Aftermath of H. Pylori?

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Hi! I made a thread a while ago about some of the problems I was having and in the end it turned out that I had H. Pylori. So, I was prescribed a Prevpac 2 week treatment that I actually put off taking until about mid-November because I had been in the process of moving at the time.

It was a pretty big move, I live in a totally different area than I lived before, so things are different here. After about a week of living here, I ended up getting what I think was the stomach flu, because I had bad diarrhea for a full week.

Once that cleared up, I took the medicine and things seemed pretty good. I felt mostly good while I was taking it, and afterwards I felt like I might actually be getting better! But that was about 3 weeks ago, and now I've been slowly feeling really bad again.

I keep getting bouts of diarrhea, nausea, and I have acid reflux almost every day. I haven't had a chance to see if the H. Pylori was killed off by the medicine because I haven't found a new doctor yet, but that's one of my goals for this upcoming week.

Since I finished the Prevpac, I've been taking 2 doses of Prevacid and I've also been taking probiotics. I was taking the probiotics the entire time I was on the Prevpac also.

I haven't been able to figure out if all this new sickness is just me still adjusting to the move, or a side effect from the medicine I took, or maybe it's still just symptoms of H. Pylori. Part of me wonders if it's all just a result of bad anxiety too. I'm not really sure what to do at this point beside see a doctor again, but I wondered if anyone else had this issue after they were diagnosed with H. Pylori.

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    Well all I can do is let you know about my experience. Gonna try to shorten my story.

    Was diagnosed last May with H-PYLORI

    Took 14 day treatment. Like you , I felt pretty , so went about my business. Well everything came back after a couple of weeks. Waited 2 months and had another endoscopy. This time he says the H-Pylori is gone , but I have several ulcers now. Didn't say anything about ulcers when they diagnosed H-Pylori. Anyway , he prescribed a ppi to take daily. I looked at the pictures and showed them to my GP and he says they aren't bad ulcers. Just look like a couple of inflamed areas. Anyway 7 months have passed and I don't feel like anything has really changed. Been the worse 7 months of my life. I use to talk to people on here about it and took most of the advice about healthy eating and probiotics. Hasn't helped much though. I've asked if anyone on here has ever actually been cured of this . Apparently not. Nobody responded to that one. Just more advice on what to do. SO , there you are ! Maybe you'll have better luck than I have. Hope so.

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      Hi Portacrean

      The HP bacteria may be completely eradicated but the aftermath of the HP bacteria, most of the time, remains. Your stomach and duodenum, overtime have been ravaged by the bacteria leaving your stomach and duodenum very sore and sensitive. All one can do in that case is be kind to your stomach/duodenum..and be careful what you put into it such as food and drink that will irritate the stomach lining which cause pain and wishes....

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      Also the HP bacteria can leave behind stomach ulcers.....i feel for all who suffer with this as it seems there is no answer to the ongoing pain and suffering. I have witnessed this by a friend of mine who has suffered greatly in the aftermath of HP bacteria...
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    Hi elise39020

    Sometimes not all the HP bacteria is eradicated by the Antibiotics and they multiply again...go see your doc get another HP test wishes....

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    You normally do a stool or breath test approx 8 weeks after your eradication therapy to see if your infection has gone. And you will need to come off ppi for 2 weeks prior to either test as it can affect the result.

    I naively thought that once I'd got rid of my infection I'd be back to normal...wrong! It takes months for your stomach to heal, and it will likely be sensitve for months/years or even for rest of your life. I have to be careful with alcohol mainly.

    I'm at a stage now where I'm off ppi and have no real symptoms unless I really push my stomach. It takes discipline with diet / lifestyle and time. You need to note what foods irritate you and eliminate them (some foods can be random and healthy ones). I found certain mannitol containing veg irritated me.

    Reduce stress as well, it will make it worse. Do light exercise.

    When coming off ppi make sure you ween off, don't come off a double dose of ppi cold turkey or else you will get bad acid rebound.

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    Hi, thanks for the replies everyone!

    I feel like it's a little soon to see the doctor again since it's only been about 3 weeks since I finished the medicine. I'll probably go about scheduling an appointment after the holidays. I would like to get an answer to whether or not the H. Pylori is gone or not, so I can find out if I'm actually on the road to recovery and whatnot.

    I just have to wonder if my symptoms are normal? I feel like I'm in a cycle. I have about 2 days of feeling okay, then I'll wake up with terrible diarrhea and the rest of my day will be full of stomach pain ranging from cramps to a burning sensation in my upper abdomen. The couple days following, I just have really bad acid reflux all day long- and then I'll start to feel okay again.

    I can't figure out if it's some kind of coincidence or not. I really haven't been doing anything different, and I've been eating really healthy, nothing spicy or too heavy. I'm still taking probiotics too. It doesn't really seem to have anything to do with what I eat, just what day it is. Every morning I eat plain toast, no butter or anything, and some days it hurts and other days it's fine. 

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      Hi elise39020

      Try going gluten free, lactofree, dairy free and caffeine free along with your probiotics. Although i didn't have HP it helped enormously with my digestive system. Tesco do a huge range of these products bread, cake, pasta to name but a few products even choc and wishes...

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