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I don't know what to do with myself.

I had to go off sick from work nearly four months ago with depression, around the same time i began to suffer with flank pain. My GP was convinced it was kidney infections and treated me for such for a couple of months. He then kept telling me it was muscular, believe me i know muscular pains, this is nothing like it.

I then ended up in A&E one sunday morning in agony. I was given pain relief sent home being told to get my GP to send me for a US scan as they thought it was ovary related (I have PCOS). Now I am no doctor but i do know my ovaries are not directly under my right rib cage. Oh, and even better they don't do US scans on the weekend.

Time moves on, nothing changing except my depression raging out of control because of this pain. I finally get a US scan and within 2 minutes she is scanning my side and i hit the ceiling in pain. Ahh gallstones.

I saw my GP again Friday last week and he has sent a letter to our local 'Choices' system to get the ball rolling for removal.

I just dont know if i can cope with this much more. I am suffering from seriously disturbed sleep, intense pain lasting 2/3 days a time, I am fighting a loosing battle with painkillers (I hate them due to past experiences). I have now discovered I am allergic to diclofenac thanks to a terrifying experience one morning. My sick pay is hardly covering the basics now and i see its normal to wait 2/3 months for surgery.

I already have IBS quite severely so am terrified about that aspect, I am 17 1/2 stone so scared they wont operate on me.

I just cannot cope with this anymore.

I am using pain relief, tiger balm, wheat bags, hot baths to ease the pain as much as i can but its not enough to live. I am 31 I love being a bigger woman I am ambitious and about to start my second year of an OU degree and this just seems to have taken over.

Im sorry this is so long and rambling but i just cant tell anyone who understands. My mum does her best but if she tells me to go for a walk or do some gardening one more time i may well scream. I can hardly move in the house!


Please help anything would be appreciated. :cry:

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    So sorry that you are suffering. its not nice at all is it.

    I know i had a few weeks of non stop pain that ended with me in a&e. the only thing i could do to help the pain was Tramadol tablets with a paracetomal. like you i also had the heatbags, baths etc but didnt really help.

    if you havnt heard from the hospital in a week or two i would definately recommend going back your gp and asking for an emergency appointment with the hosp saying you are suffering and your life style is suffering. i had to do this as seemed to be waiting for ever on a letter from the hospital. and sure enough the dr got the computer screen up and seen what appointments were available in my area and how soon i could be seen. once you have seen the surgeon at the hosp this may make you feel better that the ball is rolling and put your mind at ease that something is getting done.

    my pains have finally gone (for the time being?!) but my diet has had to radically change - as iam waiting on op date and cant risk a flare up as have heard they wont operate on inflamed gallbladder.

    I am eating such a low fat diet as dont want these pains back anytime soon - meals consist of branflakes for breakfast, broth soups for lunch, grilled fish with veg for tea and apple juice through the day. working up to now. sorry you are suffering and not sure my advice will help but good luck and know how agonising it can be so chin up.

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    See your GP again soon, what you need is some proper pain relief, yeah Tramadol and soluable Paracetamol it's quite pleasant :cheers:
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    Thanks for your replies.

    I am managing my diet a lot more which is helping a little.

    I do have tramadol but I also have a history of addiction which makes having to use it a bit of a worrying experience. Although I am taking it when I really have to do.

    I just find the depression, pain and relating sleep problems really cripple my life and make it so hard to do anything I took for granted before.

    I do have a Consultants appt for 6th October. Is it a long waiting time on average?

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    Yes, avoid fat at all costs. Your Doctor thought you'd be alright with Tramadol (re: addiction), take them with Paracetamol and they work better and they're less addictive (if any), you can even take Ibuprofen, Diclofenac or Aspirin on top in moderation (in moderation because you may have some associated Ulcers in there), don't torture yourself with pain because of a possibility, I mean it's possible you could get hit by a bus tomorow sooooo, get them down your neck (as prescribed) and it'll ease your suffering. I suppose you'll have to wait a couple of months, so late november / early december for your op smile
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    i agree with dr spock take the tramadol it does work, i have recently had my gallbladder removed, and it was the best thing ever, i even managed to get a cancellation appointment which was even better, let them know you will take a cancellation smile

    i had a single incision through the belly button, so no scarring, although the nurse has just sent away a swab as she thinks there may be an infection sad

    good luck with your appointment and if the pain gets unbearable go to your gp or a & e .

    shelley xxx

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    Thanks so much everyone for your kind words.

    Things have gotten worse pain wise. I am now suffering with a lot of nausea, bloating, wind and generally very ill. My appointment was cancelled twice and delayed to Nov 17th so I have in desperation called my GP surgery and now have a new appointment on 24th Sept. Which is an improvement.

    I am worried though I have pain which lasts quite a long time despite taking the medication now that I need. I also have a slight discolouration of my eyes. The whites seem a little dark and blood shot.

    I have spoken to NHS direct but they told me to manage the pain at home. The thing is I have seen all these symptoms as cause for concern. I just don't want to go to hospital and waste their time.

    Thanks for letting me share this here, its nice to be around people who understand the pain x

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    If you are in agony the best place for you to go is A&E, I'm sure they'll be able to fit you in between the drunks and the kids with lego stuck up their noses, maybe you'll get seen after the baby with the bump on the head after falling off the couch :roll: :lol: But seriously, it's not a waste of time, you could die :wink:
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    good luck for your appointment today :D let us know how you get on

    shelley xx

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    Ok update time..

    September appointment didnt happen. I ended up in hospital on the 19th Sept for three days on a drip nil by mouth for 36 hours along with antibiotic and painrelief drips. Apparently I had a severe infection so no wonder I was in so much pain.

    The Dr I saw in the hospital added me to his list, I had a second Ultrasound scan and the saw around 5/6 stones one measuring 6mm. Seems quite small to be causing so much pain. Although my gallbladder was being 'shy' so the scan didn't show all according to the nurse.

    I have been waiting, waiting and waiting to hear from the hospital so I took to weekly phonecalls. Once he was on holiday, Once he was 'reviewing my case notes', the next time I got passed from pillar to post no one knowing anything.

    Then it happened... I called last friday and finally spoke to a super nice lady in waiting lists. She said probably early december but a date had not been confirmed. Then she rang me back the same afternoon offering me a cancellation as long as (a) I was not on the pill.. no worries there and (b) I could make a pre-op on the Monday 1st Nov.

    So I had my pre-op monday and all fine and ready to go there. The superwoman from waiting lists even rang me monday afternoon to check it went ok!!!

    Now I am all booked in and waiting to go in at 8am on Wednesday morning 10th Nov. Oh I am scared!!

    For the past few days I have been having frequent twinges and some stonger pains too so am getting a bit scared about the risk of open surgery. I have been told keyhole for me will be at least a one night stay but more likely two and if they do go open around a week.

    All I have to do now is try and keep my anxiety level in check and cross my fingers my pyjamas i have ordered come in time.

    If anyone can share anything about the operation experience that will be good. I will also keep you updated with how it goes..

    Sarah x

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    good luck for your op day .. hopefully they will be able to do it keyhole - if not they will only do open surgery with your best interests at heart... i had an open conversion as it was not safe to proceed lapro and while it was a bit of a shock post op it was OK! at the end of the day my hospital stay was longer (6 days) and my recovery was longer (9 weeks, a wee bit longer than average due to healing probs) . i had my op in 2006 and have not looked back.

    just get it over and done with, if they need to do an open they will, dont get too worried at this stage, they wont be in a possition to make those choices untill you are in theatre... better it is sorted than living the life you are now!!

    good luck, all the best for your op, let us know how you get on.


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    Good luck for today I hope all went well sarah.

    Definately keep us updated with how it went & how you are.

    i have about 4 weeks until my op now.

    just think you got the hardest part over with now what a fab feeling that must be!!

    hope you have a speedy recovery all the best sarah


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    Well I had my gallbladder removed on Wednesday 10th Nov. Today is Saturday 13th. I stayed in over night but was very lucky in having keyhole as my gallbladder was full of puss and inflamed so I was close to having an open.

    Feeling a bit unsure how to manage things now I am home, I left the hospital about 630/700pm with some antibiotics, a letter for my nurse and a dressing bag. No advice on eating which is worrying me although I am sticking to simple basic easy to digest foods little and often.

    Pain is manageable and the worst thing is trying to sit/stand/lie down. I have four points of entry the ones around my tummy button and just below my breasts are both very itchy. Though I hope this is a good thing as it could be natural healing.

    When I came round post op I had an oxygen mask on which I had to keep on for about 24hours as I had low oxygen levels but I have developed a cold so that could be why. I also had a drip for pain relief, saline and antibiotics, the antibiotics are standard apparently but not normally given when going home but mine are risk prevention as I was infected.

    It is not easy getting about and I left the hospital in my pyjamas and a jumper as getting dressed is painful still. I have also been sick since I have been home and have a very sore burnt feeling throat as a result but have since eaten and been ok.

    I know this is rambled but that's a true reflection of my brain right now. I take quite a few days to clear an anesthetic. I haven't seen my scars yet but I have had NO gallbladder twinges or pain and to me that is why it has been done. Just very disappointed due to the state of my gallbladder they did not allow me to have the stones.

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    Hi sarah,

    have only just found this site (sadly) but sooo pleased to read it is over for you now.

    I am 4 weeks post op now and mine unfortunatly had to be done whilst i was on holiday as it had turned gangrenous ( didn't know it could get that bad).

    I was feeling quite anxious when i started reading your posts, seeing your appts had been cancelled.

    Hope you are feeling better.

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    Gosh you were in a right state :? Good to read you (both) got sorted out in the end :cheers:
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    Shysarah I feel for you. I have just started my first year in an OU degree (Psychology) so I know how you are feeling. I was taken in to hospital early friday morning. My hospital did a US scan there and then. I suspect that your gallbladder is enlarged and am quite surprised they have not given you antibiotics. I'm on my 5th day of them now and JUST starting to feel a tiny bit better.
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