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Help....Just Diagnosed with Intestinal Metaplasia

Can someone please help me to understand Intestinal Metaplasia... I did an endoscopy on July and found out that I have Antral-type muscosa with intestinal metaplasia... No HP are identified...I found this out from patient portal....the doctor didn't even mention that I have IM...he just said that the biopsy result was ok...  had anyone here been diagnosed with the intestinal metaplasia of the stomach and if so, what did you do? I am very worried ...Please help sad

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  • adam29442 adam29442 lila91781

    Hey, the first thing is to stay calm. You will be treated for it ask your doctor about it. I do not have been diagnosed with intestinal metaplasia but I can assure you there must be a treatment for it. Hopefully you get int touch with your doctor as soon as possible. Are you having any other symptoms?

    • gundo1982 gundo1982 lila91781

      I'm not a doctor but I also have metaplasia. So the followings are not medical advices, just my findings, as an "engineer".

      The treatment procedure is not really discovered yet. But there some works are done.

      1st : and the most important : Choose an healthy life sytle.


      3rd : LESS Meat, MORE Vegetables. 

      4th : Use Supplements (Ascorbic acid / Vitamin C) + (Antioxidants / I use Solgar)

      5th : Do endoscopy every year. (No less).

  • adam29442 adam29442 lila91781

    You have to be strongs, yes you have these condition but you gotta remember if you give up, you are giving up for everything you fought. Pain is temporary it may last for a minute, a month, a year but eventually it will go away. If your already in pain right now why give up. Fight through it. I wish i could know more on your condition to help you out but sadly I can't..  Stay strong!!

  • m50642 m50642 lila91781

    Hi, I also diagnosed with gastric intestinal metaplasia last December. I'm very worried person and had to know exactly what is this problem and how I can treat it, so I talked to 4 gastrointestinologists and 2 pathologists . First, you need to know if you have h pylori (my result was negative with biopsy but I asked for the breath test and it was positive, so ask you doctor to do different tests). This is important because you want to know if the cause is h pylori or it is autoimmuneatrophic gastritis (ask your doctor to measure vitamin B12 level as well, low level of B12 is a indication of autoimmuneatrophic gastritis). Of course treatments will be based on the cause. 


  • gundo1982 gundo1982 lila91781


    I've also been diagnosed as intestinal metaplasia. How is your life after 8 months?

    • klc789101112 klc789101112 gundo1982

      I know this is an old post but I wanted to find out how things are going with the Intestinal Metaplasia. I was just diagnosed it was found in the biopsy in the antrum just a little redness and mild gastritis. I am so scared. Can you let me know how often you have had to have scopes and if the IM went away. Thanks!

    • jessica47249 jessica47249 klc789101112

      Hi, I was diagnosed in November. I was told that I had a lot of redness in the stomach and some of the esophagus.  My symptoms were lots of acid reflux, a lot of stomach rumbling and burning in the stomach.  After the diagnosis I stopped eating everything that triggered reflux and eating healthier, after about a month, the reflux was completely gone and I no longer had the burning sensation or the rumbling. I overall feel better now that I am eating better and not skipping meals.  I don’t know if it’s helped the metaplasia issue, I have an endoscopy until November this year.  I’ll post more then.   I learned that it does no good to worry, it is what it is and if I’m meant to live my life this way, oh well.  I’m 27 and have 3 children under 5 all I want is to be healthy for them. I’ve put my life in God’s hands. 

      Wish you the best! 

      Try not to worry too much. 

      Keep in touch 

    • gundo1982 gundo1982 klc789101112

      Hi, this is not really an old post. It's only one month old. I'd really like to read others' progress here. I've a blog in Turkish, which is,

      Being scared is normal BUT wait, you need to live what is in your hands now. So, first, the most important thing, CALM DOWN.

      The last gastroenterology professor, who I've talked to, clearly stated that Metaplasia can go worse or can heal. 

      The treatment procedure, or even the progress, of IM is not really discovered yet. But some works are already done and they've some ideas about the progress of the illness. (for instance : Correa's Thory)

      The followings are not medical advices, just my findings, as an "engineer".

      1st : and the most important : Choose an healthy life sytle.


      3rd : LESS Meat, MORE Vegetables. 

      4th : Use Supplements (Ascorbic acid / Vitamin C) + (Antioxidants / I use Solgar)

      5th : Do endoscopy AT LEAST every year. (Don't wait more than 1 year).

      Please update here with results from your further endoscopes...


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