese, or just about anything will make things much worse for weeks. I realize how negative I sound. But I've done everything and I guess I envy the people on here who had H-PYLORI and returned to normal. I'm just not in their boat.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 jessie92598


      Sometimes I feel like you. I was diagnosed in October and took the triple therapy in November. I felt worst after these medications. Before the medication I had moments where I felt my body shaking and weak and had the palpitations and faster heart but they passed after 20 minutes. Now it is almost permanent to feel this weakness and shakyness in my arms and legs. No more palpitations fortunately. I am seeing a acupuncturist and even this doctor says it is anxiety. He says he will cure my anxiety and I have hope he will. We have to believe there is a solution. Don't loose your hope and try to continue your research. In case it is not anxiety, I am trying natural things and supplements. I read somewhere that taking magnesium and vitamin b1 may help for my symptoms. I will do that because I don't want more medications like the triple therapy that btw, it did not erradicate the HP. If in our case is not the HP but side effects of the medication, and all the Drs say the effect should have passed but I am not sure about that, maybe the magnesium and vitamin b1 will help. Be strong and do not loose faith in yourself!!! We can get better even if takes more time that it has taken other people.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 jessie92598

      Jessie, GOD! One french fries or a slice of cheese and you down for weeks! This is horrible! Should have to be a solution for this. Look. All the symptoms I know and mornings are the worst parts of the day as well. Do the next, for me it was help: at evening eat some stomach friendly food (rice or small meat or a simple toast with slight ham). Wait 2-3 hours to go to sleep, meanwhile you drink a camomilla tea or a green tea. If you eat a small portion of popcorn (not sweet, not salty) it also consume acid. Do it for some days till gasrtitis go down a bit. A lot of times I wake up at dawn and then I drink a small water and a no sugar biscuts (very small) and stay in bed, sometimes sleep back. I had eradiction 4 months ago and helps a lot. And once I suggested here to take madicine with bizmuth. We have several names for it, such as De-Nol and it gives a protection to your stomach against acid. You can use alternativelly sucralfat contained medicines. It also protect the stomach and not bizmuth (Bizmuth you can get for a 6-8 weeks for daily dose). Today I was talking again with my friend who is a doctor and she told me that the H.pylori damaged the stomach and the things must be heal there but from acid is very slow process and we must protect stmach from acid. If you don't like these stuff eat rice or any food what is good against acid each 3-4 hours and drink water and green tea. She said if the stomach is protected it can be 6-8 months after eradiction to get healthy again and if acid continuously hurt it, it can NOT heal. I suppose it can be with you. Believe me I alived all the things you wrote. But now I eat on day some french fry without problem (today I ate a small portion after 6 months :-) or cheese I eat regularly (but NOT evening!) or I eat pizza with yoghurt base (sometimes a small ketchup on it) and I am fine. OK, I know I must be careful and very long way to be healthy again BUT all the people I know get recovered. Some had 2 years some months. Be positive and keep these things and it will help. Maybe you eat some bad food for what you don't know it is bad for you (onion or tomato or any similar)? But my God, a sllice of cheese should have not be bad for you for weeks. I believe there is a solution for you.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      I did not try magnesium or vitamine B1 but would be very interested how it works for you. Which natural things you tried agains pylori (if not eradicted by triple therapy)? They said magnesium good for nerves by the way.

    • runbeth runbeth jessie92598

      Hi Jessie,

      I finished the 2 weeks of antibiotics a week ago and also am not healed completely. Sleep has been a problem and I wake with headaches.

      I have kept my diet very bland, completely plant based and not added and eat small meals frequently with a lot of ginger, which seems to help. 

      Good luck.

  • Rakada Rakada louise63558

    Hi everyone, i found this forum a few days ago and reading all your stories helped a lot. I was told i have HP at the end of December and just finished the treatment a few days ago. I am still taking Nexium each morning and after i see my dr tomorrow i will know what to do further. I have been having symptoms since August and all dr's said i have colecist problems. I was extremely stressed out because i somehow knew it could not have been colecist issues because i was eating very very clean, so there was no reason left for me to feel sick. I felt like i had no energy left, heart palpitations, feeling like fainting most of the time, terrible hunger and losing a lot of my days were pretty much spent in bed. Until i found out i had H. Pylori. My symptoms started to fade, not dissapear, but were not as aggresive. My state of mind changed because i realised it is not as bad as i thought...that this is a very common bacteria, which yes, has terrible symptoms, but it can be solved(btw. this bacteria is with us for 200.000 years ;p). So practically i started trusting my organism again. I started taking walks...until that point i couldn't because i had developed anxieties. I started reasearching for h. pylori, took the treatment (and here i want to add that claritromicina might increase or decrease blood pressure) and started eating foods that protect my stomac. I still have moments during the day when my stomac feels heavy or if i feel hungry i have to eat imeediately otherwise i feel dizzy, but knowing what is causing this helps me get over the symptoms a lot easier and helps me have more control over this whole situation. So my point is that stress influences the agressiveness of the symptons. I had the same problem before i found out and after, but not knowing what the problem was, was making me feel a lot worse then after i received a clear diagnose. I hope all of this helps in going through this horrible period of time. All the best and hope you feel better soon smile

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 Rakada

      Hi everybody!

      I was wondering how you are feeling? I took the antibiotics at the end of November and it was a horrible experience and did not erradicate the pylori!!!! After two months I am still feeling lack of energy and legs and arms feel like they are shaking but, during the afternoon I feel better!! No 100% but at least with energy to do some cleaning and playing with my kids! It feels weird because I don't understand why mornings are horrible and afternoons are fine!! Drs don't have an answer ever! I watch my diet and avoid triggers. Rice is not good for me or salmon. It is like we are relearning to know our body. I know I get stressed just thinking this is not going away and I get anxious and sad that the symptoms are still here after two months but anxiety and stress do not help at all!!! Keep posting your experiences please. Doctors dont relate all these symptoms with h pylori and it seems they look at me like I am creating them or I have something else not related to h pylori but reading your comments assures me I am not crazy!! I told my family Dr I felt weak and he said: eat bananas, lots of bananas!! He also told me to go back in two months if i still felt like that!!! Yeah, right what should I do in the meantime! Anyways these groups gives me at least hope that what I feel will go. Ahh, I have being taking a spoon or two of manuka honey but I dont feel it has worked. I will continue taking it just because it is natural. The mastic gum did not work for me, I felt neven more nauseus! I hope you all feel better everyday. Also, stick with your diet and good eating style. I was feeling a little better and I had some chips and ohhh God, the lack of energy increased!

    • sandra18523 sandra18523

      For those who cannot sleep, it helped me A LOT to download meditation podcasts. They help me to relax and fall asleep faster I hope they help you! I guess after thinking so much through the day about what I am feeling I developed a constant pain in my back and neck, I am trying yoga for that but I am not very patient when it has to do with exercising sad. I prefer walking but in this relearning to know our bodies I believe exercising will help to control anxiety!

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      Sandra, don't feel bad because I have the same symptoms a lot of times. I was eradicated at 4th of November 2017, tested December and even now not the best for a lot of times. It is individual what food is good or not or any sympoms can be vary but some I recognized: usually at morning feel bad and have nausea and in the evening is better. I think it is related with acid in stomach, in evening we all ate more. I also recognized if I don't eat usually 3-4 hours a day I start to be extremelly hungry then acid kills me in stomach (if I did not eat since a week I feel). Also bad for me if I eat in late evening (or 2-3 hours before sleep) and onion kills me at all. Once I ate food with onion in January and felt bad for 4-5 days after. Honey also was not good for me but rice is good and banana also good. Everything is individual. I must notice if I keep diet and eat regularly and don't stress too much I feel normal already. The problem is that I provocate my body: on Sunday I drunk a beer and even now after 2 days is not so well how was before. :-) Yeah I know what you wrote, doctors also related these problems for stress and not for H.pylori if everything was eradicated already. I know a woman who was fine after 2 years! I think doctors don't know everything about this bacteria (they discovered about 25 years ago at all) and it is so individual that they don't know a lot of things. And it is true when I stressed myself by work related things I immediatelly felt acid (what was never before H.P.). So complicated but we must keep strong. If it was not eradicated for you they will do a second course?

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 tamas92825

      Hi Tamas,

      I am not sure if I am going for that second treatment. I cannot miss days at work and if the first treatment was awful the Dr seems to believe the second will be too. You erradicated and you still have symptoms! I am thinking about the purpose of a second treatment if there are chances it won't be erradicated and I will feel really sick with the treatment. I have read that pylori comes back and that if family is infected, the bacteria will be around for everybody to share it!! Maybe a better diet for everybody and taking natural medicines will keep it controlled but I am not sure what I will do. I am feeling 30% better than 2 months ago but as you say we have to keep strong and don't stop working to get better. If it took 2 years for your friend, oh God that is a lot of time!!! I just had chicken, potato and avocado for lunch and so far so good. My lenta and body still feel weak but not as much as this morning! We need people that do more research on a better cure for this bacteria!

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      I see your points. You know I was talking with several doctors, some told me that it will not come back, some said that you can get back easily this bacteria. Some said it can not be infected by kiss, some said can be. I suppose they don't know it too. A lot of times I am affraiding to get back, I reduced to eat in the city, usually eat home instead. Yes, the second treatment would be stronger this is true. You know it is individual for person, life style, diet, stress how long it pass this bacteria. My friend passed for 2 years this sickness, some other weeks, some other months. We must keep diet, strenghten immune system, avoid stress and move as much as we can. It gives me power that my friend also is healthy, even if she was suffering for long time but now she is okay. Long way but there is end of this sickness.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      I see your points. You know I was talking with several doctors, some told me that it will not come back, some said that you can get back easily this bacteria. Some said it can not be infected by kiss, some said can be. I suppose they don't know it too. A lot of times I am affraiding to get back, I reduced to eat in the city, usually eat home instead. Yes, the second treatment would be stronger this is true. You know it is individual for person, life style, diet, stress how long it pass this bacteria. My friend passed for 2 years this sickness, some other weeks, some other months. We must keep diet, strenghten immune system, avoid stress and move as much as we can. It gives me power that my friend also is healthy, even if she was suffering for long time but now she is okay. Long way but there is end of this sickness.

    • hani3174 hani3174 tamas92825

      Hi Tamas, 

      I was tested on 20th Jan. and the result was negative, I feel my stomach is better now but the problem I have many other issues, I don't know if its related to H.pylori and it will all go after sometime? 

      I'm always feeling nausea and fatigue, I have pain in my arms and legs, I wake up every morning feeling sick tired even after sleeping enough time. headache is almost all the day. I have pain in chest, my tongue taste always not good, and in the morning i feel dry mouth. also have dry skin since this problem started. the worst thing is the heart palpitation i feel all my body is beating. very few moments and days I feel good. I'm just wondering are all these thing because of the H.Pylori?, doctor said no and he thinks that I have some thing else, I did many other tests and all are fine.

       I have read your advices and I'm doing it but honestly I'm not feeling better. I will get crazy of this situation. 

      I hope everybody here will get better soon.   

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 hani3174

      Hani, don't worry these symptoms I think from this pylori. Lot of times I  also have nausea and stomach pain. Fatigue I have no but usually it is also by pylori. My tongue is a lot of times white and dry at mornings and had skin problems also, this is typical from this bacteria.

      Keep on, skin problems are gone already, this is the fastest thing is pass by, and nausea is because the stomach balance has injured and it is because of acid. Try to eat rice or anything else what keep acid and drink green tea. For example I ate it yesterday and after got better. Avoid any drinks or food what irritates your stomach, it hurst me for 3-4 days after if I do this mistake. Now if I keep diet and eat only what is not bad usually better already. It takes a lot of time to recover. I strongly believe that only matter of time and we all will be healthy again.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 hani3174


      I am glad you erradicate it with your second treatment. Can you share with me the medications you took for both treatments? I am thinking about starting a second treatment later. I don't want those HORRIBLE side effects to interfere with my job. About your symptoms, I felt those palpitations that woke me up in the middle of the nigjt, feeling my heart beat in my stomach or fingers. They were very frequent once at night and sometimes during the day. Fortunately, they have decreased after a month of finishing a treatment that did not erradicate the pylori. Drs don't relate it to the H pylori so I say it is the antibiotics but if Drs. don't know what should we believe? The good news is that they went away for me and hopefully they will for you. Do you do yoga? It helped me to control the anxiety and the palpitations. The problem is that when we desparate, feeling awful, it triggers all of these symptoms. Yesterday I tried to incorporate more carbs to my diet but it seems it increased my symptoms. Today I woke up very shaky and weak. We have to watch what we eat. Walking is said to help palpitations. I do not drink any kind of tea because my body does not react well. Each person is different so we need to try different foods and see how they are digested. I know it is so much energy we put in this process knowing that we lack of energy and on top of that we have responsibilities but!! But hopefully with time, diet and exercise we will all feel better. Please, do not forget to share the treatments you took!

    • sandra18523 sandra18523

      I forgot that yesterday I had 4 insignificant French fries and 2 bites of salmon, that may be the reason I woke up so shaky this morning! It may not be the increase of carbs!! Anyways, just to take into account that what we eat needs to be watched for a long period of time!

    • hani3174 hani3174 sandra18523

      Thank you Sandra, 

      first of all I'm allergic to penicillin, so the first treatment was 3 antibiotics: 

      1- clarithromycin,

      2- metronidazole

      3- and  ciprofloxacin.

      with PPI for one month. to be honest I was not taking the medicines as instructed and I stopped one of them due to the strong side effects. 

      After the PPI by 2 weeks I had an endscopy and the result was positive for H.Pylori.

      SO the doctor gave me the following meds: 

      1- clarithromycin, 

      2- metronidazole

      3- and  LEVOFLOXACIN. 

      with ppi for one month. 

      I was worried because after finishing the treatment i'm still feeling unwell. but the test was negative.

      and here everybody says its normal and we will get better one day. 

      Doctors don'r help much in the real symptoms and the side effects of the whole thing of HP. 

      my worries reduced when found this forum. 

      Be strong and go for the second treatment, this HP must leave the body. 

    • anna71424 anna71424 hani3174

      Hello I was really ill on all of the antibiotics and omeprazole which is bad for you anyway!(reports show that ppis are linked to premature death July 2017) keep that in mind. I had to go to phone an ambulance I was really ill and this was back in December still do not feel 100% and I have done the stool test for h. Plyori to find out that I did it too early 10 weeks after not 6 weeks so now I have to retest again in a week so been taking mastic gum and then my doctor is now worried that if it’s not been iraddicated how we will treat it? 

    • Rakada Rakada sandra18523

      Hi Sandra,

      The recovery is indeed very long. Everyone I talked to did recover but during a long period of time. I have found the foods that dob't feel heavy. Basmatic Rice, whole wheat pasta, avocado, whole wheat bread, soups...lots of them, carrots cream soup, low fat feta cheese. Not bananas. Weirdly enough, despite the fact that they are a natural protection for your stimach, they are not recomended. Apples help me. And if you eat fat, poliunsaturated fats are the best option. I received an advice regarding reintroducing new aliments. If today I eat something new, i will eat it again in 2 or 3 days and the portion should be smaller than usual. And i have to say it works. Small portion, sometimea just a time i feel better when i try it again in a larger portion. My stomach still feels heavy when I exagerate with food quantity or quality biggrin but after 15 min i start to feel better. And yes, mornings are worse than the afternoons and evenings. Can't explain why...perhaps the chlorhidric acid is higher in the morning and there is no food to absorb it. Also green tea makes me feel nauseaus. I searched and itvis because of the caffeine which raises acidity. So i am sticking to water testing non caffeine teas. All this is after a month since i finished treatment. I think it all resumes to testing food. It is exhausting sometimes and I feel exactly as you's like i am learning how to eat again and because of anxiety i had to learn how to listen to my body all over again and trust it. I too thought I was going crazy. I wish you all the best and a fast recovery. It is not a friendly bacteria, one dr. told me that it is rolleyes but it can be destroyed and your body will help you recover.

    • anna71424 anna71424 hani3174

      here in the uk you have two antibiotics and a ppis. The first week did not work I had amoxicillin and metronidazole and omezprazole. Now I’m back amoxicillin and clathmycin and lansoprazole for 2 weeks then I’m going back ranitidine because ppis don’t agree with me ordered jarrows mastic gum aswell and manuka honey in capsules.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 Rakada

      Thank you Rakada. I think what is killing me is the anxiety!!! It produces me anxiety thinking about my anxiety! Please, don't stop sharing your experiences. It keeps me sane knowing other people feel better. I will see the gastro tomorrow but I know he does not have a solution for me. At least we will keep eating healthy which will offer us more benefits long tetm!!

  • Juma6009 Juma6009 louise63558

    I found out in 2009 that I have H-Pylori. I took antibiotics and Claromathricin for 2 weeks then I took omeprazole for  3 months. after treatment, I got my health 100% for almost 9 years. But it all started last month (January 2018) while I was in Canada. Whenever I had greasy foods like lamb, chicken, eggs etc.. my hearts palpitation immediately starts, extremely uncomfortable feeling and stomach burning which last 2 to 3 hours for a few days. After few days I started to lose my appetite and feel nausea, feel extreme body burning. It was worst days of my life. I visited few doctors they could not tell what was wrong with me. The fifth doctor after I bought up that have H-pylori, he gave triple treatment which lasted for 2 weeks but I still feel nauseous, uncomfortable, sleep disorder but heart palpitation is gone. I schedule my Endoscopy on Monday for further analysis.   

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 Juma6009

      Yes, you got back looks alike. At least you know that is will pass and everything will fine at the end even if it is bad for a long time. I got prazols only for a month and even now is not perfect my stomach after 3 months of eradiction. Hope it is gone because it destroy my life at all. When you finished omeprazol were not too much acid for a while? Any side effects were for such a long time prazol?

  • Juma6009 Juma6009 louise63558

    what I found from the majority of websites which are good for H-pylori are as follows: 

    Green tea, garlic, rice, yogurt(probiotics) whole grain bread, broccoli sprouts, berries, olive oil, raw honey, fish, ripe banana, and apples. Of course, plenty of water especially early in the morning( warm up a little bit).

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 Juma6009

      Hi all!! I hope you are feeling better! This past week has been awful for me! I am feeling anxiety and the therapist said I have some kind of depression!!! She wants me to take medication for that but I am reluctant to do it! I feel weak, sad, desperate and with not energy. I will continue trying natural things and hopefully they work!

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 sandra18523

      Hi Sandra - so sorry you're feeling like this - Doctors tend to give a  'depression' diagnose for when they cannot make any other diagnosis.  My doctor actually asked me if I was depressed when i broke down in her office purely because a felt so awful with everything the HP had done to me.  As if I'm qualified to know what a depression is and if I had it! it truly is laughable.  I'm with you and would not want to put any more drugs into my HP ravished body than was absolutely necessary.  You are not alone feeling like this! 

      I handed in my stool sample today for testing - fingers crossed.  I am still on my own chosen diet regime as I know most of you are, but I do feel much better now than I did 4 weeks ago - I think I was at an all time low then. I am takiing alu-caps and malox 5 times a day and if I forget to take it once in a day - I really do know about it!  However, I do feel that there is now light at the end of the tunnel and am getting my strength back slowly. 

      I did consult a holistic practitioner (not sure if holistic is the correct terminology) and she gave me Bio82 to take for 2 weeks.  then I took a prebiotic powder and also probiotic tablets.  My daughter is a nurse and she said there was no point taking just the probiotic as the bacteria it gives us need the prebiotic fibler inulin to thrive and so on.  After a few days of Bio82 i honestly started to feel better.  I do hope you start to improve soon, as this limbo post HP is a horrible place to be xx

    • Juma6009 Juma6009 sandra18523

      Thanks for your reply, I really found this forum useful. In fact, this forum has decreased my anxiety. I had my Endoscopy on last Monday 2/5/18. The doctor told me that nothing serious, but he did Biopsy and he told me to see him in two weeks. He said nausea could be from medication side effects or anxiety.I believe the patients with HP should watch their diet for an extended period of time. For the last 3 weeks, I had low fiber foods such as banana, rice, cracker, sometimes apple and recently Lactose milk, eggs, Cereal. And I am planning to keep this way. When I had my treatment in 2009 I took the anti-depressant for 4 months but the downside is that they are sort of addictive if you can stay away. Try to distract yourself from overthinking, socialize, work out , watch your favorite TV show and plenty of other hobbies out there! 

    • Juma6009 Juma6009 sandra18523

      Sandra, after triple treatment, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to fully recover from HP. It also depends on your immune system, diet, and level of depression or anxiety. Don't worry you are gonna recover shortly. It took me 3 weeks to feel better and I am still not 100 percent recovered.And for energy to try consume some white meat like chicken or fish.  

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 sheltie64

      Thank you Sheltie for your kind words. It becomes challenging when Drs don't give us any answer. I am feeling better today. Blood tests show I am low in potassium so I am taking a supplement. I also added b12 vitamin hoping these two help. I am going to look for a prebiotic and see how it goes. Thanks again! I always feel better when I find answers in this chat! I really hope you erradicate this terrible bacteria! Fingers crossed too!

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 Juma6009

      Hi Juma. Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't have really bad heartburn or stomach discomfort which I could relate to gastritis. What I feel is shaky arms and legs similar to when you get the flu. I get tired easily and get cold hands and feet. I guess feeling this is what causes anxiety. Feeling shaky is permanent and I have really bad moments but some others is not that bad. I will wait a little to go for a second treatment. All this started when I took the antibiotics. I had different symptoms before the medication. I wish you all the best!

    • Juma6009 Juma6009 sandra18523

      Hi Sandra, it looks like you are experiencing side effects of antibiotics. It 's ok. I was feeling almost the same symptoms in 10 days while I was taking antibiotics, I could barely stand up, I had no energy, extremely restless, shaky hands but after 10 the symptoms slowed down and I lost 20 pounds in two weeks. But remember that antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria. we need to get the supplement for probiotics which is good bacteria.( I made my own yogurt at home, rich in probiotics ) consult with your doctor to take the multivitamin. overall, the HP is horrible. Its recovery process is very gradual and slow. If you want to go for second treatment, first test yourself to see if your  HP is negative then go for it. If it is positive, never mind. 

      wish you a speedy recovery. 

    • anna71424 anna71424 Juma6009

      I’m just gutted just when I’m starting to feel a little better I find out from a stool test that I still have it and my stomach feels a lot better after those antibiotics but now my gastro doctor has told me to go back on them for a further 2 weeks. 

  • Fedupguy Fedupguy louise63558

    Hi there, I am hoping someone can help.

    I am 24 and have been suffering from an array of symptoms over the last 8 months. Apologies for the Bible but I will start from the beginning. It all started with body aches that were predominantly down both of my sides, I went to A&E and was simply told I was constipated and had IBS. (I believe I suffer from ibs which before this all started was majority constipation so this made sense to me) over the coming months my pain moved across my abdomen and down my groin, which also left me with a swollen testicle. Due to all of this I was put on various different antibiotics for urine infections and prostatitis over a course of 3 months. It turns out i had none of these and they were not necessary. This pain continued and I was given a CT scan and colonoscopy which came back clear.

    However, over the last 3 months my pain has changed significantly, please see my symptoms below.

    1. Upper abdominal pain central and across to left, below ribs and under chest and occasionally travels to right side. (normally a burning stingy feeling).

    2. Mid and upper Back pain on centre and across to left (usually comes after stomach pain, but can be more prominent that stomach pain at times).

    3. Constant change in stools, with diarrhea, constipation, normal and floating.

    4. Indigestion

    5. Allergy to too much dairy, fats and gluten (creates floating diarrhea)

    6. Occasionally tingling in upper back between shoulder blades which started mostly on right side

    7. Increase in burping

    8. Feeling of trapped gas.

    9. Weight loss, which started from the very beginning of this. I started at 13.5stone and am now just under 12. I understand a lot of this will be diet changes since i have cut out most fats and gluten. I have a very healthy diet now.

    I am also taking sertraline due to the anxiety this has all caused. I am recently engaged and have spent the entire engagement in pain, and I just want to be better.

    Does this sound like it could fit h pylori? I have not had any test for it, and it looks like I may be getting an endoscopy as I have been told because I am now on ompeprazol they cannot test unless I come off it for 2 weeks. I hope someone can please give me a bit of advice and help with this. Thank you once again.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 Fedupguy

      Hi, it is very difficult to say you got H. pylori because the digestive system is very complicated and different by each person. These symptoms can caused by H.pylori but without any test and/or endoscopy nobody will tell you what is your issue. I suggest to make these check-ups then go on the line to get healthy again. If you get H.pylori we also can give you advices what helps. Keep on!

    • Fedupguy Fedupguy tamas92825

      Hi Tamas, thank you for getting back to me. I am running out of tests to do, so hope that this will be the next stage. I am worried something is wrong with my pancreas, although I have been assured this cannot be the case as my CT scan and blood work came back completely fine.

    • anna71424 anna71424 Fedupguy

      Yes it does sound like you have h.plyori the symptoms are: nausea burping like a lot I was up to 20 a day stomach pains and burning shivering I found (even though I wasn’t cold )back ache heartburn. But they will tell you when they do the endoscopy because if you have it they will be able to tell by the mucus that’s in your stomach because the bacteria lives on this mucus to thrive.

  • hani3174 hani3174 louise63558

    Anybody got high uric acid after the H.pylori infection/treatment? is there any relation? I read something that the PPI's for long time might raise the uric acid in the blood. 

    this is the second time i get a high uric acid, first time it was 7.9 and I reduced it by diet, and now again its high 8.6 even higher that the first time and I'm on diet again. I dont want to take the drugs for this seems to me dangerous drugs. My h.pylori was eradicated but I was taking the PPi after the test result as I was and still have issues in my stomach acid. but now I stopped all drugs and taking probiotics. 

     Hope everybody is getting better. 


    • tamas92825 tamas92825 hani3174

      Uric acid can be by food or drinks as well (too much meat for example) or probably from medicines. I also have still sometimes stomach acid problems even if I was eradicited 4 months ago. PPI's are strong medicines but don't know if it is linked to after stomach acid or not.

  • joanna81040 joanna81040 louise63558

    This Tueasday I finished my antibiotic treatment for H. Pyroli., which was completely fine, no side effects. My stomach didn't hurt. 

    Today my stomach is killing me ;( my doctor told me to take another two weeks of Omeprazole, but right now im in such pain, I don't know what to do... My Dr said there's nothing she can do at this point ;( is there any way to calm the pain down? I can't work, I can't do anything. 

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 joanna81040

      I just read your post. I had H-PYLORI LAST year and it was eradicated. But it left me with several ulcers. So , now I'm dealing with those. If you Don't have ulcers , the pain will probably get less and less. At least most people's gets better like that. I should be so lucky. I'm a 71 year old man. Really getting tired of dealing with this junk. Hope all the best for you.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 joanna81040


      Drinking aloe Vera juice has helped me with the pain but in my case it is mild. Diet is important to keep your body clean and erradicate symptoms. Try not to stress because the pain gets worse. As Jessie says, ulcers may cause pain. Have you had an endoscopy? Make sure you don't have ulcers. I hope the pain goes quickly!

    • LCat LCat jessie92598

      To All of You who are suffering : This forum is great giving us hope.  Especially Tamas who has considerable knowledge re HELICO BACTER PYLORY, the oldest bug on earth.

      In 2012, I went from being very active happy person within 1 day into the H PYLORY hell.  It started (on a trip abroad) together with a nasty influenza.  I had the same symptoms like many of you, lost 3 stone, unable to eat, constant nausea, instantly full and horrible pain when eating tiny amts. of food, totally weak, shaking,  and this stupid anxiety coming out of nowhere.  I was given PPI’s and felt even worse, acid coming up (I never felt acid before).  I don’t like them.   I was ill for 3 years, mostly in bed.  It took 3 years to get an HP diagnosis.  Because I was then unable to eat (nausea and pain), Doctors  then scared the hell out of me with suggested diagnosis ideas I won’t repeat re : ENT, Pylmonology, Cardiac, Pancreatic etc. (all turned out to be fine and the fears were unnecessary).   Finally after a Gastroscopy they found HP infection all over stomach plus 2 stomach ulcers plus gastritis.  I was happy to know the reason.    I went instantly through the Eradication Antibiotic Therapy. I was told I would feel instantly better.

      Absolutely not true!  2 months later the same horrible symptoms were there, nothing had changed.  I had a 2nd Gastroscopy :  Helicobacter WAS eradicated.  The stomach ulcers had gone, moderate gastritis still there.  Why did I still feel so horribly ill?  My new Consultant suspected SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, nothing to do with HP) and did a Hydrogen Breath Test.  SIBO I was told means, bacteria from large intestines have moved up into the small intestines, where they’re not meant to be and causing ‘trouble’ there.  I was positiv for SIBO.  As I was too run down the Consultant didn’t give me some other Antibiotics (the ones for SIBO) and asked me instead to go on the FODMAP diet.  It took forever ..... probably 7 month after the previous HP Eradication Therapy.  Very hard if you’re a very active person and not a patient person. I was doomed to feeling disabled.

      But then after 7 months within a few weeks I had TOTALLY recovered. I was sometimes walking 15 miles on a Sunday and back to skiing.  I was in heaven!  I’ve never ever been so happy in my whole life.  For 2 years every morning I woke up and was so happy .... No anxiety whatsoever, just like in the old days before the HP horror.  I thought I was cured for good!

      Sadly, in October 2017 after a Festival with food, my stomach went bad for 3 months however I somehow was still able to eat somehow...Then in Jan 2018, in addition, I got this Aussie flu ( the worst flu I ever had).  The flu is long gone but : Since 6 weeks I’m back to where I was 2 years ago.  It feels exactly the same.  Unable to eat, lost 2 stone, shaking, totally weak, unable to go anywhere,  all same symptoms.  And also ONLY in my stomach ..... no other symptoms in the lower abdomen.  Everything just the same as I felt in 2012. 

      New tests for HP and parasites like E. coli, salmonella etc are fine (stool tests).  The results say :  No Helicobacter P,  no other 6 parasites (the ones that were tested).  

      But why am I then so ill and can’t eat?  

      I now have to do this Hydrogen breath test again, however I wonder whether this SIBO idea is leading me anywhere.  What does a diagnosis help if you are still ill?  Being patient is hard very hard.  But I have to.  I will do what all of you do :  never give up.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 LCat

      Thanks for the compliments. As I went through this hell I wanted to know this bacteria and what it cause. I read several books on this theme, talked many doctors and gastroenteorologs not in my country but abroad as well, did many check-ups (stool, ultrasound, blood, gastroscopy, breath test). I was talking to dietetics, tried several diets and many natural things as well, went through eradication therapy as well. Almost all the symptoms I know you guys write here.

      In your case I think (but without check up can't say anything sure) the main problem is that your stomach is sensible at all and this bacteria destroyed it for 3 years (God, how could you survive it). You wrote in the last 2 years you were fine but I suppose the lining was damaged so deeply that the full recovery needs years yet even if you felt okay. Then last year you ate bad at festival what triggered the problems (but no H.pylori) and you got flu as well.

      Some people has problems in stomach after a heavy flu even if his/her stomach is otherwise fine. My sister had the same symptoms with healthy and strong stomach after a flu for a week. You/we must recognize that we must be very carefully with stomach in future (I drunk a lot of coke for example before, now never anymore). In your recent case if doctors can't find reason I should suggest you a diet and green tea and walk/light move as much as you can, no spicy, no sugar, no foods stimulates stomach lining etc. I pay attention to eat in every 3-4 hours and avoid that acid could work in stomach without food. I am sure if you recovered once you will get better soon. By the way if you were tested now against pylori it is never 100% result and in small dose often does not show the test as well. This pylori has about 50 types worldwide (maybe more but these are discovered), some destroy stomach very fast and soon some has no effects at all. And don't forget that the microba of stomach is not discovered at all, this is like the deep ocean, some bugs we know but many not yet. If your stomach has injured so much in the last years the smallest infection can cause such problems but immune system stronger than we immagine. One doctor explained me how antibiotics works: they only weaken the bacteria but immune system kills them. It is a mistake to think that antibiotics kills anything, it can not do it, the hard work is made by immune system. Sometimes happens that 2-3% of H. pylori cases can heal without antibiotics only by immune system (of course it needs a very strong immune system). One of my friend has autoimmune disease and he receive often steroids what stimulates his immune system so strongly that if he got a flu he is sick for a day at all. As you can see the key factor is the immune system. Some other said that if candida grew up in your stoomach it also can makes such effects as you have now. A weak stomach plus a food infection after a bad food can cause such problems as well. Difficult to say what you have now.

      I will be interested what doctors say to you for this issue. Take care!

  • alex311 alex311 louise63558


    ​Don't expect to feel good right away after H Pylori treatment. My Doc explained to me that this MONSTER made holes in your lining which now need to be healed. Everything in your stomach (and mine) is still raw and sensitive and its in our hands to make the healing process faster. Good diet, supplementation, exercise, stress relieve and positive attitude. these are the recommendations of my doctor. Everything in life takes time. Healing too. 


    • tamas92825 tamas92825 alex311

      Yes, this monster made a lot of micro holes in my lining too. And even if the eradiction was successful, the healing is so slow...Now I feel better most of the time but a small portion of bad food or stress and I feel my stomach yet. Needs time to heal.

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 tamas92825

      Had H-PYLORI Sept 2016. My stomach still gives me lots of problems. The only thing that's gone is the neausia. Having another endoscopy Thursday to see if ulcers have gotten worse. Stress seems to be my major problem.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 jessie92598

      Yeah, stress kills me as well..Last week I lost my job after 11 years and have problems with my boss now around the leaving notice so immediatelly I felt my stomach again and the acid...write here the result of endoscopy...fingers crossed...

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 alex311

      Alex, I am glad that you have a doctor who had an answer and recommendations for you. I found all this you mentioned looking on line and following these chats because my Dr did not pay much attention to h pylori as the reason for my symptoms. Please, share with us your doctor's comments because in my case, they don't offer real answers, just more medication for anxiety and stomach pains.

  • bob37365 bob37365 louise63558

    Hi Everyone,

    I am going through the same pain after taking two weeks of antibiotics for hPylori. I am still waiting to be tested again to see if it is still present in my system. 

    Its been almost a month since I have been off of the antibiotics and I noticed that my stomach is making alot of gurgling sounds constantly, really annoying and hard to sleep at night, does anyone else here experience the same? 

    I appreciate finding this forum and hearing everyones posts, makes me feel not so alone. 



    • tamas92825 tamas92825 bob37365

      Bob, we had all the same more or less. It takes a lot of time to heal to 100%. Depends on your body, stomach, type of H.pylori you got, your diet, other sickness. Take care of diet, this is the key factor. Your stomach has damaged and it takes time to heal the scars. If you need help just let us know. What other symptoms you got?

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 bob37365

      Bob, it takes time to heal. Even when we feel better, we should keep the good diet. I am learning to control myself and do not eat what the rest of my family eats!! It's hard but if we don't want these symptoms back we need to be strong in regards to those fatty and sweet treats. I always say that I am going to try something fatty or sweet because I feel better and then, the stomach pain comes back. For me carbs are not good and I have to limit them to two slices of glutten free bread a day. No pasta, no glutten free chips, no bread and I feel better. The Dr. Told me to take Rifaxan (which is very expensive) in case I had other bacteria but after the H pylori treatment I don't want more antibiotics on my body. I am sure they triggered the bacteria and they did not even erradicate it! Try Probiotocs, they help me with stomach pain. I hope you feel better.

    • runbeth runbeth bob37365

      Hi Bob,

      It's been 4 weeks since I finished the antibiotics. I have also had some minor stomach upsets. However, I stick to a whole foods plant based diet with minimal sweets and fats and no spicy foods, and I manage just fine. I've been told it can take several months to get back to normal.

      Exercise helps me too !

      Good luck and hang in there.

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 bob37365

      About all I can say is anxiety has a lot to do with feeling better or not. I was treated for H-Pylori 8 months ago. It was eradicated. But it left a few ulcers. So I continued eating the foods suggested. But the pain persisted. Had HIDA scan thing maybe the pain was caused by gallbladder , pancreas or liver. Turned out fine. Had a heart catheterization, thinking maybe trouble with blood supply. Turned out fine. Had colonoscopy. Turned out fine. Had another ultrasound last week of spleen , pancreas and liver last week. Turned out fine. Today , I had another endoscopy. No ulcers , no more gastritis but slight esauphagitis. Doc said my biggest problem seems to be continued worrying about H-Pylori conning back which has probably caused my symptoms due to anxiety. So I suppose He's right. Now I just need to figure out how to stop worrying about it. Easier said than done . An experience thats not easily forgotten. Hope you and everyone else deals with this better than I have.

    • jessica79087 jessica79087 sandra18523

      I’m going through the treatment for h pylori still!! It’s horrible I think I’ve had every symptom under the sun honestly I feel like it will never stop.... the most annoying thing is having high anxiety, shortness of breath... and crying spells omg... i don’t know if it’s because i just don’t feel well or what! I have 3 more days on the meds and it’s horrifying I feel my husband is so sick of dealing with me 😢 someone please tell me it’ll be okay... 

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 jessie92598

      You are talking from my heart. I have the same feelings. I have eradicated almost 5 months ago and I worry so much even now that gives me problems. I had scan even 2 months ago where told me the same: everything is fine but I worry too much. Now sometimes Ivisit psychologist even but as I feel the smallest unfeel I immediatelly start to worry that this monster was not eradicated. I think it is normal but I want to be back as normal I was....

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 tamas92825

      Well I completely understand Tamas. I never thought I would be like this when I started the treatment. Thinking about it though makes me realize He's probably right. Just about convinced myself I had cancer or something. I really did spend a lot of time thinking the worse. So , now I'm gonna work on good thoughts and go fishing every day or whatever. Don't want to be like this the rest of my life. Think I'll just cut my grass and get busy with my hobbies. Whatever works on getting my mind somewhere else. 😊 a clear endoscopy did convince me that there's no problem in my stomach though , so that should help , just knowing that. Hope we both get through this junk. Keep us posted on how your doing and what you find out. Good luck to you.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 tamas92825


      Please, do not loose your positive attitude. We need to change our mind set and know that everything is going to be fine, it will take time but we will feel better. For me it is hard not to eat everything I used to eat but I guess I have to look at the good things such as better health in general if I continue eating healthy. i don't feel as shaky as before and that shows things get better. Take care, I wish you the best.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 jessica79087

      Jessica, it will be ok but you have to be patient and do not allow anxiety to take over you. Keep a good diet, short walks and do some yoga and things will get better. Do not worry about your husband now, it is you who is going through this and those who are not in our situation will never understand. Make time for yourself and do things that make you feel better. I had a pretty bad experience while taking antibiotics, I felt anxiety and depression and cried a lot, I wish I had not taken them because they did not erradicate the bacteria but you are different and they may work in your body. Take them at the same time everyday and add probiotic, ask you doctor about that. I did not take my medication as recommended and that may be the reason they did not work. Check on line and see the best ways to do it. Good luck and I hope you feel better everyday.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sandra18523

      Yes, thank you. I know we must be positive but always happens such things what can worry us. Last week I lost my job after 11 years (I suppose it has big role in this that monster that I could not work for a long time with 100%). Of course I have bad feelings what a hell I can start to work with such stomach and so bad thoughts come to my mind...of course my stomach react this stress immediatelly...I can say this sickness made the strongest crisis in my life in the last months altogether.

    • LCat LCat tamas92825

      Tamas, I sent a reply to Jessie, being moderated at the moment,  please don’t feel down about your job.  There are so many jobs out there at the moment.  I just saw it on the news : more jobs than ever.  You will have a job and it won’t take long, in particular YOU  will with your positive attitude.  Yes it’s annoying to have to do it at the moment .  But you can do it !

    • bob37365 bob37365 sandra18523

      Thanks Sandra! 

      I have tried several types of probiotics such as hyperbiotics pro 15 and it makes me bloated? is this normal and just a side effect of probiotics that will subside after regular use? 

      I decided to ferment my own saurkraut in the hopes of saving some money on buying probiotics but I am wondering if fermented vegetables are as effective as the probiotic pills? 

      I also started drinking aloe vera juice to help soothe my stomach pains a little, I buy the aloe vera juice from walmart, which says its 98% pure, has a bland taste that my stomach seems to like. 



    • runbeth runbeth bob37365

      Taking care of my family was tough during the 4 weeks I was on the couch or in bed with h pilori and my husband was traveling. It's only temporary is what I told myself. 

      I took probiotics, which is vegan and shelf stable. I drank pure aloe vera. 

      For the forseeable future, I wil stick to a very clean unprocessed low sugar/fat diet, low stress activities, hydration, etc. I've tested the waters and for me, this works (or I feel sick).

      Support from this group has been helpful.

      Thank you, Social Media.

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 LCat

      No Cat , I haven't received your reply. Just got back from a 3 mile walk. I must say , the wall did take my mind off the pain in my stomach. Since everything has cleared up , I guess it just left soreness in my stomach lining. The exercise did seem to do some good though. So maybe that's my answer. Have no intention of changing my new eating habit though . The suggestions I've found on eating apparently have worked on healing most problems in my stomach caused by the H-PYLORI , EVEN THE ulcers.

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 LCat

      Without the info I've found here , I would probably have just jumped off a cliff somewhere.😂😂..but all the people helped tremendously. Now , it's just mind over matter. I feel as though a 100 pound weight has been lifted off my shoulders. "GOING FISHING"...😊

    • LCat LCat jessie92598

      My notes to you have gone missing.   I got very ill with HP in 2012.  But it was only diagnosed in 2015. I was so ill, unable to eat and lost 3 stone.   Exactly the symptoms like you.    Finally during Gastroscopy HP together plus stomach ulcers was discovered.  I did instantly the HPEradication Therapy.  I was told I would feel great afterwards.  However after 2 months I was still feeling as horrible as before, I couldn’t eat.   I had a 2nd Gastroscopy : HP was gone and the ulcers gone but I still had Gastritis.  It took 7 months after HP eradication until I totally recovered (I was on a ‘Low Fodmap’ diet.  Whether that did it or not - I don’t know) Then I was in heaven for 2 years.  I thought I had 100% recovered.  I went back to long walks and skiing etc.  

    • jessica79087 jessica79087 sandra18523

      Thank you so much! This is horrible as I said before never thought I would have this in a million years I just started having pretty bad heartburn  and led me to finding this bacteria, had never heard of it in my life! I’m glad that there is other people that have felt the way I have gives me some hope... did you get te bacteria eradicated? What did they have to do since the antibiotics did not work? Another round of meds? 

    • LCat LCat jessie92598

      Sadly however, in Oct 2017 I was at a Festival with food.  Was unwell in my stomach since then.  In Jan 2018 after a bout of a horrible flu, that did the rest.  I’m back to where I was in 2012.  Nausea, stomach pain, can’t eat.  I had another  HELICO Test and several other parasite tests :  they couldn’t find anything regarding those bugs.  

      I’m so glad this forum exists.  Many people feel like me.  I’m just so disappointed that this horrible thing is back.  It needs a lot of patience. 

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 LCat

      So sorry to hear that. One thing is certain with me. I'll be careful of what I eat for the rest of my life. I Don't ever want to take the chance of going back there. I've had heart bypass surgery and I can say , with authority, H-PYLORI is a lot harder to recover from.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 jessie92598

      Ohh Jessie, you saying that makes me feel less guilty for not been the best wife and mother for the past 4 months!the anxiety I got after the treatment has taken my life until the point I feel I am going to die of a hearth attack! Some days are better but reading your words make me feel I am not crazy! I too will keep my diet for the rest of my life hoping to make this bacteria suffer without sugar and carbs! But I won't take antibiotics anymore. People tell stories of erradication and then the bacteria is back! I will stick to my diet! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 jessica79087

      Jessica, the antibiotics did not erradicate it. My Drs have not been very helpful and they don't think eradicating the H pylory is a priority. For them, My symptoms are a case of anxiety because they say many people live with h pylori. I know anxiety plays a huge role so I am working on that. Hard and it will take time. I don't want to take more antibiotics and I will try to be careful with what I eat, that is my plan for now. Probiotocs and acupuncture and aloe Vera juice for hurtburn. Manuka honey, although I don't know if it is really helping. I tried mastic gum but I felt some side effects so no mastic gum for me. I hope every day is a better day for all of us!

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 sandra18523

      Thank you for the comments. For the longest all I've ever seen on her is how people were feeling sooo much better after eradication. Don't remember anyone talking about how much anxiety comes with this and that anxiety can cause this thing to linger on forever. The anxiety has made me into a tyrant , I think. And I realized , that's not who I am. Anyway , I'm just thankful some little piece of info I could share might help someone. Have a feeling it might still take time but at least I know that's probably what has had me down all this time. Hope you feel better from now on. We have to just not quit trying.

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 bob37365

      Hi all - it has been several weeks since I last posted on here - sorry my life seems to have taken and my thoughts and worries don't return to my gut so much now.. Bio 82 for two weeks and then started on prebiotics along with probiotics - recommended by my nurse daughter.  This I feel made the biggest difference of all.  along with this it's exactly as you all say - don't eat wheat, milk products, spicy food, etc.  I've started introducing one slice of bread each morning with Manuka honey and then eat sensibly the rest of the day.  I take Alu-caps 5 times a day and i drink Maalox after every meal.  if I forget the tabs, then i often get paid and heartburn so then i drink the Maalox.  i was told by surgeon that gastritis takes months to heal and, so i think what is giving me the pain is the ulcers as it's very high up under my sternum.  I see the GP on Monday to find out what the next step is to help my recovery.  I was also diagnosed with excess bile and they think this is what is causing the heartburn.  As you have all rightly mentioned this takes time and patience and support from your family, but I do feel that I have made huge steps in the right direction now and this is now almost four months in since diagnoses.  Stick in there everyone and know that you will each improve individually in your own way and will dwell on this less and less.  Fantastic group for support - well done to everyone for sharing xx

    • sheltie64 sheltie64 bob37365

      Hi Bob I only feel bloated if I eat wheat.  The Probiotics were fine, (as is yogurt, etc) but the Prebiotics did give a bit of wind.  it all came together so well, though after killing the overgrowth of yeast with the Bio 82 drops.  was instructed to take 10 drops in a tablespoon of water 3 times a day for 7 days, then down to 5 drops same regime for the next 7 days.  then i took the Pros and Pres.  I still take the Alu-caps and Maalox to coat the stomach and help counteract the bile

      I'm just feeling so much better now but at one point a couple of months ago I was in the depths of despair thinking that this was my lot for like.  i really do think it is a case of time and patience and be kind to yourself in every way



    • tamas92825 tamas92825 LCat

      Thanks, I hope it will gone soon this terrible sickness. After 5 months the eradiction is much better but I feel it is not 100% yet. I was talking many doctors and read many books on this issue and depends on hw long this pylori could damage your stomach. I had only symptoms for 3 months, so probably for the late spring or summer it will be fine but must keep diet yet.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 sheltie64

      "I only feel bloated if I eat wheat." - did you try more different types of wheat products? (without sugar etc). Sometimes happens that pylori stimulates gluten allergy (if you are sensitive for that).

    • LCat LCat tamas92825

      Tamas, yes, but which diet ? Like you I’ve read so much on the Internet.  There’s so much contradicting info re diets out there.  At the moment I manage about 300-500 kcal per day.  The only thing I can get down is some yoghurt and milk, which is, of course also forbidden.  I can drink Peppermint Tea but heard that’s also bad because of acid reflux etc.  As soon as anything goes down I get pain in my stomach and feel totally full.  Every doctor believes in a different diet.  And it’s hard to decide which one, in particular, because no doctor can tell you why you feel so ill.  I’m learning more from this forum than from doctors.  

    • LCat LCat jessie92598

      Hi Jessie,  it was worse than Cardiac Bypass Surgery ?  Oh my god .  And Cardiac Bypass is very tough stuff.  I read in a forum 2 years ago about a guy who had Thyroid Cancer Stage 4 with Surgery and Chemotherapy.  And he said that the ‘Aftermath after HP Eradication’ was much worse than his cancer treatment.  And what I find the worst that many doctors (not all) have NO IDEA how horrible these symptoms are for all of us.  I’m sure you’ll agree that you could have never imagined yourself before you had it.  Just mentioning this dreadful anxiety stuff that you get hit with...  I would never mention this to any doctor because I just know what they will think .

    • jessie92598 jessie92598 LCat

      Yes ! Most doctors just believe what other doctors or an article in a medical journal tell them. They Don't truly understand until they actually go through it. You can tell them all day , but they think , well , that Can't be true because the journal says it's not. The surgeon who did my bypass just had a heart attack and had by-pass surgery himself last week. I'd like to be able to tell him what recovery will really be like , not what he told me after my surgery. This should hive him a new perspective when talking to his patients. All most all doctors are oblivious to how H-PYLORI AFFECTS PEOPLE. THEY ARE JUST TOO DEPENDANT ON THE PAPERS AND AND HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO REALLY LISTEN TO THEIR PATIENTS. Just realized everything was capitalized !😂😂

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 LCat

      Yes, I see. It is hard to suggest diet till don't know what is the source of the problems. Yoghurt always did acid for me, I avoided, also milk was not good, but we are different anyway. Peppermint tea also provocate stomach I think. Every evening I drink a camomille tea without sugar and it is very good for my stomach. Rice also helped me out always and it has no glutene as you got problems in wheat. The problem is that when you have gastritis it keeps for days/weeks and even if you eat someting what is good for your stomach you can't feel it temporary. Yes, it is true that would be important to know your problem to suggest diet but these stuff does not hurt generally.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 runbeth

      Runbeth, i did experienced hormonal changes. I have always had hormonal changes during my period but with the H pylori they have increased. Two months ago I felt really bad but it got better last month. Hopefully, it gets better with time.

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 LCat

      Yeah, I did not write about. The day when I was fired I felt bad at stomach because of stress and higher acid level. Sometimes I felt stressed and heavy stomach due to stress. Otherwise I try to solve this stress with meditation and psychologist so I have no direct effects, at least I can not say it now or I don't feel back with my status.

    • bob37365 bob37365 jessica79087

      Hi Jessica,

      Lately I have been feeling the shortness of breathe just like you, not sure if its because of the anxiety or the bloatedness. When I go to a store or even sometimes at home I start feeling the shortness of breath and I start panicking, what seems to relieve it is to go for a walk or just stand outside and breath some fresh air.




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