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Hi there,

I know this website is not for Medical advice nor is it for diagnoetic purposes but I have a question regarding soma recent binge that I had. I've recently come off a 4 day alcohol binge that also included valium to help manage the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol. Although the details are quite sketchy as I was in and out of consciousness but I'll try and piece the details together here.

Day 1 - Significant amount of alcohol.

Day 2- Drinking steady throughout the day. 20mg of temazapam to sleep.

Day 3 - Alcohol and 20 mg of Diazepam

Day 4 - Stopped drinking approximately 1-2pm and then approximately 35 mg of Diazepam. Went to ER who performed blood tests, ECG and advised I was stable. I Slept relatively well last night but have woken up with very intense anxiety and although I still have quite a substantial amount of valium available to me I'm extremely paranoid about taking any more to manage the anxiety right now as I know that it doesn't take a lot to become addicted to Diazepam. can anyone advise if the anxiety I'm feeling now is alcohol withdrawal or benzo withdrawal. I'm still feeling quite sedated and would rather ride this out them med up again but am looking for any words of wisdom that may be able to shed some light on whats happening to me right now. Does anyone have any experience with a similar kind of binge that may be able to help

Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Dimi.

    I am a little confused by what you are aiming to do here. Valium (Diazepam) is used to control withdrawal symptoms, when you stop drinking. It will not work if you are still drinking and you DO risk becoming addicted to Diazepam if you take it for more than a couple of weeks.

    This should be done under supervision.

    You mention alcohol and 20mg of Diazepam. Did somebody tell you to do that? Take diazepam when drinking?

    While some alcohol with diazepam should not cause a big problem (for example, if you start a detox when there is still some alcohol in your body) but you should never drink AND take diazepam.

    The way you have described it is nothing like how an alcohol detox should be. You should stop drinking totally and the withdrawal symptoms should be controlled with diazepam.

    You are not withdrawing from benzodiazepines after only taking two doses.

    I need to say that, even without alcohol, Diazepam is a MASSIVE dose. You really need to be taking professional advice on this. I am an independent alcohol treatment practitioner (qualified nurse) and do alcohol detoxes with my clients. It is not something to be taken lightly as it can be dangerous. I have NEVER advised ANY client to take 35mg in one dose.

    Diazepam is no longer used to treat anxiety due to its addictivness. There are far better methods available. However, your anxiety is likely to be due to drinking, as alcohol causes anxiety and depression.

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      I appreciate the reply Paul. Thank you.

      my intention in taking the diazepam was to stop drinking and manage the anxiety that came after taking my last drink. I Won't be taking any more diazepam and will be riding out the alcohol withdrawal without it. Do you suggest any other course of action? I'm confident I won't be drinking anymore after going through this episode. My biggest fear is the difficulty I'lI have sleeping over the next few days as I've out my body though a bit of a roller coaster and no doubt messed up my body clock a little.

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      No Dimi. That is even more risky.

      Alcohol withdrawal can kill you, that is why Diazepam (or Librium) is given to control withdrawal symptoms and make alcohol withdrawal safe.

      If you are still having alcohol withdrawal symptoms, you need to drink OR take the diazepam but NOT BOTH.

      It is impossible for me to advise you, since I don't know you, know nothing about your medical history and have no knowledge of other medication you may be taking, or how much you have been drinking and for how long.

      However, I will say this, an average diazepam treatment regime for alcohol detox is about 10mg 4 times a day (sometimes 4 hourly through the night as well if symptoms keep returning).

      That would be taken for a couple of days and then reduced by about 5mg a day until it reached zero.

      I must repeat that this should be done under clinical guidance from a qualified person and I the information I have given related to dosage is for information only and not my advice to YOU about what YOU should be taking.

      I hope you understand that I have to protect myself, professionally. Speak again to whoever prescribed the diazepam and insist on some instructions as to how you should be using it.

      Good luck!!

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      Hi Paul,

      I was Wondering If you could offer me Some advice.

      I went on a drinking binge op appr. 10 days, where I either drank 2 bottles of wine a day, or either 6 to 8 large cans of Stella. I felt really bad the last 2 days and Was tired of drinking Every morning to Not feel bad. Either way, I went to my doc and he prescribed me diazepam. I have taken it 1 day now, 4x20mg. This night I didn't sleep that bad, except for hot and cold flashes and Some dreams. My question is if it's still possible for me to get a seizure? I'm a really anxious person and just wanna know what the chances of that happening are. I plan on continuing to take my diazepam for another few days, until I taper it down. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks So much!

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      Hello Ainara. I am shocked that your GP has given you such massive doses of Diazepam without proper support. Do you have anybody living with you?

      If you are getting sufficient dosage you should not have alcohol withdrawal symptoms and therefore shouldn't be at risk of seizures. However, I don't know your medical history. If you are not epileptic and have not had seizues before, they would be unlikely with what you are taking.

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    The maximum dose for home use is 30 Mg A day. 10 Mg morning, 10 Mid day and 10 Mg in the evening)

    This is done for 10 day's and after this, you should cut down as soon as you can.

    I did this lke day 11 (10-5-10), Day 12 (5-5-10) Day 13 (05-0-10) Day 14 (0-0-10) Day 15 (0-0-5) and directly after this 5 Mg of Diazepam when needed. 

    In the cases a higher dose of valium is distributed, (like in my case 76-80 units of alcohol a day) temerature and blood pressure mesurements neccesarely. (this every 15-30 minutes).

    In the hospital they are only aloud to go till 10 MG of valium every 3-4 Hrs (in extreme cases like mine), this is a dose that knocks out a Rhino, never try this amount at home.

    Higher doses of Valium can create Panick atacks, heart failure and just simply the stop of breathing.

    Never ever go over the dose all by yoursellf, aswell don't stop abrubtly the alcohol intake without medication.

    It seems to me, your anxiety comes realy from the lack of alcohol, it would devenitly whorst when not taking Valiulm.

    Don't become dependant on Valium, this would be far more difficult to get rid of.




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