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hi, anyone some experience or information about this brand new edof? my surgery is planned in the next couple of weeks and i might have the opportunity to be a candidate for that iol.

best regards

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    I don´t know much about that lens, and I guess the lens is so new, that you will have a hard time finding real life experience with it.

    But from all the hours I have spend on the Internet about lenses, and I am a big nerd so it have not been few hours, my opinion is that when it comes down to it, most lenses in each of their categories are quite similar, with only small margins of differences in the outcomes.

    All manufacturers claim to have something very special, but truth is the optics they are working around have fixed limitations from the simple physics.

    So my point is, i will bet that the Vivity is just another good quality edof lens, like Symfony and At Lara, and you can get a result very similar to these.

    I think you can very well look into the real life outcomes with the Symfony, and expect a similar result, and then it is up to you, if this is the result you are looking for.

    I have the Zeiss At Lara in one eye, that is also an edof lens. Regarding vision it does what it is supposed to do, it gives strong vision from far to pc screen distance. Up close it gets out of focus, in good lighting I can still read fairly well with it, in poor lighting I need glasses if I only use that eye.

    In my other eye I have the Zeiss Lisa Trifocal, I am a big fan of the trifocal, it does not make the edof into a bad lens, but in my opinion the trifocal have that little bit extra.

    When it comes to visual side effects the edof is worse than the trifocal, but still very manageable, I am in general very satisfied with my vision.

    I can see Alcon is promising no visual side effects with the Vivity, but frankly I don´t believe it, the Zeiss At Lara I have was also promised to have none or very few side effects, but in reality they are worse than the trifocal. I am willing to bet, that you will have the same side effects with the Vivity, as with the other edofs on the marked.

    For me the side effects is well worth it being glasses free on a daily basis, but side effects are the main reason why some people don´t like premium lenses, so it is something you need to take into consideration.

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      thx for this fast and informative reply....

      i see the problematic factors in a similar way then you.

      on paper the concept of edof lenses would be a perfect choice for most patients who have concerns about halos and can live with some disadvantages in near vision.

      going a little bit further in research and regarding results on most studies....edof lenses have the same sideeffects without the advantages of trifocal lenses...

      guess the perfect match for a conservative choice would be the panoptix (i am more intersted in near and intermediate vision then the benefits from zeiss at lisa for far vision).

      now for me the question is should i give new variants and concepts a chance like the synergy or vivity ...are the improvements worth the risk? sure nobody can decide this for me, but i guess this topic is interesting for most patients who have to make a decision these days.

      regarding the brands:

      i am a little bit disappointed about j&j and the tecnis-family proposals....i see a lot of bad experience with the symfony and could imagine the synergy would fail aswell.

      alcon has done a great job with their panoptix so speaking about trust, i would prefer alcon

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      I think all manufacturers have their strong and weak sides.

      But from my own experience, with the mix of lenses i have, if you are a good candidate for trifocals, there really is no reason to go for the edof.

      With trifocals you get more in the same package, and you will not have more side effects, personally I would not choose Vivity over Panoptix.

      The Panoptix trifocal/quadfocal is no doubt a very good multifocal lens, it is widely used here in Denmark as well, also as clear lens exchanges, it will work well.

      I agree with you, that the Synergy will have all the same side effects as their other multifocals, whether they are worse than Panoptix I do not know.

      All the multifocals (except Oculentis) are using the same principle with rings with different heights on the front part of the iol to make the different powers. And I think it will more or less give the same problems, even that they all claim to have found the holy grail 😃

      And on the edof they bend even more light to fill out the gaps and make the defocus curve flat, I think that is why I am seeing more side effects with the edof than with the trifocal, that "only" have 3 separate focuspoints.

      The multifocal with least side effects is no doubt the Oculentis, which is the only lens I sometimes wonder if I should have chosen instead. The Oculentis is also the only multifocal who fully matches the efficiency of the monofocals regarding contrast.

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    damn lol, now i have another candidate to validate (oculentis) but that lens has more familiarities with edof then trifocal, i guess.

    hard decision to make....i just have the feeling that something better as the known "good product" is in the pipeline. panoptix and at lisa are out for a couple of years, so next gen could be a game changer for real. those lenses dont roll out every half year so its not like buying a new pc. 😉

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      It is really a tough choice, I agree.

      In the first couple of month after my surgeries I questioned everything about my choice, the grass always looks greener on the other side.

      But honestly now I relax knowing that I have a solid result, that I can enjoy for many years to come.

      Not a perfect result, perfect rarely happens, but I have a result that makes me able to do the things I want to do, without thinking about my vision all the time.

      It is a bit like buying a car, if you keep waiting for the newest model, you will spend your hole life walking, because there will always come a new model next year 😃

      The Oculentis is mainly a bifocal, with two distinct focus points. Their advantage is that they have no further contrast loss over monofocals, and because they don´t have the rings like all the other multifocals, they don´t get the concentric rings visual side effects.

      I strongly doubt that there will come a game changer lens in the following years, the lenses that are brand new are still based on the same principles.

      Tecnis calls their Eyehance a game changer, but as usual it has proven to be just another good quality monofocal.

      In fact the Panoptix is a bit more complicated than the Lisa and Finevision, the Panoptix is actually a quadfocal, where two focal points have been "melted" together to make it perform like a trifocal.

      Edof is really manipulated multifocals, where the gaps are being filled by bending some light. In bench testing the Symfony acts just like a small range bifocal.

      So again, they do work on the same optical principles.

      The Finevision, that was the first Trifocal in Europe that came out in 2010, is still being made and widely used, which says a lot I think.

      My point is, don´t be afraid that next week some totally different and much better lens will hit the marked, it is not going to happen as long a they build their lenses on the same basic principles 😃

      I believe the next big step could be electronic type lenses, and then off course stem cells, but both these options are far away in the future.

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    guess you are right in many aspects....sure its not a new architecture coming his way in short terms, but little adjustments can count aswell and could have a deeper impact then we suggest. i am a nerd too and studied computer science so its normal for me to get the best possible outcome and sometimes its a bondage to research for better options.

    do you have found some information of the architecture and outcomes from the optical bank of the vivity ?

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      I have not seen details or studies with the Vivity, from what I understand it is not released yet, I believe they are still doing trials. So if you get the Vivity, you would be a sort of test person 😃

      But again, I am quite sure you would get similar results as you can find in studies with Symfony and At Lara.

      The Symfony is really a narrow range bifocal, with focal points at plano and +1.75. And the small gap between the focal points are being "filled" with light also, so it acts like one long focal point. But in bench testing you see the two focal points very clearly.

      The same way with At Lara, it is a narrow range trifocal, that covers from plano to +2.0 and the gaps are being filled. Even at Zeiss official site, you can see the 3 focal points in one of their pictures.

      And I am sure that Alcon have made their edof the same way, they have taken the technology from their Panoptix lens, and made it into an edof lens with a more narrow range without gaps between focal points. I am only guessing, but I am willing to bet on it 😃

      The thing with edofs are, that they can not have the same large range as the trifocals, because there is too big gaps to fill. So I strongly question that Alcon have made an edof that is that much different than the Symfony and At Lara.

      Off course we want the best thing, even that it only is small differences, but I believe when it comes down to it, there are much bigger factors involved than the brand, such as choosing the right lens power, not develop too much astigmatism and not to have other complications.

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    to be in the test group isnt the worst thing. at least i will have full attention from the surgeon, i guess he is interested in good results, too. 😉

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    Hi Kel76 an good luck with your surgery!

    It might not help you personally, but I'm booked in, hopefully next week, for vivity implants in both eyes.

    I can certainly post regularly to this thread regarding my subjective impressions.

    My specialist insists that Vivity is a significant improvement over earlier edof lenses, with significantly improved contrast and reduced glare.

    Will have to wait and see how it lives up to expectations.


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      Just out of curiosity, why do you prefer edof over trifocals such as Panoptix?

      By the way, about glare, I have no glare with my Zeiss edof, so hard to improve that, I do have starburst and concentric rings though.

      The contrast with current edofs are very close to monofocals, how does your specialist mean that contrast is significantly improved?

      Anyway it will be interesting to hear about your results, best of luck!

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      "Just out of curiosity, why do you prefer edof over trifocals such as Panoptix?"

      Just that in the course of the short time I have spoken to opticans and eye doctors about the replacement surgery, most if not all have talked about the compromises of trifocals. In particular rings, poorer low light performance, glare and poor performance between the intermediate and reading ranges. I can quite happily live with reading glasses for extended, close work, but intermediate and night vision are important to me.

      I had more-or less decided on a monofocal solution, with glasses for all intermediate and close work, but the specialist that the insurance company set up for me, happened to be one of a very few offering Vivity.

      I can only refer to what they have told me, as other information about the Vivity is very sparse, but they claim that it outperforms just about everything else, offering near monofocal performance at everything except close reading. They are also one of eight "Centres of excellence" in Europe, so I have to trust that they value their reputation and won't lie to me. I will stick to the choice and see what it brings. If nothing else, I can warn other readers of this forum against Vivity if it turns out not to live up to expectations.

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      I should add that, like you, I live in Scandinavia, so am literally walking in the dark at both ends of the working day. I meet a lot of cyclists along my path and the glare around the new LED cycle lamps bothers me and obliterates everything else.

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      I'm in Norway.

      Op was originally scheduled for next Wednesday, but there is a problem getting hold of the lenses, so it has been delayed. Hopefully towards the end of next week. I'll be happy to share my experience.

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