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Alendronic Acid and side effects - useful reading

Thought it may be of help to get matters in perspective. Do look at the site at **** on bonehealth and osteoporosis. Wish I had read more before I started taking the drug. I have now stopped it, convinced that my joint and tendon problems, racing heart and general and increasing awful feelings of fatigue and illness are linked to the start of taking alendronic acid. I understand now why my GP was a bit reluctant to prescribe it in the first place but I trusted my hospital consultant and believed he would be looking after me for the good. Maybe this trust was a bit misplaced?

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  • Juliefogs Juliefogs

    Good morning. It is a difficult decision to make as to whether or not to take Alendronic acid isn't it. I am 60, and have taken 6 tablets now. The first 4 were ok, until the day before I was due to take my weekly dose, when I felt really rough, and developed diahorea. Decided it couldn't possibly be the pill, so took the next one. Felt generally unwell, but didn't think it was connected. On taking the 6th dose, I found I was dizzy, shaky, and when I sat down, had the most weird feeling in my stomach. Rang the Dr, who said take 2 Ranitidine now, and again tonight. Did this which stopped the weird feeling, but have felt rough ever since. Very shaky, and dizzy, and stiff joints. Tummy churning, and diahorea again. Saw the Dr, who seemed to think it could well be the Alendronic acid. She suggested stopping it for 4 weeks to see how I got on. Then maybe give it another try, or try something else.

    I have always taken a calcium supplement, as my Mother and Grandmother had osteoporosis. Am now taking Calci chews, which the Dr prescribed.

    My problem at the moment is, that I have suffered from anxiety a few months ago, and am now wondering if any of my current symptoms could be that. I wasn't feeling anxious about the pill before I felt strange, so now I suppose I have to sit it out for a week, and see if the symptoms subside.

    Don't want my spine to crumble, but can't live like this. sad

  • Guest Guest

    Good evening. Sorry you have been feeling so rough. Since I posted this last comment I have been feeling very much better - I stopped the drug with my doctor's agreement and the racing erratic heart beat was a problem no more, I gradually began to feel more energetic and more like my old self. The tendon and muscle problems have yet to resolve but the digestive problems - heartburn, acid reflux and tummy upsets have also settled - I have crohn's disease, an inflmamatory bowel condition and can do without added complications. I see my hospital consultant in August so it will be interesting to hear what she has to say!! Incidentally my last bone scan gave a score of -2.2. Many years ago I suffered for a time with panic attacks but these recent symtoms were quite different and clearly related to some other cause. I hope with time you will begin to feel better and healthier. It will do no harm to go off the drug for a while and see if your symptoms improve - you are merely keeping your options open. It is difficult to know what to do for the best but I believe in following my instincts, coupled with an open mind. Being positive and confident about making a decision to help yourself I'm sure will be of great benefit. I too have been on calchichew (D3 Forte) for about 8 years. I continue to take that, eat healthily and exercise whenever possible. I can't help but feel there is too much scare mongering in respect of the need for preventive medecine - something my GP also supports. I am 53 and naturally want to be as healthy as possible, but I don't want to exchange a ''perceived risk'' with an actual harmful side effect. I realise that I may need to try another drug in the future but I do believe that I am doing the right thing for me at the moment being Alendronate free. I will keep you posted. All the best, hope you are feeling better already. smile

    • angela00502 angela00502 Guest

      Hello I have just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis at the age of 55. I think it may be related to early menopause. I was diagnosed after having  a broken hip beg of March and fractured femur in July. I had a DEXA scan which resulted in my diagnosis. I have been prescribed Alendronic Acid (2wks ago). Since then I have had aching bones which I can only describe as a sort of vibration/shaking and an awful anxiety feeling in my stomache. I feel fatigued, and generally lethargic. Is this how you were on this medication? 

  • Guest Guest

    Thank you for that. I have stopped taking the Alendronic acid, as advised by the doctor, because I felt so unwell. I should have taken the 6th pill today, so I am hoping I shall start to feel better soon.

    Now I am unsure if the achey back is due to Osteoporosis, or Alendronic acid.

    The doctor says go back in 4 weeks, and we can look at something else, but everything seems to have side effects. I know it won’t necessarily mean I will get them, but it is worrying.

    Considering trying some extra supplements, as I have read that Magnesium is good for the bones.

    It is a nightmare isn’t it! Kind regards, Julie. :o)

  • Guest Guest

    2 years later! Hope u guys r doing well at the moment. I'm 23 and hav had crohns for most of my life, I've been told I've taken alendronic acid before but it must hav been a good few years ago because I don't remember it apart from the name. I've recently been subscribed it by my specialist at st marks and decided to research a bit before I start. Alot of people seem to hav problems with it and I'm already on methotrexate which makes me feel lousey anyway so I'm feeling a bit aprehensive about taking it. I've also read that it can cause gastrointestinal ulcering which definitly doesn't sound good for a crohns patient. Have you found out anything more since you posted and would u recommend I talk to my GP or specialist before starting. If you (or anyone else that has any info on the subject) manage to read this, any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Reguards Max

  • Madssec Madssec

    Hi there

    I was beginning to think that I was imagining this. I'm on steroids and take AA every Wednesday and I always feel awful; achy, flulike symptoms, sometimes upset stomach, shivvering and cold. As I am coming off the steroids I'm hoping to stop tA soon too. I hope you get some answers soon .

  • U See U See

    Hi All,

    This is very interesting to me. I have ulcerative colitis and after 2 years of repeated high doses of steroids I have been put on to alendronic acid. i have been taking it for about 4 months and although I have not noticed any acute symptoms I am aware of a burning sensation in my stomach and general queasiness after taking it. What I hadn't linked was the chronic fatigue and fuzzy head as these are side affects of the disease anyway.

    What I really wanted to say is that I have found out today that you must not get pregnant whilst taking this or any other bisphosphonates or in fact for at least 2 years after taking it. This has come as a horrible shock to me, I always read the leaflets that come with medicines and I am sure that it did not mention the 2 year break before pregnancy, nor did my consultant. If I had known this I would not have taken it as starting a family is high on my agenda, something I have already been warned might not be easy and require yet more medical intervention.

    Hope this information is helpful to somebody.

  • Spindles Spindles

    I stopped taking alendronic acid after EIGHT YEARS of being on it. I had been blindly taking it once a week after having been prescribed it all those years ago because I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine. It wasn't until I went to my dentist a couple of months ago that I really learnt about the effects of it. Luckily my old dentist had emigrated and a new one went through the list of medication I was on and told me about a condition that people can get if they have been on alendronic acid for a long time, something my other dentist had never mentioned. It's called osteonecrosis of the jaw. He said that because I had been on alendronic acid for so long it was highly likely that if I needed to have a tooth out I would have to have it done in hospital because there is a high risk of the bones of my jaw crumbling and not healing properly. After I had seen him I went home and looked up alendronic acid and teeth and was shocked to read that some people had only been on the drug a couple of months or slightly longer before getting problems with it. There is a lot of information about the drug and some of it is to do with trials or research where the results say that there MAY be a connection with this or that so no definite proof but while there is the slightest hint that there might be something bad about taking the drug I think people should be aware of what might happen.

    Apparently the drug stays in your body for 10 to 12 YEARS after you stop taking it! There's speculation that rather than strengthening the bones it can make them more brittle, caused by the fact that it stops the production of new bone and just strengthens the old stuff meaning that you end up with dense but brittle bones. There is a fairly rare problem where people have been on the drug for a while and they get sudden breakages of their femurs caused in an insignificant way, for example slipping off a kerb or shifting their weight onto one leg. One survey found that of all the people who had experienced these breakages, something like 93% had been on alendronic acid. They had reported pains in their thighs for some months before, along with muscle weakness and these are the symptoms that I had been experiencing for about three months. My right thigh would ache a lot when I did more than just walking around the house. As for muscle weakness, I was finding that if I lifted anything heavy one of my legs would give way. The most recent event was when I was putting on a pair of trousers, standing on my left leg while I put my right leg in and it was just as if someone had kicked my left leg from under me and I fell with my right leg raised and landed on the base of my hip joint. Thankfully I don't appear to have broken anything.

    I went to the doctor, armed with some printouts from the internet which didn't endear me to her and said that I had been having the pains and muscle weakness and had read that problems can occur after being on them and that five years should be the maximum to be on them. She got out her little drug book and said "Well it doesn't say that here" and I thought No, it probably doesn't as that is more than likely issued by the drug company who makes the tablets! She has reluctantly agreed that I should try staying off them for a while but I intend to stay off them for good. Even if there is a risk that my bones will get more brittle, if the drug is causing me pain and muscle weakness which leads to falls then I'd rather take the risk. I'm not one to suddenly fall over after losing my balance, all the falls I've had, which aren't that many, have been caused by me standing on a chair and falling off, tripping over a carpet, slipping down the stairs because I wasn't wearing any shoes etc. and not just by losing my balance. The doctor, by the way, didn't do anything about the muscle weakness or aching thighs but she did grudgingly order a blood test to check my calcium levels, something they are supposed to do before they put you onto a calcium supplement.

    Research on alendronic acid lead me on the finding out about the other drugs I am on. I take Omeprazole for heartburn but apparently alendronic acid can cause heartburn and calcium can cause heart attacks. After popping an Omeprazole every day while on alendronic acid, since I have stopped taking them I have only had one bout of it and that was caused, I think, by stress.

    To sum up, I think that whenever people are put on ANY drugs, they should not only read the information leaflet that comes with the medication but they should look it up on the internet when they will REALLY find out about the drug because although the drug companies give possible side effects in their information, it's not the same as getting it straight from the people who actually take the stuff which means that all the niggling things that you thought were just old age are more than likely down to the drugs that doctors seems to dish out like sweets without thinking of the long term consequences. Sorry this has gone on so long but I've got a real bee in my bonnet now about prescribed drugs!

  • brado brado

    I am Male aged 82.

    I was prescribed alendronic acid and calchichew (D3 Forte) a year ago, after my lower lumbar region

    severely collapsed. Probably caused by gardening and lifting my wife to a sitting position every morning,

    for about 18 months

    I have 2 collapsed vertebrae T10 and T12. Since then the arthritis in my ankles and knees have got

    considerably worse. I also have itching everywhere, only mild, but an annoyance.

    I also get tendon pains in my left leg, when I lie down. This gets worse until I can find a position where it

    goes away.

    I also get indigestion every night. I mentioned this to my doctor, but was advised to try to put up with it.

    It wasn't then as bad as it is now. (3 months ago).

    I thought I was on my own with these side effects, thinking that the doctor would know from experience

    and would tell me if it was common.

    I am now going to stop taking the tablets for a months trial.

    To keep the records straight ,I will tell the doctor when I see him next week

  • Cruiser Cruiser

    I have just found this forum, as I have just been prescribed Alendronic Acid and am not sure that I will take them due to the horrific possible side-effects.

    I am 79, and have always been healthy, reasonably active, until I fell and broke my leg about 18 months ago. My doctor referred me for a bone density test, which I had a few weeks ago. The doctor's receptionaist phoned me yesterday to say the results were in, I have signs of osteoporosis, and the doctor prescribed Alendronic Acid and CalcichewD3. I have not started them yet. I had already been taking Calcium with vitamins D and K for a year (buying them myself) I don't know the actual result of my bone density test, but I can't help feeling that in view of my age and the fact that I did break a leg the hospital and/or GP may assume that I am bound to have osteoporosis! Before I broke my leg, I went dancing two or three times a week - energetic dancing like quicksteps and jives - so had plenty of exercise. I am now getting back to dancing although not so often or quite so energetic as before, but this is improving. My broken leg was not the result of losing my balance and it was the first time in my life I had ever broken a bone - other falls have resulted in pulled muscles or sprained ankles. My point is that I defy anyone who falls down a flight of concrete steps -merely by not looking where she was going -not to break something whatever their age or strength of their bones!

  • cathy 1 cathy 1

    Hello everyone!

    I am an over 60 female. I had a scan after breaking a bone in my foot this summer and have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis of the spine and "thin hip bones" (thank goodness for a layer of cushioning fat, great for soft landings!)

    I have taken my 4th Alendronic acid tablet this morning. I have noticed aching limbs at night, more than is usual for me. Now, one leg is aching and I know I will have trouble sleeping tonight. Again. I have had to take Paracetamol Plus in the middle of the night to ease aching bones since taking these tablets.

    I had read the leaflet already, but looked on line and found this forum. Having read this thread, I am resolved to ring my GP in the morning!

    I also take Calcichew D3 Forte twice daily (although I keep forgetting them, not yet being used to the regime and being rather forgetful!) Hopefully these will do no significant harm.

    I wonder what my GP will have to say...

    • pat24839 pat24839 cathy 1

      I am over 60 too and have been taking risedronate for 5 months.  My life has changed so much, in the worse ways.  I used to be very active, playing baseball with my grandchildren, exercising, etc.  Since I have been on this I am having such pain in my left leg and lower back and buttocks.  Having a hard time getting in good positions to sleep at night and feeling sick to my stomach alot.  I also have been sick more than ever.  I was never, never like this.  Has changed my world.  I am going off this medication after reading all this and I am so afraid that these symptoms won't leave me for years. I am having even difficulty in my walking.    I have decided I will probably look into a healthier way of getting calcium into me, definitely not this pill. I would really appreciate hearing from people.  Thankyou kindly.

  • yvonne8 yvonne8

    Female 55. Havent had any broken bones but the dentist found my problem in my jaw, after persistent absyses. she was trying to put me off the drug too. I have just taken possession of my first pack of Alendronic acid and after reading the side effects decided to make an appointment with another doc at the surgery to discuss. I dont like the sound of them at all and after reading the comments on this forum am convinced that I am not going to take them. I am going to do more research but it does not sound like a good drug at all.

    .....going Thursday, I wonder what the GP will say too.,...

    • angela00502 angela00502 yvonne8

      Hello I have just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis at the age of 55. I think it may be related to early menopause. I was diagnosed after having  a broken hip beg of March and fractured femur in July. I had a DEXA scan which resulted in my diagnosis. I have been prescribed Alendronic Acid (2wks ago). Since then I have had aching bones which I can only describe as a sort of vibration/shaking and an awful anxiety feeling in my stomache. I feel fatigued, and generally lethargic. Is this how you were on this medication? 

    • Anhaga Anhaga angela00502

      Please note that this post is old.  Over a year old.  Why not start a new post then maybe more people will see it?  

      Sorry I can't help with medication thoughts as I've never taken any OP meds.  

  • cathy 1 cathy 1

    Hi Yvonne,

    I have seen a locum doctor.

    She said to keep taking the A Acid as my symptoms would reduce after a while and it was more likely my aching bones were caused by the Statins I take for cholesterol.

    I asked what the A Acid was for, deliberately not saying I had been looking on this forum and she said, with a smile, "wait for this" before reading from her scruffy looking little fat book. As I understand, it is supposed to slow down the rate at which bone thickens so I asked her "does that mean if I break a bone it will take longer to mend? the doctor did not reply to this. She said I should have blood tests done. I thought, for what? but had lost the will to ask, by the time we were finished!

    I will see my own doctor later today for blood test results and to tell him that unless he can convince me otherwise I will not be taking any more A Acid tablets.

    Good luck to you for thursday!

  • cathy 1 cathy 1

    ................p.s. I have a dentist check up this month and will be asking his opinion / advise about taking Alendronic cid - or not taking it.

  • cathy 1 cathy 1

    Seen my own GP this evening.

    A. Acid slows down the rate of THINNING not THICKENING - mistake in my previous post.

    He has suggested I try another tablet instead of A. Acid. My 'bloods' were all ok. I will give the new tablets a try for a month and see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • angela00502 angela00502 cathy 1

      how did you get on with your new medication please? Did it help.

      ? Hello I have just been diagnosed with Osteoporosis at the age of 55. I think it may be related to early menopause. I was diagnosed after having  a broken hip beg of March and fractured femur in July. I had a DEXA scan which resulted in my diagnosis. I have been prescribed Alendronic Acid (2wks ago). Since then I have had aching bones which I can only describe as a sort of vibration/shaking and an awful anxiety feeling in my stomache. I feel fatigued, and generally lethargic. Is this how you were on this medication? 

  • alison85 alison85

    Hello all, after finding this forum really helpful I was able to make an educated decision to stop taking Alendronic Acid. I have osteoporosis of my major joints - hips, knees, elbows, and it is now at the base of my spine and at the top. I have had a very severe pain in the top of my arm, the muscle felt as though it was being twisted by a knife, the pain was far worse than my other.

    I am taking Tramodol and Calcichew D3 x2 each day, I was offered Omeprazole but I don't take them as I have no stomach complaints yet. I am still tired but the pains in my arm has subsided which I am pleased about.

  • barbs2607 barbs2607

    Evening to all here. I'm an active slim 60 yr old female. Lots of walking, gardening etc. Eat healthily, yet enjoy the occasional naughty pieces of chocolate and real (dairy) ice cream. Partial thyroidectomy 20 years ago, so take 50mcg thyroxine daily.

    Reasonable cholesterol levels (yearly check as with thyroid)) usual patter with the doc-no I'm not going on statins as the LDL'S and HDL's ratio is good irrespective of the number and I have a good diet:-) Sorry Doc; I have control over my life.

    DEXA scan a couple of years ago was slightly alarming. Plopped on calcium tablets with D3, yet the percentage of both was so low, as to be nearly ineffective; also interactive with the thryoxine:-)

    Internet search showed one should also take a higher percentage of magnesium too. Doc unaware of this. Also had a print out of the "benefits" of taking the osteoporosis drugs. I chose to refuse all of them, as most have previously used as an industrial cleaner:-)

    Last week, I was co-erced into trying the alendronic acid tablets (generic form of fosamax). OK Doc, your mum takes them and she seems to be OK--so I'll give them a whizz short term. Well--why does one only use them for 5 years, like the breast cancer drug Tamoxafen? Is this another wheeze for the pharma companies to do their research on us, the unsuspecting Joe Public? My Doc "couldn't possibly comment". I also requested calcium citrate instead of carbonate tablets--well what a nonsense to get them. Am happy to buy my own D3 tablets from the well known High Street Company.

    So with a totally open mind I took one tablet 8 days ago. To be honest when it was stated "drink with at least 8oz of water, (not mineral), stand/sit upright for at least 30 minutes afterwards, eat nothing and drink nothing else my alarm bells started ringing, yet was happy to give the benefit of the doubt! 8 hrs later, the side effects were truly horrendous. I shall be relaying these to the Pharma company--yet in all honesty, I feel they couldn't really care as they're making mega millions from those prescribing this "wonder drug".

    I tried to find information on the net as to how long after just one tablet one could expect all these horrible side effects to carry on. Surprise---found nothing.

    All I know, through doing intensive internet research is: these tablets do not increase bone density. They DO increase the fracture rate through brittle bones (different to low bone density). Perhaps I'm just so aware (and sceptical) of all these "great" pharma companies "reseach". Perhaps, buyer be(a)ware could be the order of the day eh?! Would be happy to let you know of the horrendous side effects of just taking one tablet. Barbs

    • sandra25196 sandra25196 barbs2607

      Hi barbs2607, I see you had problems after just 1 tablet.please help, my husband ( a previously very fit, active, healthy 59yr old) took just 1 dose of 70mg alendronic acid and 15hrs later suddenly developed such severe back muscle pain and spasms that he collapsed screaming and crying in pain. Paramedic said he had seen 1 case of same reaction in 5 years.Completely incapacitated and bed bound for 3 days on tramadol and diazepam before able to begin mobilising with crutches.  Now day 6 feels so unwell he is in despair and feels that his life has been ruined by this drug! I have since found so many terrifying stories about the effects of this drug, how can the GP say it's unuusual/rare whilst agreeing that there can be no other cause for my husbands conditon

      Is there anything he can do to remove this poison and it's effects from his system? 

      Did you get over the effects? how long did it take?


    • sara25465 sara25465 barbs2607

      Hi Barbs2607

      Well after reading your story, it iwas very similar to my own experience. I took one tablet last Sunday. The aftermath being, I have never felt so ill and strange with dreadful nausea and pains everywhere. Needless to say I will not be taking any more. My GP who prescribed them played down the side effects. After reading what they can be, I was amazed I was prescribed them in the first place. I have acid reflux, a hiatus hernia and gastritis in my stomach. This was recently highlighted by a recent gastrostopy. When I went back to the doctors, I told him I wasnt taking them, he didnt try to persuade me otherwise. I have decided to see a homeopathic doctor for the treatment of my osteoporosis. I still feel nauseous, I am wondering how long it will be before I feel myself again. How long did it take you to get the drug out of your system. I feel very annoyed.

    • barbs2607 barbs2607 sara25465

      Evening Sarah,

      Having only taken one of the little beggars, then doing an in depth internet research must admit to going into panic mode! I then went into overdrive with fluids. Water/rooibos/green tea. After a couple of days I was back to normal with the usual gardening/walking. Thankfully I only have a thyroid problem (30 years since diagnosis with a partial thyroidectomy), yet am ever aware of the nonsense with calcium being leeched because of this.

      So the Doc prescribes D3 and calcium carbonate (blackboard chalk I think would be better for blackboards!). No sorry, I want Calcium citrate.

      Not possible. NICE, who evidently are not.

      I also wanted magnesium (this sloughs the dead cells away); nope NICE do not recommend. My Polish pharmarcist tells me their government makes it mandatory in their diet! So for the last few years I have bought it

      from my local independant health store.

      Sorry to hear of your problems Sarah. I am ever thankful for the internet to assist us in making an informed choice on how to deal with various health issues.

      kind regards, Barbs


    • denise33570 denise33570 barbs2607

      Hello Barb

      I realise this reply is a bit out of date, but I did wonder what your symptoms were. After taking one dose one of my legs collapsed with spasms like electric shocks running through it. Today, after 4 doses, my feet are numb. Did you have anything similar? Denise

    • barbs2607 barbs2607 denise33570

      Evening Denise,

      No symptoms as I chose not to take the alendronic acid tablets prescribed by my G.P. here in the U.K. Still taking the magnesium and D3. I'm getting on with life, being positive, eating well (as normal) a daily glass of red wine and plenty of energy. Some days feeling "creaky", guess it's the wretched weather here! I'm aware that osteoporosis is not a disease but just a condition.

      Kind regards, Barbs

    • denise33570 denise33570 barbs2607

      Dear Barbs

      So great to hear this. I will never take one of these evil pills again but do as you are doing and get on with my life. Nor am I ever going to read another forum and frighten myself half to death! Yesterday was the worst day ever but I have the whole family coming today for Christmas, so I'm looking forwards and up, osteoporosis nothwithstanding. Good luck to you Barbs. I'm in England too. Happy Christmas! Denise.

    • barbs2607 barbs2607 denise33570

      Morning Denise,

      Onwards and upwards eh! Forums do have their place in assisting us to make informed choices to check elsewhere on a particular problem that "niggles" us! At the end of the day, we are guided by how we ourselves feel.

      Have a lovely Christmas with your family and a Happy Healthy 2017.

      regards, Barbs


    • susan61469 susan61469 barbs2607

      Hi barbs2607, 

      Like you, at sixty I was slim, fit and walked my dogs several miles every day. I'm now 68, but was probably around 58 when I was diagnosed with osteopaenia, which several years later became osteoporosis. I was prescribed CalciD and alendronic acid from the beginning but after reading a lot on the subject, decided NEVER to take it! I have Crohn's Disease as well, and think I have quite enough inflammatory bowel problems without exacerbating the problem. My dentist also advised me not to take it! Strangely , I've had a couple of really bad falls but nothing has broken! At that time I was getting dreadful backaches and when I finally persuaded my doctor to refer me to a rheumatologist it transpired I had degenerative disc disorder. After another couple of years I was told they wouldn't operate on my back as my hips were both in a bad state and needed replacing. Cue another long wait until last June I had the first hip replaced, having been told they'd do the second after six months. I saw the consultant in October and was told the hip was so bad it had to be done very soon. Still waiting despite several enquiries because the hospitals are taking emergencies only! 

      After the hip replacement the hospital told my doctor to put me on alendronic acid, but I told him my objections and he conceded that if my osteoporosis score were slightly worse, he'd insist, but as I felt as I did, I could leave it. Another doctor from the practice is now insisting I take it, which I'm really unhappy about. Has it now come to the point when we HAVE to do as we're told? 

      So, couple of questions if anyone knows, a) is there any way anyone could tell whether or not one WAS taking it? b) is there any otther treatment besides calcium, magnesium, etc, for osteoporosis? This alendronic acid seems to be quite an old treatment, surely new things must be coming on the market! c) as ammunition when you mentioned that these tablets contain the same compounds as 'industrial cleaners', what are they?

      d) does ANYONE have anything GOOD to say about these tabs, because if they do, I can't find it!

    • Anhaga Anhaga susan61469

      There are newer treatments, at least some of which are even more toxic to the body than AA.  I was diagnosed with osteopenia and told, because I take prednisone for polymyalgia, that I should take AA.  I refused, and started a strict regimen of daily walking, learning tai chi and Nordic walking, using a weighted walking vest, as well as carrying on with exercises for my back, and some yoga I'd done for many years.  I also made sure I was getting enough of the right nutrition, including adding a Vitamin K2 supplement (not K1 which we get from our leafy greens).  K2 makes sure calcium goes into the bones where it belongs.  A subsequent DXA scan a year later showed that my t-score improved from -2 to -1.6 and they no longer recomment medication!  This in spite of the fact that for over half that year my pred dose was still at a level high enough to have an effect on the bones.  So yes you can manage without the medication and my personal feeling is even people who opt for the meds should also do everything they can to strengthen their bones naturally.  AA and its ilk do not strengthen the bones.  They may make them more "dense" but they can also become quite brittle as new bone is laid over an old matrix.  I'd steer clear of anything which interfered with normal bone remodelling.

      Of course you can refuse any medication the doctors try to push on you.  It's your body, you are an adult and free to choose what to do.  If you google combination of micronutrients for bone you will find a study which showed that micronutrients can contribute to improving bone health.  

    • susan61469 susan61469 Anhaga

      Thank you for the reply. Yes, that is exactly what I and my dentist are worried abour, the fact that AA effectively stops new bone being laid down. I believe I already have some K1 so will look into K2. I'm on azathioprine at the moment and have been for around four years, an immune suppressant which I also do not like taking as that exacerbates osteoporosis. Problem is, I can't really exercise while waiting for the second hip replacement, however I do find it odd that I did have a couple of bad falls, (tripping over big dogs), and nothing broke. I once read somewhere there are actually several different types of primary osteoporosis. Lord, how did our gt gt grandparents manage without all these preventative measures? Again, thank you!

    • Anhaga Anhaga susan61469

      You may find there are things you can do to stress your muscles, which will help your bones, while you wait for the hip replacement.  Apparently strengthening the muscles has a small effect on bone health as stron muscles pull harder on the bones, or something like that.... There is someone posting on here who does some kind of pool exercises which, unlike swimming, help strengthen bones.

      Re the teeth - my teeth became super sensitive whem I was on my highest dose of prednisone (never more than 15 mg) and I also felt like my teeth were moving.  I asked about this but was told it was just something which happened with age.  frown  Then as my dose reduced and I carried on with my bone-building regimen I found my teeth becoming less sensitive - still using same kind of toothpaste - and I don't feel like they are getting more crooked anymore.  cool

  • lynda45 lynda45

    I was prescribed Alendronic Acid tablets several weeks ago. I've taken 7 tablets and never felt so rotten!

    Back pain and strange pains at the tops of my femurs - so bad at times - I could hardly walk. I'm fit and active and not overweight. I wondered what on earth was the matter and then I found this forum. I've spoken to my

    GP and the outcome is that I am stopping the tablets for a while to see if I improve. It was as though she

    hadn't heard similar symptoms from other patients. I am hoping all these symptoms disappear now - fingers


    • pat24839 pat24839 lynda45

      I was just wondering how you are doing by now.  I took the tablets for 5 months and now going off of them.  I am in the same situation as you with the bad back pains and legs that I can hardly walk or sleep.  I went online and started reading all this and thought this came from this pill and I will no longer take it but how long until I feel normal again.  I am 65 and was still very active, playing ball with my grandkids, exercising, etc. but as of now I am lucky if I am getting out of the chair very much.  Hate this kind of life.  I really hope you are better and that I can look forward to feeling like the old me and not that its going to take a year.  Please let me know how you are.  Thank-you

  • Spindles Spindles

    I stopped taking the alendronic acid a year ago almost to the day (6/6/12) and was surprised how long ago it was when I checked. I have to say that I haven't had any of the pains in my thighs and aching that I was getting when I was on them. I have commented previously about the problems I had but the woman doctor I saw didn't seem to believe I was having side effects from the tablets. I have to say that I have heard the "my mother takes them and she's OK" from a doctor and all I can say is "So what?" Everyone is different and just because he's a doctor it doesn't mean that he knows everything. They rely so much on the little black book that tells them all about the medications they dish out but it's getting the facts from the horses mouths, the people who actually take them, that matters.

    I am still prescribed the Adcal D3 tablets but have to admit that I don't always take them as I read that the calcium can build up and cause problems so if it's not one thing it's another. I wonder how many people are taking medication to counteract the side effects of another medication - thousands probably. My husband was put on blood pressure tablets and cholesterol tablets but he was getting terrible pains in his feet so he told the doctor he wouldn't take them any more and he's been fine since then - coincidence or what?

  • meg712 meg712

    Does anyone know if there is a time limit to how long this drug is taken for? My mother is 82 years old was given this drug some time ago and suffers from most of the side effects to varying degrees, yet neither her GP nor her hospital consultant have ever suggested she stop taking it.

  • david465 david465

    My father in law is 92 this month. In December he suffered a broken hip. Recovery has been slow,expected at his age. About eight weeks ago he was prescribed Alendronic Acid tablets and the only thing I can say is the side effects have been horrendous. He has been suffering severe dizzy spells and nausea, cannot control his bowls, severe wind and the latest symptom appears to be ' confusion', something he has never suffered from before. He has become permanently tired and will spend most of the day in bed, if allowed. this is a man who seven months ago was travelling into Birmingham on public transport five times a week! Thankfully today his GP has taken him off them and, hopefully, he can get some of his old self back.

    I would've advise anyone who is elderly to take this drug.

    • susan61469 susan61469 david465

      I suspect that one day AA will be classed along with drugs such as thalidomide. Even HRT which was once virtually pushed on every woman I know, is not quite so celebrated these days. It's a bad day when the 'illness' is preferable to the treatment!

    • susan61469 susan61469 Anhaga

      I haven't had a DEXA scan for several years now. I have been doing lots more reading and have ordered several books. There's one that looks good by Gillian Sanson called the 'Osteoporosis Myth'. A couple of things are interesting on her page: why do people with negative DEXA scores not necessarilly fracture bones, while those with 'good' DEXA scores often DO, I've supposedly had this condition for 15 years, or more and have had three quite heavy falls, twice caught on my wrist and once on my hip, but, (touch wood), no,fractures resulted from those falls. I've also had a couple of MRI scans where they've confirmed I have degenerative DISC disease, but they've never actually said any of my vertabrae are fractured?!? I'm just worried I'm going to be MADE to take this AA.

    • Anhaga Anhaga susan61469

      How can you possibly be forced to take a medication you don't want and apparently don't need?  The DXA scan cannot show how strong and flexible your bones are.  Smaller women will naturally have lower bone mass, which is why the criteria for determining where one is on the bone density scale actually varies from country to country depending on the dominant ethnic group.  Discs are nothing to do with bones, they're the pads between the vertebrae.  We all lose height as we age because the discs become compressed.  Physiotherapy can help with pain caused by that.

      The only way to determine whether you have healthy trabecular bone, i.e. bone that is not full of larger holes (osteoporosis) is some sort of really invasive biopsy which would never be done for this purpose.  

      Can you change your doctor to one who is more open to helping you maintain your health than one who wants to give you drugs which are so very controversial, coming with the possibilty of side effects which are worse than "possible" OP?  

      We have to weigh the options.  In my case when I was first diagnosed my doctor mistakenly told me I had osteoporosis, so all my initial decisions were based on this assumption.  It turned out she was wrong and it is low bone mass, aka osteopenia.  This discovery made me very happy, but I was already on my way to natural recovery having decided that the risks of osteoporosis were not as bad as the risks from the drugs.  

      You know your body.  You know how you react to external forces, including foods, drugs, etc.  If you are a sensitive soul as I appear to be then it is wise to avoid stong medications unless you need something to preserve your life.

      I'll private message you the bibliography I've accumulated over the past year or so.  I've read a lot more but there's no point including everything.  I did run it by the moderator and as he didn't tell me I should change anything I assume it's ok.  

    • susan61469 susan61469 Anhaga

      Well, to be fair, I was first prescribed it about ten years ago, but just never took it. When I had the first hip replacement in June the hospital sent me home with a prescription for AA but as I said, I spoke with the older doctor I've known for years and he somewhat relunctantly agreed I shouldn't take it. I have now, after discussing it with you, decided on a course of action. I'll ask for an up to date DEXA scan, and ask if I have actually got any fractured vertebra because if I haven't I really don't see the necessity of taking such a dangerous drug. I shall also point out that my dentist, who I've also known for years, has only bad reports of the stuff and doesn't think it should be so freely given. Thanks!


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