Alcoholism worst enemy

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I started been a social drinker 5 years ago, nothing much but after retirement I Got depress they gave antidepressants which I hate then I had a car accident and I start having a bad back pain . Because I didn't want it to abuse pain killer I started drinking almost every day started with wine a bottle a day the a few. Months I discover Jack Daniels is better 4 drinks a day was enough to deal with the pain I was relax no more any back pain . I was sober trough AA for a month but the the pain started and a few weeks a go I started having drinks again. No I'm sorber for 3 days

The withdraws are horrible . Vomit, shakes, sweets etc the only thing I have now is pain in my neck lower back and in the top of my head so I'm going to the doctor to check up my liver and the head I guess is very important to be check out. I make my long research and I decide not ever ever drink nothing again not even socially Alcohol is the worse enemy for your health and all around you. Hope this help 🙏

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    I'm not into discussions much but I'm determine to have a healthy life back and anybody can do it I hope I didn't damage my liver or kindness and intestines too much because everything is connected muscles nerves organs so I will post my progress to help our community. 

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      Thank you for the post and the reminder of what detox is like.

      I don't ever want to feel like that again.

      I can never have just a few.

      It appears you can't either.

      The vomiting and shakes are horrible...and even worse for me was the dread and anxiety.  It all passes after about 6 days....

      Try some soup...that is the only food that started to bring me back to "life".


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      Thank you for your suggestion Missy 

      I discover that it's very important to clean the liver naturally I'm planning to fast for a list 3 days and make green smoothies. I can anything yet or walk because I started to vomit again and it's a green liquid from the liver.

      my husband went to the supermarket today and got me all the herbs and ingredients to make the shakes. And also I'm looking for a near by physician to see if I can have a sonogram and blood test of my organs .

      my son Andre was so worried about me he told me that I am in a path of self distruction he lives in CA I live in NY.

      He is looking for a place to detox impatient so I accepted my addiction and I'm willing to go I'll keep you posted have a wonderful weekend . 

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      you sound pretty upbeat for what you are going thru.

      I know I could not even type very good at a day or a few days sober.

      You are lucky that the people in your life care about you...not that you don't deserve it..I don't have it...and I envy that.

      So cherish that..keep fighting.

      Puking green can not be good.  I never did that...but I puked with blood stains.  And puking is not a good sign and indicates alcohol poisoning.

      So have your herb shakes and rest sad.

      Keep posting for support.


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      Missy thank you for your reply, yet you right I have a such a good family that really cares but you can also have that , keep your fait and you will I promess not always had my sons support when the were in college I struggle with smoking and one day I quit cold turkey and it has been 4 years 

      Sorry about my typing is soo embarrass g when you fell this way but it happens to all kind of humans, alcohol don't discriminate and everyone can get raid of it trust me, I learn in the AA meetings that having fait in the high power (God) helps a lot . It was good journey I went to the meetings for a month and I relapse. Take care 🙏

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      AA is good when you need it.

      There are not many places you can be accepted for your alcohol problem and discuss it out loud....AA is GOOD for that.

      I think I am going to a meeting tonight.  I had 30 days yesterday and to go up and get a 30 day chip is very empowering.

      Don't be embarassed about your thankful you CAN type.

      Be thankful you are working hard to get your strength back!

      Be thankful you are not drinking at the moment.

      One moment at a can do this....I can do this.

      We can.....the little train..LOL...I think I can, I think I

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      Hi Missy yeah AA is always like in every place good and not too good people but it's ok God is going to take you from his hand . 

      Can I tell you a really secret ( stay away from people that drinks even though if is socially drinking) until you complete recover that worked for me a list I was hidden in my house and drinking alone never went to a bar or an invitation with alcohol and look still I became one. I'm not a church person but into believe in the power and love with COMPASION that he has for all of us. Good for you go to the meeting and enjoy your chip I have one too was empowering but please do not stop going because then is when a person relapse like I did. FYI the vomiting stops thanks god but I have a very back and neck pain . I'll be better I guess. Enjoy the meeting and if they praying read the book of grace they have it it helps a lot. 🙏👍

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      September 4th 

      I'm hopping my update is in the right place by replying to myself I m new in forums and I'm still feeling weak si I will find out later on. 

      Anyways, today Imwas able to get up and stay out of bed without the shakes and sweats that killed me . 

      I found out that green diet and fasting it works to a list better your stomach and the vomit I couldn't find a feet Doctor over the weekend and I refuse to go to,the hospital because what they do they give you Valium by IV and then let you go I'm refuse to damage my liver more with medications.

      i find out that Thumeric is excellent natural medicine to take the inflammation away from internal organs and also helps to flush toxins

      You can goggle it. They have excellent videos on YouTube .  

      Tuesday im going to my regular replacement doctor to have a referral to take sonograms and blood test to check my liver an intestines. I'm still looking for a center to go for Detox even if is outpacient will help me I need to clean my body and mind for this horrible decease and habit. 

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      You aren't in the UK are you?

      Many people here are...and are probably sleeping.

      By the time you get to a are probably going to be thru the worst part....this is a horrible condition.

      I am here reading all your pain...and the pain of others..and I have my own obssesion with alcohol.

      I hope you have stopped vomiting.

      I hope that you feel better each day.

      I'm glad you are researching stuff before you take it.

      Don't give in to a are so....getting past the danger zone.

      Probably you should be in the hospital already...but your not.

      And i hope you get thru these horrible symptoms soon.


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      Hi Missy, 

      I live in NY Long Island smile thank you for your reply. Here is what I'm still have to deal: 

      weakness, still bad pain in my back, neck and head. My stomach hurts still but not to bad, the vomit stopped so is the sweetings and shakes. I was able to drink my green smoothies and not to vomit. 

      The reason I'm not going to emergency is because I did a week ago for my back pain they took the sweet time and end up giving me shots of morphin in my IV and let me go. 

      Medicine is the list I'm looking for I hate pills, medicine hurts your liver .

      so I'm going to my Dr on Tuesday to have a blood test done and to sent me to have a ct scan for my stomach and a sonogram for my lever. 

      And defenitelly is no way I started drinking again I already tosted in the garbage any licor  that I was hiding . My husband never drinks we never have not even beer at the house so that helps. 

      How are you how was your meetings? 

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      Thank goodness the vomiting stopped.

      And good that you are going for follow up tests.

      As long as you don't drink..things and your body can only get better.

      Keep posting here.

      Meetings? I haven't been to any meetings recently.  We (my b/f and I) tend to pop into one if we are on the road.

      I like them because there are people like me there (I feel comfortable) and many have them have free food and coffee smile.

      Most of the time in meetings..I hear stories that are WORSE than mine have ever people becoming homeless....and they make me appreciate my sobriety and my life sh*tty as I think my life can be sometimes.

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    HI there. not good to stop suddenly without medical advice..perhaps you can get advice from your GP or Doctor?? THis is not easy and can be very dangerous...i wait to hear from you and how are you today?? Robin
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      thank you Good morning Robin thank you for you reply absolutely agreed with you I had Three days of hell.

      im looking for a Dr near by and also for an inpatient detox place 

      It is the only way I will help myself.

      how I'm feeling ? Better I can't eat anything yet but I'm planning to fast with natural green smoothies that help to clean toxins and a lots of water 

      I made a parsley water and that is great to help with inflammation .

      have a wonderful weekend . 

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