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So, there are some people I truly miss on here.  I have been drinking on and off.   Right now, on.  I tried the Baclofen again which does help to some extent.  I think I might try the naltrexone again if that don't work.  I'm glad at how much I've cut back.  I really do rely on Baclofen.  I'd be lost without it!  My doctor won't prescribe more than 30 mg a day since she dont' understand how it's used.  But, she means well!  The meds from my doctor to make me calm are not helping me.  I have a pharmacy here.  It's ridiculous how my doctor prescribes a med and puts like 5 refills on it.  I guess I shouldn't complain.  There are doctors who won't give anything out.  Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who meds actually worked for.  I get a reverse effect from everything I have in my house of no use.  

Campral - 90 with 5 refills.  After 3 I had terrible side effects.  Same with Gabapentin and Naltrexone which I have so much of.  I'm thinking of cutting the Naltrexone down to 7.5 since it worked for me.  I'm not looking for feedback telling me what to do and that I need to take 50 mg.  I'll get there in time.  

My body is so sensitive it can't even stand the sun.  Thus the reason I'm thinking of moving up North further in the US.  I need the cold weather.  

I just missed a few people and wanted to say hi.  I hope everyone is doing well!  One day I will get my life in order.  But, I'm glad for the Baclofen I can take that helps.

God Bless everyone!  


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    Hi sound like a pharmacy.


    I'm so glad that your medication works for you.

    I wish it worked for me.

    I have so much Gabapentin that it seems to work for others...but not for me.

    Maybe I am not taking enough.

    Maybe tommorow when I try not to drink...i will take 3 (300)....why not..probably better than drinking.

    SO GOOD to see your name here...xo

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      It's been so long since I've heard from you.  I hope we both try not to drink!  

      Baclofen is the only thing and I rely on it to cut back as much as I can.

      Oh, I am a pharmacy.  I think I need to start going through things.  Including antibiotics that I've held onto forever!  

      Great seeing you around too!  We need to keep in touch more!! Oxox

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    Kelly,I'm 14 weeks AF thanks to Baclofen,it really is a miracle drug.In France GP's are allowed to prescribe up to 300mg for AUD

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      Glad to hear you're still on the path, Kelly!

      We do have some docs in the US that understand how to use Baclofen, Stuart Kloda is one (has some interesting material on his website), but he's in NY, which doesn't do you a ton of good. 

      One thing that you might want to google is Progesterone and alcohol craving. I became curious about that after reading about a few women here that said when they were pregnant, they had no trouble cutting off the drinking. Seems progesterone has an effect on the GABA receptors, like benzos, baclofen, booze...

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      welcome back Kelly. Some old here and helping newcomers which I obviously are trying and lots of differenct medicines does not help but is perhaps of luck Robin
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      Funny, I quit drinking both times I was pregnant.  I will definitely look into that!  Thank you! smile 

      I will also look up the doctor in New York.  Depending what side of New York he's on it would be worth the drive once a month.

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      Cool! Let us know what you find out. I understand that absolute levels of this or that hormone are important, but ratios are important too (whether I'm correct about that, I have no idea). 


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    You won't like my saying this, but you've not given campral a chance, 3 tablets! How do you know they made you bad. You've plenty of medication to help, yet there's something wrong with them all. You say your dr doesn't understand how baclefen works, I'd say he/she knows there's better medication available. A hot or climate in my experience, makes no difference to the amount of alcohol we consume. To me it sounds like moving away to forget your problems and start afresh. Trouble with that is you need to address the problems first.

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      You know nothing about my life to JUDGE me!  My moving to a different area had NOTHING to do with alcohol.  It has to do with my sensitivity to the sun.  If you look back it mentions colder weather, not trying to get away from alcohol.   I know it'll follow me wherever I go.  See, I am an alcoholic.  My husband is the one who mentioned moving further up North because of my health issues.  Not that I have to explain that.

      You're right there is something wrong with them all!  I can't take medication for fibromylagia, IBS, etc..... because medication DOES NOT AGREE WITH ME!  Most people are more blessed than I am.  You seem to be one of them!

      You're also right that I didn't like what you said.  I didn't see one positive thing.  

      I stayed off this forum due to negativity.  I went on the anxiety forum and everyone was great there.  I decided to give it one more shot posting on here.  Silly me!  

      I went through 2 different rounds on the Campral.  I went through 2 rounds on the Naltrexone.  

      I also have a job that I need to go to.  The side effects might go away in time but I can't work under those conditions.  I might be an alcoholic but I'm a functioning one contiuing to try the meds over and over.  I'd go to rehab but see here's the thing!  My husband is off work for 2 shoulder surgeries and 2 knee surgeries and someone has to bring money in and cover health insurance. That would be me!  

      I can take whatever you dish out because I'm used to it.  I just hope you don't treat newcomers this way.  Whoever wants to post now can.  I WILL NOT be checking in here anymore.  

      Thank you for your compassion.  Excuse me but now I have to get to work!  


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      I think for me...after I put a certain "new" drug in my system I can tell if it irritates me..which is why I stop taking many drugs...drugs are bad...just as bad as alcohol.. Unless..they help to make me better.   

      I'm thinking OP was not saying she is drinking due to the hot weather..but I do know if I am overwhelmed by heat that I could tend to turn to a drink to make me feel it has that effect.

      I think the OP knows that moving will not change her insides...but sometimes moving does give us more of a "new" look on things.

      vicky..since you have reported still drinking..i"m not sure you are in a place to judge.

      As far as her Dr...all Drs don't know everything..yes, they have been to school..just as I have..but that doesn't make me the "know all"  Baclofen seems to have been working for some why discount it? 

      I want some Baclofen...ha.

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      Kelly, I know that you have said you will not be checking in any more, but I hope you are having a sneaky peep.  I hear what you say, I also see you have fibro and IBS which, independently, are awfully painful, never mind together, and alcohol disorder to-boot, well mate, you are struggling.

      I am going to have to jump in here as so far have remained silent, but some posts are just not helpful.  We are here to help each other and, quite frankly, if I ever get a negative/rude post, the perpetrator will get my size 7 right where the sun don't shine.

      You were on here for help, like I am, I fear relapse at any point and it is bl+++y hard going.  So please don't disappear.  I have seen people do this recently, and it is not nice.  Stay with us and feel free to PM me any time.  Take care..................G.

      p.s. I am also on the Anxiety forum (but silently) x

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      Don't let 1 persons negativity keep you away from a forum that you like and feel comfortable in. Keep talking to your friends that you've missed and as always, just do the very best you can. You know your body and mind.

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