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louise63558 louise63558

Still feel unwell after Helicobacter Pylori Treatment


I had symptoms for about 2 months, nausea and upper abdominal gwaning feeling, plus appetite affected and had waves in the day feeling generally unwell , I think it was brought on due to a stressful situation. I went to the doctors and tested positive for helicobacter pylori. I have completed the 7 day treatment (Triple Therapy.) I was on 400mg Metronidazole 3 times a day, Amoxicillin 500mg 3 times a day and Omeprazole 2 times a day. I've been off the medication for about 11 days. I have waves of extreme tiredness, abit sickly feeling, sick upper abdominal feeling, tounge doesn't look right, been given thrush treatment for this. And also I have waves of soreness and swelling feeling in the upper stomach. I have lost a bit of weight, a few pounds. I have been off work for a month in total and am wondering if I will ever get my health back?

I take probiotic tablets, Manuka honey, peppermint tea, abit of yoga, walking, plain foods. But admittedly at times I do feel a little bit destressed when I have waves of not feeling so good. Everyday is a battle at the moment. Plus when I go to the loo, last week my stools were acidic, this week a slight improvement, but not normal. The doctor just said they can retest in another 3 weeks. But sometimes I feel so ill.

Any advice in a positive way forward?

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  • TCake TCake louise63558

    Hi, I have been experiencing the same as you.  I too tested positive for h pylori just last month and was put on the same drugs as you but for two weeks.  I finished the course on 2 May (so over three weeks ago) and still suffer from the same symptoms.  The doc says he will retest me in six weeks so I have another three to go.  The gnawing pains in my stomach are awful and I feel pain after swallowing.  I also have cough alot after meal times - like I have mucus in my throat and need to keep clearing it.  Hopefully someone might add to the thread and shine a light?  You should be retested soon so let me know whether the h pylori was eradicated or not.  Good luck x

    • louise63558 louise63558 TCake

      How are you today? Personally I am drained of energy, even after a good night sleep. I'm eating, but pale skin. I've heard this amount of anti-biotics can strip your goodness in the stomach lining. Mantra you have to keep telling yourself 'I will get better.' I know the whole experience is really hard as I'm going through it as well. Good Luck to you as well

    • TCake TCake louise63558

      Hope you feel better soon.  I have heard of people having to take another course of antibiotics if the first course didn't work.  I felt ill during the 2 week course, though my doc did warn me of the horrible side effects in advance!  When will you be retested?

    • louise63558 louise63558 TCake

      Maybe you should take Mastic Gum and Broccoli Sprout juice whilst your waiting to retest, cranberry Juice, Manuka Honey. Are you on anti-acid tablets?

      I'm not sure I still have it? For the last 2 days I've​ just had no energy. What do you do to take your mind of it whilst you wait?

    • louise63558 louise63558 TCake

      Maybe you should take Mastic Gum and Broccoli Sprout juice whilst your waiting to retest, cranberry Juice, Manuka Honey. Are you on anti-acid tablets?

      I'm not sure I still have it? For the last 2 days I've​ just had no energy. What do you do to take your mind of it whilst you wait?

      I think I can get retested in about 2 more weeks. Who knows if there will be any progress in that time? I'm not sure if I could take anymore anti-biotics. I've heard the anti-acid can effect the results. Although I'm not a doctor.

    • TCake TCake louise63558

      He warned me that the antibiotics could cause unpleasant side affects - apparently many people dont complete the course because of them.  I did though through gritted teeth! Doc said I should try to come off the Nexium at least 10 days before we retest as they can cause false negative.

  • TCake TCake louise63558

    I am taking Nexium and Zantac.  I just try to get out in the fresh air as much as possible with my dog to help keep my mind off things, plus the exercise helps me sleep.  I watch what I eat too - nothing spicy or acidic (like fruit juices etc) and I find eating little and often helps too.

  • sandra18523 sandra18523 louise63558


    I also feel really bad after the pylori treatment. I was wondering if you are feeling better after 7 months. What is really frustrating is that I feel weak, nauseous and these palpitations create more anxiety. Thank you!

    • anna71424 anna71424 sandra18523

      I have never felt so bad after the antibiotics which was only 2 weeks ago getting heart palpitations feeling dizzy now I have more anxiety  more than ever because I feel that this h. Plyori hasn’t been eradicated and I have to wait until January until I come off the Omeprazole which I’ve dropped from 40 to 20 because that was making me feel even worse it’s a waiting game not good.

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 anna71424


      I am also taking omeprazole, just started yesterday. The bloating is better but still there. The palpitations is what worries me. I try to stay calm but it is difficult. When I try to think in something else it helps but still the palpitations don't go. We have to try and find ways to avoid anxiety. I am seeing a psychologist and see if that helps. The gastroenterologist told me to start a diet low in fiber, which was completely different to what I was doing eating mainly fruits and vegetables. We have to keep our minds busy. On top of it, I have menstrual cramps and the period always affects my hormones. We all need to think this is going to go. Ahhh, also, small meals and drink water 30 minutes after meals. I am trying to do 5 or 6 small meals a day. 1 or 2 portions of fruit and 2 or 3 portions of vegetables such as squash, potatos, spinach, eggplants. One portion is half a cup. I don't know if this will help but the gastroenterologist said it will. White bread, pasta and saltines. It will have to be for some days because we need fiber. I will let you know when the Dr. Tells me to stop. I am having a endoscopy on Th. Hope we all feel better every day.

    • runbeth runbeth sandra18523

      Hi, I'm new to this discussion and to h pylori.

      I haven't been sick in 15 years, since I gave birth to my daughter, which was a hard pregnancy and tore up my stomach and triggered migraines.

      I am vegan, distance runner and have not been used to taking any meds.

      However, a month ago I woke up with nausea, migraines, stomach pains, anxiety, palpitations, etc.

      The doctors treated me for migraines. 

      After 2 weeks of BS and not being able to eat or sleep, I had labs and a brain MRI (negative). 

      I insisted it was my gut - same as pregnancy - insisted on a GI doctor and h pylori test (thanks to a close friend who is a doctor).

      Stool showed h pylori.

      2 weeks of prev pac antibiotics and PPI (3000 mg/day).

      I had all of the side effects associated with the regimen and more.

      2 days ago, I finished the prev pac - still not able to eat or sleep much, and am at 70-75% with high blood pressure from all this. My usual BP is 100/65 ish.

      I still have light headaches, stomach still ill, but am able to drive and did go for a short run yesterday and threw a party last night (probably ill advised).

      I hear you all and feel your pain.

      I am thinking about starting gum mastic. Thoughts ?

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 runbeth


      it takes time to recover. Some people it some weeks, some months or more. What helps after treatment: eat regularly food what helps your stomach, do sport, sleep enough and avoid stress. Only one thing helps: time if you keep this. I am after the treatment with 3 months and much better than it was but still not like before. Yes, all the symptoms are similar: nausea, stomach pain, acid in night, loose weight, anxiety. If you want good for you avoid some foods what makes acid (such as onion or tomato or spicy etc food). We are here if you need help. Take care

    • sandra18523 sandra18523 runbeth


      Have you tried Yoga?it helps me to relax at least while I do it. I eat small amounts, several times a day. I am seeing an acupuncturist and everybody including this Dr. says that shaky body and weakness is all in my mind!!! I don't know what to do. Develop a stronger mind? But how?What makes me feel better is that other people who have been through similar situations says it will go away. Just to be patient I guess and wait until our turn to feel better arrives. I tried the Mastic gum but I felt nausea. I am having a spoon of manuka honey that I don't know if it is really helping but at least it is natural. It is the only sweet I am having (with fruits) because I eliminated sweets completely. I give it to my kids, hoping they don't get the H pylori. I can tell you that since they are taking it they have not gotten any cold. It is expensive but I will do the investment for a while. I hope you feel better soon.

    • runbeth runbeth tamas92825


      This forum helps a lot. 

      I ran today and took my BP. It’s much lower. 

      I still am feeling the symptoms but am much better. 

      I agree with you that it’s just going to take time. 

      Hope you’re better. 

    • tamas92825 tamas92825 runbeth

      Yes, I am over the medicaments with 3 months and if I keep diet usually I have no problems at all. I was told by my friend (she is a doctor) that it can be 6 months as the stomach regenerates after this H.pylori if I keep diet, move and avoid stress, sleep enough (so live healthy). I don't eat sweets, onion, alcohol, any spicy food, any too fat food and drinks with gas. If I try any of this only for a small portion I suffering for a 4-5 days. I realized if I feel bad I drink green tea, eat rice and move and it is always better only for a little bit. Long way to recover but we must be patient and everything will be fine I believe.


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