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OK, so I have been 'alcohol dependant from last time I can remember, I had a cominity detox at the age of 20, I'm now 27 and awaiting my next assessment for a detox. Im a slim build, 115lb and drink from 7/15 cans of larger a night, that's not including the vodka/rum, I read some of the post on here where people drink a litre of vodka but I don't drink that much can anyone give advise on what my assessment will cover as I cannot remember from last time. Thanks

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    Hi Jade. Welcome and thanks for being honest. How my h do you wish to stop before it gets out of control. You seem to drink your recommended weekly allowance in one day. Just wondering. You are still young and it is not too late to change😁

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    Your assessment will consist of a blood test, to ensure that there will be no complications with any medication. An interview to see that you are serious about stopping and if they know you detoxed before, they will ask you what is going to be different this time.

    Detoxing is the easy part. But with the level if drinking you do, it will have change your brain, so it is dependent on alcohol. You will fall back into the routine of drinking, detoxing only deals with the physical craving.

    You need to look at the TSM method (naltrexone in you in the States) if you just want to cut down and acamprosate if you want to stop.

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      Thank you. I have my appointment on Tuesday and I'm dreading it, mostly because the thought of not drinking scares the life out of me. I managed 2/3 days after my last home detox so I suppose it will be hard to explain that to them. Is drinking 6/7 cans of larger a night and a few vodkas serious or would they class that as moderate? I haven't admitted how much I drink to anyone face to face so that will be a challenge as well.

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      Not drinking scares the life out of anybody, whose daily routine involves drinking and their social life  brings them into constant contact with alcohol. The most common though is, the rest of my life is going to be so boring.

      Your drinking would be described as serious, but there is always someone that drinks more than you. We have had a few on here that get through a litre bottle of spirits a day. Telling them may be a challenge for you but it is nothing new to them. It is easier to talk to someone that you don't know and has no preconceptions of you.

      As I mentioned in my first post, detox is only temporary and it is not surprising that you started to drink so soon afterwards. Your brain has been changed by drugs (alcohol) over a period of time and it does not let go of alcohol so easily. You need medication to reset it back to how it was.

      Campral if you're going to stop completely (it worked for me) or the TSM method if you want to drink in moderate amounts  - Naltrexone (worked for many here). You really need to start taking these medications straight after your detox.

      Good luck with the detox tomorrow.


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      Thank you. It was just an assessment today to see if I was 'suitable'. They have suggested I do a home detox (I live with my parent, which would mean telling them I have an alcohol problem again which won't go down very well) however in order to see the nurse and get the ball rolling for that, I have to attend three, 2 hour sessions on a 'detox preparation course'. This is nearly impossible as I work (she said I was definitely a high functioning alcoholic). She also explained at the course, for alcohol/drugs, there will be people there who have no choice but to be, which I understand, but I don't think I am ready to sit with 12 people talking about 'my problem' as such.

      I know people advise not to stop drinking on your own and I do get quite bad withdrawal symptoms but I am thinking of trying because if I don't, this is going to be my life for years, if I can get through the withdrawals then that's 1 battle done. I kind of feel like I have no other choice! Today's consumption hasnt been the worst, I have had 5 pints of larger, 5 cans and around 3/4 shots of vodka (and I still don't feel drunk so will probably end up having more even though I will have to be up at 7 in the morning for work!)

      Also I have been having serious pain on the left side of my stomach/ribs for around 2/3 months but recently it is agonising and I have been being sick, I have been to the doctors and they just say it is my stomach ulcer, gastritis or hernia playing up but the pain is so so severe and only feels like is eases a bit when I do actually drink alcohol (which doesn't help) any ideas what that could be or experienced the same thing?

      Thanks in advance

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      HI Jade, I have gastritis and hernia and I get pain in the same area.  Could be either or indeed ulcer.  Sounds like your spleen is crying out for help also.  I use Ranitidine from my doc and a couple of other natural supplements plus Kefir first thing in the morning.  It is so much improved doing this, but dropping right down the alcohol is the No 1 thing to do to give your insides a break and let the supplements do their job.  Don't forget that an ulcer can burst and a hernia can rupture, both of which are not a good idea.  The thought of this really put the frights in me so I did a home taper from 20 units daily to 2 and still going strong. I too did not fancy counselling and facing other people, would personally feel a fool and ashamed.

      Don't give in - go for it - you must have things you want to achieve in life - I know I have and I am not giving in.  Drop down the booze, take the right meds, eat plenty of good food and exercise to up your adrenaline and I promise you you won't recognise yourself in as little as a month.


      p.s.  The alcohol does numb the pain by the way - did with me.


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      Thank you for the reply, I tried to cut down the alcohol tonight but the withdraws was bad, I could not handle it, I tried everything a cold shower, going for a walk but nothing helped, I was being sick and shaking like I never have before, My doctor just always prescribes me omeprazole, I have been telling them for the past year it doesn't help but they don't seem interested, could I buy what you get prescribed online? I have been taking zapain or co-codamol to ease the pain.

      The assessment lady I seen yesterday said most doctors don't listen to serious symptoms if they know you drink alcohol and suggested I went to A&E but I don't want to waste time when someone could be a lot more serious than me.

      Can anyone suggest any other groups to talk with because I literally have no one, I have kept this hidden for 4/5 years now but I feel like I need someone to tell but I have severe anxiety so face to face is a no go for me, thank you

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    Dependency isn't all about how much you drink, if you know you're dependent and want to detox, good for you. Assessments are designed to find out how much, when and why you drink. I used Steps Home Detox and found their constant support invaluable to keeping me on track. Wishing you all the best! 

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